Today’s Black Friday deals

GERMANY: The Beatles / In Stereo 16CD box set – €106 €147 

Deal of the Day: The stereo box set contains The Beatles‘ output as remastered in 2009. This represents around a £40 saving off the UK price.

a-ha / MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice - Fanbox

GERMANY a-ha / MTV Unplugged 2CD+DVD+blu-ray ‘fanbox’ – €24

Includes hardcover book, poster and other ‘bits’.

Queen / News Of The World: 40th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition

FRANCE Queen / News of the World super deluxe – €72 €102

ITALY The Rolling Stones / Studio Albums Vinyl Collection €302

20LP vinyl box features half-speed cut vinyl and comes with a download card for ‘HD digital redemption’ of the catalogue. This deal represents and £80+ saving on the UK price.




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John Barleycorn

There’s a Flash Sale on at Real World Records today (21 November). Using the code REAL50 you can get 50% off… time to get your Peter Gabriel Lego figures (yes, really).

Martin Power

There needs to be a sale £32.25 for a lego figure now I know the world has gone mad

Enrico G.

Amazon.it has “The Complete Albums Collection” (19 CD’s) for Eur 31,81.

David Cornyn

To clarify, I think Enrico is referring to the Judas Priest box set.

Enrico G.

Sorry, forgot “by Judas Priest”…

Wayne Olsen

You can tell if it’s a Chinese fake. They edited out the chairman mao line in Revolution.


While not Black Friday per se:
In the USA @ Target, there is a Guns & Roses Red Vinyl Appetite For Destruction for $25 & Vince Guaraldi Green Vinyl of Charlie Brown Xmas that also has a cool poster for $21. Great deals for Thanksgiving which is only 48 hours away!!!

Ian Ellis

Following on from Jonathan Riley’s Pavarotti recommend from amazon.fr, I’ve had a browse of the French site and it might be worth classical fans doing so too. For instance the Lumieres box – Music of the Enlightenment is 16 euro for a very decent 30 cd box. That’s absurd. It’s £45 on the uk site. Worth a punt (if that vulgar word is apt in this instance) for anyone who wants to dip into the world of the baroque in a pretty immersive way. I have the box and all cd’s are chock filled to the gunnels with music.

Jonathan Riley

amazon.fr also has Luciano Pavarotti – The Complete Operas for $142 shipped. it’s 95 cd’s and 6 blu ray audio discs

Jonathan Riley

I paid $40 for my mono set on craigslist and it was legit. best deal ever :P


Great to know you paid only $40, I now have a new hero…?

Gary Fowles

Wow, be nice. No need for that.


Exactly my point, thank you.


I paid full price for all of the reissues except for the Pepper deluxe cds and Mystery Tour box. I’m not much of a savvy shopper.


I got my Mono box for free. Do I win?

Chris Squires

Ignore the sarcasm Jonathan. Personally I like to know what people managed to get releases for. It gives one something to aim for. The thrill of getting the triple Who Live in Leeds for under £13, The Stones, Some Girls SDE for £43, which is good and if someone can beat that, well played Sir. The idea that someone got something cheaper than I did is only the mildest annoyance and then a reminder to try harder and inspiration that it can be done. We should be celebrating someone getting a set as good as this for $40, it’s a good thing. Little victories should be celebrated. Hopefully we all have that item in our locker that we feel was a steal.

I missed it but if you picked up Five Years on Vinyl for £120 from am.it all those years ago then Bravo.

Mine? I got the Crises SDE mint and sealed for £18, that was nice. So, Beatles Mono CD for $40? Superb……


Back in 2009, I scored the box set deal of the century from Amazon US. Genesis 1970-1975, 1976-1982, and 1983-1998 boxes for $14 each. The Doors Perception box for $14. Joy Division Heart and Soul box for $20. And Pink Floyd Oh By the Way box for $24. All genuine sets, all new in shrink wrap, and all from Amazon, not a third-party seller.

Don’t think I’ll ever come close to that kind of haul again.


Totally agree with Chris, 1000%, it’s valuable information indeed. I had never thought of checking Craig’s List for CDs but, from now on, it’s a daily check. I’ll let all know if I got a good deal because its’s valuable information.


David Gilmour Live At Pompeii [2 CD + 2 BR] EUR 28,73 amazon.it


Amazon Italy are also doing the Live at Pompeii on vinyl for €43.


> I see the Beatles mono box is still at 330 euro – is there a valid reason why its 3 times the price of the stereo version

It is three times as good. The stereo versions are terrible.


I can verify, as someone who hearing impaired in one ear that of these Revolver is truly awful.


In that case, it’s good to have a Black Wooden Box

Steve Reid

…I believe I have spotted an audiophile


Amazon U.S. has the Beatles mono boxed set for USD$227 (about £167). https://www.amazon.com/Beatles-Mono-Complete-Recordings/dp/B002BSHXJA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542642227&sr=8-1&keywords=beatles+in+mono

It’s sold by Amazon and not by a third party, so I doubt it’s a fake.

I paid $180 for it in 2010.


In 2009, someone wrote in the American Amazon that stereo box is a Chinese fake

I bought the Black Stereo box in September 2009, but how much was paid … need to look for a check…


I bought a Chinese fake in about 2012 on ebay even though the seller had a massive plus rating, i think lots of people didnt realise they had bought fakes, he gave me some lame excuse about the sets all being sealed when he received them, at least I got a full refund. The print quality on the covers and labels was poor but the real giveaway was something like Paul McCarthy on thr credits, cant remember which album that was on.


Someone in 2009… hmm, that was 9 years ago, now that sounds like a reliable source.


The lack of a 5.1 mix in on that a-ha DVD or Blu-ray put me off buying it completely. I got the 2CD cheap instead.


If they find some Beatles in Mono CD boxes for that price I’m in – seems I’ve missed out on it and concerned the resellers only have fakes. Sticking with my 1987 wooden box for the stereo.


I see the Beatles mono box is still at 330 euro – is there a valid reason why its 3 times the price of the stereo version


hmmm, 3 times as good? actually, that’s not fair . . . more like 5 times


As I tried to post yesterday, the Aretha Franklin 1960s Collection (6LP) looks like a good price at amazon.it – €55 (search for B07HSR2KZ8 )


I wonder if that 6th vinyl being first 12 tracks from “rare and unreleased” is a hint that the other tracks might make it onto a 1970s box set?

Luckily, I don’t have any of these on vinyl yet – I assume 3 of them will be the same pressings as the ones already released by rhino – so it’s a great deal for someone like me.

On a side note – what happens to pre-orders when the currency you paid in tanks before the release date? Or, conversely, goes up? Do you pay based on the rate at the time of order? But, what if the price goes down from what you pre-ordered it for?


You pay the exchange rate on the day your card is charged. Amazon price guarantee gives you the lowest price that occurs from the time you place your order, so if you place it at 10 it goes to 8 and then sells for 12 on release date you pay 8. No way around the exchange rate fluctuation unless you buy a giftcard and apply the amount to your purchase, if you think your currency will be worthless by the time your order ships that may be the thing to do though you may have bigger problems.