Saturday Deluxe / 15 October 2016

Oasis / Be Here Now reissue and box set

Oasis mix-up

Confusion reigns this morning with the Oasis Be Here Now reissue which came out yesterday. Some fans are reporting that on the demo disc (CD 3) the track Trip Inside (Be Here Now) has apparently been replaced by an unnamed instrumental, although this isn’t affecting everyone, suggesting that two versions are currently floating around in the marketplace!

The rumours are that the demo includes an uncleared Rolling Stones sample and has therefore been hastily pulled from this set. Let us know if you have received your three-CD deluxe or box set and which track eight you have on the third CD in your set.


Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode will release a new album called Spirit early next year and will kick off a world tour in May 2017. All the details were announced at a lively press conference in Milan on Thursday which you can watch here.

The album isn’t finished yet, so the band were reluctant to discuss it too much, but we know that it will be produced by James Ford. The band will also working with longtime visual collaborator Anton Corbijn on promo videos and tour films.

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Just received my Japanese version of the “Be Here Now” 3 CD reissue. Track 8 on Disc 3 is the mystery instrumental (unfortunately).


Don’t mess with Mr Jagger!!!! Using a honky tonk woman sample without permission…. such a rookie mistake.


Interesting find on Amazon US: Nowhere on the product page itself does it make any allusion to there being any sort of defect, but in my ‘Your Orders’ list, the phrase ‘Return eligible through Nov 16, 2016’ has materialized next to the product image.


Sadly this isn’t a mistake. The “Trip Inside” demo was intentionally switched out at the last minute because of the uncleared Rolling Stones sample. In other words, it was a legal issue. Demanding a “corrected” Disc 3 won’t do any good. The funny part of all of this is that the “unauthorized” demo continues to be readily available via iTunes. Sheesh.


Yes…thanks Paul! I’ll be very interested to find out what, if anything, you hear back.


They make enough money from their fans that you would think they would have the decency to comment on the matter.


It did occur to me yesterday that this was probably the cause for the week-long delay of release. I’m guessing iTunes already was in possession of the digital files when the oops! was discovered.

Paul Lewis

Deafening silence from Oasis online is very frustrating… at the very least, an explanation would be reasonable to expect. I have spotted that in the last 24 hours the track listing in their online store has changed to the 3:35 track length, although it still claims to be “Trip Inside”…

Paul Lewis

Thanks Paul!


Any news about it, Paul?


It is alright for those to tell others to stop complaining over one track that is wrong on the Oasis deluxe edition but a ‘BALLS UP’ is a ‘BALLS UP’ and it should not have happened in the first place if all was checked thoroughly before releasing.


My copy also has the instrumental on Disc 3.

When I first listened, I just assumed that it was a song called ‘Trip Inside’ which was originally called ‘Be Here Now’, before Noel used the title for another song and subsequently the album itself. Therefore, before any of these reports, I hadn’t even realised anything was amiss!

Ultimately though, rather than a demo of a song we already have, what we have actually been given is a brand new song (albeit instrumental).

If someone had asked me two weeks ago if I would rather have a different version (and almost certainly inferior, what with it being a demo) of a song I am already very familiar with, or a BRAND NEW SONG, I would have plumped for the latter. Therefore, I am happy with what I got! :D


You don’t even know that it’s an actual Oasis track at this stage, it was evidently a very late substitution so that there was at least a track there and could be anything. It’s an untitled instrumental that has no reference to place or time of recording and clearly should not be there among the Mustique demos.

In my digital library I’ve deleted it and put the originally intended and listed track back in via a download. The full set is now complete and as described.

Mark Jensen

I would send my copy back if everyone else in the world also would do the same, because at that volume, they might be forced to get permission for the missing demo track and re-release. But since that would never happen, I’ll keep my copy and try burning my own cd 3 using the iTunes download and full .wav rips of the other tracks and see if there is a noticeable volume difference that is too annoying on the mp3 track.


Still nobody hasn’t clearified which is the actual problem.


It baffles me why people post questions on forums where they know there won’t be an instant reply and then sit on their hands and ask the same question hours later.

You know Google, that search engine which lazy people on forums struggle to use………….well that’s where most people get their information clarified, failing that, the actual problem has been pointed out very clearly, not only in Paul’s blurb at the top but also several times in the comments.


