Madonna / Japanese 40-disc CD singles box set video

Madonna / Japanese CD Single Box Set / Video

It’s been a busy week for Madonna, with box sets, vinyl releases and of course her new MDNA album.

Perhaps this is a good time to shine a light what is probably the most desirable box set every released in her name.

The CD Single Collection was released by Warner Music Japan in late 1996. It was a limited edition box set that contained every single released in Japan up to that point. From Burning Up to One More Chance. The CDs were in the three inch format.

As well as the forty CDs, it came with a booklet containing track listings and lyrics for each song in both Japanese and English. It also included the Japanese-only singles Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and Spotlight and the sleeves were faithful to the original Japanese artwork.

The box set is also desirable because many of the single versions and edits found on the CDs within had never been issued on CD, and some still remain unique to this box to this day.

Madonna / Japanese CD Single Box Set / Video

A full track listing is below:

  • 1. Burning Up (LP Version (NOT the alternate remix), 3:54) / Physical Attraction (Edit, 3:54)
  • 2. Holiday (Edit, 4:09)** / I Know It (LP Version, 3:43)
  • 3. Borderline (Edit, 3:58)** / Think Of Me (LP Version, 4:52)
  • 4. Lucky Star (LP Version, 5:38) / Everybody (LP Version, 4:52)
  • 5. Like A Virgin (LP Version, 3:41) / Stay (LP Version, 4:06)
  • 6. Material Girl (LP Version, 4:03) / Pretender (LP Version, 4:35)
  • 7. Angel (LP Version, 3:44) / Angel (Dance Mix Edit) (4:56)
  • 8. Into The Groove (Original Version, 4:45) /Physical Attraction (Edit,3:54) 9. Dress You Up (LP Version, 4:05) / Shoo-Bee-Doo (LP Version, 5:19) 10. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (LP Version, 4:49) / Over And Over (LP Version, 4:12)
  • 11. Live To Tell (Edit, 4:39) / Live To Tell (12″ Instrumental, 5:49)
  • 12. Papa Don’t Preach (Edit/Fade, 3:51) / Think Of Me (LP Version, 4:51) 13. True Blue (LP Version, 4:07) / Ain’t No Big Deal (Original Version, 4:12)
  • 14. Open Your Heart (LP Version, 4:14) / White Heat (LP Version, 4:39) 15. La Isla Bonita (LP Version, 4:03) / La Isla Bonita (7″ Instrumental) (4:20)
  • 16. Who’s That Girl (LP Version, 3:59) / White Heat (LP Version, 4:35) 17. Causing A Commotion (LP Version, 4:09) / Jimmy Jimmy (LP Version, 3:55)
  • 18. Spotlight (Fade, 4:33) / Where’s The Party (LP Version, 4:14)
  • 19. The Look of Love (LP Version, 4:05) / I Know It (LP Version, 3:43) 20. Like A Prayer (7″ Version with fade, 5:09) / Act of Contrition (LP Version, 2:19)
  • 21. Express Yourself (LP Version, 4:40) / The Look of Love (LP Version, 4:01)
  • 22. Cherish (Edit, 4:06) / Supernatural (Original Version, 5:12)
  • 23. Oh Father (Edit, 4:28) / Spanish Eyes (LP Version, 5:16)
  • 24. Keep It Together (Single Mix, 4:33) / Keep It Together (12″ Instrumental, 5:52)
  • 25. Vogue (Single Version, 4:22) / Vogue (Betty Davis Dub, 7:26)
  • 26. Hanky Panky (LP Version, 3:58) / More (LP Version, 4:57)
  • 27. Justify My Love (LP Version, 5:00) / Express Yourself (Q-Sound Remix, 4:02)
  • 28. Rescue Me (Single Mix, 4:54) / Rescue Me (Alternate Single Mix, 5:05) 29. This Used To Be My Playground (5:10) / This Used To Be My Playground (Long Version, 6:07)
  • 30. Erotica (LP Version, 5:19) / Erotica (LP Instrumental, 5:19)
  • 31. Deeper and Deeper (LP Edit, 4:54) / Deeper and Deeper (LP Instrumental, 5:33)
  • 32. Bad Girl (LP Edit, 4:37) / Fever (LP Version, 5:00)
  • 33. Bye Bye Baby (LP Version, 3:57) / Rain (Radio Mix, 4:33)
  • 34. I’ll Remember (LP Version, 4:21) / Secret Garden (LP Version, 5:33) 35. Secret (LP Version, 5:05) / Secret (LP Instrumental, 5:05)
  • 36. Take A Bow (LP Version, 5:19) / Take A Bow (In Da Soul Mix, 4:56) 37. Human Nature (Radio Version, 4:31) / La Isla Bonita (LP Version, 4:01)
  • 38. Crazy For You (Original Version, 4:12) / Gambler (Original Version, 3:55)
  • 39. You’ll See (Edit Version, 4:19) / Rain (Album Version, 5:29) / You’ll See (Instrumental, 4:44)
  • 40. One More Chance (LP Version, 4:28) / You’ll See (Spanglish Version #1; English verses and Spanish Chorus, 4:22) / You’ll See (Spanish Version, 4:21)


