SDE’s Record Store Day 2019 preview

It’s that time of year again. Next month music fans will congregate in queues, early in the morning, outside of independent record shops, with their dog-eared lists in hand, hoping to secure one of the many special releases that are created for Record Store Day. Other fans may stay at home and wander in to town later in the day to ‘see what’s left’, while some will do the early shift, only to rush home after making their purchases to get ’em up on eBay as quickly as possible! Hey, nobody said it was perfect, but this year’s selection looks the best in quite a while, so enjoy SDE’s preview of RSD ’19; our pick of the best of the special releases….

a-ha / Hunting High And Low:The Early Alternate Mixes

The alternate mixes from CD 4 of a-ha‘s 2015 super deluxe. First time on vinyl. Interesting enough, although I do feel as if we need to move on from Hunting High and Low and ‘Take On Me’. Weird, but I’d never noticed that dog (RIP).

Art of Noise / Daft as a Brush (4 x 12-inch box)

BMG are certainly making the most of the fact that the clock is ticking with regards to their ability to release ZTT material (Universal have bought the catalogue and are waiting in the wings). This record store day sees THREE box sets each which contain four 12-inch vinyl records. The other two sets are 808 State and Propaganda. 20 tracks on this Art of Noise set are ‘previously unreleased on vinyl’. I hope the box is stronger (physically) than last year’s flimsy Frankie box.

Bananarama / Remixed Volume 1 (blue vinyl 12-inch)

This limited-edition RSD release exclusively features Ewan Pearson’s  remix of ‘Aie A Mwana’, Tom Moulton’ s classic disco mix of ‘ Cruel Summer’ plus on the flip-side two Leo Zero remixes of ‘ Venus’.

Bingo Hand Job / Live at the Borderline 1991 (2LP vinyl)

R.E.M.‘s appearance at London’s tiny Borderline club (as ‘Bingo Hand Job’) in 1991 has become legendary. Craft Recordings put out this first official release as a 2LP set for Record Store Day. Looks to be a satisfying hand job.

Blancmange / Living on the Ceiling (blue vinyl 12-inch)

Blancmange’s ‘Living On The Ceiling’ has been remastered and is exclusively on limited edition blue vinyl for RSD 2019. Also features a previously unreleased Richard Norris remix plus a rare, extended version of the track.

Bob Dylan / Blood on the Tracks  test pressing (vinyl LP)

An exact replica of the test pressing of Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks containing unique mixes from the New York session.

Culture Club / Runaway Train

Exclusive shaped ten-inch vinyl including exclusive track ‘Runaway Train’ featuring the legendary Glady Knight. It’s Boy George-shaped, obviously.

Bronski Beat 12″ picture disc

This isn’t quite as cool as the SDE exclusive Bronski Beat ‘Smalltown Boy’ CD single (see this post) but still quite exciting. A seven-inch shaped picture disc was issued back in the day, but not a 12-inch one. As well as the extended mix of ‘Smalltown Boy’ you get a few modern remixes, including one of ‘Why?’

Charlatans / Everything Changed 7″ box set

Charlatans‘ seven-inch box. 15 x clear vinyl. Prepare thy wallet because this could be expensive.

David Bowie / Pin Ups (vinyl picture disc)

Picture disc of David Bowie‘s 1973 album Pin Ups. The reverse features a Mick Rock treatment of a Pin Ups era session shot.

World of David Bowie (vinyl LP)

This March 1970 compilation was the one that introduced a generation to ‘early’ David Bowie. after the success of the Phillips-released single Space Oddity. It featured ‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’, ‘Karma Man’ and ‘In The Heat Of The Morning’ and slightly weirder tracks like ‘Uncle Arthur’ and ‘Little Bombardier’.

David Bowie & Marlene Dietrich / Just a Gigolo (seven-inch)

Just A Gigolo is  1978 West German movie about a Prussian officer (David Bowie) who works as a gigolo in a brothel run by the Baroness (Marlene Dietrich) after he returns home from the great war. Bowie contributed a piece of music to the film; his so-called “Revolutionary Song”, played by a band called The Rebels. The seven-inch includes this and the 1928 title song Just a Gigolo, performed by Marlene Dietrich. It was her last film appearance and last song she recorded during her lifetime. 7,500 copies on coloured vinyl.

Duran Duran / As The Lights Go Down Live ’84

Duran Duran at their absolute peak. The audio here is arguably one of the best things they ever did, and so this double vinyl is going to be in high demand. Read more about this release here.

Elastica / BBC Sessions (white vinyl)

First time on vinyl for Elastica‘s BBC Sessions. A white vinyl pressing with a poster.

Elton John with Ray Cooper / Live From Moscow 1979 (2LP vinyl)

2019 is the 40th anniversary of Elton John’s historic first tour of Russia – he was the first Western rock star to ever perform in the country.  The show in Moscow on 28th May 1979 also features Ray Cooper and was broadcast on BBC radio in the UK. This special 2LP release for Record Store Day 2019 is taken from the original broadcast masters. Remastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering and cut at Abbey Road.

Fleetwood Mac / Alternate

Predictable, but welcome. As with Tusk, Mirage and Tango in the Night, Rhino take the ‘alternate’ version of the Fleetwood Mac album from the super deluxe and issue on vinyl for record store day.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five / The Message (blue vinyl)

Expanded edition of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five‘ s 1982 debut studio album features bonus tracks and instrumentals pressed on 180g Sugar Hill Blue vinyl.

Heaven 17 / Bigger Than America (orange vinyl)

Two weeks after the Play To Win box set is released Heaven 17‘s 1996 album is issued on vinyl for the first time. This is pressed on translucent orange vinyl.

Japan: Life in Tokyo / Quiet Life (10-inch red vinyl)

Japan double A-side featuring ‘Life In Tokyo’ and ‘Quiet Life’ (ostensibly to mark the 40th anniversary of Life In Tokyo and the Quiet Life album). This is quite good though because it’s a four-track and includes ‘Life In Tokyo’ part I and II and the UK 7″ and extended mix of ‘Quiet Life’.

John Lennon / Imagine: The Raw Studio Mixes (black vinyl)

There were none of the so-called ‘Raw Studio Mixes’ of tracks from John Lennon’s Imagine on the 2LP vinyl set, so this vinyl release for Record Store Day is sees them debut on the format. These mixes “capture the exact moment John and The Plastic Ono Band recorded each song raw and live on the soundstage located at the centre of Ascot Sound Studios at John & Yoko’s home in Tittenhurst.”

Madness / One Step Beyond (shaped picture disc)

Madness‘ first top ten hit features on this shaped picture disc. Also includes both the Italian and the Spanish version of the song.

Madonna / True Blue (super club mix) blue vinyl

Personally, I’d prefer to have this on CD, but nevertheless this replica of the Japanese pressing of Madonna‘ s True Blue Super Club Mix is still welcome. Includes an ‘OBI’ strip. Tracks are ‘True Blue (The Color Mix),’ ‘Everybody (Dub Version),’ ‘Papa Don’ t Preach (Extended Remix),’ ‘Everybody (Extended Version),’ ‘Live To Tell (Instrumental).’

Madonna / La Isla Bonita (super mix) green vinyl

The second of two Madonna releases. This  Japan-only EP replica includes ‘La Isla Bonita (Extended remix)’, ‘Open Your Heart (Extended Version),’ ‘Gambler,’ ‘Crazy for You’ and ‘La Isla Bonita” (Instrumental)’.

Mansun / Legacy (red vinyl 12-inch)

Both parts of Mansun‘s Legacy EP appear on this red vinyl 12-inch. Eight songs in total with an OBI-wrap sleeve similar to the original seven-inch packaging.

Lou Reed / Ecstasy 2LP vinyl

Heavyweight 2LP reissue of Lou Reed‘s 18th studio album. This was originally issued in 2000 and would be his last solo studio album.

Morrissey / Lover-to-be (red vinyl 7″)

This track is taken from the deluxe edition of Morrissey‘s last album Low In High School. The red vinyl seven-inch also includes an unreleased track, ‘I Thought You Were Dead’.

Roy Budd / Get Carter Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (coloured vinyl)

“You’re a big man, but you’re in bad shape. For me, this is a full-time job, now behave yourself!” Get Carter remains one of Michael Caine’s best films and Roy Budd’s superb soundtrack is an important part of it. 1500 limited edition on coloured vinyl.

Peter Gabriel / Rated PG (vinyl picture disc)

Yes, apparently that is the artwork. This Peter Gabriel compilation of film music looks really good, because it includes new and previously unreleased versions, otherwise unavailable songs and a brand new track. It includes a new version of ‘This Is Party Man’ from Virtuosity, a new edit of ‘Taboo’ from Natural Born Killers and the film version of ‘In Your Eyes’ which is previously unreleased. Check out the full track listing here. Pity it’s a picture disc, but hopefully they’ll be a download code, at least.

Pink Floyd / A Saucerful of Secrets (mono vinyl)

Pink Floyd‘s second studio album, remastered from the original mono analogue tapes.

The Police / Message in a Bottle (7″ double-pack)

This Police double-pack utilises the original green UK sleeve for front and incorporating blue US ‘poster’ sleeve inside the gatefold. It features the original single and B-side on the first seven-inch while the second includes the rather dubious ‘Message In A Bottle’ Classic Rock Mix and, more interestingly, a previously unreleased instrumental version of ‘Message In A Bottle’. Disc one is ‘bottle’ green vinyl (geddit?) while disc two is blue.

Prefab Sprout / Steve McQueen Acoustic (black vinyl)

The bonus album from the 2006 deluxe edition of Prefab Sprout‘s 1985 album. New to vinyl. Good cover!

Prince: His Majesty’s Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club

Like with Madonna, Warners are doing a Japanese vinyl replica for Prince. This 1985 release has a great track listing: ‘Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix),’ ‘America (Album Version),’ ‘Raspberry Beret (New Mix),’ ‘Paisley Park (Remix),’ ‘Let’ s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix),’ ‘Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix),’ ‘1999 (Album Version),’ ‘I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version),’ ‘Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”) (Long Version), and ‘When Doves Cry (Album Version).’

Prince / The Versace Experience (cassette)

There are two labels reissuing Prince now, Warners and Sony/Legacy. This cassette release is from the latter and is “in anticipation of the release of The Gold Experience“. It recreates the gift issued to attendees of Versace’s collection at Fashion Week in Paris during the summer of 1995. It features remixed versions of ‘P. Control,’ ‘Gold’ and ‘Eye Hate U’ as well as rare and commercially unreleased selections by The New Power Generation and Prince’ s jazz-fusion project Madhouse. I don’t know if there’s also a download code.

Propaganda / The Eight Testaments of Propaganda (4 x 12-inch box)

This Propaganda box features 24 tracks across four discs, including “rare and previously unreleased mixes” (pinch of salt possibly required). Includes two tracks previously unreleased, and 13 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl. The entire set is remastered from the original master tapes.

Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody (seven-inch coloured vinyl)

This limited edition seven-inch features ‘ Bohemian Rhapsody’ with original B-side ‘ I’ m In Love With My Car’.

Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody (2LP picture disc vinyl)

This is the recent soundtrack album for Queen‘s now Oscar-winning Bohemian Rhapsody film. As you can see, this is a 2LP picture disc set.

The Rolling Stones / Big Hits [high tide and green grass] (green vinyl)

Reissue of the 1966 Rolling Stones ‘best of’. The original 14-track album on heavyweight green vinyl. Mono edition cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Roxy Music Remixes (2 x 12-inch vinyl)

These remixes are but they were commissioned and unused (for good reason?) for the super deluxe Roxy Music reissue. I’m prepared to keep an open mind, but a read of the track listing makes your heart sink: 1 Ladytron (Idjut Boys Flange Bath Version), 2HB (Leftside Wobble Beatless Mix), Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Mix), Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Vocal Dub), Chance Meeting (Johnson Somerset Mix), Ladytron (Man Power Mix), Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Dub).

Suede / Head Music 20th anniversary 3LP coloured vinyl

Exclusively for Record Store Day, Demon Records issue a 3LP vinyl expanded edition of Suede‘ s fourth album. The extra third LP features ten non-album, b-sides. This is likely to get a wider release on black vinyl (and CD) later in the year.

Supergrass: Pumping On Your Stereo / Mary 10-inch vinyl picture disc

The first and third singles from Supergrass‘ third self-titled album are brought together for this 10-inch picture disc.

Toyah / In The Court of the Crimson Queen (purple vinyl)

Toyah‘s 2008 album is really rather good and with her songwriting partner and producer Simon Darlow she has remixed it and added new instrumentation to the songs. It also features a new track ‘Dance in the Hurricane.’

U2 / The Europa EP (12-inch single)

U2‘s The Europa EP features the previously unreleased opening from the recent eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE European Tour – Charlie Chaplin’ s final speech from the movie The Great Dictator, underscored with a unique musical mash up of ‘ Love Is All We Have Left’ with 1993 classic ‘ Zooropa’ – which leads into a ‘ live’ performance of ‘New Year’s Day’ from Dublin in November 2018. The flip-side has two Euro-tinged remixes: the St. Francis Hotel’s mix of ‘New Year’ s Day’ and Jon Pleased Wimmin’s Euromantic mix of ‘Love Is All We Have Left.’

Wendy Carlos / Kubrick (die-cut seven-inch vinyl)

Wendy Carlos created the main themes (both are based on classical pieces) to Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. The tracks are ‘March from A Clockwork Orange’ (an arrangement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D Minor (fourth movement) the main theme from The Shining which Carlos created with her collaborator and friend Rachel Elkind. The starting point for this was the Dies Irae from Hector Berlioz’s Requiem (Op5). This seven-inch vinyl is pressed on transparent orange vinyl and comes in a die-cut sleeve.

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From Peter Gabriel mailing list email:
for supporting your local record shop with this Rated PG release, we hope you enjoy the digital release too. Following the many messages we have received we are looking at a wider physical release for the album later in the year including a CD and black vinyl edition. More news on that to follow in a future mailout.

paul wren

Many places, ie The Vinyl Store, Townsend Music, Rough Trade, have been selling their unsold RSD stock at “normal” prices since midnight. Plenty of stock left over that I wanted, so fill your boots while you can!

Jenna A

Rough Trade also lists vinyl reissues of Trout Mask Replica, the Lost In Translation soundtrack, & by Ace Frehley, Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers, The Fall, Bret Smiley, Dream Syndicate, The Redskins,

+ Dexy’s Midnight Runners At The BBC 1982 (‘first time on vinyl’) and Graham Parker
Squeezing Out Sparks – 40th Anniversary Solo Acoustic (really amateurish looking
cover art)

[…] In The Court of the Crimson Queen deluxe edition will be released on 12 April 2019. A special coloured vinyl edition will be available a day later at participating independent records shops for Record Store Day. […]


“It was her last film appearance and last song she recorded during her lifetime.” :0

Did she record some more songs after her death! ;)

Sorry, being a total pedant!


My favorites for this year are:
Elvis Costello
Whispering sons – On image (Live recording!!!)
Wendy Carlos
Bingo Hand Job
Crispy Ambulance – The Plateau Phase
Durutti Column – Obey the Time
Not as many as last year, but still 7 items worth to travel more than 100 km away from home to a decent shop …


Here’s one from Cadiz Music – “Exclusive Record Store Day 2019 release: Jah Wobble Electro Dub Extravaganza 12″ EP 4 track Purple Vinyl… Cat # JW006EP”


Maybe someone has already flagged this, maybe not… “BMG UK is reissuing the 1982 ‘Club Country’ 12″ single extended mix exclusively for Record Store Day 2019 (Saturday 13th April). Presented on 12” white vinyl, the single was re-mastered from the original master tape and includes the b-sides ‘A.G. it’s you again’ and ‘Ulcragyceptemol’ and a demo version of ‘Club Country’ available for the first time on vinyl.”


Tony May

I think Record Store Day is a great idea in theory and I like the fact that it encourages Record Companies to ‘dig out a few unreleased tracks’ from the vaults and/or be imaginative BUT in my area (Hastings) we have lost all three of the record shops that opened up a few years ago on the back of the ‘revival of vinyl’ and so the harsh truth seems to be that vinyl/music in general in any physical format is STILL losing ground not gaining it.

Until something can be done to level the playing field for High street traders against the Internet I can’t see any way back for music. Sure, there are collectors and enthusiasts like us lot still but we are growing less in number as the generations turn and as property prices increase and useable space decreases for people Vinyl and CD’s will only get squeezed out even more.

One thing I would like to see more of with Record Store Day if it is to continue as is for now would be for there to be more unreleased/previously canned albums released as part of the schedule. Things like the third Captain Sensible/Tony Mansfield produced record or the Les Gray (Mud) solo album ‘More’ that never surfaced. i would also love a copy of the second ‘Ether’ album (‘Strange’ being their only LP release). Stuff like this would be worth paying inflated prices for where as remixes and picture discs are nice but inessential – especially in money is tight as it is for me.

Phillip Fogel

What is on the Boy George Gladys Knight vinyl, is it just one track? So sad most of these will be impossible to find. The Madonna ones are Japan exclusive, the Duran one will probably be impossible to get. as much as I love Bananarama, I’m not sure I get this release.

Paul Taylor

The Madonna ones are replicas of Japanese originals, not Japan exclusives. They did the same with The First Album last year.

Juan Antonio Agudelo V

There is something in deliberate RSD logistics management a fertile ground for speculation. I am not entirely convinced that it is a stimulus and incentive for music, its creators and its consumers. There is an abuse and it is visible on Discogs and in many physical stores. There is an indolent oblivion on the part of RSD by those followers and consumers of the music that are outside the epicenters and big record stores of the important cities. Would not it be better to open the spectrum and radio coverage of the RSD to a wider and more virtual public?

Nick Tetley

I’m sorry but the Madness shaped picture disc at £21.99 is One Step Beyond A Joke!


Where are you seeing the prices? But yes I thought it would be similar to the Air one from last year which was 22 quid. But I do love a shaped picture disc and thus one looks very good.

Larry Davis

I just went over the US list and most of the titles look interesting at best but inessential to actually buy but I did see a handful I actually want to buy…
1- a-ha, even tho I have the 2015 HH&L box, cuz of the exclusive cover and all…
2- Bingo Hand Job…REM have a fun silly side to them and this has no CD release…
3- Duran Duran…looks like a nice piece and not on CD…how many copies are being pressed??
4- Midnight Oil…only 1200 made, not on CD, the Oils live just rock and I collect em.
5 & 6- Prince…both and the tape will be hard to spot, the way stores will arrange RSD stock…the vinyl not sure if will be on CD in the future or not…
7 & 8- Queen, both, have a feeling both will fly quick, and both just look really cool…
9- Todd Rundgren, will prob be pricey but a way cool collection, how many copies made I have no idea…related note, RSD boxsets of Devo, Goo Goo Dolls, Aretha, Al Green and Charlatans look great but prob pricey…
10- Tiny Tom…a fun concert piece but how many copies?? No idea…
11- Badfinget…only 900 made, prob consists of the 2 sets of bonus tracks on the recent expanded Real Gone remasters, but nice front cover and red vinyl…
12- Bananarama…only 500 made, will prob fly fast…
13- Sheena Easton…for the Prince collection as it’s “Sugar Walls”, a pic 12″ and only 600 made…
14- Japan…only 500 made, and I want to start collecting Japan and David Sylvian, will prob fly…
15- X-ray Spex…only 500 made, looks like a cool piece…
16- Elton John live in Moscow 1979…not too rare, 4000 made, but not on CD and I do collect Elton…
There are over 80 other titles I do want but are not as urgent to buy right then and there…can buy over time, if at all…as for UK list titles, Supergrass, Madness, Blancmange, Bronski Beat, Elastica (have the BBC CD, it’s great!!), Toyah and Wendy Carlos have my interest and need to see the whole list…Suede I’d buy on CD…

Michael D

I understand the complaints about lack of cd’s at this event. Cassettes are sneaking their way in confusingly so why not cd’s? Personally I love this event for the focus on the record format, the chat in the queue with like minded music fans etc. However the asking prices have hiked to ridiculous levels since it launched. I would welcome a cd included in the packages given the money we are expected to fork out! Having said that, at a quick glance Peter Gabriel, Fleetwood Mac, Hawkwind on my wish list (if I can get them). Thanks to your preview giving more detail I’ll probably add more like Prince (His Majesty’s) which looks very good as well as Bingo hand job.

Steve F

I would love to get my hands on Elton’s concert with Ray Cooper in Russia on CD. Can’t believe it’s only being released on Vinyl for RSD ’19. So frustrated by this as it’s an amazing live performance. Guess I’ll just have to keep hold of my 2 CD bootleg version.


Peter Gabriel’s site now confirms a download code will be included with the Rated PG picture disc, recognizing that picture discs do not carry the same fidelity as regular vinyl.

Paul Fraser

Re: Bananarama remixes. Leo Zero went to the same school as you, Paul. He was in my class.

Neil Kelly

I noticed when compiling a very comprehensive Madness A-Z songs list that he has remixed them in recent times…

Elizabeth Hirst

Record Store Day is about “records”, which to me always meant vinyl. It’s about having that physical product in your hand. Of course it is about the music etc. on those records, but it isn’t just about the content.

I have a long-list but my definite top items are the Doctor Who releases, which have been top quality for past RSDs,

I just hope the prices are kept to a reasonable level for these – early reports of other prices have me worried.


“Record Store Day is about “records”, which to me always meant vinyl”

A lot of people assume the same. However, I’ve visited plenty of ‘record’ shops but never a ‘vinyl shop’.

Ian Burgess

Although not a vinyl collector as such, I am a Jethro Tull completist, so guess I will be out foor that, though all the content will be on the box set which will be following later. So here’s to my point, each year just a few weeks after RSD the announcements start about CD releases of the RSD product. I know not all of it comes so there is a risk element in waiting. The Toyah album caught my eye, re mixed, added instrumentation etc and one extra track. I looked at Amazon for the original, and found that the day BEFORE RSD the new version of the CD is released, 4 extra tracks, now a 2 CD set, in a “Signed booklet edition”. Surely a better release for many

True Faith

I actually love the whole RSD experience. The banter in the early hours queue to discuss (in a sad way to anyone else) what you are hoping for with fellow RSD punters is just part of the day for me.
I try to support any record shop as the owners are as passionate as I am about music. I’d like to see more exclusive recordings for RSD and less just reissue in coloured vinyl or reissue with an bonus disc of extras (I know many do but so many bands miss this opportunity). As we know these versions are for RSD and will come out later in multiformats and that’s fine by me (I waited for The Cure, Bowie etc previously).
Must go….. I’ve still to go through the list again just in case I’ve missed anything again!!


It’s great to see products like Prince remixes available again.
With so much vinyls to produce, we will get some bad pressings like every year or vinyls sourced from CD’s, WTF?
I can(t wait for
Broken Social Scene – Let’s Try The After Vol. 1 & 2
Flaming Lips, The – King’s Mouth: Music And Songs
Jeff Tweedy – WARMER
Johnny Thunders – Que Sera Sera: Resurrected
Mission Of Burma – Peking Spring
Soccer Mommy – For Young Hearts

Mark Pugh

ZTT!!,why oh why do you KEEP ON DOING THIS?

This year I’d like many releases – Yazoo reconnected,Blancmange,Bronski Beat,Japan,Coneheads Soundtrack…but mainly the Propaganda/Art Of Noise. £50 each no thanks,but why do they keep finding unreleased tracks?,surely the What have you done with my body God? Boxset should have all the mixes on,oh no look they have found more,and don’t try to get cocky and put ‘unreleased on vinyl’ that just means it has been released but on CD.
Propaganda the same thing,unreleased mixes exclusive to this release …… I can’t justify paying £100 for two boxsets and that’s before any other releases this year. Your just pricing the fans out of the picture.
Make them also available as CD or download so that fans who can’t pay a Kings ransom can hear them.

Plus the whole available on one day,thing is a joke no mentioning any artists but a few years back I got hold of a RSD releases a coup,e of months before the actual day after ordering on Amazon!,then last year a small limited release a few weeks after the event over 80 copies just turned up available to buy of a supposedly very small limited run.

It’s not perfect and will continue to be an expensive pastime.


glad to see a cassette release and even a flexi disc is in there this year!
i think this year has a really good selection! im most excited by the prince cassette and the legacy ep by mansun! would also like to get the bowie single as that looks very interesting though im unsure about world of david bowie as its repeating tracks from david bowie which i got last year and I think the cover looks horrible


I suspect I could always find something to complain about in the case of RSD, but there are always 10-15 releases that catach my eye. Also, I enjoy the queuing and chats with fellow sad, obsessives. It’s nice to have the confirmation that you’re not the only one! For me this year it’s ELP, PG, Ronnie Lane, Bingo Hand Job and the Def Leppard B sides. Plus a few more, particularly in the last few minutes before the shop throws its doors open. :)


It’s a sad state of affairs when a lot of the shop owners I know say that RSD helps them pay a large chunk of their yearly bills, yeah it’s expensive, but shops aren’t really profiteering off it – pretty much standard mark-up . . blame the labels for inflated cost prices on the same old same old, same old same old . . . not more Bowie . . . please no.

Shops are struggling – give them your general business . . and remember kids, a Shop isn’t just for RSD . . it’s for Life.

Oh, and also bear in mind that a week after RSD the dregs (and there’s usually plenty) are allowed to be sold by standard (non-RSD affilliated [oh yes . . rules!]) and mail order shops.

As a small mail order person it pees me off that I’m not allowed to sell music (or even order for customers who live nowehere near a shop) by bands I’ve promoted for yonks because of RSD’s rules.

Rare stuff? well the ebay joke continues . . seriously, even if you can’t be arsed with it . . take some choice titles from Paul’s list and then watch ebay from about 11 am onwards . . .

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 Star

Where are people seeing prices?


Banquet Records and Rough Trade have prices up.

I know rough trade have prices on their website


Joe Strummer and Elvis Costello for me but I’ll just wait till the mad frenzy has died down and buy them for a normal price.


Nice to have those Lennon songs on vinyl, but tarnishes the completed-ness of what felt like the final word on the Imagine with the excellent book and CD box-sets. I do hope this is the end now for Imagine, as the RSD box a few years ago was actually really nice on white vinyl with 12″ EP – to be honest, I’d rather see the Stripped Double Fantasy album out on vinyl – but not as a limited RSD. And then do something interesting with 3 or 4 of his other good solo albums


What’s wrong with it?

Graham Robinson

I don’t get RSD. Take the Peter Gabriel release, as that’s the one that’s most tempting to me. Limited to 3000 copies, sounds shit (according to the official advert!) so to actually listen to it you need to play the “hi-res download”, and it’ll not be available round here, so to get a copy I’ll need to pay the inflated prices on ebay. It isn’t even “saving record stores” or any such – they’re still being driven out of business by streaming/amazon/extortionate rent & rates/land underneath them being worth more when sold to developers.

Just stick the damn thing on CD, sell 10-20 times the quantity (admittedly for half the margin) and let us all, you know, listen to the music…

Julian Hancock

To my mind labels are on a hiding to nothing if they think they will convert enough people to vinyl to sustain a viable physical product for anything approaching a mass market in the long term. And to be honest, if that were their goal, they would need to release far more mainstream releases, or material that people under the age of 40 might buy, than what is often on offer for RSD.


Do you mean that they are going to stop with CD’s ? I still love to “collect” CD’s …


Do you mean box sets like The Beatles – “White Album”, David Bowie – “Loving The Alien” and John Lennon – ” Imagine” ? I think these box sets did very well when it comes to sales figures. Or do you mean other box sets ?


Paul, I have to apologize to you. And I am a little bit ashamed too. I misinterpreted your words in your post. I must brush up my English again …


“Labels are trying to ‘convert’ people who buy physical music from CD to vinyl”

It is ironic how it’s come full circle but it’s obviously driven by profit margins. I prefer the convenience of CDs and you never suffer the physical defects I see mentioned all time on Discogs for vinyl reissues – surface noise, warped, off centre, etc. Personally, I’ll never convert to vinyl.


I grew up with vinyl in the 70’s and 80’s but I have long moved away from the format and have no intention of getting back into it. Records take up too much room, are now over priced and compared to a decent CD or high resolution digital FLAC file have no comparison audio wise. I struggle to see why people have got so much into it whilst ditching CD’s or taking no interest in good quality digital streaming or downloads.

This is why record store day annoys me as limited editions seem to be predominantly vinyl and nothing else. I am a big Elton John fan and am still upset that I can’t get to here “17-11-70” that was done the other year and probably unlikely that I’ll get to hear “Live in Russia” that is being released this year..


About a third of the releases are listed as “RSD First” (at least for the US https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases) – including PG, