Saturday Deluxe / 27 October 2018

Prepare thy wallet…for November 2018.

Are you ready for November? In what has to be the most heavily congested release schedule I can remember, for physical music fans of a certain demographic (SDE readers, effectively), there is an absurd amount of great product coming out. If you have eclectic taste then prepare your wallet for action…

To recap, in the next month we will see box sets and/or reissues from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, The Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Howard Jones, Elvis, Rush, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty, Suede, The Police, Bananarama, Cast, Ian Dury, Dead or Alive, Jeff Beck, Chic, Lulu, Ultravox, OMD, Jean Michel Jarre, Simply Red, Marillion, Metallica, Jethro Tull, Mott The Hoople and more!

My personal priorities will include The Beatles, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Howard Jones, The Police, Marillion, Jimi Hendrix and Jethro Tull, but I’m pretty much like everything in that list! We’re not out of the woods once November is past either, because there’s the little matter of two Paul McCartney reissues in December! What are your priorities for this month? Leave a comment and let me know!

A reminder that Tanita Tikaram‘s 1988 debut Ancient Heart is being reissued in early December on 30th anniversary limited edition clear vinyl. I’m chuffed that Tanita herself has promoted the SDE shop as her ‘official’ channel for fans to get hold of this, so do the right thing and place an order with us! I’ll make it really easy and give you a checkout button below!

Remember that ludicrously expensive ‘Locked N’ Loaded’ edition of Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction? Well, it’s still very expensive BUT the MusicVaultz site in Canada has what seems to be an amazing deal, if you were in any way in the market for the £700-£800 box set, or you are just a mega GNR fan…

The deal is you can buy this massive box set for $1300 CA (which is about £775) and bundled with it FREE is a limited-edition custom branded Guns N’ Roses Turntable by Project-Audio. There are only 100 of these turntables being made ‘for the world’, apparently, and the site claims the value of the turntable alone is about $750 CA (£450). That’s some crazy deal, because to buy JUST the box set in the UK means spending £850. But with this deal you get box and turntable for less money. They do ship worldwide, although I have no idea, what the charges might be!

Visit the MusicVaultz website for more information on this deal.

SDE helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Julian H

Definitely Marillion and Jethro Tull. Probably Hendrix and *possibly* Beatles, but I’m not sure yet.

Paul Mac

Marillion and League of Gentlemen are on order for me. Happily the price of the latter dropped on Amazon to £96 again last Friday (which was the original release date I think), meaning my pre-order price finally dropped too, which was nice.


Some people are writing about a ‘Visage’ release? And ‘Xymox’. Can anyone tell me about these?

Rob Kirby

Yes, there is a Visage release, of the debut album, which has shamefully entirely passed me by until you made me look it out :-) It’s released by Rubellian Remasters – a new bespoke label from a guy who has handled a lot of re-mastering projects previously for major labels – devoted to 80s cult and obscure acts. It’s supposed to have been cut from the original tapes for the first time, and includes first time on CD releases of the 7″ b-sides Second Steps and We Move, which in both instances is more than about time!

Christopher Old

I will definitely agree that November is a fantastic month for box sets and reissues. I have Yazoo, Re-Flex, Xymox and the Human’s Lib 2cd+1dvd (the only one of Ho Jo’s reissues which I feel is worth the bang for the buck for this cd connoisseur) on pre-order. Camouflage and Visage are both on their way. I also have recently purchased Magic Box by Rational Youth, and it is excellent. Overall a very exciting couple of months to be a collector, and A very merry early Christmas to all!

Derek Langsford

Because of the gap between the two KB boxes, I am hoping that reviews of the remastering of the first box will be out before both sets get shipped out at the end of November. So if there is not a notable sonic improvement I can consider cancelling. I can’t imagine Kate allowing what was done to Soft Cell to be done to her catalogue. It’s Yazoo, Marillion, Beatles and KB for me plus a few non SDE items.

Have the Visage on its way from Amazon US (Rubellan, the label putting it out, are selling it as an Amazon US Marketplace seller). I hope its as good as the reviews say.

I also hope everyone on SDE is able to get what they want before releases go out of print or the worldwide postal system collapses.


