Saturday Deluxe / 3 October 2015


More Rolling Stones ‘From the Vault’ releases

You have to hand it to Eagle Rock, they certainly know how to roll out their deluxe video/audio sets. The Rolling Stones Tokyo Dome 1990 ‘From the Vault’ release isn’t even out yet but the follow-up Roundhay Park: Live in Leeds 1982 is scheduled less than a month after it (27 November).

Listings are a bit sketchy at the moment, but you can pre-order the 3LP+DVD version from Amazon France for less than £20 or pick-up the DVD+2CD for less than £15. Great prices. The US site last week had a Blu-ray+2CD edition of this but it has seen been removed!

But the point is that globally Eagle Rock will have rolled out five ‘From the Vault’ series globally in just 12 months.When you consider that each set is available in at least four different formats, that’s no mean feat. Good to see such momentum with these.

In fact, on the same day as the new Live at Leeds set, you will be able to buy a five-DVD box set of all the ‘From the Vault’ releases (Hampton Coliseum ’81, LA Forum ’75, Marquee Club ’71, Toyko Dome ’90, Roundhay Park ’82). Again, Amazon France is your friend here, since it has the box listed for less than £30.

There will be a separate post on Rounday Park soon, in the meantime read about Live at Tokyo Dome 1990 here.

Crowded House / Locked Out CD Single

Crowded House archives unlocked

In June, I reported that Neil Finn had hinted about some Crowded House reissues on twitter and he spoke more about this recently. On music journalist and broadcaster Pete Paphides’ Soho Radio Show this week Neil said the following:

“At the moment there is a fairly large gathering going on of obscurities, demos, alternative versions and they are being assembled with a great deal of care and attention and a degree of love. I’m getting to go through and make decisions [on material] that I can live with and feel is worthy of having out there.

I’m looking fondly now at some of these things that I’ve recorded, half-baked ideas and thinking that maybe they are quite interesting. So within a year I think there’s going to be some good action.. maybe a box. It’s in development but it’s actually quite along way down the track already, so we’ll try to make it as wonderful as we can [because] for the enthusiast you want to make sure it’s a good experience – well mastered and tweaked-up if necessary.”


Bob Marley Island Years box

Back in July when I posted about the new Complete Island Recordings 12LP Bob Marley and the Wailers vinyl box there was much confusion with retailers over the two different versions. The Collector’s Edition comes in a metal box with prints and a mousemat, while the ‘normal’ version omits the prints and mousemat and comes in a standard rigid card outer box. Anyway, I pointed out that Amazon in the US had these listed the other way around and perhaps surprisingly those of you that put in an optimistic pre-order have been rewarded with being delivered the metal box for the price of the the standard edition. To put this into context, with the prices now corrected on Amazon US you have saved over $400. Deal of the year?!

Saturday Deluxe Deals:

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions / Collected Recordings 5CD+DVD box

Price: Approx £36 on Amazon Italy > ORDER

Paul Simon / Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition / Collectors Box Set

Paul Simon / Graceland 2CD+2DVD+Book 25th anniversary set

Price: £43 on Amazon UK > ORDER

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[…] previewed on last week’s Saturday Deluxe, Eagle Rock will release their final Rolling Stones ‘From the Vault’ release of the […]

giancarlo la rocca

Rolling Stones and Bob Marley, Forever !!


I wish the Rolling Bones would stick with the same formats and keep it that way. Some BR releases have the CDs, some don’t, etc.

Paul Soper

Shame there isn’t a complete blu ray box for the Stones vault releases. I’d be all over that.

michelle marshall

Have just ordered the rolling stones dvd set from amazon . fr . I assume that they are dvds rather than blu ray.


Thank you Paul. I received the metal box Marley set for the price of the cardboard box. Keep up the good work.


As for that Marley thing, someone is offering the metal box only on ebay for starting bid of US $24.97. No takers, only 2 days to go. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Complete Island Recordings (Box Only / No Vinyl) MINT.


I remember the Crowded House T&C cd was freebie with woodface at the time. On another note, did they ever do any extended remixes, other than Don’t Dream It’s Over?

Mike the Fish

Yes. World Where You Live. There’s a bunch of Weather With You remixes although I don’t know if they’re strictly 12″ mixes. There’s also a clean remix (rather then edit) of Four Seasons… on a Now album. Not extended though.


Really looking forward to whatever Crowded House may come up with and going by what Neil Finn says it should be `special`.

Paul I ordered the Special Bob Marley Edition from Amazon Canada but my order went to the premium price so I cancelled, by then I was too late to take advantage of the US blunder. I`m not that bothered, I have all the S.E. CD`s.


Judging from Neil Finn’s comments, anyone hoping for *CD+DVD sets with every B-side and mix as originally recorded* type reissues of the CH catalogue will be disappointed. It sounds as though he’s approaching it from a different angle (the key line is “make decisions on material I can live with”), and it’ll concentrate on things never issued previously (again, probably with a revisionist touch).

Which, as we’re always saying is fine, it’s the artist’s prerogative and all that. But it’s still a bit of a shame that they can’t just let the archives be opened and appreciated for what they are, in the form they were in.


Crowded House, class live band and this era between wood face and together alone was top.
I heard they recorded every show on both yours so there’s loads of audio. Wood face was re-issued with a few demos. Afterglow pushed some extras also.
Gonna be interesting but not too privet I hope Mr Finn

Marcel Rijs

@Lee: me!

Lee Taylor

Seriously, why are companies bothering with DVD releases in 2015? Who doesn’t own a Blu-ray player at this point?



Ben in Colorado

I think a lot of people use their computers to watch discs, and blu ray is still an expensive option in most computers. Anyway, an extra disc takes up no extra room. I usually give the DVD away to a friend.


Cheaper in a desktop or a portable BR drive.


I’m simply moist with excitement over the Crowded House announcement!


Ditto, Spaceboy. I bought loads of the Crowded House CD singles that were released in the 90s and they were always stocked with rare live tracks and some non album cuts.

My fav album was Woodface so it would be good to see this as a deluxe reissue with a DVD that comprised innumerable TV appearances and concert footage from the era. There was also a full, live show that was released as a promo from The Town & Country Club in London which would be a great inclusion. I managed to acquire a bootleg version some time ago. Ahem.

As for Together Alone era, I remember seeing a CH show live in Germany on one of the obscure German satellite channels, that would be a great inclusion. At one point Paul Hester threw his drum stool at Neil Finn as the on stage banter took a darker turn…

Excited but guarded.


Yes equally excited, i picked up live at T&C for 4 quid last year in a shop in Reading, delighted..


Shouldn’t the Hyde Park 1969 concert also be included with the Vault box set? It came out earlier this year.


Great news on The Rolling Stones at Roundhay Park.