2012 Reissue wish list / Day 5 / Fleetwood Mac: Tango In The Night

Fleetwood Mac / Tango In The Night / 25th Anniversary EditionFleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night is 25 years old in April 2012, and becomes the fifth album in my reissue wish list for next year.

Maybe it’s not the connoisseur’s choice, with it’s ‘80s production sheen, but the album sold massively well on the back of a never ending stream of singles, a few of which hit the top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact remarkably, Tango In The Night is the second best selling Fleetwood Mac album after Rumours.

Although it may have started out as a Lindsey Buckingham solo album, the finished article, like the best of ‘70s Mac, has songwriting and vocal contributions from Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks, as well as the significant involvement of Buckingham himself (including co-producing with Richard Dashut).

In the last ten years or so, Warners have reissued expanded versions from the seventies, including 2CD versions of Rumours and Tusk. I am hoping that there is enough interest to continue this approach with Tango In The Night.

Even without any demos or work in progress/alternates there is already more than a CD of previously released b-sides and remixes, mainly issued on the vinyl 7inch and 12inch singles from the album. These are desperately due a digital release.

The proposition for a 25th Anniversary Tango In The Night is:

CD1: The album remastered + b-sides

  • Tango In The Night album
  • You And I Part I (3:09 – b-side to 7inch Big Love)
  • Ricky (4:22 – b-side to Little Lies)
  • Down Endless St. (4:24 – b-side to Family Man)
  • Book of Miracles (4:54 – b-side to Seven Wonders)

CD2 – Remixes

  • Big Love (Extended Remix 6:42)
  • Big Love (House On The Hill Dub 3:03)
  • Big Love (Piano Dub 6:36)
  • Seven Wonders (Extended Version 6:38)
  • Seven Wonders (Dub Mix 4:54)
  • Little Lies (Extended Version 6:07)
  • Little Lies (Dub 4:04)
  • Family Man (Extended Vocal Remix 8:30)
  • Family Man (I’m A Jazz Man Dub 8:52)
  • Family Man (Extended Guitar Remix 6:26)
  • Family Man (Family Party Bonus Beats 4:36)
  • Isn’t It Midnight (alternate version – issued on The Chain: 25 Years Box Set from 1992)

A third and final disc would be a DVD of all the promo videos and possibly some live footage, although Lindsey Buckingham didn’t participate in that tour so, this might not happen.

If the band and label were willing to open up the archive, in terms of demos and work-in-progress, then there would be a very real possibility of a larger super deluxe edition to include a further CD of demos / alternates and possibly a DVD for a 5.1 surround mix and why not a hi-res 5.1 Blu-ray?

The album had a very broad appeal in 1987/8 and in the UK ended up being one of the best selling of that decade.

A special deluxe reissue should therefore have considerable commercial potential. It’s surprising that it has not been done already, but surely on the 25th anniversary the time has now come.

ALBUM: Tango In The Night by Fleetwood Mac
WHY REISSUE?: High profile album, never reissued. A wealth of b-sides and period remixes unreleased on CD.

Tomorrow> Day 6> Madonna: Erotica 

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dennis f.

for the “tusk” reissue, i think they missed an opportunity with the bonus dvd.

around the time of the album’s original release in the 70s, they shot footage of their recording of the song “tusk” at dogers stadium with the USC marching band… i was hoping the dvd would have included some of that footage, the music video for the song “tusk”, AND the “documentary and live concert” that was released on warner home video and laserdisc (remember those???) around the same time… it had some good things in there…

if they release “tango” and “mirage” as deluxe editions, i’m hoping they finally put their music videos on a bonus dvd for each album… there was also the truly awful “mirage tour” concert that aired on HBO in 1982 that, while done really badly, it’s something that we fans would like to have… (especially stevie’s “speaking-in-tounges” version of “sisters of the moon”)…

for “tango”, it would again be nice to have the music videos, as well as the “TITN” concert that was shot at the Cow Palace and released on dvd around the same time as well… yes, it doesn’t have lindsey on it, but it IS the document of the tour that followed “tango”‘s release…

just my two cents…

Todd R.

Now that I’m thinking about it again (with the forthcoming TUSK super deluxe edition at the end of 2015) – TANGO IN THE NIGHT: LIVE the dvd shot with the tour line-up of Fleetwood, McVie, McVie, Nicks along with Burnette and Vito – SHOULD be included in a TANGO reissue – that along with the videos for the singles would make a fine complement.


Also the Jellybean Extended and Dub of “Everywhere” is missing on this proposed tracklisting! Don´t forget to include those too!!