The postage cost for that Visage actually costs more than the actual CD. I will just have to give this a miss as i’m not paying £22 for a single CD as well as having to pay import duty.

Derek Langsford

Neil, Amazon changed their policies with Marketplace sellers allowing them to charge their own rates rather than forcing them to charge what Amazon charges. Amazon only charges $6.98 to post to the UK versus the $14.99 the sellers of this CD charge. Although $14.99 is closer to what it costs for an individual to mail a CD to Europe these days from the US. Returned a CD+ DVD in a DVD case a couple of years ago to Germany and it was close to $14. Becoming prohibitive. It almost forces people to use Amazon.


Yes and the problem there is Amazon aren’t selling this just four marketplace sellers. I have tried Discogs, Ebay and his own site and they are all asking this price for postage. I will wait and see if Amazon UK do have actually have it in stock come Friday though i’m not holding my breath.

Derek Langsford

Forgot to mention I also have the Ultravox Extended and Gary Numan – Savage Live 2 CD + DVD set (plus the new The Fallen EP) on order from TM stores.


I have the Visage CD and it is quite wonderful – there’s not many albums I’d pay over the odds on postage for, but Scott’s done a cracking job on it. November is already killing me, just with the Kate Bush and Siouxsie & The Banshees reissues. And maybe ‘Savage’…


I thought the recent Soft Cell box set and singles CD sounded excellent.

Steve F

Judie Tzuke 24CD Box Set ordered today as a result of seeing the News Article on SDE (Thanks Paul!).

Would love to have bought the Howard Jones ones, but I don’t have an additional £200 spare. Will stick with the single CD Remasters of those two wonderful LP’s for the time being.

Would’ve bought the Kate Bush CD Box Sets but there’re too many glaring omissions from the Rarities CD’s to make them a worthwhile purchase for me sadly. I will stick with the THIS WOMAN’S WORK CD Box Set and the other CD Singles, Various Artists albums etc. etc. that I’ve bought in the past plus I’m quite happy with the sound quality on the CD versions of all of her LP’s that I currently own (Sorry Kate, still love you though!)


I think I do have fairly eclectic taste and yet there’s nothing there for me.

Kate Bush came the closest as I wouldn’t mind having all those extra tracks in one place, however I’m not going to buy half a dozen albums I don’t want again.

I’m not a great Beatles fan although I do like the White album. Not enough to buy it again though. Might give it a listen online but no more than that.

Bowie 74-79 is the era I’m mainly interested in but a 2000 live performance isn’t for me.

The only physical item I do have on order for November is Massive Attack’s Mezzanine.


Going to see Goat Girl on Friday though. That should be fun!

Elizabeth Ursula Hirst

I have tried to offset November and have already paid for most of mine from various sources. Only the Rush and Jean Michel Jarre sets are on Amazon unpaid for yet.

I have The Beatles, Howard Jones (box sets and coloured vinyls), and Marillion coming and probably others I have forgotten I have paid for.

Sadly Kate Bush will have to wait. I just hope they aren’t limited edition.

Phil Cohen

It’s apparent that, in this crowded release schedule, that certain “Classic Rock” artists opted to sit on the sidelines, though they easily could have offered archival product. Specifically Led Zeppelin, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, King Crimson & The Beach Boys.

Phil Cohen

By the way, the rumoured 50th anniversary boxed set edition of King Crimson’s 1969 debut album turned out to be a hoax started on the Steve Hoffman forums. Panegyric, the label that releases the King Crimson boxed sets says there will be no such boxed set.

Charlie Waffles

The Beatles – preordered
Elvis – want it but just purchased the 2008 40th anniversary release
Rush – I will order it from the Rush web site with a t-shirt
Tom Petty – preordered but now Amazon US states the release date is February 1, 2019
The Police – I want it on CD, UMe
Metallica – preordered the three disc set
Pistol Annies – preordered the cd
Chris Cornell – preordered
Iron Maiden – want The Number of the Beast 2015 remastered on digipak.

Paul, I would like to hear more about the SDE of The Seeds of Love!

I still want to purchase the SDE of Songs From the Big Chair.

I still want to purchase Aretha Franklin’s Take a Look Complete on Columbia cd box set.


