Meet Paul McCartney at Waterstones

Paul McCartney has a new children’s book out called ‘Hey Grandude!’ and he will be signing copies at Waterstones in Piccadilly, London in early September.

To attend the event you have to buy a ticket (£14) and you have to bring a child with you aged 12 or under (please do ask permission before you bring someone else’s child). You can bring up to two children for that ticket price, but you are not allowed to bring cameras, phones,  bags with you when you meet the Beatles legend and get your book signed (boo!).

This event is happening on 6 September at 4pm. Tickets go on sale at 10am this morning. Clearly the demand will outweigh supply, so good luck!

Buy a ticket for the Paul McCartney book signing (on sale at 10.00 BST, 12 August 2019)

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This just in from Paul McCartney: Win a GOLD ticket for the Hey Grandude reading this week at Waterstones.



This will be interesting…..someone is selling a ticket to the McCartney Waterstones Book signing on eBay. A leading indicator for Hey Grandude book prices after the signing event.


Scott Smith

God. I misread that and thought McCartney had recorded something with the Watersons. And now I really wish that had happened.


Got a ticket no problem at all. Went on my phone, logged on at 9.59 and pressed buy at 10.00. Obviously very lucky, now just need to convince my 7 year old that is going to be brilliant!!


why I didn’t receive this email in my inbox, I don’t know and now I’m searching for the nearest bridge…

Jarmo Keranen

It’s no use. Paul McCartney wouldn’t jump from the bridge for you!


I can just imagine the queue a load of blokes aged 45 and upwards pushing past the few kids, desperate to get a glimpse of their hero.


I doubt that mate, try blokes over the age of 55. 45 year olds were born years and years after the Beatles broke up so they were hardly his target audience. Paul clearly only wants to write kids books to stay relevant to a younger generation. What he doesn’t realize is that the ‘youth of today’ as he’d probably put it, don’t give a shit about him unless they’ve had it instilled into then by their parents. Sad but true.


Ah envy !!!

paul wren

In the words of Victor Meldrew: “I don’t believe it!”


Also Paul McCartney’s words to Michael Jackson at the end of the song “The Girl is Mine”

Gerhard Bohrer

I didn´t try, because to my knowledge ALL tickets are already sold out since long! Know this from a Dutch friend! This is so annoying


Don’t worry, a lot of the signed books will be on ebay the very next day for £1000+, just like when he signed High In The Clouds at Waterstones.


I agree…wouldn’t surprise me if they went for £1200. Starting to save for it now. Good thing I didn’t buy a “brick” during the Abbey Road Studio Tour last week. They were being sold for £465.


I would like one of those bricks, would go well with the Cavern one I got in the early 80s when they sold them for charity. Along with my bit of the Berlin Wall when Roger Waters played it would be the start of quite a good rubble collection.


Abbey Road Studio #2 bricks are still available for sale at the Abbey Road Studio. You will need to take the studio tour to get access to the store.


Sorry, £14 to attend a book signing? The world has gone mad. I don’t care whether it’s Paul McCartney or the Pope. Ker-ching!

Frank Sidebottom

why not Liverpool ?


It really stinks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on my computer. Two daughters had lap tops on the go. The SECOND it went live the page went dead. Some minutes later- sold out.
As once said on Blackadder ” Theres something rotton in the borough “.
From one VERY disolusioned fan.

Cheryl Hill

I even took my lunch break at 10am to try to get a ticket with my little grandson. Constantly got unavailable and refreshed so many times , then got to checkout. Threw me out and then said sold out. So upsetting .


Tried to get a ticket for the Springsteen signing a while back. Had no luck and found out later that Waterstones staff, their friends and family swallow most of the tickets up.


No comment but it’s a shame

Stephen Bryant

I would like to express my dismay with regards to trying to book a ticket for Paul McCartneys book signing. I logged on at 10.00 only to be kept being told it hadn’t started yet. So I kept refreshing and about 5 mins in the site seemed to start working. Without any luck for a while, I kept trying and then got a checkout page and when I pressed checkout the site just threw me out. I tried again & again and then got the message sold out.

Jonny Williams

“Please ask permission before bringing somebody else’s child” has had me chuckling all da”” Paul if this site ever goes tits up which I never hope it does cis I visit it every day u shud go on the stand up circuit


Don’t be too hard on yourself Paul S, since McCartney is doing a reading of the book, it would be nice if there were some children in the room for the photographers. Did you get a ticket?

Andrew M


Was going to offer to rent my two out to SDE readers who got lucky with a ticket.


Err yes you do mate!!!

Mark G

Some time ago, I was around the area when PMac had a signing of his previous book. Managed to pat him nicely on the shoulder in a “mobbing” scenario. Wasn’t going to, but it seemed rude not to.


People wonder why the website is slow/crashed when they are trying to access from multiple devices from one household. Multiply that by the number of willing Macca fans worldwide and you don’t need a degree in computer science to understand the problem.

Bob Peel

Was lucky to attend his signing at hmv a few years ago and cant believe I got lucky with this


so you’ve had two chance to meet him? Some of us won’t ever get the chance. Not on really.

