SDE Reissue Preview for 2021

Welcome to SDE’s now traditional peek into the future as far as physical music reissues and box sets are concerned.

SDE reissue preview for 2021

The usual provisos apply. This post will start off with things we know about – confirmed releases for the early part of 2021 – and then morph slowly into a smorgasbord of educated guesses, speculation, conjecture, near certainties and perhaps even a bit of wishful thinking. Enjoy!

JANUARY 2021 (view on the SDE release calendar)

I guess the first thing to say is that compared to previous years, this January is looking fairly quiet in terms of already announced projects. This time in 2020, we had fifteen or sixteen reissues or box sets in the list and as you can see below, there’s significantly less than that right now. This is undoubtedly down to the COVID19 pandemic, with projects being pushed back due to uncertainties around lead times for vinyl (for example). There’s still some good things to look forward to though, including Steven Wilson‘s The Future Bites finally coming out and the massive John Mayall box set which looks tremendous.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in January include:

Level 42 / The Polydor Years 1980-1984

FEBRUARY 2021 (view on the SDE release calendar)

February is a bit more like it, with Level 42, Black Sabbath and The Band box sets all on the schedule. The Bob Dylan 1970 ‘Copyright Collection’ is also one to look forward to, as is the continuation of PJ Harvey‘s reissue campaign.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in February include:

Al Stewart / Year of the Cat deluxe edition

MARCH 2021 (view on the SDE release calendar)

A few months after the CD was released, Reprise Records issue their £100 vinyl album –  a 50th anniversary reissue of Neil Young‘s After The Goldrush. If you’re a fan and you’ve also ordered the Archives II box, then it will be an expensive month. Make that an expensive year, because Young is planning a series of six official ‘bootleg’ albums for 2021. In his words, this will be a “mass release” of classic bootleg albums from his original masters, which will start with Carnegie Hall 1970. The five others will be “real close” behind. He’s releasing them like this because “there are many more things waiting in the wings”. Of course, we know to take anything Neil Young says with a cupful of salt. Sting‘s delayed Duets probably won’t be worth the wait, but the Al Stewart box sounds very promising.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in March include:


The John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album will be released as an ‘Ultimate Mixes’ box set, with an enormous amount of outtakes and  George Harrison‘s All Things Must Pass has been remixed and will be reissued this spring.

While on the subject of former Beatles, with McCartney III out of the way, there’s a good chance we will see more archive reissues from Paul McCartney. The clever money is on London Town and Back to the Egg. They were released consecutively in 1978 and 1979 and if there were indeed reissued, it would mean that every Paul McCartney solo or Wings album up to 1983’s Pipes of Peace has been released (although of course a few after that have also been tackled). Having said all of that, Press to Play is 35 in August, so that cannot be entirely ruled out although I’d be very surprised if McCartney gave his 1986 flop much priority. Talking of flops, Give My Regards To Broad Street has the potential to be a great archive reissue if Paul could acquire or license the rights to the film, but again despite the success of the soundtrack, it’s hard to know whether enough time has passed for him to look back fondly on this enterprise and shrug off the critical panning the film received.

And as for the The Beatles, we know that the Let It Be happy-cut, The Beatles: Get Back, is scheduled for August by Disney. One presumes Universal Music will be given permission by Apple to reissue Let It Be for a belated 50th anniversary edition. If so, expect a new Giles Martin stereo mix, plenty of outtakes, a 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos mix and an accompanying book. I can’t see how it will contain either version of the film, since Disney will have its own plans for the post-theatrical release roll out (think home video and Disney+) which surely won’t include bundling it as ‘disc four’ of a music box set.

2021 is the 40th anniversary of Duran Duran‘s self-titled debut and although Nick Rhodes confirmed to SDE that he and John Taylor have been “going through some of the old tapes for the anthology that we’re planning at some point”, it’s not clear whether anything will come out this year. It seems unlikely. The long-awaited new album is in the can, so that will be the priority, although the group will not release it if they are unable to play live and despite confirmation of a London Hyde Park ‘British Summer Time’ headlining slot, nothing is a safe bet yet, due to the worrying situation in the UK with the COVID-19 pandemic. That could in turn open the door for some archival activity which other acts (The Divine Comedy being one) have found is a good use of ‘lockdown’ time.

