This week’s box set and reissue deals

Updated all week (last 8/10/17 at 13.00). Check back for new deals or suggest one!

UK DEAL: Manic Street Preachers / National Treasures 2CD – £5.54

Sting / new album 57th & 9th

UK Deal Sting / 57th & 9th vinyl LP – £7.99

USA Deal Temple of the Dog 2LP vinyl – $16.56

Depeche Mode / Cover Me 8-track CD single – £4.49

UK DEAL: Pink Floyd / The Endless River CD+DVD box – £6.55

Cracking deal, if you don’t mind DVD over Blu-ray.

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set

GERMANY DEAL: The Human League / Anthology 3CD+DVD – €39.99

If you buy this, make sure you take advantage of Amazon Germany’s 3-for-2 deal

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Derek Langsford

Got my Human League Anthology set from Amazon.de and was amazed to find it still had 25 BBC tracks listed on the back and in the booklet. This is 11 months after it was released and the problem identified. In addition, my book had ink smears on two facing pages.

I even had to wait a few extra days for it to come back in stock. So are Universal still supplying the misprinted sets?

Have sent an email per the instructions given last year and hope Universal are still sending replacements.

Why is it so difficult to get a boxed set right? Have had problems with Clarke & Ware Illustrious, Erasure from Moscow to Mars, Simple Minds Sparkle in the Rain, and now The Human League set. Not to mention unresolved sound issues issues with Simple Minds Once Upon a Time and New Gold Dream. It’s almost a 50% miss rate for my purchases.


Did anyone get in on the Marc Almond 10CD box deal? I missed it, but was curious to know what the actual price was and which ‘store’ was giving the deal.


Available for a good price at jpc.de again:

Immersion box sets of Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here for EUR 75 (GBP 68)
each. The Wall seemingly went AWOL ;-))

Chris Stewart

The Who’s It’s Hard vinyl £7.99 on Amazon UK at the moment.

Enrico G.

(What’s the story) Morning glory 3CD deluxe edition is now 12,99 on Amazon UK.


Thanks Paul. I bought the Led Zeppelin vinyl. Excellent sound!
Just like Smartiepants it came from Amazon with a fold across the corner. In my case it was a small fold. Also the packaging was fine so must have been like that when packaged up. For me no problem. But what quality standard can we accept? Service, packaging and deliverytime with amazon(.co.uk and .de) in my opinion reliable.

Kevin from Edinburgh

Paul -Sting deal now over it seems (> £190)

Solid Rick

P. Floyd has gone up to £9.24.


re: the Sting complete studio collection set…

I’m a prime member in the US, but apparently that doesn’t carry over to Amazon in the UK? US prime customers don’t get to take advantage of this deal. Bummer!

Bassel Hassouna

Frank, you can get a free prime trial of 1 month and then cancel it.. just remember to cancel it because it auto-renews


Sting deal only for Prime members. As is the Sgt Peppers box set now.


Paul, could you remove the ‘3 for 2 deal’ hint for the League boxset? That deal is over now, but still listed for 39.99 EUR

Derek Langsford

And minus VAT you can get it for less than $48 shipped to the USA versus the current $98 from Amazon UK (more than twice the price). Amazon.de just emailed me that it will arrive earlier than originally predicted too.


Iron Maiden No Prayer For The Dying £9.99 on amazon at the moment.


And rhere is more to come …


@Phil Stiles – Endtroducing 3CD SDE is also £5.99 at HMV both instore and online – https://store.hmv.com/music/cd/endtroducing-(1)

Phil Stiles

Damn – that listing disappeared quick! Amazon error perhaps? I wonder if mine will get cancelled?

Iain Mac

I may be cynical but speculate there might be someone in the Amazon price listing team who may buy a cd or two themselves, hence the one hour only price reductions….

