Saturday Deluxe / 28 Nov 2015


As we enter December next week, you’d be forgiven for thinking all the new releases in terms of box sets and reissues must be done and dusted. Not so. In fact there’s lots of great music coming out on 4 December including highly anticipated super deluxe sets from Bruce Springsteen (The Ties That Bind: The River Collection) and Fleetwood Mac (Tusk).

Fans of eighties pop can enjoy Simple Minds’ second super deluxe of the year (Once Upon A Time) while Edsel put out a 31-disc celebration of the Stock Aitken Waterman years with the Say I’m Your Number One box. On top of that there is The Allman Brothers Band‘s Idlewild South (with 5.1 surround), Status Quo reissues and an impressive exploration of Roy Orbison‘s MGM Years.

A more detailed overview of the new releases will be published this Monday.

Peter Gabriel competition / coming soon

Peter Gabriel

A reminder that in two days, the winner of the Peter Gabriel competition will be announced. So this is the last reminder to enter! You might win the fabulous 12LP 45RPM vinyl bundle.

Enter the Peter Gabriel competition.

SDE ChartWatch

The brand new UK charts were announced yesterday. SDE takes a look at the movers and shakers with regards to reissues and box sets.

Adele is number one in the UK! Anyone surprised? Thought not. Last week I said “Adele will probably outsell the whole of the top 40 combined”. Well I was wrong, she outsold the next 86 albums combined (that’s according to the Official Charts Company). In total she sold 800,307 copies, 548,000 of those were physical sales.

US cover to If I Can Dream

Elvis may have been knocked off the top spot but he is still number two on physical sales in the UK, with the If I Can Dream album where his vocals have been fused with a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra backing.

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that I’m in New York at the moment and I’ve discovered that the this record has a much cooler cover over here. The moody black and white shot of The King is infinitely better than the the slightly naff photoshopped affair in Europe. Almost makes me want to buy it…

UK cover (click to enlarge)

Accept No Substitute – The Definitive Status Quo is a new entry at number 19 on the physical chart, and Queen‘s new Night at the Odeon multi-format extravaganza breaks into the top 40 with a number 35 placing. Roger Waters-plays-Pink-Floyd (The Wall live) enters the chart at 47. Speaking of which, I have some of these two give away next week in another SDE competition, so stay tuned.

papergodsDuran Duran‘s Paper Gods is back in the chart. Hooray! It’s number 70 on physical sales in the UK, so it’s only what Adele sells when she sneezes, but even so, the only way is up, and all that!

I think this ‘success’ is down to a high profile appearance on UK TV’s The Graham Norton Show, which was broadcast on Friday 21st November. The band played what Norton described as their ‘new single’ What Are The Chances. Putting to one side the fact that a) I’m not sure it is their new single, and b) what difference does it make what the single is anyway?, it’s a very safe choice. I’d love to have seen them perform something with a bit of an ‘edge’ to it, specifically Only In Dreams. Oh well. The band have a habit of getting it wrong when it comes to singles, as any longtime fan will know. They stopped ‘The Wedding Album’ momentum in its tracks by releasing Too Much Information (ahead of None of the Above) and I’m still annoyed with them for not releasing Nice as a ‘proper’ third single from Astronaut.

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Peter B

Re Duran – the new album is a grower. I agree it’s a shame they don’t release proper singles – some new b-sides and nite versions would be nice. I agree “Nice” from Astronaut should’ve been a single – same for “Zoom In” off Red Carpet Massacre.
Re Adele: she was apparently miffed when Damon Albarn said her music was middle of the road. She mustn’t listen back to her own stuff. The best young singer by a mile is John Newman – his grossly overlooked Revolve album is packed with passionate disco soul power. Plus his online store lets you pick and mix your own deluxe options (choose between cd, deluxe cd, vinyl, book and poster – more artists/labels should do this)


Loved some of Heart’s stuff Foxy. But this new release you mention most likely won’t get a sniff of coverage as their is no oxygen/space left so to speak in the media once they are done with the likes of Adele. That’s the problem as Paul alleviated to; it seems to be all or nothing these days.



