This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Queen / The Studio Collection 18LP coloured vinyl box – £315 £380

VERY good price for what is an amazing box set. All 15 albums half-speed mastered by Bob Ludwig and pressed on coloured vinyl. Comes with a 108-page hardcover book.

UK: ABBA / The Studio Albums 8LP coloured vinyl box – £105 £125

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John Barleycorn

Stones’ Goats Head Soup standard CD version £5.99 on Amazon for today (9 Sept).

Richard Fisher

Nice spot John. Ordered. Thanks.


Way too much money spend for so called deals I got 6 K CD’s never paid more than 4 euro for any CD double maximum 8 and boxes including Hendrix or Young or Zeppelin max 30. I buy sometimes second hand on garage sale Kingsday events in the Netherlands for max one euro if in mint condition. Rap, R & B rarely is…. :) I should promote one of the most underrated singer songwriters here start with No more mr Lucky the artist Randall Bramblett As a session musician he played with a lot of artists from Gregg Allman to Steve Winwood

Richard Fisher

Staple Singers Come Go With Me vinyl boxset now £94 at Amazon UK.

CJ Feeney

Amazons .Fr and .De both have the Richard and Linda Thompson “Hard Luck Stories” set for £60 approx. Not as good as the recent UK offer, but at least £10 less than most outlets.

Peter Stanton

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 30 euros deal from Amazon Holland, delivered to Belgium.

Mike S

Popped into HMV in Leeds today and they’ve got the 2CD edition of Simple Minds – Street Fighting Years for £4.99.


In HMV today, Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed super deluxe box. Seen it previously in sale for £74.99 which I didnt think was bad but I’d spent a lot on other sale items at that point. Now stickered at £49.99 which was too good to pass by. Possibly one to look out for ?

Michel Banen

ABBA coloured vinyl box: sold out in pre-order, sold out immediately after release and now a huge discount…. Well I paid full price and it’s definately worth it ! Comes with digital download for the full box !


Gene 9cd set £41.99 on amazon which is a lot less than its original price which was fairly recently…but it’s currently showing only 8 left in stock.


Gene: The Albums: (9 CD Boxset) 41,99GBP at amazon.uk which I believe is a good price for this set which was recently unboxed here. Also bagged Unicorn – Slow Dancing – The Recordings 1974-1979 (4 CD box) from a 3rd party seller at amazon.uk for 24,95 GBP. If anybody is into CSN but with a distinct English touch (they were championed by Floyd’s David Gilmour) I really encourage to listen to this band and this is a good starting point. Laughing Up Your Sleeve is another superb collection for this band. Cheers.

Richard Fisher

Supergrass box currently just £135 at Amazon France.


kid992, for a while I wasn’t even allowed to complete an mp3 purchase from amazon.de, and after two useless and endless calls with them led to nothing, I gave up. Since last month I can’t even seem to have the option, it’s like the website is only doing streaming and not selling files anymore? And of course the immediate auto-rip function… all gone. I thought it was just me.

On boxes like these it would be great, of course for the vinyl you will have the code itself but for the others you don’t.


Thank you Casey, ordered!!
The Flaming Pie SDE is on sale for $176. Probably last copies.


I’ve ordered it to amazon.uk some months ago, I think in April and they kept postponing availability until they shipped it a couple of weeks ago. I almost lost hope but eventually I got it!


Does anyone know why Amazon seems to have dropped Autorip from all its listings. I really appreciated these autorips in the past.

G.D. Wilde

I have a vague notion that they are closing down that service (and that eventually we will lose all the contents we have there, unless we download them). Does anyone know more details?

Tom m hans

They forced mp3 versions on to my cell phone when I ordered Rated PG. After 8 weeks I cancelled, its is still not available from amz USA and I was charged right away for the downloads. After 45 minutes chatting with a CSR I was refunded my money.
Same with Self Control 2CD version, pushed on my cell via amazon music app, 8 weeks later as amazon cancelled, also, still not available in the store. Glad I was not charged this time.
And then I ordered Rated PG on ebay and eventually needed to send back the knock off copy since it was not genuine.
Whoever allocated shipments to the US did something wrong because its just available from overseas. Weird.


You still get them, I think the notifications are back in the listings as I bought a couple of CDs this weekend and they came with autorip.

Keith Slatter

Just bought the Black Sabbath Ultimate Collection on vinyl and that came with Autorip..which was immediate. I’m aware that not every release via Amazon comes with Autorip though.


kid992 a few weeks ago I lost the option to play the MP3 samples on Amazon.uk the ‘play’ button has gone from the website. I have tried other browsers etc but nothing? Is this just me?



Thanks from me too. Gave it a try although the listing is a bit obscure.
The picture of the cover shown on the page of the article is one of the stand-alone cd of the same title, so is the AutoRip they already sent me by email.
The description of the article and the ASIN given on the page are for the box set.
Currently out of stock so i guess i’ll have to wait and see what happens…


@P J:

No, it’s not just you. The “Help”-pages of Amazon Germany were flooded with complaints about this and that not a single record they sell had the AutoRip-icon for several weeks.
After some not very helpful suggestions from “Amazon Staff” the AutoRip-icon is back since friday last, what will happen to the “Play”-button for the mp3-samples is still not clear at the time of writing.
So far it remains gone.

John Orr

Finally snapped up the Queen set, and along with a gift voucher, took it down to £299.99.
Cheers for the alert guys!


The Kinks’ Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire Deluxe Box Set for 58 Euro on Amazon Germany


I wished I liked Queen enough to buy this – it looks superb.

John Orr

Finally went for it, which included a gift voucher I had, took it down to £299.99.
Thanks Paul for the alert!


Queen box 349,– euro at Amazon NL (and Bol.com)


Imagine John Yoko Hardcover currently £15 on Amazon.


Keep your eye on it. I bought it recently for just under a tenner from Amazon.

Marc K.

For the Dutch viewers……

Queen is 349,– euro at Amazon.nl and Bol.com


Nik Yeomans

The ABBA coloured vinyl box set is down to £104.99 on Amazon UK.