Is there a tracklist for the 12″ Vinyl demos anywhere on the net, I have the boxset and it looks like there is only 6 tracks, 3 on each side


Yep, along with everyone else. My copy (bought from Amazon US) has the instrumental on Disc 3, Track 8. Since the track is available on US iTunes, I just downloaded that and deleted the instrumental track. I can’t fathom people sending back their copies. If it was a larger, more egregious error (say, the initial New Order deluxes with the poor remastering), I would absolutely send it back. But one track…?

As Noel said recently, “I couldn’t be arsed.”

Alan Jones

Unless I’ve just gone all South American, that’s a typo on my surname on the previous post!

Alan Jonez

Paul, I just sent you an email with heading “Sainbury’s” which might be of use to you.


Nostrabarmyus : Has the small mirror been remastered or just ripped from vinyl?


I’m a bit confused here, what exactly would be the problem with the Oasis 3CD set? Is this track (‘Trip Inside’) completely missing on the physical release, so the untitled instrumental on disc 2/track 8 has been duplicated by mistake on disc 3/track 8, or are the two track 8 been inverted on disc 2 and disc 3?

By the way, setting aside this detail I think those Oasis 3CD sets are perfect in terms of quality, I wish Edsel would have delivered the same kind of beautiful packaging for Suede reissues a few years ago. What a shame.


It’s really straightforward. Disc 1 is not the remastered album but is a live album by Blur, track 3 on disc 2 should be track 2 on disc 3 and vice-versa, disc 3 is a small mirror rather than a CD, Noel never really had a brother and his fictional brother Liam is actually missing uber-emo Richey Edwards from the Manic Street Preachers, Britpop hasn’t happened either despite evidence to the contrary and is scheduled to start in 2018.

Adrian Winter

Does this mistake apply to the vinyl version as well?

Many thanks.

Paul Lewis

Re Oasis: I have the download version that came with the vinyl and a quick listen, confirmed by a check with Shazam identifying the tracks, confirms that the audio for disc 2 track 8 and disc 3 track 8 have been inverted. So disc 2 track 8, although called UNTITLED is actually TRIP INSIDE (4:37) and vice versa. So for those with downloads, re-tagging the tracks will fix it, although CDs clearly need replacing.

Paul Lewis

And just to add, in the UK at least, the iTunes listing appears to be the same.

Paul Lewis

Think I need to retract that… Shazam tagging also seems to be confused! So perhaps not just inverted after all… apologies!


Noel in Q back at the time, talking about the title track of the album:

“”In Mustique Johnny Depp and Kate Moss stayed at Mick Jagger’s house. We were
down on the beach and there was this toy plastic piano that belonged to one of
Jagger’s kids. The opening’s played on that, slowed down. I was pressing that
one key for about two hours, Meg going, ‘Will you f*****g shut up!’ Anyway, I
nicked it – me from Burnage. I can’t help it. Mick can have it back if he

Then, back home, I was talking about drum loops with Owen Morris and he said
one of the greatest was the opening to Honky Tonk Woman. We played it and it
was in the same time signature as that piano. So I wrote the song from there.
I liked the Stones involvement at the start and the finish of writing it.”


Depeche Mode world tour? Again no Australia. :(

O(+> Peter B
Ben Williams

My advice to anyone who has bought the Oasis reissue and has the ‘wrong’ track on disc 3 is to return it; vote with your feet, so to speak. If everybody affected does this, the label will be forced to ammend things. I’ve not bothered with these Oasis reissues, I have all the Oasis I need really but I do know how annoying it is to have faulty discs in expensive sets (Beach Boys Made In California disc 3, and Bob Dylan Album Collection Hard Rain, to name two) and those sets offered replacement discs luckily!

I can’t imagine how frustrated the purchasers of the super-pricey Super Deluxe set will be :(


Hi, ben, what is wrong in dylan’s hard rain? Is the okome on the red collection box?

James Eaton

I’m lucky enough to have a gratis download of the Oasis package from the record company – I have a radio show, so get promo copies. The track in question on the download is the instrumental.