A 1990s-era David Bowie box set will be released in 2021

The official David Bowie website has already confirmed – albeit in a rather convoluted manner – that a 1990s-era box set will be released in 2021. For most artists, you’d think, well, ‘that’s that’, but with the David Bowie Estate and Parlophone, you never know. We already have three Brilliant Live Adventures live albums coming soon, plus the 45th anniversary ‘random coloured vinyl’ Station to Station and no doubt they’ll be a least a couple of Record Store Day releases (although what the status of this year’s RSD event is anyone’s guess). Hunky Dory is 50 in December, although even Parlophone surely wouldn’t try to squeeze in a major ‘Conversation Piece’ type box right at the death of 2021. Some kind of special coloured vinyl anniversary edition seems more likely.

SWINE: Animals reissue held up by ‘relations’ between Waters and Gilmour being sub-optimal

Pink Floyd‘s Animals reissue is long overdue. As reported on SDE last year, Roger Waters said in a radio interview in 2018 that it had been mixed for 5.1 and even went into specifics of how Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell had new photos of Battersea Power Station for the cover. Speaking of Pink Floyd, whatever happened to the Analogue Productions SACD of The Dark Side of the Moon that was announced ages ago? It has been listed on the Acoustic Sounds website for at least 18 months and it still reads: ‘Arrival Date To Be Announced’! Since Roger Waters made some barbed remarks last year about David Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson – while complaining about not getting access to the official Floyd channels for promotion of his solo work – it’s probably fair to say he’s not in the Gilmour family’s lockdown ‘bubble’ and relations appear to be at an all time low. This is undoubtedly a major obstacle in the path of getting this reissue work completed. A 5.1 surround sound mix of The Wall, which James Guthrie said was in the works at the end of 2011 (!) still hasn’t emerged, so only a fool would hold their breath for anything that involves Gilmour and Waters having to come together to agree ‘things’.

Will Warners opt for Parade as the next Prince reissue?

Warners are on a great run with their Prince reissues. 2019’s 1999 was superb and last year’s Sign O’ The Times really upped the ante, in terms of content (and price). I have a feeling they will remain in the classic era of the 1980s and perhaps step back to the Parade album. Whatever happens, Michael Howe and team have a reputation for doing the job in a thoughtful and robust manner and another Prince reissue is an exciting prospect.

Cherry Red will continue with their recently kicked off Toyah reissue campaign. The Blue Meaning is next and the big one – 1981’s Anthem – should follow later this year.

Will U2 be tempted to revisit Achtung Baby for that album’s 30th anniversary in December? Apart from the always absent 5.1 surround sound mix, it’s hard to see how they could improve on the super and ‘uber’ deluxe editions from 2011.

a-ha‘s Scoundrel Days is 35 in October, and The Police‘s Ghost in the Machine is 40. Neither seems very likely to be reissued. The former already received a very comprehensive two-CD deluxe in 2010 and unless someone creates a 5.1 mix and/or brings together a DVD of videos, TV appearances and live performances – or creates a new stereo remix of the album – it’s hard to find a reason to do such a project. As for The Police… well, I give up, frankly. The rumours are that Universal have been ‘ready to go’ on various projects for years, only never to get the green light from all parties – perhaps one party in particular.


At least the Blondie box set should happen in 2021. They announced it in late 2018 saying it was going to be released in 2019 – and then it wasn’t. Nothing happened in 2020 except that Debbie Harry posted on twitter at the very end of the year, telling us to “GET READY” for a Blondie Archival box in August 2021! That’s a weird month to release a box set, but we shall see.

What about Kate Bush? For what it’s worth, this year is the 35th anniversary of her compilation album The Whole Story, a collection that is in desperate need of updating (it only contains tracks from half of her entire output). It’s truly amazing that a major artist like Kate has had no compilations released into the commercial marketplace for over three decades! Especially when you consider that there have been large gaps with no new albums (for example, the 12 years between The Red Shoes and Aerial).  In all probability, NOTHING will happen in 2021, but if that proves to be incorrect, it will be either a new album (it has been ten years since Director’s Cut and 50 Words For Snow) or an updated hits collection (hopefully with a DVD or blu-ray of restored promo videos). I don’t think Ms Bush will ever release the video footage of Before The Dawn, for what it’s worth, and while we all want a Hounds of Love box set it’s pretty clear that Kate doesn’t.