Phil Stiles

Hey Paul, as with everyone else who comments here, I’d like to say how great a job you do – this is my must-check site for deluxe issues and I always enjoy your articles. I just wanted to highlight the 3 disc version of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing is now £5.99 (a *hell* of a lot cheaper than the vinyl), for those who like the expanded packages. It’s currently out of stock, but I’m hoping they’ll honour the order. Thanks for all your insights. http://amzn.to/2xXAYL4

Empty Wallet

Is it just me or are Amazon dispatch times dreadful? Over a week just to get them to ship something that’s in stock. Online chat don’t seem to think it’s a problem. We’re paying good money for international shipping so can’t see how I’d use them in future other than for bargains.


I think that they’re doing this on purpose to make you want to be a Prime customer.

Empty Wallet

True, though I see Prime customers complaining too. No point being Prime if you’re international (Australia in my case).

Philip Cohen

My recent experience with Amazon.co.uk confirms what you’ve said. They’ll electronicly transmit shipping data to carrier, but not actually hand the parcel to the carrier, until anywhere from 5 days to (in one instance) 17 days later. This needlessly prolongs the wait for me (in the U.S.A.) to receive the items.


I must admit I’m waiting a lot longer for Amazon UK to dispatch things, and even longer waiting for them to arrive ( used to wait 2 weeks and now it can be as many as 6). I can only attribute it to the significant rise in online ordering…

Bob McCartney

I’ll suggest/wish for either of the New Lloyd Cole boxes, though they are fairly reasonable already.

Derek Langsford

After stretching to get a used but mint copy of the original Kraftwerk Catalogue this past month these deals pop up. Sigh. I managed to persuade myself to take the plunge on the Human League Box asit has never even come close to that price on Amazon UK. But I can’t
“save” any more as I’d have to spend even more. :-)


Just seen on amazon.de: Erasure – Total Pop 3xCD+DVD for 22.99 EUR!


Refund on the Floyd deal ☹️ To good to be true !


John Grant’s excellent Queen of Denmark (2LP) is going for 9.64quid on amazon uk!

Tom M

“When you compare each version to each other, you can understand why audiophiles never like the Ryko and EMI 24 bit versions of the CD’s.”
I like the Ryko versions myself. I stopped buying the EMI’s after two CD’s, sounds like a rusty nail puncturing my eardrum.


Last week I ordered 3 albums that had been highlighted on here
REM 25th anniversary vinyl, labels on the wrong side on record 1, have yet to try the others
Led zeppelin vinyl, came from Amazon with a dirty great fold across the corner but the packaging was fine so must have been like that when packaged up so it’s going back, I’ll have to wait 10 days for a replacement according to Amazon
Finally Ryan Adams, cover looks fine but have yet to open it

Quality control at both manufacturer and supplier come into question, I have had to send so many back now and they still charge for a premium product

Dave H

I ordered The Human League box set a day before the Amazon Germany deal from the JPC website as they had it going for 39.99. Obviously, if I knew Amazon were about to drop the 3 for 2 deal I would have waited a day.
I can’t complain though, I did save a bit on other box sets. I did notice that some CD’s were on sale at a higher price than the UK Amazon price so even with a discount, there wasn’t much difference in price.

Gary Hunter

Wow the Bowie Box Set is being hammered by people that have bought it on Amazon.

When are these record companies going to learn, it is an endless procession of bad mastering release after release after release.

The best error to date was one of the Dead Or Alive LP’s in their recent box set had an Elvis album on one side of the LP, how can they cock something up that badly beggars belief.

A while ago I took the stance not to buy remastered albums on CD or Vinyl due to the fact no one can get it right!!

I mean look at the echnology available today and they still can’t do the job properly.

Rant over!!

Dave H

Hi Gary,
Just taken a look at the Amazon website after your comment.

I haven’t listened to the whole box but it seems everyone is picking up on drop-outs on “Heroes”

I was actually comparing different remasters of the track “Sound And Vision” over the weekend and what amazes me it that the sound of the run of boxes sounds closer to the original German RCA CD’s than any other of the releases. The Box set version definitely has a bit more punch to the track and bass. The Japan RCA CD’s is a touch brighter than the German RCA CD. Whereas the Ryko and EMI CD’s are a lot brighter with less bass.

When you compare each version to each other, you can understand why audiophiles never like the Ryko and EMI 24 bit versions of the CD’s.


For those who are into opera, Amazon France offers the Callas Remastered Studio Collection for -50% the price you have to pay everywhere else!

Guy Incognito

That’s an insanely good deal. Thank you!

Jan V

Ordered (finally) The Human League box. Thanks for the info, Paul.

Mark H.

Paul, thanks for keeping us op-to-date on Amazon deals. I ordered a couple of items (Doors and Cream) from last week’s list and got them today in the U.S.


What NOT to buy: Bowie’s A New Career In A New Town.
Both CD and vinyl sets are flawed; check reviews on Amazon…

Mark A

It certainly doesn’t sound as if people were looking for or hoping to find issues. It sounds like another badly botched premium product offering. When companies are expecting people to shell out significant amounts of money for deluxe sets it is only reasonable that customers expect the companies to get things right from top to bottom. I cannot understand how it is possible for the problems on “Heroes” to make it through the entire process onto the consumer product.

Paul W

As money is tight now I’m no longer able to work, when new editions of CDs or Blu Rays are coming out that look good I’d often sell my original CD or DVD to part-fund them or, occasionally, I can sell the original for a higher price than the new version is going to cost. If you wait until the new version is out the price you can get for the original version usually drops considerably.

However, increasingly these days, it can be a risky thing to do, as the new version can often sound/look worse than the verson you have just sold. It’s not just CDs, as the Blu Ray of The French Connection, for example, is worse than the DVD. I’m therefore becoming much more choosy about which new special editions to buy before letting other people try them out first. It costs more, but at least I’m not left with a dud, wishing I’d kept my original version!

paul smith

Apparently they aren’t flawed, there was an interview with the people who released it on another forum, they explained all the issues people had, one issue was a fault on the original analogue master tape that they had to repair and the other issues were down to the remastering, but thats how tony visconti wanted it to sound.


I just bought the Human League box set from Amazon.de, still available it seems.



Paul and Lee would be right if the item would be in stock. Sadly the Human League Anthology 3CD/1 DVD which is what you ordered if i got you right currently is out of stock at Amazon.de. The product site says that it usually will be delivered within two to four weeks. They’re normally giving you an estimated delivery date with the order confirmation as well.


Thanks Paul, I ordered the Human League box at last as I think £40 is a much more reasonable price for the content.

How is the delivery from Amazon Germany? I don’t mind waiting for it but a rough idea would be good.


Last time I ordered from Amazon Germany it arrived the next day


Probably 90% of product I’ve previously ordered from Amazon Germany has been dispatched from the Amazon warehouse that is approx. 50 miles away from me in Dunfermline, usually arrives the next day too.

Mr x

Got me some Floyd £2.68!!

Paul Wren

Grateful Dead “Workingman’s Dead” is £8.99.


Got my Floyd £2.68 ;-)

Dibyaroop Ghosh

Where?….how? :-)

Edward D

Thanks, Paul: Amazon Prime for the U2 box-set whittled the price down to 80 quid, which is a steal as it averages out to 19 CAD per disc, not counting any of the bells and whistles. Now if only they could get around to making boxes like that for more of their 80s (especially the first three) and their 90s albums (Yes, including Pop -they’ve made worse, and more recently, too)


Would kill for a Pop reissue. Sadly it looks like they’re done with the reissues….


Why would you say they are done with reissues? If they can make a buck out of it…..


I got the Floyd album for £3.56!!!


I’ve grabbed Floyd’s River, it’s a bargain.


Yep it is:

Endless River (+DVD)
Condition: New
Sold by MirMedia


Mine comes from a 3rd party seller too (nearly the same price as yours.)


You and you, ‘go check out the 3 for 2 deal’. I’m going to be in so much trouble when the mail arrives Monday, Tuesday and especially Wednesday.

Ollie Carlisle

This is a great idea. Manics purchased already, no doubt the first of many!


Thanks Paul!
I grabbed a copy of Human League boxset (lowest price ever!)
I suggested the deal to a friend also.
Thanks again!
Max, Milano (Italy)