[…] Fans regularly ask when we will see a deluxe edition of Fleetwood Mac’s 1987 album Tango In The Night. The reason they ask this is because the singles were packed with masses of non-album material, primarily remixes;  ‘extended vocal remixes’ or ‘bonus beats’ etc. If you want a reminder of what a deluxe of this album might look like check out this post. […]


A 7″ Arthur Baker Remix 0f ‘Big Love’ is on the 12″ promo, so don´t forget to include that too, and the set will be complete! ;)


In 2004 when ‘Fleetwood Mac,’ ‘Rumours,’ and ‘Tusk’ were reissued as deluxe remasters with demos and bonus content, I was certain ‘Mirage’ and ‘Tango in the Night’ had to be close behind. ‘Rumours’ has been reissued yet again, and I love that record, I really do but I’m sick of hearing about ‘Rumours.’ ‘Tango in the Night’ is an equally strong album with near-perfect production. I love the possibility of a two-disc remaster for ‘Tango’ with demos, remixes, and bonus content. To the commentor who posted that those who’ve met Mick backstage this year … I hope what you heard is indeed correct and not simply a “rumour.”


Absolutely reissue this album. It’s very odd that neither MIRAGE or TANGO IN THE NIGHT was remastered/repackaged in 21st Century sound. They both should have come out in the same month last Spring to mark their respective 30th and 25th anniversaries. There are B-sides and demos galore in both packages, esp. considering how many great Stevie Nicks demos there were from that period (“The Wild Heart”,”If You Were My Love”, “Smile at You”, “At the Fair”, “Juliet”, “Joan of Arc” to name some). I really want them to be released in Japanese mini-LP SHM-CD (Super High Material, but the high fidelity sound plays on a standard CD/stereo player, which is great!) format like the 2013 version of RUMOURS was. When I think of it, they now need to reissue TUSK and (the white) FLEETWOOD MAC albums in the same fashion as well. Maybe 2014 and 2015 will bring forth those much-needed beauties, as well.

Also, Stevie Nicks has confirmed that she wishes to issue BUCKINGHAM/NICKS in late 2013, since that will be its 30th anniversary. Ditto, mini-LP SHM-CD format for that package as well.
I would love to hear all of the “Coffee Plant Demos” from that era, inc. “Candlebright”, “Sorcerer”, “Cathouse Blues”, “Goldfish and the Ladybug”. Warner Bros., I’m shocked you’re not as up on these things as the fans are…then again, maybe not so shocked.


BTW to tristan i can tell noone on that forum has a clue despite the bravado, you can quite clearly hear that Tango in the night is recorded on analogue tape and mixed though an analogue desk with analogue eq’s; the delays and reverbs (lexicon) are digital, and obviously most of the sounds are coming off the Yamaha DX7 which is a 12-bit digital synth. 12-bit has a certain sound that is considered warm and nice even though the quality is ‘lower’, you either dig 80’s digital or you don’t I guess, but people on that forum wittering about 24 bit sounds, well hey more bits doesn’t always sound better, many people find 24 bit cold and unemotional sounding, and as for stuf above 20K well all you are gonna get on something like rumours is tape hiss up there, maybe the odd reflect off a hat, but many producers roll it off anyway because it can sound like ass.


This is my favourite album of all time and i am a techno producer, I know producers from all different styles and the unlikeliest people you can imagine who cite this as the greatest production of all time. Lindsay Buckingham is a god of a producer, the synths are like a warm dream and the hi-hats drip like liquid metal from the speakers, the vocal arrangements are staggeringly good, the reverbs truly sublime, nothing is pushed too high or overdone, it really does not need a remaster. A lot of people like tristan above think this is garbage compared to rumours, but that’s just because you grew up with that 70’s dirge sound, but this is a pure 80’s album unashamedly, a band would suck if they just kept making the same album over and over. Don’t get me wrong rumours is a great album, but it’s dated productionwise, tango in the night is the better album and sounds ahead of it’s time even now, even by 80’s standards alot of it is wierdly experimental and a little cheesy (i.e the pitched vocals), but it just…works.


Nice to see someone else who loves 1980’s production values because for some reason music snobs who like horrible dated dirge like music think they are so cool when they slag it tenfold!!


If you read here, youll see what I mean actually about the recording quality of the original. It is mixes analogue and digital without much depth.



Do you mean this, which was already done?? https://www.hdtracks.com/index.php?file=catalogdetail&valbum_code=HX603497936588

I have this, but man the way they recorded in the 80’s was SH!Thouse compared to the album ‘rumours’ and ‘fleetwood mac’. It sounds like hollow computer generated drums and electronic fakeness.