It’s been almost a couple of years since Universal Music Catalogue acquired the ZTT catalogue (and all assets). Late last year we saw the first official releases with standard CD and vinyl reissues of both Frankie Goes To Hollywood studio albums and the Bang! compilation, but expect to see some more interesting reissue activity in the next 12 months. You may think “what more can be released?” but don’t underestimate the breadth and depth of the ZTT archive. It should be interesting.

ABBA‘s last studio album, The Visitors, will undoubtedly get the 40th anniversary reissue treatment, probably late in 2021 to tie-in with the November 1981 release date. Expect the usual 2LP half-speed master, picture discs and seven-inch box set. Talking of ABBA, we’ve all been waiting for this new material. In April, it will be three years since they announced that they’d recorded two new songs. In 2019 Benny Andersson confirmed they’d written eight new songs and recorded five of them. The ‘Avatar’ tour project is now delayed until at least 2022, and although the new songs/album had been promised for 2021, it’s hard to see them wanting to do this while the world is in the grips of this global pandemic.

Howard Jones‘ last album for Warners, 1992’s In The Running, should complete Cherry Red’s reissue campaign this year and we will also see ‘Volume Two’ of the Level 42 Polydor Years box set which will follow-up the soon-to-be-released first volume.

SDE would love to see some proper Wham! or George Michael reissues, but this isn’t very likely. ‘Team GM’ seem to proceed at a pace that a snail in charge of ‘time and motion’ studies would have a problem with. Example? They’ve been ‘working’ on a vinyl reissue of the George’s 2014 Symphonica album for OVER A YEAR. This is an album that has already been issued on vinyl, which means that artwork exists, original stampers exist, the track listing exists, etc. So if it takes over a year to make this happen (and it still hasn’t been reissued), how long is it going to take them to put together, for example, a new product, like a Wham! anthology? This is putting to one side the wisdom of actually reissuing Symphonica in the first place. Do fans really want that above an Older vinyl reissue, for example?

Actually, Wham!’s The Final is 35 years old in 2021 and that would work really well as a super deluxe edition box set (of course, it was an early example of the form) but I can’t see it happening. David Austin’s stewardship of George Michael’s ‘legacy’ has not been impressive, thus far. We’ve had event-based projects such as the sycophantic ‘Freedom’ documentary (read the SDE review), the awful ‘Last Christmas’ film, the high profile flogging of George’s modern art collection but nothing in the way of reissues that offer a serious examination of THE MUSIC, whether that be based on an album, or an era.

Andrew Ridgeley’s book confirmed what, frankly, I always suspected, that GM was kind, generous and talented but also a contrary pain in the arse, at times; a controlling and challenging person to work with. The prevarication over the 2017 Listen Without Prejudice reissue dragged on for so long that George didn’t live to see it released. Of course, it is sad that George is no longer with us, but in later years it seemed as if he was incapable of making a decision and could often be a spanner in the works. That spanner has now been removed, but it sometimes feels as if Austin & co feel honour-bound to thrust it back in! It has now been over four years since George Michael’s untimely death and Sony must be frustrated. Someone needs to put together a roadmap of reissues and get to work.

After a ‘rest’ year in 2020, R.E.M.‘s reissue campaign should continue in 2021 with a 25th anniversary of the fine New Adventures In Hi-Fi album. This will be one to look forward to and while the content is normally predictable (remaster, demos, live, 5.1) the presentation isn’t, since the last three deluxe editions (Out of Time, Automatic For The People and Monster) have each been delivered in different styles and shapes of packaging. We will have to wait and see what Concord Music ‘do’ with New Adventures in Hi-Fi.

As usual, there will inevitably be plenty of releases that will come as if from nowhere, to surprise, delight (and maybe disappoint) us along the way. That’s part of the fun. If you are aware of some great impending reissue then leave a comment about it. Please enjoy expanding your physical music collection in 2021 and keep holding the music in your hands!

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Daniel Whiteley

For me 1991 was the year of the ‘Jellyfish’, so a 30th Anniversary vinyl box-set of the ‘Bellybutton’ album gathering together the demos, instrumentals and live recordings would be top!
+ of course ‘London Town’ and ‘Back To The Egg’… but let’s hope McCartney’s team can do it right! Pretty much all of the archive box sets could have been done better (with the exception of maybe ‘McCartney II’). ‘Back To The Egg’ should include demos recorded in Lympne Castle and the full gig that saw the version of ‘Coming Up’ released in 1980 on the flip of Paul’s solo studio recording of the same song, as well as the 1979 stand-alone Top 10 single ‘Goodnight Tonight’ in it’s Disco-12″ extended version (which I’m sure has not made it on to CD yet!!!)