John Collins

Jess, I believe the key phrases in Bob’s post were “was lucky” and “got lucky”.

John Collins

I’m thinking that unless your child went to a school very near to Piccadilly they would have to skip an afternoon of school as the event is on a Friday at 4pm and most schools finish at 3.30 (?) (unless you’re in Birmingham).


Oh I was quite prepared for the Friday morning sick call for both kids no matter how suspicious.


These events are always heavily over-subscribed. He will probably only see a couple of hundred people. Ticketing it in this way makes it as fair as possible and stops people queuing overnight – with kids – to ensure a spot.

Annoying of course that Waterstones systems don’t hold up whenever they do this sort of thing, but with thousands of people trying at the same time – many using multiple machines to increase their chances (and of course helping crash the servers), not a lot the bookshop can do.

Tina Bryant

Same here we was on there at 10 o’clock two iPads just kept saying currently unavailable then my husband got to checkout and threw him straight out! It’s a shame as why is this happening when honest fans want to go and see him as well there must be people out there with super computers that buy them all ! Or tickets are all allocated very disappointed fan.

Nuno Bento

Anyone actually managed to get tickets:?

Tina Bryant

Same here we had two iPads going at 10 o’clock kept saying currently unavailable my husband got to checkout threw him straight out ! Why does this happen Waterstones need to be held to account for this very disappointed fans ! They must be all allocated!


Look ! My guess . These tickets were probably gone before Paul printed his story !!!


Tina, I think the answer is right there and I am as guilty doing the same, we had two devices at home trying to get tickets and my partner who was out at the time tried on her mobile, so that’s three people from one household trying to get a ticket, out of how many?, Paul Mccartney is a World wide artist and I did see people from around the world saying about this event on Youtube, so even if there were 1000 available tickets ( I imagine that it was a few hundred) they are just going to be gone in a blink. But as a good business man Paul has announced a pre-order of the book at Waterstones and be in the chance of getting a signed copy, I think there are five available (one signed at the event with transport paid for and four signed to a bookplate) Good luck.


Seems that whatever McCartney is involved with there is always something controversial.
Missing tracks on the live Russian album re-release, issues with some of the SDEs releases, re-release of the Egyptian CDs nd box set, etc.
Also wondering how many tickets were “reserved” for Macca and label flunkies and friends.

Chris Brown

Surely Macca doesn’t need a ticket to meet himself?

Crist PB

Relieved to see I was not the only one experiencing frustrating trouble. I clicked at 10.00 and was taken to another window saying select tickets, but there was no checkout/pay option, so had to refresh and kept trying for minutes until they sold out. It’s very frustrating when the system leads you to believe you are in the process of securing tickets (as it happens with Ticketmaster) when in fact you are not.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Massive Beatles fan here.

Also a fan of all the guys non-Beatles music.

Would I like to meet Macca? No way, not ever.

Now if he wanted to meet me I would consider it.

Cris PB

Relieved to see I am not the only one who had trouble. At 10.00 got a new page that said select tickets but there was no check out/pay option. A while later refreshed and got nothing until they were all gone.


Regarding the children, you don’t have to bring any to order the signed book, but you are allowed to bring up to two aged 12 or under. Just in case any people managed to get a ticket and are now struggling to find a child to take. But if you do bring two, who are you going to leave the single signed children’s book to? ; )

Robin Trent

Why do i get the feeling most or all of the tickets had already been allocated !! 10am on the dot and the event is currently unavailable ? 5 minutes later sold out !! MMmmmmm


Probably because they were!! EBay will be flooded by these signed books the day after the signing, if not sooner. Why does he do this??


I was there at 10 on the dot and the moment I clicked checkout it said my tickets were now not available. Another waste of time.

Dean Theobald

I was actually putting my card details in, a special
Gift for my daughters birthday then it stated all sold out – how can this be when I was entering my card details ??? Joke

Chris Squires

Reminds me of the scramble for the Kate Bush Lyric book or Before The Dawn tickets. Sweaty Palm time.

I may come across as a luddite but I yearn for the days when you had to go to the Birmingham Odeon box office, stand in line and pay your £3.50

Or send off an S.A.E. to the Bingley Hall in Stafford, or at the very worst ring a tickets hotline.

T’internet makes it easier for us, but it also makes it too easy for those who have no real interest but profit. It’s not like standing in line on RSD, even as someone who intends to sell on, as that involves huge effort and getting up at 4am, this just involves setting computers up to mass attack.

John D

Same here – and I was trying with 3 computers! Distinct sense that this was either pre-sold or the tickets were bought up by one of those super computers that buy up tickets in bulk stopping honest punters from getting a look in…

Mike M

Read this post 5 minutes too late. Sold out at 10:05. FML


What? First Ringo narrating Thomas The Tank Engine and now this? Have we all gone soft in our old age?


It’s where the money is. Imagine how rich he’d be if did it from the start.

Alan B

Waste of time trying. All you get is “event currently unavailable” and a request to refresh the page. Probably too high demand. Been trying constantly for 10 minutes. Edit just tried again at 10.11. Now sold out.