The other 2 previously mentioned albums I also have in 24bit/96hz and they are 2 of the best recorded albums of all time. The sound depth is incredible 3d like, and the drum punchiness is seriously A class.

Anyone with a 1k DAC and speakers worth in the 3-5k bracket will notice this immensely.

c alan hansen

thank you for publishing a list tracks which in can only hope will become a template for the remastering/reissuing of “Tango In The Night.” it is time! this, coupled with a likewise remastering and reissuing of “Mirage” would be welcomed additions to any (or at least most) collections.

anybody know if there was bonus material (b-sides, demos) released from the “Mirage” sessions?


I could talk about this album all day. It’s the most-played CD in my collection, and automatic go-to music when I need a pick-me-up. It has always had this sort of magical dynamic to it. Plus, the sleeve is amazing.

I made a Deluxe Edition of my own for this, once it became clear that any possible release wasn’t on the horizon (yet!); but it lacks most of the remixes you’ve listed and I couldn’t get a satisfactory rip from my Family Man 7″ single, sadly. I’d buy a 2CD of this album any time, any where…they MUST do it eventually?!


Julie – your thoughts are very insightful! I largely agree, too – this album really encapsulates the Lindsey Buckingham “sound” – as an arranger and producer, and it’s an aesthetic he still employs.

Tango is my favorite FM album too – love the title track, as well as Family Man, Everywhere, Mystify…but most of all You And I Part 2. What a genuinely breezy, melodic and perfect pop song. My wife always says she can picture the Muppets singing along to that one.

In fact, about 6 months ago I bought the Big Love single so that I could tranfer its B-side to the PC – You and I Part 1. I hadn’t heard it in almost 25 years! It was even better than I remembered.

Finally, there are indeed demos and rough / alternate mixes that could be included with a reissue – I’ve heard some of ’em (Google the band name and “The Last Tango”).

Which is a long way of saying – please, please reissue this one with all the bonus tracks!

Todd R.

I’ve been pushing for this for years. I’m not sure how many demo recordings might still exist, as most of the album (at least from Mr. Buckingham’s work) was built up upon the original demos (recurring theme – both THE DANCE and SAY YOU WILL began the same way this album did: somehow a session included (most of) the members of FM and it dawned on them “we should record an album” (Christine McVie’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” for the soundtrack to ABOUT LAST NIGHT led to TANGO… etc etc).
I would be happy with just the two CDs here – but I would also include the remixes of “Everywhere” (Jellybean Bientez did a 12″ mix) even sacrificing the dub versions for time if need be.

Todd R.

According to several reports from fans who paid the premium “meet and greet with Mick Fleetwood” ahead of shows this tour – Mick was saying that Tango and Mirage reissues were in the works officially….


I remember when I got this album being very puzzled by the overwhelming thanks and praise they gave to Lindsey Bukingham on the linear notes. eventually, when I found out that it was a solo project he sacrificed to keep Fleetwood Mac alive and a going concern, I thought “just how much does he love this band and what they have done together?”. An astonishing sacrifice, if you look at most “new” bands if one member had songs half as good as these they’d just quit and go solo.

Julie Skaggs

It’s interesting to me how much this album is, in a way, the ultimate definition of Lindsey’s sensibilities both as a producer and a musician; because it’s the progenitor of both Out of the Cradle and Say You Will (consider, if you will, the similarities between “Caroline” and “Miranda,” for example). Whereas previous records display a greater acknowledgment of the FM dynamic in the way the triumvirate of Calliat-Dashut-Buckingham perceived it (with the deterministic input of the band), LB kept his hand firmly on the wheel when it came to Tango as a whole, not just his own songs.


Add in a Behind The Mask reissue to clean up the Billy/Rick years (Paper Doll, No Questions Asked, Love Shines, As Long As You Follow) etc, and that’d be great.

BUT, I’d be more interested in the Bob Welch albums as a priority. They’ve been cruelly forgotten about for too long, and have some of the band’s best work.


Hopefully they wouldn’t meddle too much with the sound. It’s one of the best sounding LPs and CDs of the decade. Superb dynamics and a total joy to listen to. Doesn’t really need remastering.
Agreed on Mirage – that would be 30 years old in 2012 so also could fit in with the anniversary theme that the major labels seem to love so much. Again, it already has a wonderful sound so very little needs doing in the way of an audio upgrade.


Long overdue. Time also for a reissue of Mirage too.

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