Daniel Whiteley

For me 1991 was the year of the ‘Jellyfish’, so a 30th Anniversary vinyl box-set of the ‘Bellybutton’ album gathering together the demos, instrumentals and live recordings would be top!
+ of course ‘London Town’ and ‘Back To The Egg’… but let’s hope McCartney’s team can do it right! Pretty much all of the archive box sets could have been done better (with the exception of maybe ‘McCartney II’). ‘Back To The Egg’ should include demos recorded in Lympne Castle and the full gig that saw the version of ‘Coming Up’ released in 1980 on the flip of Paul’s solo studio recording of the same song, as well as the 1979 stand-alone Top 10 single ‘Goodnight Tonight’ in it’s Disco-12″ extended version (which I’m sure has not made it on to CD yet!!!)

The Rock Elitist

Mark Ronson has been quietly working with the legendary Diana Ross on what will be her first all-new studio album in 22 years (her longest stretch ever). This is important because our icons are getting up in age (she’ll be 77 this March), and though she’s thrilled audiences for SIXTY YEARS, I’m sincerely hoping her last release (the soggy covers album I LOVE YOU) isn’t the ending career note from The Supreme Supreme.

Arnold Bosman

I was wondering if Queen are planning any releases to mark their 50th anniversary this year?

Stephen K

I can’t believe I forgot the “very real” (we’ll see, right?) news of a KLF reissue campaign this year. Physical or digital only? Who knows. Considering the band “walked away from the music business” and “closed the door on the KLF story” long ago, I’d be happy to get digital releases of the many vinyl-only mixes they did.

[…] are some good previews out there, most notably SDE’s preview, The Guardian, Pitchfork. Also some good previews in Uncut and Mojo (print […]


My “dreamlist”:

The Beatles – Let It Be
Deep Purple – Made In Europe (deluxe edition)
Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers (deluxe edition)
Depeche Mode – Singles 81-21 (with new songs)
Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing [1998] (vinyl edition)
Jethro Tull – A (book-edition with Wilson remix)
Jethro Tull – Benefit (book-edition with Wilson remix)
Jethro Tull – Thick as a Brick (book-edition with Wilson remix)
Led Zeppelin – live album (https://www.loudersound.com/news/jimmy-page-hints-at-new-led-zeppelin-live-release)
Pink Floyd – Animals 5.1 mix
Pink Floyd – The Wall – concertfilm
Procol Harum – The Well’s on Fire (expanded edition)
Queen + Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
The Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge (deluxe edition)
The Who – Who’s Next (50th anniversary edition)


Hi all,

Big thanks to the team at Super Deluxe Edition for all the Deluxe albums released to date!

Some of the historical recordings that I am most longing for would be:

Derek & The Dominos – Complete Fillmore Tapes/Concerts 1970
Free – Isle Of Wright Concert 1970
The Rolling Stones – “Ladies & Gentlemen” with expanded live 1972 tour recordings
Roxy Music – “VIVA” with expanded 1973 – 1975 live recordings
Santana – “Abraxas” with official Tanglewood 1970 recording (and others if available)
The Who – ANY LIVE 1969 > 1973 live concert recordings (particularly live Quadrophenia)

I consider these of historical significance due to the moments in time that they capture. For the majority of the bands listed here, these periods were often their most influential, creative, and authentic (with the band line-ups at the time being their absolute best….Claptopn, Kossoff, Taylor, Manzanera….). Any live recordings from these periods should be released while they can still be enjoyed, appreciated, and thoroughly cherished!

Neil Kelly

My reissue campaign to happen would be endless but as ever i’d start with Madonna!

Many of these won’t happen and many will though… I’d love new albums from…

Tom Bailey
The B-52’s
Blondie (Final album)
Def Leppard
Duran Duran
Happy Mondays
Human League
Level 42
Gary Numan (21 May)
Sinead O’Connor (2022)
The Prodigy
Soft cell
SWR (Shaun William Ryder)
Tears for fears
Then Jerico


I’m still waiting for:

Eurythmics (lots of previously unreleased material in CD and still BGM/Sony does not care about).

U2’s “Rattle And Hum” and “POP” deluxe !!!!

The Fixx back catalog remaster program.