I don’t buy Vinyl, which makes things a lot easier.

I recently got Lindsey Buckingham, Camouflage and Bowie LTA, still waiting for Bronski Beat, Fleetwood Mac, Bowie Live, Ultravox, Howard Jones, Tom Petty, Art of Noise, Yazoo and Massive Attack

The Golden Age Of S.D.E.'s

S.E.s bought since July;
Pretty Things ‘SF Sorrow’ 4xLP & 4×7″ single Box.
The Band ‘Music From Big Pink 50 Anniversary Box’.
The Doors ‘Waiting For The Sun’.
King Crimson The 3xCD/Bluray Mexico set.
The Kinks ‘VGPS Box – S.E. release of the year up to now.
Small Faces ‘OGNF’ LP & CD box sets.
John Lennon ‘Imagine’ box.
Tom Petty ‘An American Treasure’ box.
The Action New S.E. box.

To come;
Tom Petty ‘An American Treasure’ 6xLP box.
Bob Dylan ‘More Blood, More Tracks all 3 editions, it’s Bob innit?
Moody Blues ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord’ S.E.
Chris Robinson Brotherhood ‘Betties Live Selections Vol4’ 3LP set.
Jimi Hendrix ‘ Electric Ladyland’ S.E.
Jethro Tull Latest Steven Wilson S.E.
The Beatles ‘White Album 50’ S.E. Box & 4xLP box.
Sheryl Crow Live 2CD/Bluray set.
The ‘Breaking Bad’ vinyl box.
Paul McCartney The 2CDs sets of Red Rose Speedway & the other one plus the 2LP of one of them! Forget the bloody title.
…not to mention regular release from Neil Young, Ryley Walker, Mark Knopflet, Dave Davies and more.

Then there’s the Tom Petty new 2CD best of & 4LP Clear Vinyl box delayed until Feb 19.
All financed by selling unplayed stuff from my collection and to make room for that lot!


I’ve pre-ordered the MP3 version of Dylan’s More Blood from Google Play Music. I have all the other Bootleg releases on CD and the orginal album is right up there, but I really don’t want or need another biggish box with a couple of books that I’ll skim through once. Even though the box set is not a stretch financially, the digital version is £70 cheaper. I’m not interested in The Beatles or their solo careers, I have the only two Kate Bush albums that I want already and I have all of David Bowie’s albums (and rarely listen to them now) and even though I saw him live a few times, recordings of his live music holds no appeal.

I bought a nice compilation that was released last week, Shaolin Soul Episodes 1,2 & 3. Three CD’s of top drawer 60s and 70s soul that was sampled by RZA / Wu-Tang. I might also buy the four disc Stereolab box set that came out a few weeks ago. The release I’m most looking foward to is Now-Again’s reissue of David Axelrod’s Earth Rot that has the added bonus of the largely unreleased instrumental versions! A very underrated album, even some Axelrod aficionados dislike it. It’s not listed on Amazon yet but it’s due at the end of November.


For me it is the presentation and what’s in the box set that appeals to me. And I have to say the Kate Bush vinyl and cd sets are awesome as well as the upcoming Howard Jones releases. So they are ordered. I would like to say I have ordered the massive Chris Cornell box set which is breathtaking in everything that it offers. It contains a nice book, vinyl, cd’s, and his video output. A fitting tribute to a very underrated artist! I had hesitation on the Fleetwood Mac 3 cd box coming out but am getting it for a “finally” remastered version of the Stevie Nicks song “Fireflies” the ever loving Christine McVie’s “ As Long As You Follow” and for the Lindsey Buckingham fueled “ Sad Angel” which is a jam! I am also awaiting the massive vinyl box set for Joni Mitchell’s “ Love Has Many Faces” a subtle quiet release that just slipped in out of nowhere! These are exciting times and every day we get notice of something exciting coming out and we are barely into November or December!


Marillion for sure.
Not about to touch Def Lep compilation [another one] for a single new track [plus Rock On (remix)].
Beatles White 3CD
Steven Wilson
Rolling Bones Voodoo Lounge Uncut
Neal Morse
Roine Stolt
and David Bowie’s Glastonbury [with DVD]


Kate x 4. Wax.
Dinosaur Jr. White.

Soars over the year-end competition. Fortunately !

Alan Blevin

Dylan single disc,Beatles,Hendrix and .Chris Cornell for me.That follows on last months Petty,Lennon,Bowie and REM.Like you said,unprecedented.
Another format that seems big on the run in to Christmas is the live 2cd plus DVD or Bluray release.Of these I am getting Steven Wilson,Sheryl Crow,Rolling Stones,David Bowie and one you haven’t featured yet Midnight Oil.The Midnight Oil release from last year’s tour comes in various formats but the best appears to be the deluxe edition that gives you film of a second “intimate” show.Not sure what release schedule is outside of Australia but here it comes out 9 November and the deluxe retails for $35 which is about £20.
All of that doesn’t count things like the new Neil Young archive release and actual new music from Mark Knopfler and Jeff Tweedy.

Henrik Tronstad

Bowie cd+dvd
Kate Bush 4 vinyl boxes
Marillion cd and vinyl boxes
The police vinyl box
The Police Message in a box cd box

Neil Hunt

I have both of the KATE BUSH Remastered CD Box Sets on pre-order (Special discount when ordered together).
Also pre-ordered is the 24CD set “Full Moon – The Complete Collection” by JUDIE TZUKE (released 16th November) featuring all of her studio and live albums in one coffee table book style box set. It is listed at HMV and Amazon, but I’ve ordered my copy directly from her website. A great way to obtain her albums, most of which are otherwise out of print and fetch crazy prices second-hand.

Mister Stick

According to a recent Forbes article (https://www.forbes.com/sites/markbeech/2018/10/08/lennon-dylan-hendrix-reveal-box-sets-as-2018-reissues-set-record/#7aacdd7629e8), 2018 is the high-water mark for reissues of all sizes and shapes.

Staying on top of the information related to this avalanche is a 24/7 job.

Paying for what we might like to own REQUIRES a 24/7 job.

Tom M

Interested in the Hendrix SACD’s and Electric Ladyland 5.1 blu-ray. RSD actually looks decent compared to previous years, so maybe a few things there. For the moment I’ve ordered some of the under the radar stuff:
Decade 1967-1976 – Lulu
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Deluxe Box Set
The Cowsills new album on PledgeMusic


White Album, League of Gentlemen and Electric Ladyland….
Would have been Beggars Banquet too, but they can shove it….


Hey folks! Keeping an eye on the Bowie box, Beatles 50’s White Album and Dylan’s More Blood, More Tracks. Some boxes that are already out, but I haven’t had the chance are Nazareth Loud & Proud and Dylan’s Trouble No More. Greetings from Hamburg and happy week everybody!


Cheers Michael and a happy week to you too

Mark Sinclair

It’s only my opinion but with a few minor exceptions the 80s ended in terms of post-punk creative pop music in 1985.

I could not stand any of the SAW productions other thing You Spin Me Round and Roadblock, which were both exceptional to be fair


1983 / 1984 – the best years in music……and when it comes to the UK charts specifically, the decline in quality is more than apparent when watching reruns of TOTP performances (currently showing the second half of 1986).
Of course, there were / will always be worthy exceptions, but the golden age was over by 1986….


I am MOST excited about the upcoming Kate Bush reissues next month in November.

Also some others are: Howard Jones, Re-Flex, Camouflage, a few others… Oh and the Madonna singles box set. I am excited about that as well.


Madonna Singles Box on the way?

Where did you see it? I seriously NEED to know about this…

Mr Sinclair, do you know anything?

Or is my leg being pulled, a la the Wham! “Make It Bigger” April Fool?


I was joking. It’s me being sarcastic. And wishing. All at the Same time.

Ross Munro

I pre-ordered the ‘Clutching At Straws’ set from the band’s website, though I’d love ‘The White Album’ 7 disc set and the Kate Bush box sets, but can’t stretch the funds to them just yet.

