Saturday Deluxe / 17 October 2015

Saturday Deluxe is the regular feature where SDE catches up on box set & reissue news. Today: Phil Collins news, McCartney archive video, ChartWatch, and unreleased Dylan audio…

Phil Collins / Face Value reissue

Phil Collins reissues postponed

The reissue of Phil CollinsFace Value and Both Sides albums has been put back to early 2016 as a result of the singer and songwriter having to undergo emergency major back surgery.

Collins has been advised by doctors not to travel for the time being and is therefore unable to do the necessary promotion required of his global Take A Look At Me Now retrospective campaign.

Collins said, “I am so disappointed to have to delay the release but am looking forward to being able to properly get behind this release in the new year when I can move again!

Face Value and Both Sides will move from a 6 November 2015 release date to 29 January 2016.

Read more about the Phil Collins reissues.

Paul McCartney
Credit: Linda McCartney

Archive video of Paul McCartney and George Martin

Fascinating stuff, as Paul McCartney discussing working with George Martin during a break in Tug of War / Pipes of Peace sessions in 1981/2. Includes footage of Paul working on the track Keep Under Cover.

Read more about the Tug of War and Pipes of Peace reissues

 SDE ChartWatch

David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed / 2CD coverDavid Bowie‘s Nothing Has Changed is a re-entry in the UK PHYSICAL album charts this week – back in at no. 67. There is a distinct possibility, SDE reader, that WE made this happen because this compilation was featured in Top Ten Deluxe Bargain post and the double-CD is still less than a fiver. Cool!

Paul Weller‘s Saturns Pattern is another re-entry in the physical album chart, five places behind Bowie at number 72. This is thanks to the limited edition clear vinyl version that Parlophone put out last week.saturns_clear

paper2Duran Duran‘s Paper Gods is just about hanging on in the top 100 physical albums and is now at no. 90, down from last week’s 64. Disappointing performance after just five weeks, and the band will be hoping an appearance on next week’s BBC TV’s Later… with Jools Holland will revive the fortunes of the new record.

a-ha‘s Cast in Steel continues to outshine Duran Duran and has only dropped ten places from last week’s no. 66 ranking. Meanwhile, their Definitive Singles Collection has actually climbed the physical chart a few places, now residing at number 73.

rattleThe UK physical charts are still dominated by greatest hits collections but David Gilmour‘s Rattle That Lock is performing very strongly with a fourth week inside the top 5. In fact, the Pink Floyd guitarist bookends the chart because The Endless River is number 100!

Bob Dylan 1965-1966 / The Best of The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12

Bob Dylan / Can you please Crawl Out Your Window – take 1

Have a listen to the first take of Bob Dylan’s 1965 single Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window – one of many unreleased gems featured in the forthcoming The Cutting Edge Bootleg Series Vol 12 release. This is included on ‘Best Of’ 3LP/2CD (see deal alert here) and multiple takes are included on the six-CD and 18CD editions!

Read more: Bob Dylan The Cutting Edge: Bootleg Series Vol 12

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[…] but a new collection called The 1984 Suite. Hopefully, Phil Collins‘ back is better and his delayed reissues can be promoted at the end of January. Finally, Star Wars fans should get their pre-orders in for […]


I listened to the live version of If Leaving Me Is Easy which got a digital release on the streaming services. Boring and emotion-less is my verdict and only served to reaffirm my decision to not bother with these PC re-releases.

James Barker

I hope Phil has time to reconsider the reissue album covers too, as much as the idea of the ‘take a look at me now’ project may sound like a good idea, the reality is it just doesn’t work. when we put these CDs on we want to be transported back to that moment in time when we discovered the music in the first place, we want to remember being younger and for me as much as the new artwork is really a very cool concept, it makes me feel really old!

Neil Kelly

I’ve been playing Paper Gods to death. Love it!

CJ Feeney

I initially wasn’t impressed on hearing the Dylan number, but then realised the point of the exercise is seeing how Dylan gets from initial to finished performance.

I was all set to buy the six disc deluxe set but since the box sets were annonced I’ve cooled off a bit and may settle for the two disc pack unless a really good price (£40ish) is asked around Black Friday.

Phil Cohen

As for the Phil Collins reissue series, the postponement into 2016 may just as well be a cancellation, since Collins defiantly refuses to reconsider the contents of the reissue series to more fully satisfy his fans. And furthermore, after the reissue series was announced, I started listening to my substantial collection of Collins recordings again(all of his released albums up through and including “Both Sides”, plus all of his released rarities, many obtained from an unofficial download bundle of all of his CD singles), and I came to this conclusion: Collins’ solo recordings provided the right sound for their moment in time, but they haven’t aged well. Collins put his substantial & diverse talents to use for loads of M.O.R. music.
Collins could learn a lesson from artists such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin, whose archival products give their fans what they so clearly want.

John Moore

Here Here!


David’s is a great store – I’ve been using them since I started picking up reasonably priced second-hand 12″s and the like back in the late 8os… so no, I don’t work for them, just happy to see them get a shout out :-)


The comparison of chart performance a-ha Duran Duran is interesting and revealing. Especially since Paper Gods has one week less on the chart and receives much more publicity in the UK.

Alan Jones

Best wishes to PC on a full recovery.
Purchased Weller on clear vinyl in HMV Milton Keynes today. Already got the red one and waiting for the box set price to come down. I’m not the biggest PW fan but this is without doubt my album of the year so couldn’t resist. Also got The Doors LA Woman white vinyl. More than happy to support HMV and really glad they’re still around. I support local indie stores like David’s Letchworth and Empire St Albans too. Sorry Paul I hope it’s OK to mention these. Anyway any further news / sign of an un-boxing of the Simple Minds vinyl set?

John Moore

Thanks Alan for the tip


Maybe the postponement will allow for the reissues to be adjusted so fans can get what they really want. I crack myself up!!!


Little wonder Rattle That Lock is still inside the top five, its absolutely sublime! Gets better with each listen.


see he`s done it again!


Phil `Bloody` Collins, puts himself before his fans again!!! ; ))