This Weeks Reissue and Box Set Deals

UK: The Kinks / Arthur super deluxe – £51

Originally £77 on release last year, this Kinks 50th anniversary box set offers four CDs featuring 88 tracks including mono and stereo album, singles, B-sides, alternates, remixes and demos. Includes 68-page book and four seven-inch singles.

UK: The Flaming Lips / Greatest Hits Vol. 1 3CD deluxe – £6

52 tracks across three CDs for £6 is a low risk way to get introduced to The Flaming Lips.

UK: George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice 2CD deluxe – £3.46

For all its flaws (wrong cover, wrong era MTV Unplugged etc.) this 2CD deluxe of George Michael’s 1990 album is ludicrous value at UNDER £4 and it is the only place to find the Nile Rodgers remix of Fantasy on a physical product.

UK: Suede / Studio Albums 93-16 10LP coloured vinyl box – £99 £121

Suede‘s first seven albums (up to Night Thoughts) pressed on coloured vinyl.

UK: David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP box set – £125 £135

UK: Rush / A Farewell to Kings 3CD deluxe – £10

UK: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction super deluxe – £53 £91

Forget the massive wooden box ‘Locked and Loaded’ version, the standard super deluxe of Guns N’ Roses classic Appetite For Destruction gives you all you really need and takes up far less room. Four CDs of content (including 49 unreleased tracks) and a blu-ray which features the album, bonus tracks and music videos all in brand new 5.1 surround sound. This set also contains a 96-page hardcover book. This set has never dropped below £85 in the UK, so £53 is a real bargain!

UK: New Order / Movement 2CD+LP+DVD super deluxe – £67

The Movement box set features the original album on vinyl LP, CD (in replica mini-LP sleeve) and a bonus CD of previously unreleased tracks. A DVD adds live shows and TV appearances .

UK: Prince/ Piano & A Microphone LP+CD deluxe – £13.99



UK: Phil Collins / Take A Look at Me Know  (8CD box) – £7.99

Insane value. Worth getting even if you don’t like Phil Collins (well, maybe not). All his albums remastered on single sleeve wallets, in a box.

UK: Soft Cell / Keychains and Snowstorms: The Singles  (CD) – £2.97

single disc, 20-track summary of the big box. Or to put it another way, a greatest hits.


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Dibyaroop Ghosh

Has any of the GnR box sets been dispatched yet for those who have ordered…..mine still doesn’t have a dispatch and delivery date :(


My GnR deluxe box set has just been delivered to me here in the UK. Ordered on Amazon UK 3 weeks ago. Tracking 1st popped up a week ago showing it was in Italy so they are out there…


Arrived a week ago after being ordered via Amazon UK, all good.


Neneh Cherry ‘Raw Like Sushi’ vinyl boxset down to £18 on Amazon UK this morning!


I had to get the Suede box. Under 88 GBP = $117 including shipping to US after VAT was removed!! Great deal on a handsome set!! Thanks!


The Black Crowes – Warpaint (Limited 3LP+2CD) [Vinyl LP] 24 € in amazon Germany.


Target in US has the buy 2 get 1 free deal again until 2/15 … music, movies, books, video games. Appears to be free shipping for $35 or more purchase.


Paul, i have been suggesting some deals the last couple of days which do not eventually show up in the comments section. I twice tried to share a JPC 10% off deal and today I suggested the Arthur box set on Amazon.de. Am i doing something wrong?


Traffic vinyl box down to £89 on Amazon UK


Kinks’ Arthur deluxe box set is €59 on amazon.de

David Tomlinson

So, as suggested by another person, the price is reduced by subtracting VAT if you ship outside of EU. My shopping cart price on amazon.de of EUR 49,57 with shipping at EUR 12,37 (much higher than amazon.uk), a total of EUR 61,94. My UK order was about EUR 58 (£46.27), so still cheaper at Amazon UK.


@David Tomlinson:

That’s good for you but for German readers the offer from amazon.de comes out cheaper, possibly also for other countries on Europe mainland.
As i understand we are an international community here so it would be kind to give some thought to that before posting.

