This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains The Same super deluxe – £79

This was over £150 when it first came out! This is a nine-disc set featuring the remastered audio on two CDs and four vinyl LPs and a two-DVD set of The Song Remains The Same featuring the full theatrical version of the film plus bonus content including four performance outtakes that were not part of the original. Still not sure? Watch the SDEtv unboxing video.

UK: The Cure / Cureation: 25 & Anniversary 4CD+2blu-ray deluxe – £33 £42

This is a 40th anniversary live celebration from The Cure that brings together two performances from 2018: two sets from the Meltdown at the Southbank and the anniversary concert in Hyde Park London. The blu-rays are region free.

UK: Adam and the Ants / Kings of the Wild Frontier 2CD deluxe – £6.65

The double-disc deluxe from 2016. The bonus CD features Adam & The Ants ‘Live in Chicago’ in 1981.


ITALY: John Lennon / Imagine 4CD+2xblu-ray super deluxe – €41 or £36

UK: Manic Street Preachers / Resistance is Futile 2CD deluxe – £6.50

Gold Against The Soul reissue is coming in June (more on that shortly) but meanwhile this is a cracking price for the 2CD deluxe of a cracking album: Resistance is Futile.

UK: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction 2CD deluxe – £7

Cheapest price to date for the 2CD deluxe edition. The second disc is great offering 18 tracks of ‘B-Sides, EPs N’ More’.

a-ha to release deluxe editions of Minor Earth Major Sky and Lifelines

UK: a-ha/ Minor Earth Major Sky 2CD deluxe – £11

This was rather price when it was released back in September last year, but a shade over a tenner is great value for the double-disc set that offers 20 bonus tracks including remixes, demos and early versions. Sadly, Lifelines deluxe is still nearly £17!

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Chris Reid

On Sunday ordered the Super Deluxe Edition Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same , it arrived today and missing was the Hi Res download card, it was listed on the contents but not included in the box , the box differed slightly to other examples online , it had a sticker RSK on the front bottom right , plus an RSK dual language leaflet inside ,but no 96/24 download card.

Ian S

For those who missed it at £4.99, don’t worry – a seller on Discogs has multiple copies of Resistance is Futile deluxe for £2 + £2.32 postage.

Gavin Smith

Thanks very much for the tip! Order placed!


Any Be-Bop Deluxe fans out there , i have just ordered this at Cherry Red.
Be-Bop Deluxe: Axe Victim, 3CD / 1DVD Limited Edition Deluxe Boxset × 1 £49.99
Limited Edition Be Bop Deluxe – Axe Victim Postcard Signed by Bill Nelson × 1
I got the postcard with Modern music recently and i know some were disappointed , they are still available at the moment.

Richard S

Has anyone else had an issue with the Abba Live At Wembley download code? Mine turned up yesterday, tried the code and it’s not working. Have emailed B2B support, but just wondering if I’m the only one?

Richard S

I saw The Cure box at the same price in FOPP yesterday, also REM’s Monster SDE at the recent £40 price. Just in case anyone has one locally and dares to step outside! Probably the same as HMV still?


“G Stands for Go-Betweens II” Box Set can be pre-ordered via amazon.de with a delivery time of March 23rd. Price: € 122,86 at the moment. I wonder if they can deliver this time.


Thanks for the tip on the Go betweens though it’s gone up on the German site. It’s still on pre order in Italy for similar price due next week so have given it a punt. Went through this before Christmas with no success let’s see what happens this time.

John Orr

Yep, got my SFTBC boxset today in the post. Always happy to support SDE. Thanks again Paul, superb!


About the Tears For Fears box sets, as they were sold out here (SDE shop), I ordered both items from JPC in Germany as they were the only ones to have them on pre-order (february 12) and then I also ordered from Amazon UK when they became available there the day after (february 13) in order to be sure to get them (in case one of them cancelled). I noticed JPC had SFTBC release date as march 12 (and they dispatched it march 12, package is on the way) but the Hurting’s release date is march 19 on my account on JPC.
For Amazon UK, ever since I ordered one month ago I can see my orders as “Arriving 18 mar – 19 mar”. Unlike JPC, I assume Amazon will dispatch both box sets at once.
It seems there has always been a week difference between Songs from the big chair and the Hurting when it comes to availability. Also, I had €6 refund from JPC after they dispatched SFTBC box set.