If you really want to hear someone who can make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and thrill your ears every time, Ann Wilson is the lady! She’s just released an EP under the moniker ‘The Ann Wilson Thing’ which is a superb fusion of blues, rock and jazz. I highly recommend that everyone who is an Adele fan or a naysayer to have a listen.

Of course, many will remember her as the lead singer of rock band ‘Heart’, or, by reputation, as the female Robert Plant (but Mr Plant should be so lucky!). She’s looking and sounding her best in many years right now (definitely one of the most impressive live performers you could wish for), so overlook this at your peril. Second e.p. should drop in January.

Can’t wait!!


Speaking about Adele, you should take a listen to the Target edition :)

[…] written yesterday’s Saturday Deluxe and the NY diary post for Friday (SDE isn’t going to write itself) it was a late start as I […]

Julian Hancock

Given the tosh that a lot of people who visit this site seem to salivate over it is ironic to see Adele getting it in the neck.


I’ve just spotted on amazon a Springsteen box set of the complete 1978 radio broadcasts , 15 CDs for £15 released 18 December , does anyone have any info on this ? Sound quality etc ? For the price it seems worth a punt


It’s bootleg-release.

Jason Brown

Gotta say, Paper Gods has rather grown on me, and I thought Pressure Off was a cracking single. Ditto, all those years ago, Too Much Information – the best thing on a very good album.


Adele’s music is not my cup of tea, but I’m actually delighted with her success. For a start, she’s on an indie label that releases a lot of great music on both it and its sister labels; her success will allow it to release more music I like. Secondly, the sheer volume of physical sales shows the CD format is far from dead. Thirdly, she has done it entirely on her own terms – she does not court publicity every second of the day and is relying solely on the strength of her voice and songs.

Some of the comments above about who buys her music are very petty. I was also surprised to see someone denigrate The Beautiful South who, for me, have made some truly great music. Anyone who finds their music shallow has not listened properly.

Stock, Aitken and Waterman though, that’s some seriously shallow rubbish.


I’m an open minded music fan of pretty much all genres throughout the history of music. I, too, don’t understand the Adele obsession. Obviously, we all know there is no “fairness” or “justice” when it comes to who becomes successful or popular. I like to illustrate this point by comparing Adele to Rumer. To me, Rumer is an incredibly talented and soulful artist, who has a fantastic understanding of the history of music and she knows how to write a great song or pick a great classic song to cover. Her voice is simply remarkable. She makes outstanding pop/soul music. Compared to the success that Adele is having, Rumer’s album sales are minuscule. And you’d be hard pressed to find anyone here in the United States who has even heard of Rumer. I consider that criminal, but, sometimes, there’s a little extra pleasure in liking that band or singer that hardly anyone knows about. The masses are often asses.


I agree with you about Rumer Roy, a great talent, writes good songs and always adds something to the songs she covers.

I can`t honestly compare Rumer to Adele because seriously I have NEVER heard a single song by Adele. I buy my music (always physical, none of that fresh air sh*t) by intuition, sounds daft but it works for me.


It’s funny how many on here want to compare Adele to an average artist from the 80’s, kind of shows you the demographic of readers of the board.

It’s 21 that has made Adele, 19 is an average album that only started selling after the success of 21. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and ‘Rumour has it’ are great catchy pop tunes.

It also helps that after the UK public vote for putting together a band like ‘Girls Aloud’ based on their looks and figures, a singer comes along that’s the complete opposite and isn’t a size 8.

I don’t see too many women posting on this board, is collecting deluxe box sets a male thing? I bet you though, a lot of women have bought the new CD.

In the US, an appearance on SNL after Sarah Palin pulled out helpled Adele perform to one of the largest TV audiences for SNL. I imagine a lot of American women who never heard of Adele thought ‘Wow, a singer who doesn’t look like Taylor Swift that can sing’

I can understand people on this board thinking why does Adele sell more than another artist but you can say the same about U2 or Coldplay. The history of music is all about being in the right place at the right time – Elvis, The Beatles, Glam Rock, Punk, Rap etc. Adele has come along at a time when manufactured pop was about young, slim, pretty girls groups or artists and a lot of women have taken to her because she’s the opposite.


