Christmas Eve Saturday Deluxe

Just a short message this Christmas Eve to wish every single SDE reader and their loved ones a Happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2017.

Thanks for your company in 2016. It has certainly been a bittersweet 12 months with so many musical  talents lost and the passing of David Bowie and Prince in particular, such a shock. It almost feels like we need a new year to hit ‘reset’ and move forward with renewed optimism. 2016 isn’t getting any better in this respect, because the sad news has just filtered in that Rick Parfitt of Status Quo has died today, aged just 68. Rest in peace.

I’ll be reflecting on 2016 in more detail over this holiday period, but until then, undo that belt a notch, indulge and listen to some great music!


paulsigPaul Sinclair
Editor, SuperDeluxeEdition

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Happy Christmas to you and your family, Paul! You’re insightful and informative website is so appreciated and enjoyed by your readers. Many, many thanks, and best wishes :)


First of all a big “Thank You, Paul” for all the diligent, thorough, & tireless work you do to make this such a great website. A happy healthy new year to you.

Not an original thought I know……but the cycle of bereavement, grief, & personal + media mourning regarding beloved musical talents will obviously only increase as time passes.

At times it seems there is a reality gap in our processing of the death of these artists.

This year began with what was perhaps the most earth shattering exit of the entire 12 months – DB.

It was unexpected, but also the cataclysmic shock felt by many (me included) seemed to stem from a sort of ‘super heroes don’t die’ feeling. I think you may have referred to such an effect.

Paul Morley has written far more eloquently than I can about the inevitable trajectory of those we have & continue to hold dear in the world of music, musicians who have provided poignant soundtracks & sense memories for literally millions around this world.

Here in London it’s the holidays etc & on Friday I was really excited to receive the superb Status Quo Vinyl Collection 1972-1980.

And on Saturday……..well,. you know………


Thank You Paul for so much that you do….this site is amazing !!!! Sadly 2016 is continuing its cruel cycle with now the death of George Michael….very sad!

Bob McCartney

Merry Christmas from the U.S. It’s been a rough year over here in more than music matters.
Love SDE and drooling over the content, also love reading the comments.
I have you to thank for my just received Stones Mono Box from Amazon Italy!
Cheers to all for a Happy and Healthy and Rocking 2017!

Barry WW

Paul, you and SDE made a tough year so much more bearable. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year too! Wish you the best!

Julian H

Rick’s passing was the saddest music news to me this year. I hope you’ll be Rockin’ On somewhere up there…

Pete {in Australia}

All the best for 2017, Paul. Indeed I am so Greatful for all your Hard work and this site. Is the most anticipated email arrival of the day. Love reading about releases, even if it is not my cup of tea. Pete!!!!

Mark Story

Thanks Paul, Happy Christmas! Thanks for helping me feed the world economy this year. I received so much music for Christmas, that you can please feel free to hold off any more emails until July!
Mark Rochester,NY USA

Joe Mac Pherson


Happy Christmas to you, from North Hollywood, California!

I can definitely say the quality of my CD collection has improved and expanded, because of you! I’ve come to realize, your dedication has brought about remarkable results for CD releases.
I love the It’s Immaterial issue, too!! I look forward to reading 2017’s news from you.
My personal Dream List, for Deluxe or Super Deluxe Editions:
1. The Associates: Perhaps
2. The Associates: The Glamour Chase
3. The Associates: Wild And Lonely
4. Care: Everything they recorded, from 12″ singles, 7″ singles, studio tracks!
5. The Dream Academy: debut album, The Dream Academy
6. The Dream Academy: Remembrance Days
7. The Dream Academy: A Different Kind Of Weather
8. Trevor Herion: Beauty Life, his only album from 1982, plus 12″ , 7″ singles and the singles w/Thomas Dolby as The Fallout Club included!
9. The Lotus Eaters: No Sense Of Sin, and those wonderful 12″ single releases!
10. Simple Minds: Empires And Dance
11. Simple Minds: Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call

Just to hear Trevor Herion on CD, at last, would be amazing enough!


The Lotus Eaters: No Sense Of Sin has been reissued twice both times omitting the extended version of First Picture Of You luckily though it’s on about half a dozen compilations. One mix that is harder to track down though is the Charleston Mix of You Don’t Need Someone New which has only appeared on CD on Hardest Hits Volume 4 and it would be nice to hear a remastered version of it. I honestly can’t see them doing another reissue of this album though. One bit of good news though is that Fashion’s Fabrique is finally being reissued next year.

Gary Hunter

All the best for Christmas Paul, also, best wishes to the many readers on here.


Love, Peace, Good Health to you and your family Paul and to all that come here.

Thanks for keeping SDE going from strength to strength, a fact recognised the world over. Here`s to cheaper box sets, CDs and vinyl! As if!


Merry Christmas to you and your family too Paul and thanks for providing such an interesting and fun site.

God bless you Rick…


RIP Rick. It’s been a tough year for music lovers, so thanks for your work Paul. Since the demise of good music tv shows and music papers etc the landscape has been a bit barren for content. You have reversed that. Here is to another year of SDE expansion (and hopefully a Youtube captured adventure in Tokyo). Happy xmas and new year to all.


Merry Christmas Paul S to you and yours (and your readers!)

Thank you for another year of your brilliant blog full of tip-offs, tid-bits, tributes and treats! My ears thank you, even if my wallet doesn’t. :)

Congratulations also on your SDE shop! I hope it continues to be successful and I hope to be a customer very soon!

All the best for 2017.


Thanks for your efforts Paul , checking SDE is part of my daily routine . Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017 .

James Lee

Merry Christmas Paul. Hope you have a great family day. Great website but more videos please!!


Great job Paul, looking forward to checking things out next year.