I think my requests would be:
Big Country – Driving To Damascus box set
Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down box set
Nik Kershaw – Radio Musicola expanded set
The Silencers must surely be due a reissue and remaster for their great output
Tears For Fears – Elemental


I just don’t understand why Janet Jackson hasn’t had any kind of deluxe editions. The colored vinyls and picture discs were nice last year, but most of the artwork looked horrible and the releases didn’t really feature any new content. She should take charge of her legacy.

Also, I hope the Madonna Like a Prayer deluxe box set finally happens this year.

And last but not least, Gloria Estefan needs some deluxe editions. The Into the Light colored vinyl was great, but it would be great to get some deluxe versions of her 80s output. Perhaps the abandoned Primitive Love deluxe 2CD could be revived?


I would love to Blur release a new album, that would be a real treat…

Also hoping for Smashing Pumpkins MACHINA reissue to finally appear…

Hope Super Furry Animals continue their stellar reissues with Rings Around The World…

Would love to see some kind of reissue program for The Flaming Lips more out there releases…particularly their 2011 EP releases, 24 hour Song etc…the years worth of releases could be presented on a Memory Stick in some kind of snappy box & booklet detailing the creative process etc…



It has been nearly three years since Robert Smith announced he had completed the Deluxe Edition for Wish. Paul – are you able to shed any light on its current status? Is there a reliable or even projected release date?


Paul, the countless replies to this post suggest that People’s Wishes and Needs might become a stand-alone section to your (already excellent and essential) site.
I subscribe most of what others have already wrote, and will make just one addition.
Genesis Boxes have gone deleted long ago and are now fetching stellar prices on the net. I think it’s about time for an album-by-album expanded and updated re-release. I am solely interested in their 1967-1978 output.
A last remark: I know many people love vinyl reissue. I respect their point of view, but I AM NOT GOING TO BUY reissues that mix CD/DVD/BR with vinyl and other obsolete formats.

Hi Paul and all your lovely followers. Just to let you know we have lots of releases planned for 2021/2022 including the long awaited Finn. Exact date TBC but likely to be after the CH tour in the summer (fingers crossed that actually happens)

Jeff D

Thanks Paul so much for all you do…..i always look forward to this list every year, especially all the comments from everyone…..my wishlist is as follows….
Bowie-A 90’s box may be interesting but I would love another box a la Conversation Piece….plus its time to start compiling the video archives….there is a ton of live footage out there….plus release the 5 Years/Last 5 Years docs in a nice set.
Roxy Music-For Your Pleasure box…..in fact the whole back catalog needs a revisit, with all the bells and whistles.
Queen-Since this is their 50th anniv with the official lineup, I hope we get something. I guess it will be the Miracle box. I rather see the long rumored Live Killers box with the 1979 Hammersmith show throw in. But for Christ’s sake, no new compilation!!!! We have enough of them!!!
Jethro Tull-Yes, to the Benefit book….would love to see a reissue of the Aqualung book for its 50th!!
Prince-Would love to see Parade or Around the
World In A Day deluxe….better yet Dirty Mind or Controversy
Talking Heads-Complete overhaul of the back catalog
Siouxsie/Banshees-Every year I hope that we get the long rumored Ever After complete singles collection complete with all the promos…..plus a deluxe version of Juju which had been talked about.

Hans lindskog

Hello, yes, more from siouxsie is on my wishlist. I would like to see The complete recordings box that I believe whas planned a few years ago. The same goes for echo and the bunnymen and Talk Talk. Best regards hans


1991 will be the 30th anniversary of Tin Machine II. Plenty of remixes, outtakes, concerts, and radio appearances to pull from to create a sensation Deluxe Edition.

I feel a little jipped that The Beatles’ Revolver wasn’t given the 50th anniversary treatment that Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road received. Maybe something at the end of the year to celebrate 55 years, once the Let it Be hoopla has passed.

As much as I would like Parade given a Deluxe treatment, I’d love it more if we could see Prince’s Batman Soundtrack get that kind of attention.


Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness On The Edge Of Town Tour 1978 box set should be out on 1st February


Wishing for a 10th anniversary reissue of Starsailer Love is Here- one of the best debut albums in recent memory


Sorry…meant 20th anniversary

Simon Broch

I would love to see a full career Prefab Sprout super deluxe CD box set this year! All the albums were remastered for the vinyl re-releases last year, but CDs were strangely ignored… I suspect Paddy must feel the same way as Elvis C, but it didn’t prevent him using the medium for his remastered solo album.