Has the promo copie got the full demo for on track 8 james ? Is that the promo set with the 3 different sleeves and the tracklist on the back in white ?

Thinking of picking this up but wanted to make sure it has the 4.48 mustique demo on it ?


Thanks for confirming about the promo set Paul, that’s great.

James Eaton

Mine was a download Carl – not a CD promo


The only place you can by the proper mustique demo that got pulled is on US iTunes, every comment I’ve read of people who have bought a physical copie have the instrumental , my Japanese copie arrived today and has the instrumental, but they commented on Sony Japan music site about it to make people aware and apologise , nothing in the UK as usual, just take your money. I sending my box set back because of it.


You’re sending a three-CD set because of one track? Wow.


While I’m no fan of Oasis, so there’s no chance of my buying this set, I’m nevertheless surprised at those wanting replacement discs. It’s one track, and will perhaps over time become a collectors item. One track buried in three CD’s of material……

John Blutarski

Still nobody who has the version with Trip Inside on it?

Mike Pendlebury

The Depeche Mode news really excites me! You guys in Europe are lucky as the American dates haven’t been announced just yet. I only saw them for the first time on their last tour in Birmingham – one of the best live experiences I’ve ever had. It doesn’t bother me that the album isn’t finished yet – just want to feel the rush again!

Martyn Alner

My Boxset CD and Download Code both have the incorrect track, luckily that youtube link above supplied a download of the track!

Bryan K.

My copy has the instrumental, which I agree, is boring. Ironically, my local Barnes and Nobles store had the 3 disc set available a full week before iTunes and Amazon, yet the track had already been replaced. I was hoping to have scored the Street Fighting Man version. However, iTunes still has the SFM version available for purchase.


My oasis has the instrumental on cd 3 track 8 – hmv supplied arrived yesterday
It sounds like a coda to don’t go away the track preceding it – like an instrumental run thru of the outro
Have to say I like these demos – -Noel’s voice is great and they are less bombastic- shows how much was ready and done before the band were involved and why Noel’s the power of the band


Bought mine on Amazon in the US and it has the instrumental. At this point I’m wondering if anyone has the proper version.


Same problem here with the Oasis, although the CD Text says that the track is Trip Inside (Be Here Now) !!!!

John Blutarski

Oh my, didn’t know that song, Trip Inside, but after hearing it, I think it’s a pity it’s noy in the box!


I bought mine a Newbury Comics in boston MA. and it has the instrumental as the eight track on disc 3

Michael Fortin

My copy of Be here Now has the instrumental. Bought Mine in the US at Newbury Comics. I downloaded the correct track from iTunes for $1.29. I wonder why iTunes has the correct version and the physical copy doesn’t. Not the end of the world I guess but it’s annoying.


The only question about the Oasis is always the same : When will a record label be able to put out the right set at first ? This way of doing things is totally silly and weste time and money for everyone (including them when they have to press and send new Cds !)

Nothing is new here : Do you remember Nick Kamen , Stock Aitken Waterman box, OMD pledge, New Order, Eighth Wonder and so on problems on reissues?

The question now is how many mistakes there will be on the expensive dead or alive, Erasure or Human league box sets… Maybe they also should press right now new CDs of Alisson Moyet if they already know there will be mistakes in it ;-)


According to Amazon:

Disc: 2
1. Stay Young (Remastered)
2. The Fame (Remastered)
3. Flashbax (Remastered)
4. (I Got) The Fever (Remastered)
5. My Sister Lover (Remastered)
6. Going Nowhere (Remastered)
7. Stand By Me (Live At Bonehead’s Outtake)
9. Help! (Live In LA)
10. Setting Sun (Live Radio Broadcast)
11. If We Shadows (Demo)
12. Don’t Go Away (Demo)
13. My Big Mouth (Live At Knebworth Park)
14. D’You Know What I Mean? (NG’s 2016 Rethink)

Disc: 3
1. D’You Know What I Mean? (Mustique Demo)
2. My Big Mouth (Mustique Demo)
3. My Sister Lover (Mustique Demo)
4. Stand By Me (Mustique Demo)
5. I Hope, I Think, I Know (Mustique Demo)
6. The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (Mustique Demo)
7. Don’t Go Away (Mustique Demo)
9. Fade In – Out (Mustique Demo)
10. Stay Young (Mustique Demo)
11. Angel Child (Mustique Demo)
12. The Fame (Mustique Demo)
13. All Around The World (Mustique Demo)
14. It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) (Mustique Demo)

Have both track 8s been mixed up with regard which CD they should be on?


