EXCLUSIVE: Tears for Fears on their 1983 single “The Way You Are”


Earlier this year SDE Editor Paul Sinclair spoke to Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith, producer Chris Hughes and A&R man Dave Bates about Tears For Fears’ second album ‘Songs From The Big Chair’. These interviews resulted in a fascinating and often candid commentary on the writing and recording the album. You can read the full ‘in their own words’ feature in the the booklet that forms part of the forthcoming super deluxe edition box set. 

Exclusively for SuperDeluxeEdition.com readers, here is an extract from that text, with Roland, Curt et al discussing a song that didn’t end up on the album – the 1983 single The Way You Are which was recorded and released between The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair.

Seven-inch cover to “The Way You Are”

[TFF Producer] Chris Hughes: “Dave Bates said, ‘Roland’s got this new song, it’s really interesting, it’s got a kind of interesting rhythm to it, it could be a single’ and I remember thinking that it feels like the first thing he has written since The Hurting, and people are investing too much belief in it. I saw them perform it live at The Lyceum and I thought it was okay – quite exciting – and we set about in the studio to try and make it make sense. I think it was ill-conceived.”

Roland Orzabal: “For some bizarre reason it was considered to be a good idea [laughs]. The chart position [it reached number 24] reflected how it good it was, which was a shock to us because we’d had three top five hits, or something. We were experimenting in the studio – perhaps a little too much – trying to work on sounds and textures, when we maybe should have been writing more melodic pop songs. We made a similar mistake with Mothers Talk, which was perhaps a taster of things to come, because we spent an awful long time on a song that maybe didn’t warrant it. The first version of Mothers Talk actually had a lot in common with The Way You Are.”

Curt Smith: “It was undoubtedly a mistake to do it. I don’t think we’re a singles oriented band. We tend to look at a project as a whole, which is this big longer piece of music separated into tracks. Doing one song is really against all the things we stand for and the way we work.”

[TFF A&R Man] Dave Bates: “The Way You Are was recorded at The Farmyard Studios in Buckinghamshire. It’s my least favourite Tears For Fears song, although they definitely liked it at the time. Every writer has no real perspective of what’s great and what’s not, because every one of them is their baby.”

The Way You Are was co-written by Manny Elias, Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith and Ian Stanley

Chris Hughes: Roland wrote it, and wanted it to become something, with good heart. We tried to make it work and it was done with good intention but it just wasn’t one of those songs where you thought ‘yes, this is obviously going to work’. So I think it was uphill.

Curt Smith: At that point the record company were desperate for any product, and accepted something that was really very substandard.

Dave Bates: I didn’t express any reservations at the time. The record company are saying ‘we need a hit, and we need it now’ and this is the only thing I’ve got. I’m going to convince everybody that this is great. They have to totally believe that they are on to a winner. You can have doubts, but you can’t ever go expressing them. In fact the band used to call me ‘grave doubts’ because I used to have grave doubts about things!

Chris Hughes: I don’t remember the band ever sitting around going ‘that was a dismal failure’. It was put out, got played on the radio a few times and fans quite liked it. I don’t think we sat around thinking this is a definite point at which we need to change direction and do something else.

Curt Smith: We got over it and managed to go on and have more success despite that song. It’s one of those things that we can’t take it back, but we wish we hadn’t done it.

Dave Bates: I think during the time of recording Songs From The Big Chair it was decided it wasn’t going to fit on. I think stylistically, it’s got nothing in common with anything else on the album.

Interviews by Paul Sinclair. The Way You Are wasn’t on the original issue of Songs From The Big Chair but makes an appearance on the super deluxe box set a total of six times; original single version, DJ Edit, Extended Version, a previously unreleased early mix, the promo video and a rare Top Of The Pops performance.

Songs From The Big Chair is reissued on 10 November across a number of formats (see below for details and track listings.

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6-disc super deluxe edition box set


2CD Deluxe Edition


Blu-ray Audio


Vinyl Edition


2014 Stereo Mix on vinyl

Track listing


  • 01. SHOUT : 6:31
  • 02. THE WORKING HOUR : 6:29
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK : 5:04
  • 05. I BELIEVE : 4:54
  • 06. BROKEN : 2:38
  • 07. HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:02
  • 08. LISTEN : 6:54

Bonus tracks 

  • 09. THE BIG CHAIR : 3:20
  • 10. EMPIRE BUILDING : 2:41
  • 11. THE MARAUDERS : 4:13
  • 12. BROKEN REVISITED : 5:15
  • 13. THE CONFLICT : 4:02
  • 14. THE WORKING HOUR – Piano Version : 2:08
  • 15. PHARAOHS : 03:42
  • 17. SEA SONG : 3:51 

DISC TWO – Edited Songs From The Big Chair (this is second CD in the 2CD deluxe)

  • 01. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:49
  • 02. MOTHERS TALK – Single Version : 3:53
  • 03. SHOUT – Single Version : 5:58
  • 04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Single Version : 4:14
  • 05. HEAD OVER HEELS – Remix : 4:15
  • 06. I BELIEVE (A Soulful Re-Recording) : 4:39
  • 08. THE WAY YOU ARE – Short Version : 4:21
  • 09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix : 4:14
  • 10. SHOUT – U.S. Single Version : 4:51
  • 11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RUN THE WORLD – Running Version : 4:30
  • 12. HEAD OVER HEELS – Radio Version : 4.20
  • 13. MOTHERS TALK – Video Version : 4:14
  • 14. SHOUT – Short Version : 4:03
  • 15. LISTEN – Clean Intro : 6:52

DISC THREE – Remixed Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

  • 01. THE WAY YOU ARE – Extended Version : 7:37
  • 02. MOTHERS TALK – Extended Version : 6:18
  • 03. SHOUT – Extended Remix Version : 7:40
  • 04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Extended Version : 5:40
  • 05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS / BROKEN – Preacher Mix : 8:00
  • 06. MOTHERS TALK – Beat Of The Drum Mix : 8:54
  • 07. SHOUT – U.S. Remix : 8:02
  • 08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Urban Mix : 6:06
  • 09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix alternate : 4:12
  • 10. SHOUT – Dub : 6:49
  • 11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Instrumental : 4:21
  • 12. SHOUT – Acappella : 5:02

DISC FOUR – Unreleased Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

  • 01. HEAD OVER HEELS : 4:14 Richard Skinner Session
  • 02. THE WORKING HOUR : 6:06 Richard Skinner Session
  • 03. BROKEN : 3:19 Richard Skinner Session
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK : 4:05 Live At Massey Hall
  • 05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:01 Live At Massey Hall
  • 06. MEMORIES FADE : 6:50 Live At Massey Hall
  • 07. THE WORKING HOUR : 7:31 Live At Massey Hall
  • 08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 4:19 Live At Massey Hall
  • 09. SHOUT : 7:50 Live At Massey Hall
  • 10. MOTHERS TALK – Early Mix / Instrumental : 4:39
  • 11. THE WAY YOU ARE – Early Mix : 4:25
  • 12. BROKEN – Early Mix : 5:38
  • 13. SHOUT – Early Mix : 5:08
  • 14. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Alternate Single Version: 4.20


5.1 and Stereo mix

  • SHOUT : 6:32
  • MOTHERS TALK : 5:10
  • I BELIEVE : 4:54
  • BROKEN : 2:38
  • HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:20
  • LISTEN : 6:49

DISC SIX (DVD-V) (exclusive to box)


  • 01. SCENES FROM THE BIG CHAIR – Documentary : 1:14:43


  • 03. THE WAY YOU ARE – Music Video : 3:57
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK – Alternative UK Video : 4:00
  • 05..MOTHERS TALK – Music Video : 4.49
  • 06. SHOUT – Music Video : 6:31
  • 07. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Music Video : 4:52
  • 08. HEAD OVER HEELS – Music Video : 4:26
  • 09. I BELIEVE – Music Video : 4:45
  • 10. MOTHERS TALK – US Mix – Music Video : 4:52
  • 11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RUN THE WORLD – Music Video : 4:52

 BBC TV Appearances

  • 03. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:11 Top Of The Pops
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK : 3:48 Top Of The Pops
  • 05. MOTHERS TALK : 3:51 Top Of The Pops
  • 06. SHOUT : 4:20 Top Of The Pops
  • 08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 3.35 Top Of The Pops
  • 09. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 3.45 Top Of The Pops
  • 10. THE WORKING HOUR : 4:28 Wogan


6-disc super deluxe edition box set


2CD Deluxe Edition


Blu-ray Audio


Vinyl Edition


2014 Stereo Mix on vinyl

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[…] Everyone associated with this non-album single [issued in November 1983, between The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair] seems to regard it as an abject failure. Roland said “We were experimenting in the studio – perhaps a little too much – trying to work on sounds and textures, when we maybe should have been writing more melodic pop songs.” Curt Smith calls it “a mistake”. It’s certainly different, and as Roland says, quite experimental. I actually like the fact that the band made this very weird, almost forgotten song. Also, students of the band will know that the ‘failure’ of this track (along with an aborted attempt at recording Mothers Talk in a similar manner), played quite an important part in Tears For Fears’ history. It was a stepping stone. They re-focused on what they should be doing, picked up some guitars, and delivered the world-beating Songs From The Big Chair. For those reasons, I would include The Way You Are on the SDE Rule The World. Incidentally, The Way You Are peaked at number 24 in the UK charts. It’s got a great video. You can read more about this song here. […]

[…] single The Way You Are – issued between The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair and famously hated by the band – is an unsurprising […]


The track Listen does incorporate a few instrumental elements of this song, like an Art Of Noise deconstruction. By far not the worst thing released under the name of Tears For Fears, that honor should go to Ghost Papa.

Julian H

Never noticed that!


I was the singles buyer at HMV in Leeds all those days ago and I loved that single (maybe being a fan and The Hurting having run it’s course.) I can still listen to it fondly now. Just shows no.24 eh? that’d be like what today….oh yes…top 5!


I’ve got fond memories of The Way You Are. It came out just before Xmas and there was a lot of good songs around at the time. The Smiths had just released This Charming Man and I was just getting into guitar/synth bands. I loved the artwork as well, especically the 7″.


Hello Paul

Have the b-sides like “Sea song” been remastered too?


Hey Paul –

Another quick question…..will the music videos on the DVD have 5.1 soundtracks?


Close parallels with another big 80’s act, Depeche Mode’s ‘It’s Called A Heart’ which is ball-droppingly awful IMO.

Metal Mickey

@ Baward
To be fair though, DM’s “Shake The Disease” was also done specifically for inclusion on their first “Singles” album, and is a stonking track…


Great tune! Period.

Metal Mickey

Nice little mini-piece on a semi-lost track, thanks… I actually miss the days when artists used to put out odd non-LP tracks when they were between albums, and the entire record business wasn’t totally centred around 3-4 year album-campaigns…

Best example is probably The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever”/”Penny Lane”, prematurely extracted from “Sgt Pepper” because there hadn’t been a new Beatles single for 6 whole months (!) The last one I actively remember was Oasis’ “Whatever”, though there have probably been others…


Its chart position was a bit skewed by the time of year; I’m guessing a #24 hit around Christmas is going to sell a lot more than it would during a normal period.

I like the track; it’s not amazing but as others have said it stands as an interesting bridge between the first and second albums. If they hadn’t released it, the gap to Mothers Talk might have been too long and the whole Big Chair era could have been dead before it began.

Julian H

“If they hadn’t released it, the gap to Mothers Talk might have been too long and the whole Big Chair era could have been dead before it began.”

Not only that: They also went straight back out on tour to promote the single, and this tour brought forth many songs that would eventually land on SFTBC – literally, as in the case of ‘Broken’, they actually used the second half of the medley recorded for “In My Mind’s Eye” on the studio album.


Interesting but I’ve never agreed with the negative views on this track.

Yes it is eclipsed by everything on ‘Songs…’ but for me (not really a huge fan of most of ‘The Hurting’ apart from the first three songs and ‘Change’) it’s a great bridge between the first and second albums.
And I love the 12″ version.

Julian H



Why didn’t we get a DVD with The Hurting box? I would have liked to have had the music videos and TV appearances.

Julian H

That DVD should have been called “In My Mind’s Eye/The Videosingles plus BBC appearances”. That would have been comprehensive. Still like the set, and have preordered the SFTBC which is pretty nicely priced now (only 6 € more than The Hurting).

Leonardo Marques

Interesting article on an uninteristing song… I love Tears For Fears and everything that these guys have put out BUT that song. When I bought the ”Saturnine Martial & Lunatic” compilation I could never listen to that track in its entirety. There must have been a very specific reason for Roland not want to include it on their greatest hits compilation back in 92. I’m can hardly wait for my Super Deluxe Edition Box to arrive at my door. My 5.1 Onkyo system is desperate to grab the surround mix!!! Cheers


I listened to it for the first time today have never heard of it and I couldn’t get past the three minute mark. I found it grating and annoying.

Hta Hta

no they are not!


The Way You Are is GENIUS!!

Julian H

Interesting article Paul, but I think the band are a bit harsh about the song. It isn’t bad, but it lacks the drive and message that most of ‘The Hurting’ had IMO.

Julian H

P’haps but I find the melody to be quite catchy, and as for textures, it isn’t much more complicated than, say, Duran Duran’s singles around the same time.


Why The Conflict will release again when includes on single Change and box The Hurting?

Julian H

Because Paul (or the people involved) wanted to recreate the running order of the limited cassette of SFTBC.