Richard Fisher

REM Live at the BBC CD boxset £24.99 via Amazon UK marketplace seller. Seems like a good deal. It is used but listed as “very good” condition.

Timm Davison

Paul, any idea if New Order plans to release further box sets of original LP’s?

Ivo Peeters

The Kinks Arthur boxsets are available too at the other European Amazon-sites at even somewhat lower prices than on Amazon.co.uk. And some do not charge for shipping.


Kinks now at £56.45, a saving of 41p!

David Tomlinson

It may be because I have Amazon Prime, but the Kinks Arthur box was listed at the above price but was £42.69 when I checked out, and £3.58 for shipping to the Philippines.

I held off on this box because it couldn’t possibly compare with the VGPS box, but at that price? Had to.

My last Amazon.co.uk order Woodstock – Back To The Garden – 50th Anniversary Collection took a month and a half to arrive, slightly worn packaging, but it did arrive. I guess I’ll expect delivery on this around end of March.

Richard Fisher

Brilliant price David – nice one!

David M

Nothing to do with Prime, VAT was removed.

David Tomlinson

Thank you for that tip.

Alex A

Apologies if this has already been highlighted, but the Beatles singles vinyl box is around £139 at the moment

Richard Fisher

Suede studio albums on vinyl just shy of £100:



As stated the other day though, are these rectified sets or do they have the faulty vinyl and creased inner sleeves?

Richard Fisher

No problem Paul – thanks for all your tip offs over the years! I love this site and always happy to try and help other readers save money on boxsets they’d like.

Richard Fisher

Kinks boxset at the lowest price yet (I think) :

Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire [VINYL] https://amzn.to/2SbZjG8


Been waiting for the Kinks to drop – I’ve bitten! Thanks

Richard Fisher

No problem. Enjoy!

Richard Fisher

Flaming Lips bargain!

Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) https://amzn.to/2OH2aF8

Robert Sharpe


Wayne Olsen

Here’s an unbeatable deal: David Jones live in Japan 3 lp set on red white and blue vinyl for 25 bucks on amazon.com. Thinking it’s a mistake as the 2 cd set is 29 dollars.
Anyway go for it. FYI this is not the Loving the Alien David Jones.


GNR box still £53…. amazon will deliver when back in stock.. see “10 new from (link in blue)”

Richard Fisher

Also the same price at base.com.


Passed on the GNR as not big enough fan – but bargain. I would love a deal on the Bowie Alien CD box – always seem to miss out

For anyone thinking about the Prince – It is a great set and an absolute no brainer at that price


Not strictly relevant here, but has anyone else experienced Amazon taking payments for items that haven’t been dispatched (and that do not even have an estimated dispatch date!)

Rich G

Yes Deano. I was using smile amazon and they took it straight away. It’s happened with released stuff, whether or not in stock also on main site too. If you cancel before despatch you get a credit.


Yes – I’ve had this with the new Muse Box set. It’s made me wonder if they have done this before and I’ve not noticed. If they end up cancelling the order it usually disappears from order history so no way of checking this. ☹️


Deano – not relating to music orders but had this with Amazon for an echo device in November which wasn’t due in stock until February but they took the payment anyway – unless I’ve missed something their policy states charge on dispatch . Saw my backside with them cancelled the order and got a refund. Their customer services is diabolical response written in a language from a galaxy far far away.They weren’t interested in the slightest.

Paul Taylor

Yes. They started it a while ago but stopped after complaints and mass cancellations. It seems they’ve started it again but will deny it. If you cancel they process a refund

Neil McL

Yes they take them 5 working days after you order even if not dispatched

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

This happened to me around 12 months ago. Amaz0n took over £500 for my music pre-orders, yeah, I buy lots of LPs/CDs/etc. Luckily when I place an order I put aside the amount so I wasn`t stung with credit card charges. When I contacted Amazon, which was around a dozen times in total I never got the same explanation from any of the Amazon reps I spoke to. In the end I contacted my card company and Amazon returned the money. They managed to refund me twice for some items, over £140 in total. When I told them I was told to keep it as a thank you for my inconvenience.