Best wishes and merry christmas to all.



Paul, thanks so much for all your great work. It’s a pleasure to be here, and I read every day. I wish you and the community all the very best!

Paul Nolan

Sad news and a sad year in the world of Music…. Let’s hope this blog and physical music lives on for many years to come..
Happy Christmas Everyone and a happy and healthy New Year

Russ Hughes

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your dedication and love for what you do Paul. Thank you to all the artists who have got me through the good and not-so-good times.


Merry Christmas Paul, Keep up the good work in 2017, so sad to hear about Rick Parfitt. still the love the early 70’s classic Quo, will have to put some on while cooking the Christmas dinner. RIP Rick we say another good bye to another iconic British Musician from a Classic era. Hope 2017 is a better year.

Brian C

Paul – Same to you and yours. Really glad I discovered your site in 2014 completely by accident – I have checked it almost daily ever since.

Really gutted by the news of Rick – given the recent health issues I was fearing the worst but still it’s a shock when it happens. Thanks goodness I got to see the Frantic Four in action in 2013 and 2014 before it was too late. Really unfortunate that it should all end this way.

Like the earlier poster, I too had a good old blast of Mystery Song tonight. RIP Rick!

David Fisher

Ditto all the thanks above for another year of excellent rock ‘n’ roll coverage and good effort for the Macca FITD letter too! All the best for 2017. Sad news about Rick Parfitt – what a terrible year for losing so many loved musicians but have a lovely Xmas nevertheless. David.

Simon F

Echoing everybody’s sentiments. Happy Christmas Paul, and RIP Rick Parfitt.

Chris Squires

Ah no. My Quo Box set of 72-80 only turned up on Thursday morning. What a Rubbish year for talent leaving us. Terry, Wee Ronnie, Victoria, Paul Daniels, Alan Rickman on and on and on we go. The list seems endless.

As with so many Paul, I thank you, my wife and my wallet hate you with a passion and hope you get flattened by a 200LP Dylan collection. I hope you will have a 2017 wish list blog / thread before the year is out…. They are always fun, but waaaay off the mark.


Hi Paul many thanks for all your hard work & dedication keeping us informed on all these amazing deals across 2016. So sad to see we have lost so many Heroes & Icons in one year. Heaven is a better place for it. Marry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your Family. Cheers Trev.


Paul, thanks for so many excellent interviews, features and deal alerts through the year. Peace and goodwill for the rest of 2016 and into 2017!



Cheers Paul,has a long time reader,your reviews and info is always very much appreciated,Sad news about Rick Parfitt,almost ending the year like it begun with the bad news of the late great david Bowie.

Robert Morgenstern

Paul, thank you very much for your work in 2016. Gratulations for launching your shop in late 2016. Hope there will be much more interesting releases (although with your help) in the future. My wallet will be happy. Until then, have a nice christmas time and hopefully a happy new year. Cheers Robert


The back at you Paul. This place has gone from strength to strength. Here’s hoping that 2017 is a bit better than 2016. Although I seriously doubt that. It’s times like these when music becomes more important than ever.


Merry Christmas, and see you in 2017 with I hope a lot of mighty outstanding deluxe sets.
Now I will go and listen to some Quo’s tunes, from the golden era, and remember that I finally saw the frantic four live not so long ago… before it was too late.


Merry Christmas
Looking forward to another year of reading your great website!

Miguel Rocha

You help me empty my wallet and fill my home with glorious noise. If music is my drug, you are inevitably my pusher…and I say that with the utmost sincerity as a compliment!
Thank you, and here’s to a kinder 2017.


Thanks Paul. You have saved me a lot of money on lots of vinyl over the past few months. I am now skint naturally and have become a real scrooge on presents. I will check back here to see what delights are on offer for the sales. As for 2016 it started badly and went Down down deeper and down.

Here’s to 2017

Tino Stabile

Merry Christmas to you and yours and yes I intend to indulge in what I hold precious in this world; family, food and great music. Sad indeed. 2016 continues to claim icons until the very last day. The Gods are assembling quite the band these passed few months. BOWIE, FREY, EMERSON, LAKE, PRINCE… . Goes to show that we have to appreciate what we have while we have it and for those that have departed us at least we can appreciate the fact that their music and legacy will live on.

God bless.

Tino Stabile

Daniel Wylie

Paul…thank you for all your work on SDE. It’s a great site. Peace and love to you and yours this Christmas.

Simon T

Hi Paul,
Keep up the good work. Your website is never less than impressive & has opened my ears up to plenty more new and interesting music. Always look forward to not only the new releases but also people’s reactions, criticisms etc. You do a great job and long may it continue. Enjoy some time off if possible!


Thank you for everything, Paul. This site is outstanding. Appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Mark Carroll

Ditto….Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year…

Ben in Colorado

Many thanks to you for another wonderful year of SDE! Happy New Year!

Sten Sawicz

Thank you Paul,for all your endeavours in 2016.Regards to you and your family for 2017

Ben Williams

Just got back from the pub and happened to read that Rick had passed. Not ashamed to say I am really upset by this news. I love the Quo, their songs and spirit always mighty and their live gigs always fantastic. Lucky to have been right at the front at the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton year before last, a few feet from Rick giving it his all in front of the wall of Marshalls. A sad end to a sad year.

Thank you Paul for your hard work this year on this site, it has been fantastic. I must get myself a SDE shirt in the new year! Happy Christmas.


Best wishes for 2017 and thanks again for your great work Paul !

Philip Birtwistle

The Prog-Daughter and myself just downed a large bourbon whilst the neighbours listened to Mystery Song……. RIP Rick.

Charles K.

Happy Christmas Paul, thanks for news, views, deals and tunes!


Thank you for all of your work in 2016 and best wishes for next year.