Also, the box set would be the perfect home for his b-sides, previously unreleased archival tracks, and live recordings… Paddy could model the set on the fine example set by The Divine Comedy.

We will hopefully get some new Prefab material this year too, so does Paddy really need a better excuse than that to do his archive the full respect it needs?


Van Der Graaf Generator had their first LP released as an SDE in 2019 by Esoteric. I’m really hoping that they will continue with the rest of their catalogue.

Wayne K

Tears for Fears-Elemental would be essential right now. Let It Be without the new movie and older version seems like a missed opportunity. How about a deluxe Mott The Hoople set for the Columbia years with outtakes (yes I know we got one set from Columbia). Where is the deluxe Roxy Music For Your Pleasure?


I’ll continue to yearn for a reissue of A Life Full of Farewells by The Apartments, to go along with the previous reissues of Apartments albums The Evening Visits, Drift, and Fete Foraine.

Roel Glas

@ Phil Cohen
Phil, re DP(O) legalities now settled. Is Made in Europe now a possibility? Fingers crossed!


Happy New Year! Here’s my deluxe etc wish-list for 2021:

ABC catalogue
Kate Bush new collection – 35 years!
Cocteau Twins
Depeche Mode Singles 1998-2018
Duran Duran especially ‘Rio’
Bryan Ferry Boys and Girls
Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm
OMD new best of/singles to cover the ‘reunion’
Portishead deluxe issues
Scritti Politti Cupid and Psyche
Scritti Politti Provision
Seal debut
Yello compilation/Anthology

That should set me back a few $$$!


OMD have already had a best of that takes in their reunion. A 2CD set “Souvenir” was released in 2019 which included 40 of their singles from 1979 to 2019. https://www.discogs.com/OMD-Souvenir/release/14219779


That’s right Denail about OMD singles. You are undoubtly right !!!!
Sometimes people just wish things to happen but with a little surch they can discover the desire has already been relesed and NOT long ago !!!!! What a shame !!!!!

Paul jones

Neil that is a particularly spot on list! Well done!!!


Hey Paul,
what is the long box or booklet, pictured with Abba’s The Visitor’s Album and CD’s?
Just curious. haven’t seen that before.
Thanks in advance.


Ah ok. It’s a nice alternative cover, with more information in the frame.
Thanks for this report, by the way. Looks like a few additions for my collection.

Tim Joseph

Can’t add much to things already mentioned, but will definitely be buying the Beach Boys, Who and Prince boxes. Hope the Genesis Lamb box appears too…

Does anyone know what happened to Paul Simon’s Alternate Tunings album? This was a collection of some of his original demos. Six tracks were previewed as a download with the tour programme for his farewell tour in 2018. The full album was supposed to follow In The Blue Light, but since then, nothing.

James Kane

Can I throw Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue into the mix? I would love to see a 6 x CD Super Deluxe Edition box set of this fantastic album and one of my all time favourites.

Garrett Kearns

Metallica will be celebrating their 40th anniversary, as well as the 30th anniversary of the Black Album. I think it’s likely we get a SDE set like the first four albums, probably in the late summer or fall.

Marcus Fahrman

Very nice read, Paul.

My hopes for 2021:

Depeche Mode – Speak & Spell SDE. Loved the SACD’s they made of each album about 15 years ago – those short films were brilliant – still watch them every now and then. So let’s hope for a new film, retrospective essays, b-sides, later remixes from the remix albums, maybe some live shows, demos, etc…

For us Swedes 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of diLeva’s best album ‘Noll’. Would very much like a reissue of that one, perhaps as a 2-vinyl edition with b-sides and remixes.

The Cure’s ‘Wish’ of course…

Marilyn Manson reissue campaign would be glorious. His standout trilogy of ‘Antichrist Superstar’, ‘Mechanical Animals’ and ‘Holy Wood’ really must see new vinyl reissues. The latest reissues from some years back sell for obscene amounts of money…

Catherine Wheel’s ‘Wishville’ would be great. The other CW albums have been reissued, so this would be next. Or has it been released with me missing it?

Adorable’s debut was reissued a few years back. Maybe time for a reissue of ‘Fake’ as well?

Speaking of British ’90’s music – would love to see reissue campaigns of much-underrated acts Strangelove, Temple Cooper Clause, Puressence and South. Might not happen, but would be dearly welcome!