Blue Guitars (11 CDs + 1 DVD + Book) Chris Rea for €19,99 at Amazon.de.


thanks Jurg! ordered one for my friend!

Jarmo Keranen

I think it was about ten years ago when i bought it and the price was almost exactly same then. I still haven’t listened it!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

You should, it`s excellent!


Guns ‘n’ Roses ordered. Excellent value at this price.

Paul E.

I’m not sure if it still works at the official GNR store, but you might want to try this code to save an additional 10% on the set: GNR10

It was a one time use code per email address provided.

Paul Mac

This worked for me, thanks! Final price was $58.18 shipped to Ireland, so about £44.90 or €52.88.


Must not check SDE. Must.Not.Check.SDE. Taps open Twitter, taps on SDE. GNR ordered.

Stepan Nalbantian

Not a bad deal on the Guns N’ Roses set. Truth be told it’s been $49.99 (from $99.99) for a while now, on the band’s official merchandise site.
I did a sample order , to calculate shipping to the UK and the total came to $63.17 (49GBP)…

mark browne

Except people in the UK would have to pay duty on top of that price too

Jeff M

@stepan nalbantian. I just checked on the official site and it was $183 CAD so I guess the deal is gone now unless I missed something.

Manny Y

Joe Bonamassa – Live at Radio City Music Hall (Blu-ray+CD) in amazon Germany at 5,99 € https://amzn.to/2uyp1f5

Steven Chia

If anyone is interested, Guns ‘n’ Roses Official website is listing the Appetite for Destruction Super Deluxe Box Set for US$49.99 now. https://gnrmerch.com/collections/music/products/appetite-for-destruction-super-deluxe-edition?variant=12100432101452

Manny Y

Thanks for the heads up Steven, i just ordered it from their US website and it cost me $94AUD, with shipping. Retailers here in Australia charge almost $300AUD, so this is a real bargain.


As of this morning, Phil Collins on USA Amazon is $20 with shipping I paid $6 more a week ago. RUSH 3 CD FTK is also $20. Great deals while they last


David Bowie loving the alien vinyl box set £124.99 Amazon uk

Colin MacKenzie

Can get it to UK for £107 including customs and postage from amazon.com


I’m not interested in any of the things on offer, but to have this information available is a wonderful and valuable thing!!! Thanks so much Paul, and long live SDE!!

(Kim Wilde deluxes arrived today, Howard Jones coming soon after, life is good)


For anyone interested, Amazon appear to have their Suede exclusive coloured vinyl albums box set back in stock, at £98, which is less than I paid when it first came out!!

Don’t know if you have to go through the process of replacing the faulty album and creased inner sleeves though…

Paul Taylor

I suspect the window for that has passed which is why it suddenly appeared again last year despite being ‘sold out’.
I got one in October but didn’t bother trying, as I felt I might be wasting my time


Guns n Roses Appetite for destruction Super Deluxe is down to £53.59 on Amazon UK this morning!

Dave R

At that price, I couldn’t resist….thanks gents!

Brendon Wilson

Thanks !

Dean F

Movement box creeping back up, now £62.35. Also noticed a listing for a nice looking Power Corruption & Lies box listed as CD + 2 DVD + LP. Design, size looks similar to Movement box :)


The amazon listing for New Order’s PC&L box set now shows that it contains 2 CDs, 2 DVDs and an LP.


Do you have a link for the Power Corruption & Lies box set as I can’t seem to find it anywhere-many thanks


According to the New Order forum despite Amazon listing the item it has been pulled and they are reworking the content and not to expect it anytime soon

Wayne Olsen

I missed it too. But happy to see they’re dealing it.

Richard John

it’s now 71.73 on Amazon. Deffo creeping back up.


Movement back up to £77.04 (what’s with the 4p?) on Amaaon


Some pretty nice bargains on Amazon UK :
– Public Image Limited’s 40th Anniversary Box Set “The Public Image Is Rotten” (6LP) : £53
– The Killers’ Career Box : £84
– New Order’s Movement (Definitive Edition) LP Box Set : £60
– The Killers’ Direct Hits CD Best Of album is down to £2

These vinyl box sets have already been that low a few weeks back but they’re usually priced £100+.


Recordstore.co.uk are doing the PIL Rotten box sets at a similar price with “limited edition” (1300) numbered cards signed by the man himself to boost the re-sales. You’ll have to wait until April to get it though. Metal Box set gets same treatment but is £100.

Alan B

The Public Image is Rotten LP box set with signed card has sold out and then been re-listed 4 times in the past week. I reckon they allocated a certain amount of signed cards to each of the 3 box sets and as each allocation for the LP box set sold out they switched some of the allocation from the other two back to that one. The Metal Box with signed card has now sold out and I suspect there won’t be any more available on that one as they have probably cleared the last of that stock which was originally released over 3 years ago.

Derek Langsford

I wish Rush had continued with the CD+Blu-ray releases like they did originally for for 2112 and for Moving Pictures. Would love to hear the Steve Wilson 5.1 of Farewell to Kings but that is the only thing I want from the bloated, mixed media box and the 3 CD is of no interest. I suppose I have the 5.1 that came with the Sector 2 box but I understand the Steve Wilson 5.1 mix is much better, not surprisingly.


The Rush super deluxes have taken a tumble in price recently. I got ‘A Farewell to Kings’ for £64.99, and ‘Hemispheres’ for £69.99, and felt that was an OK price compared to what they had been.

Derek Langsford

Its not the price but the extraneous material and space it would take up I don’t want or need. I know I lose out but so does the label because I won’t buy it and they wont get a sale. Its a lose-lose situation. Digital and vinyl should be kept separate IMO in boxed sets.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Prince’s Piano & A Microphone 1983 Lp+cd only 16,23€ on amazon.es now.

Geert De Wilde

Prince’s Piano & A Microphone 1983 Lp+cd , £13.99 on Amazon UK

Steve Bliss

AUGH! The Soft Cell CD won’t ship to the US! Bummer.

But, I just snagged Paul Weller’s A Kind Revolution 10″ vinyl version for $32.38 at US Amazon. Cool package (I’m a sucker for 10″ records), apparently includes download codes for the expanded version.

Derek Langsford

What is the reason for some CDs not being shipped to by Amazon UK to the US? It doesn’t seem to be related to any particular factor. Some deeply discounted ones are constrained, other are not. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Midge Ure’s Orchestrated CD is unable to ship to the USA. Why?

I’ve noticed it more and more and worry that something I desperately want will be designated so. I collect non-US versions so this is a concern although I realize there are many more ways to get UK CDs to the US, though few as cheaply. I really feel sorry for fellow music collectors in Australia.

Iain Mac

Maybe some product is only licenced for particular territories which restricts movement?

robert tyrrell

In My Opinion it is a glitch on Amazon. I am in Ireland. sometimes the cd is not available to ship but the vinyl is. then it will switch a few days later…. Then they will become available or unavailable. same with dvd/blu rays. very annoying. Emailed Amazon about it. may as well have asked my Shih Tzus for a solution.


This deal this links to is from a third-party seller, who I guess has no interest in shipping to the US. If you look closely, you’ll see that for £2.99 the actual amazon.co.uk will be happy to ship one to the US.


I noticed the Soft Cell CD is being sold by a 3rd party seller via Amazon. I was also trying to order one from the US and could not.


@Derek Langsford
Theoretically anything sold from Amazon UK should be able to ship to the US.
However if it is a third-party marketplace seller, then it depends. Some will sell to the US, some won’t [a hassle?].

Steve Bliss

Paul Weller 10″ download codes expired in May 2018 — seems like a short-lived offer. Reaching out to Warner about it, dunno if they’ll do anything for me or not. Expiration date was only stated on the card inside the box – couldn’t tell until it was purchased and opened.