For those who couldn’t order last month, SFTBC is in stock on JPC’s web site and The Hurting can be pre-ordered too (release date is march 20). Basically no need to worry about availability. If JPC’s still accepting orders for those box sets, it means orders from last month will definitely be fulfilled (including The Hurting).

Alan B

Anyone else got the dreaded “we are trying to get stock” email from Amazon this morning regarding the 2 Tears for Fears boxsets? I was one of the first to order it when it appeared on their website back on February 13. I guess I can kiss goodbye to those 2 releases. This is the second time this has happened in the last few months. I pre ordered the Amazon signed exclusive Stereophonics CD and it was available to pre order for weeks after I placed my order but they cancelled it a week after release date due to no stock. Pathetic.

Iain Mac

Stock status Songs From The Big Chair in stock atm, The Hurting back in stock soon on the store.udiscovermusic.com site

Barry Whiting

There was a post from the SDE Shop earlier in the week to say there would be a slight delay on The Hurting box caused by Universal (SDE are shipping Monday-ish) – may possibly be effecting Amazon’s stock status. Just speculating.

That said, I’m glad I ordered with SDE. I have more faith in their stock control; seems to be a regular issue with Amazon (and one reason I’m not that tempted to go for their lower price on the Divine Comedy set).

Iain Mac

Scott Walker no frills box going so cheap it would be silly not to if you don’t have this already…



Great, thanks! Got the first 4 albums but it’s hard just to find TTBCI alone for that price!


Can anyone confirm if The Song Remains The Same audio in the box set contains the butchered version of No Quarter or the original version? Thanks!

Mark W

Mike: The vinyl and CDs have the same audio as is on the dvd. It is not the same as the original 1976 release, when the double vinyl was totally different to the film soundtrack.


Just paid 27.49 pounds to Amazon EU for the Cure box!


Can I be the first to moan about the pricing of the Gold Against The Soul reissue?


The signed vinyl is not a bad price but I know what you mean regarding the CD.


graeme ewan

and i will second that!! jesus fecking christ £45 for 2cds? ok its 120 page “book” which isnt even a4 size!!! total nonsense. £30 max. oh, u get a signed lp for £15 more. seems a ridiculous pricing model. this will be the only manics i won’t buy. sorry chaps.


You didn’t even mention the £6.30 postage.

graeme ewan

my mistake, it is A4. so it is more Book than cd’s which may explain said price. oh well. i will leave my non purchase of this one to someone else. also a wee bit annoying its not cheaper and the same size as prev 2cd re-issues. hey ho.


Prince Sign O the times 2 Blu Ray/dvd 39.99 euro @amazon.de and @amazon.nl. I remember it being €50+.

Speaking of Amazon.nl, it’s new since this week. Paul: can you add it to your widgets for us dutchies?



This is the unlimited mediabook-edition and 40 € is the RRP for that one.
The 50 €+ -edition you’re referring to was the 12×12″-edition limited to 5.000 copies worldwide that was published originally by distributor “Turbine Medien”.
AFAIK the content of the discs is the same, but there are a few things missing with the mediabook that were included in the first edition like e.g. a replica of the film poster.

Funny enough it is the mediabook-edition that is offered for the highest price on Discogs at the moment, i wonder if the sellers just chose the wrong entry for their offers.


@Klaus thanks for explaining!

Mike M

Just making you aware this is not the deluxe edition, it’s a mediabook edition that was released later on.

John Barleycorn

Van Morrison’s penultimate album ‘The Prophet Speaks’ is just £2.72 on Amazon.


Richard Fisher

Wow! Not a bad album – and at that price! Great spot.


Don’t forget to apply the code MYDISCOUNT5 on Amazon UK catalogue items to get an extra £5 off! Currently (12 March) works.


Hi RichardL:

The promo:

Get £5 off £25 with the promo code MYDISCOUNT5
on items sold and shipped by Amazon*
Validate your order before 29th March 2020.


Ben Williams

Cannot be used by everyone and not on everything unfortunately.

Mike M

does not work for me, anything to add?

andrew R

Brilliant TSRTS comes in at £56 now thats a bargain!
Thank you

Richard Fisher

Didn’t work for me either but I managed to grab the Zeppelin box for a shade over £61 so not too down in the mouth about that! That said £56 is incredible – nice one! I notice the set is steadily on the rise again…..


For German-speaking fans of German Dark Ages-Rock/Metal-band “In Extremo”:

The limited 20th anniversary 13 cd-box “20 wahre Jahre – CD-Collection” is down from usually 110 € to 40 € on jpc.de or 38 € in Amazon.de.

