Paul McCartney / 10 Lost Love Songs

Paul McCartney / 10 Lost Love Songs
Photo: Clive Arrowsmith

In a week’s time Paul McCartney will release his new album Kisses on the Bottom, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Lovers everywhere know that McCartney likes a ballad, and his compositions, particularly with The Beatles, are as highly regarded as they are well known. And I Love Her, Michelle, and Here There and Everywhere to name but three.

However, look beyond the familiar Fab Four compositions into McCartney’s Wings and solo career, and you will find some little-known love songs that deserve a much wider audience.

So as the 14th of February approaches, we thought now was the time to dig out, for your enjoyment, 10 Lost Love Songs by Paul McCartney.

Warm and Beautiful (1976)

We start with a real gem. This almost Let It Be style piano ballad ended 1976’s Wings at the Speed of Sound. Paul later ‘borrowed’ the melody for Golden Earth Girl, which appeared on Off The Ground in 1993. One of his best.

The Loveliest Thing (1987)

Paul’s fans often moan amongst themselves about how he squanders great tracks to B-side oblivion. This is a good example. Recorded with most of Billy Joel’s band and producer Phil Ramone in 1987, it was decided that it would appear on the CD single of Figure of Eight in late 1989. It didn’t show up on either the 7inch or 12inch variations. It was eventually rescued from obscurity in 1993, when it was added as a bonus track to Flowers In The Dirt. However, that is now out-of-print, so it’s unavailable again!

One Of These Days (1980)

Paul took a break from the synth-based experimentation on 1980’s McCartney II and picked up his acoustic guitar to pen this gentle, yearning ballad.

Dear Friend (1972)

Written during the period of Lennon and McCartney backbiting (in the press and on song), this track appears on Wings Wild Life and is interpreted by many as something of a peace offering from Paul.


Love In Song (1974)

Although often remembered for the inclusion of the Crossroads Theme and some other rather silly tracks (yes, I’m looking at you Magneto and Titanium Man), 1974’s Venus And Mars still had its moments. This is one of them.


I’m Carrying (1978)

A real charmer from the London Town album, with a great vocal performance and a very sweet lyric.

This Never Happened Before (2005)

Rumour has it that McCartney blamed EMI for the poor performance of his 2005 album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. Certainly the songs were not lacking – indeed it was something of a post-Beatles career high, as this sophisticated love song demonstrates. By the time of Paul’s next album he’d left EMI after over 40 continuous years (at least in the UK).

One More Kiss (1973)

Paul in fine voice, singing this laid back ballad. The chorus gets seriously stuck in your brain.

Back Seat of My Car (1971)

From Ram, the next album to receive the deluxe treatment in Paul’s archive reissue program. This story of two lovers who “believe that we can’t be wrong” closes that album, in true cinematic style. Amazing.

On The Wings Of A Nightingale (1983)

This demo was written and recorded by Paul especially for The Everly Brothers, and is Macca at his most fluid and melodic. It perfectly suited the voices of Phil and Don Everly, who would release this as a single (see below).

On The Wings Of A Nightingale (Everly Brothers version)

Here’s The Everly Brothers performing On The Wings Of A Nightingale.


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Frank Jerome

Paul’s love songs…….Warm and Beautiful, Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People, Beautiful Night, Distractions, So Bad, Only Love Remains, Waterfalls, Arrow Thru Me, Love In Song, I Owe It All To You, Bluebird, My Love, Maybe I’m Amazed, This Never Happened Before, It’s Not True, I’m Carrying, Only One More Kiss, Country Dreamer, Somedays, Listen To What The Man Said, Let Me Roll It, How Kind Of You, Baby’s Request, We Got Married, Backseat Of My Car, This One, Every Night, Junk, Silly Love Songs, No More Lonely Nights, My Valentine…JUST MY FAVS…BUT ONE thing IS FOR CERTAIN…never again will we experience his beautifully effortless melodies and the BASIC SIMPLE HUMAN TRUTHS that Paul McCartney’s lyrics possess!! Communication is life and life is LIFE SIZED!!!!! Thank you Sir Paul for ASTONISHING AND CHANGING OUR PLANET…WHILE SOMEHOW KEEPING “IT”GROUNDED AND RELEVANT TO PRINCE AND PAUPER ALIKE!

Donna Franklin

The music and lyrics of Paul McCartney will always remain poetry in my heart!!! Forever My Love, Sir Paul!


“I’m Carrying” and “Back Seat” are both extraordinary, but Carrying is so delicate and yearning (he has a struggle maintaining the high notes, intentionally) and so abstract “…with my carnation hidden by the packages…”
What the heck is happening here? Such a beautiful song. I think.

Steven W Rodgers

I agree. Love it. I read one commenter who thought what he was carrying was a torch for his love. Makes sense (except for the packages) Still, love it. I think mystery in lyrics makes them timeless.

Brian Flynn

I forgot No Words, which is the crown jewel on the B side of Band On The Run. You can replace Your Loving Flame.

Wine Corr

The songs should infer to love, relationships and sex and be a ballad….Your Loving Flame is poor mans My Love…it yearns.

Brian Flynn

Distractions is a great call. “Anyway”, following up “This Never Happened Before” Through Our Love has to be there! I prefer

Here’s better list….
Through Our Love
Hands of Love
You Gave Me the Answer
Your Loving Flame
From a Lover to a Friend
This Never Happened Before
Only Love Remains

Brian Flynn

I forgot No Words, which is probably the crown jewel filler song on Band on the Run. You can replace Your Loving Flame


Great list. I would have added “Distractions”, from Flowers in the Dirt, another unknown masterpiece…


Just listened to Ram today. What a great album and Back Seat of my Car was always my favorite


“Only Love Remains” (from PRESS TO PLAY) is another good love song by Macca in my opinion. Lot of beautiful stuff in it!

Stephen Lennon

Excellent choices. I would also make a claim for So Bad and The Same Love.