Oh, just to say that I guess the buying tickets before the album is launched never mind finished is effectively a way of getting the fans to provide a huge advanced bank loan to pay for the tour production in advance, so as to relieve the band of having to dip their hands into their own deep back pockets.


As much as I love DM (and I do..), the practice of announcing a tour and putting tickets on sale giving fans a dilemma as to buy now blind not knowing if the album will be a stinker, or else risk missing out when the new album is NOT even finished yet is pretty low IMO.

I have no doubt Mr J (Barron) Kessler has his dirty paw marks all over this, but for a band that was the epitome of indy cool and fan respect it has been a long way to fall this far down… I can’t see this would have happened during the Mute era with Daniel at the helm.

I wonder if the new album will carry the Mute logo out of respect this time – or was that a one time thing to appease their own guilt for leaving. I’ll go for the latter…. You wanted the big advances guys, rather than letting the payback come from Mute’s unbeatable network of independant pluggers and territory knowledge. It was interesting to see that the last album on Columbia sold less afaik than the ones before it did on Mute.

Perhaps leaving Mute was not the best idea after all guys. Loyalty has some great rewards, but the grabbing hands grab all they can don’t they Mr Kessler ;)

Craig Hedges

Depeche have been doing these conferences ahead of their tours and albums for the ages, they did one prior to the 101 gig. Regardless of whether you like the album or not, it’s always great to see them live.
Looking forward to the new album, I thought they’d called it a day as there was no hints prior to the announcement.


Yes, I have seen them on the EPK’s, for 101 and Tour Of The Universe. The 101 gig was of course part if the MFTM album and became an album in itself, which is not the same thing as a studio album tour announcement. I went to two of the Delta Machine gigs, but unless my memory is fading I don’t remember buying the tickets before the album was finished.

William M

The beautiful thing here is nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy anything from Depeche mode, they made an announcement about the upcoming tour and album, I’m excited already because live is where they really become a force (even watching Fletch pretend his keyboard is plugged in is entertaining) if you are so disillusioned and bitter towards the band for what they have done and what they are doing then it’s easy to just go elsewhere and become a fan of some other band :)


Thanks for stating the obvious, it had not occurred to me that I had a choice in the matter. I see my point about their indie history and the practices they now employ is lost, and people on SDE complain about the music biz taking them for mugs… I think I can see why they see scope to take advantage.

PS, Please refrain fron the sarky ‘disallusioned fan go elsewhere’ nonsense. This is a blog / forum for adult conversation. Not childish nonsense like that. We are entited to our opinions, and I’ll be a supporter of which bands I please. Thank you so much.


I totally get what you are saying daran. I love dm. saw them for first time at crystal palace 93 and last saw on exciter tour (an album I didn’t like on first listen but then ended up loving) the thing is I’ve heard policy/let me down/counts/silence/jesus so many times now, I would happily give them up to hear pre 86 stuff – but I know they don’t really don’t do that stuff now. which brings me to the new album, if I heard it
before the tour was announced it would have made such a difference. It would have determined how many times I would want to see them. If the album had songs on it like Lilian I totally would, as I loved that song as much as any of my old faves. but without knowing any of the new stuff I’m not going to buy tickets to more than one gig. It would end up a costly affair if the gig ended up with the same aforementioned songs being played and if I wasn’t crazy about the new stuff. of course if gig tickets were like the old prices £20-£30 it would not be a problem or too much of a risk. anyway just wanted to say I got what you were saying.


Thanks gb, I am surprised people are so easy to condone the behaviour of DM on show here. I do wonder if record execs and the likes of Barron Kessler read the comments on SDE, because that would explain why they are so confident that they can dish out any out poop to the fans and they will lap it up no complaints whatever it is.

Seems to be the case, but then fans wonder why they held to ransome and treated like mugs by the music biz. It’s like a weird music fan Stockholm syndrome going on!