Hans lindskog

Hello, i went for Hendrix electric ladyland, Chris Cornell 4 cd set, manic street preachers everything must go 2cd/2 dvd + vinyl from amason Italy (approx 40 euro) manic this is ,,,3 cd and also some older sets ; suede ”suede” silver edition, house of love 5 cd and skip Spence 3 cd.
I Will most propably go for Dylan more blod and Bowie loving the Alien IF a god deal occurs .
Best regards, hans

Chris Squires

Amazon is causing me a huge problem at the moment as I would probably cancel some on my open orders for Nov / Dec if they weren’t such stupidly good prices. I have officially become my Mother from the 1980s Christmas sales in that she would buy something because it was a bargain and not necessarily because the family needed it.

On order at Amazon
Cast at £35.99 currently £65.99 never going to be cheaper…..
Lindsey Buckingham Anthology £70.62 currently £109.99
Lulu Decade signed £31.76 currently unavailable but £36.99 if it pops up
The League of Gentlemen – £95.99 currently £135.99
Suede coloured limited Amazon exclusive £104.29 – currently unavailable

Now which of those can go and not cost me an arm and a leg more if I want to re-order it later?

On order at SDE
Bagpuss – Limited shop window edition
Breaking Bad limited 5 x 10″

On order elsewhere
Kate Bush 4 x Vinyl boxes – £300

All of this means I can’t get stuff that in the normal scheme of things I would want such as Yazoo, Ultravox, Police, Beatles, Hitchhiker’s part II and so on and so on.

Henrik Tronstad

Great price on the Kate Bush boxes, may I ask where you found them at the price of £300? :-)

Chris Squires

What records In Nuneaton.

Steve johnson

Already on the turntable etc
Nazareth “Loud n Proud “Super Deluxe
Kinks VGPS. Super Deluxe
Lennon “Imagine” Super Deluxe
Arthur Brown Super Deluxe

On tap
Mott the Hoople Box Set

Marillion “Clutching at Straws” Super Deluxe Set
Jethro Tull Book Edition

Lovely to own never gonna get round to listening to all those


Turntables must be expensive in Canada because that looks like an Pro-ject Essential which can be had for about 200 quid over here…

Steven Roberts

The turntable isn’t the only item that the discerning GnR fan can choose to have bundled with the super-duperbox. If you prefer you can get a GnR denim jacket. Or a ‘Cross Redux Jersey’. Or a ‘Seal Jersey’.

Given all the various sweeteners on offer, it kind of make you wonder how many of the boxes have actually been, you know, ***sold***….


Thanks Caroline for the your list of new releases you have picked up. Will check them out. Just got the Camouflage deluxe numbered CD!

David Carter

I have quite a varied but expensive November also

And Justice for All – Metallica (Vinyl)
The Dreaming, Sensual World , Hounds of Love – Kate Bush (Vinyl)
Studio Albums 93-16 – Suede (Vinyl)
The Music from Bagpuss [VINYL]
And The Beastie Boys Book


Do we know the winner of Depeche mode competition?

Mad Earwig

I ordered the Bob Dylan set from SDE shop (says £90, so cancelled my amazon order)
Will be getting Steven Wilson new live CD\DVD set for my birthday next week ( thank you Ellie)

Other than that, my usual monthly seeking of back catalogue stuff currently Hawkwind, Harold Budd, Tangerine Dream and many more….

Steve Ferguson

The Moody’s ISOTLC appears to be MIA on Amazon

martin farnworth

recent bowie and soft cell releases are near the top of the list. not to mention omd and japan remasters. i have to ask myself though do i need any of it? do i need 9 discs of soft cell music for example (excellent though it is) or re buying 80s bowie -much of that i would barely listen too. although that’s complicated by the fact that my wallet isn’t exactly bulging and while i appreciate the site and visit almost daily, i do feel the need to stay in touch with actual new music that’s more the purpose of other sites to cover. must say though- keep up the great work!

Kevin Galliford

Paul, it would be interesting if you could do an end of year article on what SDE’s they most enjoyed this year & what they’re most looking forward to next year. On another note, David Sylvian is issuing a photography book ( 1 of 3 apparently ) of the early 80’s soon on his website which some readers may find interesting. I ordered mine but unfortunately missed the signed copies.


Nothing ordered yet. I will wait for the next Black Friday in november. I have some hope that a lot of this stuff will be much cheaper.