Richard Fisher

That Zeppelin boxset just keeps creeping down in price. It’s a quid cheaper than when I ordered it last night. The unboxing video and reduced price sold it to me. Looks like a really nice set.


John Lennon for 45 euros afordable price of box set I always loved good old John and peace and love that he was represented. Amazon Italy, I hope parcel withouth corona, ho ho hooo


Yes, Dunfermline and they always have a silver SIAE sticker attached!


Hi wojtesky, the CoViD19 virus don’t survive on the objects, however the pandemic is all over the world the only difference is that here in Italy we have told the truth since the beginning.
Happy music and stay safe (at home).


As only a casual Beatles fan, and Lennon novice tbh, I know that Imagine box is at it’s lowest price, but is it worth it for me or would I be better off with a different edition. Or am I going to get my mind blown by hearing it for the first time?


Thanks Paul, much appreciated.


Finally gave in and made what I believe is my first The Cure purchase. It is listed as 1-3 months shipping est. Time will tell.


Cure Blu ray still available from HMV for 32.99, ordered and turned up after a couple of days.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Thanks Paul, your unpacking video of Zep’s TSRTS Super Deluxe has caused me to press the buy button despite having the previous 4xLP box and the Bluray you how in your video.

I notice you covered up the download code for the box, SDE members wouldn’t pinch that from you, surely!?

Dave B

The sound quality on the Cureation Blu rays is phenomenal. Best I have ever heard on a live concert release.

As a Cure fan since the beginning, I highly recommend this release!


I have the Cure-Deluxe-Box: To my ears the CDs sound ablolutely awfully compressed, bluray still awful in stereo, in surround somewhat better.

Eamonn Mooney

Adam not shipping to Ireland either. Very strange


Why on earth are Amazon UK not shipping to anyone abroad? The last time I looked the USA and Canada weren’t in the EU.



A few months back Amazon UK (along with all other European Amazons) stopped shipping to New Zealand, but I believe that was because the NZ government had done the same as Australia had, which was request overseas sellers to collect the NZ GST on behalf. Perhaps something similar to do with how taxes are collected is now happening with other countries. It frustrates me, because Amazon UK was the best price for certain items for me with criminally low shipping costs.


The cure set is showing delivery in “one to two months”. Usually when that happens tome on amazon they normally cancel the order…


Definitely a better deal for the Cure 40 than we’ve got here in the States. Ordered. Thanks for the heads up Paul!


John Lennon – Imagine boxset €42 on Amazon Italy.


Sadly, it is impossible to order the Manics album to a French address.


Pierre. Have you no pals over here than can order if for you? I wonder why they won’t ship it to France. Is it because we’ve abandoned the EU???


@Kevin : Nope, no friends out there. Looked like it wasn’t Amazon who was selling the box but a third party.
I don’t know why it did not work – maybe the first visible effects of the brexit… Nevermind.

Julian De Backer

Thanks Paul, for the a-ha heads-up! Just bought the vinyl last month, but £10 for all those unheard mixes and demos (that are not on the vinyl) is an excellent price.

John Barleycorn

Paul Simon’s ‘In The Blue Light’ is just £3.60 on Amazon.



Cure ordered !
Thought this version had sold out as I only seemed to come across the dvd or bluray individually.
Now I will finally have a Cure concert bluray with ‘A forest’ on it
Great price too.
Cheers paul !


Wow! The Adam and the Ants CD shows “this item will not ship to the United States”. I believe itbwas sold directly by Amazon UK and NOT a 3rd party seller.

If so this is a 1st for me!


(Adam and the Ants) – It won’t ship to Canada either… and, yes, it is directly from Amazon U.K.

joel ivins

maybe amazon uk is scared of the coronavirus?…or else america is not accepting shipping from other countries…lolol


Tbf – it must cost them more to ship it abroad, cutting into profit; and when it comes to sale items that likely knocks out any margin they’re making.

Richard Fisher

In favour of actual High Street music shops…. HMV are matching that Cure boxset price. Bought one myself in store the other day.


Here in Italy last week led zeppelin “the song remains the same” was 52 euros, less than 45 pounds, grabbed it


On Amazon UK, the Led Zeppelin super deluxe ‘Song Remains The Same’ boxset has been falling in price over the last week. Think it was around £175.00 when it was announced, it’s now dropped to around £63.00. Glad I waited, now to hope the ‘How The West Was Won’ does the same so I can complete the set!