Adele is a singer who sings…no auto tune…with mostly good lyrics that mesh well with her music…although I feel Sara bareilles is just as talented, or beth Hart, I’m glad Adele is enjoying such success…rather her than beiber, Swift, Gomez, Perry, et al…so tired of vapid pop…although the second song is shit…Swift/Perry reject…the rest are good…and the extra three from the target edition are stunning

Paul Kent

Horses… courses… I don’t know what to say, really. I bought 19 and, at the time, she was a singular talent. It was sparse and raw with a sprinkling of big production set pieces. It was fresh and is still a great album. She connected, for some reason, and 21 proved that. 25 was always going to eat the world but to get all po-faced and do her down personally is futile. Ultimately, she is blameless. The ire directed toward her is inexplicable when the likes of Swift and Perry go about their million-selling business unscathed. By her own admission, she considered packing it in after Skyfall but what else is she going to do? She is wholly and refreshingly unaffected by the madness that surrounds her and for that she must be commended. But, calling out an artist you don’t like for being successful is counter-intuitive. Would we be talking like this if Mogwai sold more than the next 86 albums in the chart combined? Absolutely not.


Adele could fart into a microphone and a million middle aged discontented women would buy it as they wait for the next installment of 50 shades of grey. If you want any enjoyment from her music get listening to it quickly because the media and public overkill sets in faster than these discontented middlies hijack Adele’s songs for their latest divorce/break up party


Although Adele does seem to be a nice down to earth person, who has to suffer uncalled for jibes about her weight. But worthy of 40+ million album sales she is not.


I’m not going to stick up for Adele here (she doesn’t need it). Either you get it or you don’t.
I’m a rock and metal guy, but I get it. In this age of no talent auto tune pop and Rap/ Hip Hop domination (especially here in the USA)
Sometimes real talent stands out. Course it’s not for everybody…


Yes, but Fran if you watch a series of Jools Holland on the BBC you will see a dozen plus better voiced and more talented singers / bands, who despite having stronger songs will sell next to nothing and have disappeared without trace in 5 years time. There is a ton of talent out there, but somehow the UK popular press believe that Adele, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith are the only non autotune talent and they seem to consume most airplay racking up disproportionate sales to their talent. I believe Will Young tops that lot and he is now struggling to be heard over the aforementioned 3 sensitive ‘giants’ of blandness.


Couldn’t agree more about Adele. She’s the decades equivalent of the Beautiful South, James Blunt or other music for people who don’t like music !

Still each to their own.


Well must admit Adele is not on my favs list as well but to put her on same level of The Beautifiul Soth it isn’t something i agree with Fred.

With all my respect of course but Heaton and company have made great albums and songs as well and we don’t need to forget that both of them they come from The Housemartins, a short but truly legendary band from the 80s.

So that’s your opinión that i sure not goin to discuss but i have to say that do not agree in any sense…


I like Adele, but I prefer Amy Winehouse to be the best singer of her generation. She has much more heart, soul and sound than Adele. Too bad she died too young and early, we will never find out what could have been there..


You’re not alone Daran, I feel the same way. I did like a few songs of her but I think she is terribly overrated. I think people are just buying it because it’s Adele.


I bought the Elvis LP (dutch pressing) here in Amsterdam and it has the same cool black and white cover!


The CD promo of ‘What Are The Chances’ is now circulating on eBay so I guess it must be the second single now.

Mike C.

What are the chances we’ll actually get a proper 2nd single release from Paper Gods?


No, I suppose not. I’m just going by the promo CD singles that were issued with picture cover sleeves. Haven’t seen any CD-R promos to be honest!


The Adele physical sales figures are impressive, certainly should help prop that side of the industry up and the knock on is that they will continue with the real product for the foreseeable. Good news for us!


Adele, why? Why is she so phenomenally successful. I just don’ get it. Can someone please make me see what I am missing? I stumbled across a quote from someone in the Guardian comments section that said she was a pub singer who has struck it very lucky, and I have to say when I hear her voice I think of dj Steve Wright’s pub singer character – that weird thing she does with her voice that sounds just the same. Is it just over emotional 30 something women buying it…… the ultimate coffee table CD?

Not Available

I absolutely agree. I don’t get Adele-oration either. Allison Moyet did this better 30 years ago.