Marc K.

I ordered The Beatles White Album box with 10 euros off at Amazon France (thanks Paul for the alert).
Also ordered the 3 Wings 2LP sets at JPE (don’t expect the price to drop very much on those)
And for the rest I am in ‘The-Waiting-Game-Room’: hoping to see significant price drops and SDE alerts on all Bowie’s, The Police, Kate Bush boxes after christmas. I have a patient wallet ;-)

Gareth Pugh

Kate Bush (vinyl), Howard Jones boxes and the Beatles here. Bowie’s ‘Loving the Alien’ is having to wait til the new year!


What about the next Depeche Mode 12″ Box Sets?

Phil Cohen

…and there still could be some (download-only) “Copyright Extension” releases. “Various Artists-Motown Unreleased 1968” is for certain. Compiler Keith Hughes says that the song line-up has yet to be finalised, but it is definitely on the way.


I pre-ordered Billy Joel SACD 5.1, the Beatles White Album super deluxe, Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland vinyl and cds and a assortment of other new releases

Bob McCartney

I have never been a big fan, nor had enough disposable income to keep rebuying product.
Though thanks to this site, I buy the great deals and peruse the rest ( if available)
from the good old library.
Love the site and the comments.

David M

I haven’t ordered any big box sets mainly as I haven’t listened much to the last few I got. 3 disc White Album at a bargain price from amazon Canada, “original” double vinyl Red Rose Speedway and vinyl Blood on the Tracks for me. I did get the Bowie box set for just a few pounds as a lossless download and also the Imagine Bli-ray. Would love The Kinks set but it would mainly be on a shelf as I have 5 other Village Green Preservation Society discs to listen to. Then Spotify fills in a lot of the gaps.

Matthew Heywood

I live in Australia and i can not buy anything but the David Bowie box set i asked about the new Paul Mccartney box sets no go The Beatles White Album box set no go David Bowie Glasenbury cd/dvd no go if anyone can help please let me know.

Craig Boone

My Nov. pre-orders: Bauhaus, Kate Bush, Dead Or Alive, U2, Queen, Jane Weaver and OMD. Oh, and then there’s RSD

Larry Davis

Here’s what’s up with me…just got in the mail the Bobbie Gentry box…nice piece…and was able to snag a signed Ben Folds box from Amazon UK…some musta been cancelled & popped up… On its way… Ordering soon…new Robyn called “Honey” sold out, copies back on 11/2, Def Lep Vol 1 box price drop & Barry White box…on preorder Amazon US: Rosanne Cash new one “She Remembers Everything” super limited SDE called the “Memory Box” looks sweeeeet…Frankie & the Knockouts box & Chic ‘1977-1979’…on preorder Amazon UK: Manics ‘This Is My Truth’ (December), Fleetwood Mac 3CD, Lulu box & 5CD box ‘Now That’s What I Call Now”…other upcoming releases I have my eye on and budgeting…out 11/2…Pistol Annie’s & the 2 Badfinger reissues on Real Gone, 11/9…Muse, Beatles White Album, Soft Cell box out in US & Train (hits collection guilty pleasure), 11/16…Mark Knopfler, Glen Campbell, Chris Cornell box & Massive Attack reissue, 11/23…Rita Ora & new Cliff Richard, 11/30…Bowie Glastonbury 2000, Kate Bush (may have to push till after my cruise but I def want/need both boxes), Def Leppard The Story So Far (2CD), Neil Diamond 6CD box & the Fall, and 12/7…LP (new album by this genius artist), John Mellencamp & 2 McCartneys (then or push till after cruise)…


Just the Bowie Glastonbury – and I’m going for the 2-CD, since the video os of no interest – and the Tull. So not too bad this end. The Dylan was kinda interesting, but I hate how they sequence the songs. There’s just no way I’m going to want to play what is essentially the same track 9 times in a row. Not at £100 anyway.


My wallet got ready for an iphone 8 this month so…

Thanks God i don’t care about vinyl.

Still i have some planned purchases on CD:

1) The Beatles – White album (3cds)
2) Def Leppard – The Story So far (2cds)

Both releases euro editions so i’ll need to import, hope i don’t.