Top five box set deals for today

Donna Summer / The Vinyl Colllecton box – £115 

This 8LP set is down from £150 and cheaper than the official store (although you don’t get the bonus 12-inch). Unlike the Donna store this deal is also available to US fans.

> GRAB DEAL  (Amazon UK)

Manic Street Preachers / Holy Bible 20 box – £41

Almost a tenner cheaper than the £50 price tag on the Manics shop. That’s decent value for four CDs and a 180g vinyl. Nice book(let) too.


Bruce Springsteen / The Albums Collection – £38

Less than £5 a CD with all eight Bruce Springsteen studio albums (up to Born In The USA) newly remastered and much better-than-average packaging. This was £50.


George Harrison / The Dark Horse Years  – £78

£115 before Christmas but is now a lowest-ever £78. This “limited manufacturing re-run” is 7CD+DVD, although two of those CDs are actually SACDs (Live in Japan). The Apple Years box is effectively out of print, so don’t procrastinate if you’re interested!


The Jam / Setting Sons super deluxe box set  – £40

Mega saving on the otherwise rather overpriced Jam super deluxe. Over £90 on Amazon UK but £40 on all the Universal sites including Udiscover Music

GRAB THE DEAL (Udiscover store)

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Thanks to Bob for the Slider tip. Assumed we wouldn’t see it back at that price. Not the world’s most devoted T.Rex/Bolan fan, but love the record and for £23.50 inc. postage for set I just can’t complain.

Feel very sorry for those who spent £110 or so. They must adore Marc, and here’s me slipping in years later picking up an incredible bargin.


That Leonard Cohen box set I bought a couple of days ago has now been reduced to £18. Fantastic price for 11 CDs.

Alan Fenwick


I’m in a similar situation with the Suede bundle, I got 4 out of the 5 delivered today, and have 1 still outstanding.

I also ordered the Deacon Blue set but those haven’t shipped yet, so i’ll see what configuration those arrive in.

I’m pretty sure the balance of orders will be settled, I don’t thing any of them are out of print.


Note of caution.

I am in the UK and I ordered three different bundles from Demon two weeks ago.

With all three they sent part of the bundle together, then other parts of the bundle separately at a later date and I’m still waiting on some of the discs to complete the sets.

Not a great service as the bundles I bought have never been listed as out of stock and the reply I got from customer service was the shipping division aren’t clear when I might get the missing discs.

tempus fugit

£115 for donna summer ?
someone’s ‘avin a big laff !

Barry Whiting

..or I could just read the rest of the comments before posting. Apologies to both Paul’s (Sinclair and H). Sorry…

Barry Whiting

A couple more deals over at Demon Music Group (myplaydirect.com) including all 5 Gene reissues (£26 +p&p) and 4 of Ian McCulloch’s solo (expanded) albums (£11 + p&p). A few others listed too (as per the pre Xmas post) including T Rex being back in stock.


Sezai Basar

Received your “deals” e mail a few minutes ago and immediately checked the Harrison Box Set. Amazon UK’s price is £116.99
Any comments ?

Alan Fenwick

Good spot Bob on the T-Rex, just bagged one as well (I missed out the first time around)

@Kevink I bet you’re gutted about spending that extra 3p. :)


Alan – now I feel like I missed a bargain on the Discovery set … just checked back to Jan 2012 and I paid £53.59 for mine! :)


The T.Rex box The Slider is back in stock for less than £20 on that site. It was previously over £120.

Mark Hutchinson

Can’t see it? Must of sold out again :(


I just order it again.

Matthew Baines

Just ordered the Slider box set for £19.99 (+p&p). I needed to do a search to find it on the site at this price.

Paul H

Previous post with weblink awaiting moderation. Demon/Edsel online shop (myplaydirect) currently has amazing bundle deals on reissue sets by Everything But the Girl, Suede, the Beat, Bananarama, Cast, Alexander O’Neal, SOS Band, gene, Deacon Blue, Belinda Carlisle, Saxon, Acid Jazz and Harmless label Philly International collections and quite a few others

Paul H

http://www.myplaydirect.com/demon-music amazing bundle deals on reissue sets by Everything But the Girl, Suede, the Beat, bananarama, Cast, Alexander O’Neal, SOS Band, gene, Deacon Blue, Belinda Carlisle, Saxon etc

Wax Monster X

UK / EUROPE ONLY ON THOSE DEALS. So tired of being screwed just because I live in the USA.


I just ordered the Leonard Cohen 11 CD box set for £21 from Amazon UK. Couldn’t resist it at that price. I am gutted that I didn’t buy the Roxy Music box set a few months back for £37.00. I thought about it for a day and then it had gone. Oh well!

Andy Town

Recordstore.co.uk have the Jam box set @ 40.00 and 6.95 post
Also Pink Floyd Discovery box set ( all studio albums ) @ 81.00 on Amazon UK. Lowest price I’ve seen.

Alan Fenwick


Not quite the cheapest price for the Floyd Discovery set, I grabbed it back in January 2012 from Amazon UK for a mere £53.56, a price that has yet to be beaten :) They did also have it for £75 in November 2011 (Black Friday deals)


Just tried to order this – 55UK Pounds shipping to Australia! No thanks…

Le Baron

Just for my Interest, what happened with the Tears for Fears vinyl? Are we talking about the Steve Wilson mix of Songs from the Big Chair?


To bad its Udiscover selling the Jam boxset. After previous bad experiences with these guys, not to mention the Tears For Fears vinyl fiasco, I just cant take the chance again.


Oh I see, one must select GBP!!!


Just tried for The Jam, Udiscover states it’s now $131.99 for us in the USA. 40UK Pounds is only 60 USD.