Not grasping why the quality of the new album would stop anyone from seeing them live (or wanting to). If the new album is any good, consider it a bonus.


J, why would you want to go and see a show on a tour that centered on an album you disliked with a passion? What if this new album is Exciter pt 2, what if it’s worse? Doubt it will be, but can’t we hear some of it first? Even if the majority of tracks are from old albums, you are still likely to get a lot of the new one. I would have had to think very hard about going to see the Exciter tour such is my dislike of that album.

But it’s not just the quality of the album, it’s the fact that DM don’t need to put the tickets out so early, they could either wait for the album is out or at least the first singleWhat they are doing is not overly common practice among the big artists, I don’t see it being done by the often big(ger) artists I see in London.

It’s pure greed by Kessler, and nothing short of a kind of fan loyalty blackmail – pay up early or risk missing out due to a sellout, and if you don’t like the album when it comes out then tough sh*t! You the fan are committed, and can not get a refund remember – all you can do is go through the pain in the ass hassle of selling your ticket back through one of the ticket agency resellers like Getmein, and very probably take a financial loss.

They could easily give fans a taster of the album before playing on their loyalty to fork out 100 – 200 quid for a couple of cheap tickets. It’s a shoddy practice IMO, especially before the album is even finished. They don’t need to treat fans like this, they can afford to give them some respect.


Just to add Joseph, would you shell out £100+ up front over 7 months early with no refund ability for a new DM album SDE without knowing what is in it? Doubtful, even though you know it’s going to be DM music in it. So why should people with concert tickets?


£100-£200 for a couple of CHEAP tickets! Are you a lottery winner or do you have rich parents?

Gareth Pugh

To be honest, I tend to find that ‘heritage’/longevity bands like DM and their erstwhile label mates Erasure only really play a very small handful of tracks from their latest album on that album’s tour anyway, in amongst a *mostly* hits-driven setlist. Case in point, Erasure’s Violet Flame – it varied depending on when you went to see them, and the setlist evolved a little as it rolled on, but at one point they were down to just 3 songs off the new album being included. Which in that instance was a pity because it was their strongest album in nearly 20 years (still a good show, mind).

So, to my mind, even if ‘Spirit’ were to turn out to be a dud, chances are it wouldn’t influence that much of the show you’re going to see.


Have you seen the price of big name tickets these days Ritchie :) Yes, a couple of cheap tickets is mostly £100+ nowdays. I can’t remember the last tine I paid less. Perhaps A-ha last tour was ≤ £50 a ticket before fees and postage, but recently Coldplay was 70+ a pop, Gilmour and OMD at Royal Albert Hall both 80 ish. Nothing special seats either. When you look at lower tier or floor tickets at o2 arena London you are sailing well past £100 a ticket for many artists. Not just the Eagles been milking the old tour revenue gravy train lately!


mine from France has the instrumental.

Rare Glam

Mine has the instrumental D3/T8. Bought from HMV online and arrived yesterday (14th Oct). It’s just a light weight solo electric guitar thing with picked octave notes over it (3.30). I’d like to know if a replacement disc with the correct track will be offered?


You can hear the proper demo hear if anyone who missed out wants to listen: https://youtu.be/RhvFkn4fRl4


Instrumental version on mine from FOPP in Covent Garden, London yesterday.


Be Here Now – mine from Amazon UK has the instrumental.

Peter Yarrow

just used my download code. Disc 2, track 8 is Untitled, Disc 3, track 8 is Trip Inside.


And this comment is completely useless.

The mixup has nothing to do with Disc 2 track 8 whatsoever. That is supposed to be Untitled (an acoustic demo) and is correct everywhere. Disc 3 Track 8 is called Trip Inside no matter what it is, but its either a demo of the song Be Here Now (running time 4:48) or an odd instrumental piece (running time 3:35). Disc 2 track 8 has absolutely nothing to do with the situation.

Phil Wilson

I have the unnamed instrumental on my disc, bought from Amazon in the UK, its boring and spoils the flow of the disc. I did notice this on the iTunes samples and thought it didn’t sound very much like Be Here Now whereas most of the tracks are near enough fully formed. If they have pulled Trip Inside (Be Here Now) and tried to fob us off with this, they can have it back.