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Greg Daniels

I only just found out about this limited release today. I agree with some other comments in that it would have been awesome to have the full-length remixes on here too, but who knows… maybe that exists too and I have yet to stumble upon it.
My question though is this… are these singles all remastered?


As far as I know, they ARE remastered, yes. They at least sound very clear and often much better than the album mastering, and I don’t think there is any brickwalling on them, though i have not compared the waveforms.

Carlton Fisher

I was fortunate enough to grab this back when it originally came out. I actually bought two copies, because I pre-ordered one, and waited forever for it to come. I started getting nervous that it was never going to arrive, and when I came across it in the Virgin Megastore in NYC, I snapped it up. Then the one I ordered showed up about a week later. I stupidly sold the extra one to a shop for a hundred bucks. I should have held onto it–could have covered this semester’s tuition most likely.

I love this box–never had a single regret in buying it. It’s really lovely, and the different mixes are really nice to have.


I feel so lucky, I just bought this for £250!


Still no decent Madonna releases not even a continuation of the just about reasonable, 1 disc remasters


I wish I could come across a reasonably priced copy of this set. I love all the exclusive versions of the various tracks. Madonna has so many remix edits, maxi versions, etc. of her various songs that have never been issued on CD; it’s a shame Warner doesn’t issue digital singles on iTunes or something.


I have a copy of this box – I was fortunate to see it in Dallas when I lived there and decided to drop the $200 at the time. What would something like this fetch on the market today?


Depending on condition, anywhere from $500-800. Sellers often list copies on eBay for over $1000, but they almost never sell.


Thanks, Jake. The 3″ CDs and sleeves are in excellent condition. The box is the condition that I bought it – slight wear on the black and the corners are a little bent. Not that I would sell it!


There are some errors in the article concerning the tracks that actually appear on the CDs in this set:

1. Burning Up is the dance mix edit, not the album version.
7. The first track is a fade of the album version of Angel.
13. True Blue is a fade of the album version.
17. Causing A Commotion is the silver screen edit, not the album version.
18. Where’s The Party is the remix edit, not the album version.
20. Like A Prayer is a unique fade of the album version, not the 7″ version with fade.


Something tells me U wouldn’t ‘laugh’ IF I asked U had you a copy of Crazy For You on 12” ?
I think Junior Vasquez did ‘a mix from a live mic feed’ [wotever that means ?] of that track ??
I was listening to her Evita tune all ‘disco-ed up’ & Just Wondered how many of her Proper Ballads had got a Dance Remake ???
Then you find literally gazillions of blogs & give up quickly lol.
What has Not been re-tweaked might be a better Question ?
I only mentioned the above ‘records’ as their is a New Set of Mixes [on vinyl too] for Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.
I originally went looking for a ‘Proper Studio Instrumental’ [no vocals at all] of ‘Holiday’ but sadly that doesn’t exist, unless you know more ?


Your correct the Like a Prayer is an album fade the only place it was released. Not the 7″Version.

Steve Marine

Pretty cool. If it had the remixes, it would be even better!