Definitely happening this year and looking very much forward to them:

SDE of Porcupine Tree’s magnificent ‘Deadwing’. If this year’s ‘In Absentia’ box set was anything to go by we’re in for a treat.

Bowie’s 90’s box set – will definitely pick that up.

New Order’s ‘Low Life’ Definitive Edition. ‘Movement’ and ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ have been stellar, so very keen on the deluxe treatment for what I consider to be their masterpiece (when it comes to regular albums, nothing beats ‘Substance’).

Sure there are lots more in the works. Cheers!


Want Chung are reissuing their entire catalog this year. The first three albums in the spring and the last three in the fall.


I would pay serious money for a PSB multi-disc set of Please with all the official mixes, b-sides, demos etc.

Robert Morgenstern

Hope that Marillion – Fugazi will released this year. Maybe Sade will release a new album this year. The space with the question mark inside the vinyl box announce something like that. The 10 years between the last record now gone and this was the last time between two records.

Alex Otten

Thanks Paul for your 2021 preview! Hopefully a year with beautiful releases for everyone to enjoy!

I’m looking forward to all Prince (related) released, from both WB and Sony!

Other vinyl reissue wishes:
REM – New Adventures In Hifi
George Michael – Older
Van Morrison – Back On Top
Paul Simon – Songs From The Capeman
Lewis Taylor – Lewis Taylor

Any change the last 3 will see a release this year?


New Crowded House album seems to be coming in February or March.

Uncle Meat

My never ending wet dream is Led Zeppelin’s Bootleg Series programme of live performances. Multi-cd volumes I-VI (1969-70-71-72-73 and -75).

Garrett Kearns

od I wish Jimmy Page would do this, but I’m not sure he ever will. There were rumblings of a LZ streaming service a year or two ago that was rumored to have high quality unreleased live recordings. I would kill for this.


I just want a new studio album from the Fleetwood/McVie/McVie/Nicks/Finn/Campbell version of Fleetwood Mac!

Harald Rohde

My modest wish-list:
A Shot In The Dark – Same
Joe Egan – The map
Jakata – Light the night
Torch Song – Wish thing
Ian Thomas – Add water / Riders on dark horses and
Mike Rutherford – Smallcreep’s day as SDE

Steven Roberts

Good call on a Smallcreep’s Day SDE – especially if were to feature a 5.1 mix on (ideally) blu-ray.

I wonder if Esoteric have already tried to do this and been ignored/knocked back?


I’d particularly welcome a special edition of Japan’s Quiet Life and would welcome the same treatment for Gentlemen Take Poloroids and Tin Drum also. A Pink Floyd Animals box set would be a real dream as well. I wonder if there’s any chance of further Smiths boxsets to go alongside TQID? With stuff from Bowie and The Beatles as well this is going to be an expensive year! I look forward to reading your updates throughout the year Paul, and thanks for this article.


This long global lockdown ought to enable Mr Gore and Mr Gahan to formulate the next brand new Depeche Mode LP.So expect it late 2021 or Spring 2022.Probably come out when they can announce their next global tour.So Covid will need to be gone for good as they will not release anything if they cannot tour!I am guessing tons of touring acts will just wait until the crisis is officially at an end before releasing anything new.


Personally, I would love a remastered and restored reissue of the self titled album by ‘Peace and Love’ from 1970.


I would love to see something interesting done with Japan’s “Tin Drum”. But this remains a dream I fear…..


Re: Pet Shop Boys.
My interest over the decades has been sporadic. ‘Behaviour’ was the first album I bought before catching up with the earlier stuff. I then stopped at ‘Bilingual’ and didn’t buy ‘Nightlife’ because I hated ‘New York City Boy’ and the other singles from it. It was a decade before I caught up again realising that songs chosen for A side singles were generally inferior to the other album tracks and B-sides. I lost interest again after ‘Elysium’ but via Spotify & Audacity, I have (naughtily) burned my own versions of ‘Electric’, ‘Super’, ‘Agenda’ EP & ‘Hotspot’ plus related B-sides. I’d now really like to buy the official CD albums but I want the essential B-sides as well. So Paul, what do you think is more likely to happen in the future, re-released extended versions of the albums or an ‘Alternative’/’Format’ type of compilation covering the period 2013-2020?