Either way, still a nice box and a great album, so I’m reasonably happy :)

Jeremy k

To Steve Bliss, the Weller 10” set is lovely, I got one a few years back. The download code though will have expired now though, think it had a 2018 expiry on it if memory serves.

Andreas Kötter

the phil collins box set is still 12,99 euro in germany, amazon.de


With apologies for the random post, but I got an email from Amazon.com to say my Depeche Mode box has been dispatched. One can only assume some more were sourced somehow.


Phil Collins ordered Amazon Prime USA for $26.58 with free shipping. Awesome deal thank you Paul

Frederic Muylle

Great, Ordered!


Phil Collins up to £12.91.


Simple Minds is over.


Released last week on Jan 31st, the first-time-on-CD “Fade To Grey (The Singles Collection) Special Dance Mix Album” from Visage is still available on the label’s web site, Rubellan Remasters. The non-stop dance mix album, originally released on cassette and ltd vinyl, has been remastered from original master tapes, and features five additional bonus tracks (single and dub mixes of Night Train, the bonus beats version of Pleasure Boys, the original version of Frequency 7, as well as Der Amboss)
…and it is only USD 13,99 (the label ships worldwide).

For those who missed the previous Visage releases on the Rubellan Remasters label, are also still available at the same USD 13,99 price:
– The Anvil, released on Jan 17th this year, remastered with seven bonus tracks (Motivation, I’m Still Searching, We Move (USA Single Remix, previously unreleased), The Damned Don’t Cry (Dance Mix), Night Train (Dance Mix), The Anvil (Dance Mix), and Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix)).
– Visage*, released on Sept 28th 2018, remastered with seven bonus tracks (We Move, Fade to Grey (Dance Mix), Mind of a Toy (Dance Mix), Visage (Dance Mix), We Move (Dance Mix), Frequency 7 (Dance Mix), and Second Steps. *Low stock apparently.

Regan Judson

Rubellan’s releases are all well done and very affordable.


Great remasters all. I heard things on The Anvil that I had never heard before!


The Rubellan Visage remasters are amazing, three of the best sounding CDs I have and I consider myself an audiophile.

I’ve suggested to Scott that he should try to license Duran Duran’s first two albums expanded to include non-album single b sides and include Is There Something…. on Rio.

Scott would remaster these dynamically and correct the horrible 2009 and 2010 remasters!

Appears DD won’t license to third parties….


Mind, on the Phil and Soft Cell people are saying the mastering is very loud……

Derek Langsford

A review on Amazon said the “Should have been called Brickwalls and Trainwrecks” about the Soft Cell boxed set. This sounds similar or even worse. Perhaps the most painful example of brickwalling I’ve heard. It actually hurts to listen to it at a reasonable volume.

Richard S

To me the box set sounded fine. But i noticed the difference on this single cd offering. It’s really quite bad.

Derek Langsford

Do an A-B comparison of the 12″ mixes on the boxed set with the 3-CD release from 2000 and you’ll hear a big difference.


I have avoided buying this set for exactly that reason. Wake up labels, dynamic range matters! You’re throwing away money issuing compressed sets.


Simple Minds is back up to 12.99
Soft Cell CD can’t be shipped to my US address


– Go to the Soft Cell page using the Click to Order link above.
– On the right-hand side of the page under Other Sellers on Amazon, the third entry for 2.99 is for Amazon as a seller.
– Click on that Add to Basket button and proceed.

Joel Moalem

Thank you , Chris. I used your advice for the Soft Cell order to the US. It worked!


Well, the bargain-basement pricing has resulted in the Simple Minds set going to #1 in Pop, Rock, and Box Sets on amazon.uk. Please Jim Kerr, don’t write a long, self-indulgent social media post about how Simple Minds is vital again.


Great deal. Imagine the price if you bought all the 45’s for the same versions of these tracks on ebay (or discogs) ;)

Richard Fisher

Not a huge reduction but I think this is the cheapest I’ve seen It’s Alive by The Ramones

It’s Alive (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [VINYL] https://amzn.to/37XS8XL