Time for my annual request/wish for a comprehensive Danny Wilson and associated acts (Gary Clark / King L / Transister / Swiss Family Orbison) collection.

So many b-sides…


Ones that mayish come about

Belinda Carlisle Live Your Life Album, released in 1991, she has done others in a box set with signed photo.

Simple Minds, Real Life, again released in 1991.

Per Gessle said in an interview, that he is looking at doing what they did with Look Sharp (boxset) with Joyride.

Adam & The Ants, Prince Charming released in 1981 (wishful thinking) – that would be another interview for Paul with Chris Hughes!

I hoped that Mike Oldfield would continue with his reissues, we are up to Islands, but nothing has happened for over 4 years!!

Enya Shepherds Moons was released in 1991, but I don’t believe there will be anything from Enya, bit like Kate Bush.

I hope Goldfrapps reissue of Felt Mountain happens.

I am also keeping fingers crossed for any INXS reissues, again we are promised a few years back something would happen


I would expect that Marillion would complete the release of their Fish era box sets with the release of Fugazi in 2021. I would not be surprised by the Rolling Stones releasing the studio album they teased one track from during 2020.

Barry Gutman

Two you didn’t mention that are supposedly coming soon:

CSNY Deja Vu 50th Anniversary Box == rumored coming from Rhino/Atlantic on April 2nd. Hopefully, it will include a full September ’69 Fillmore East show, featuring a lengthy, electric “Down By the River”.

Beau Brummels complete ’60s recordings — an 8-CD box set coming from Cherry Red. Will be great to have all of the ’60s stuff (hopefully including some previously unreleased stuff) under one roof!

Paul, please furnish whatever info you may have on these two releases — thanks!


This may be just wishful thinking but this crisis has given Benny and Bjorn more than enough spare time to meet up for some serious song-composing.All they need is about 6 more decent songs to add to what they have already done and voila they have a whole ABBA lp they could offer the world.If they cannot create an ABBA lp during a global lockdown then alas they never will.So it is now or never for ABBA fans!The fact the ABBA machine is utterly quite is ironically a good sign,not a bad sign,that they might be up to something big.We all know they hate ABBA hype so would much rather drop something unexpected than have to endure the never-ending ABBA chatter and media hype that comes with a pre-announcement.


I’d like to hear Agnetha & Frida interpret ‘I know him so well’, ‘You have to be there’ and the Gemini version of ‘Just like that’. There’s also a Benny & Bjorn song ‘Slowly’ that was on Frida’s 1984 ‘Shine’ album that not many people are aware of.

Craig Hedges

I’d love to hear the girls sing ‘Another You, Another Me’ with Frida taking the lead. I could also imagine them doing an amazing version of ‘Nobody’s side’ from Chess.

Mark Vick

Dreaming if you’re thinking Radio Musicola would ever get SDE.
I mean what is there that’s not on the album?
Radio Musicola (Extended)
Nobody Knows (Extended)
Nobody Knows (Phil Harding Remix)
Radio Musicola 7″
James Cagney German 7″ Mix
One Of Our Fruit Machines Is Missing
When A Heart Beats (Extended)
Wild Horses (Extended)

and that’s it isn’t it?
I’d love to hear demos, but do they exist? Not more live versions please….


Yes, that’s probably about it, with the DJ 7” Edit of Heart Beats potentially – the Radio One In Concert show from Feb 87 is quite listenable as long as Nik isn’t allowed within 10 feet of the tapes! And we all know what he thinks of Wild Horses (Extended)! I’d be more interested in The Works, with full Peter Wolf version as disc two – but I doubt he would allow that either.

Steven Roberts

Put together my own Nik SDEs several years ago, after Universal dropped the ball with the Human Racing and Riddle. Wild Horse (ext’d) ended up on my Riddle SDE (since it was from that album) and I spun off the 7″ mixes to a singles compilation.

My Radio Musicola “SDE” filled one CD – not much of an SDE, I know – although I do think the gig that the BBC recorded around that time would make a good second disc (if I could ever find it).

Not familar with that Phil Harding remix of Nobody Knows, though – will have to track it down? Any idea where I might find that?


As well as this and the works including the terrific Japanese remix of One World, would love to have all of Nik’s releases on re-released vinyl. My big wish is that Nik and his labels would follow the release examples of a-ha; i have every a-ha re-release on Cd and vinyl. Thanks a-ha; but more vinyl re-releases please :)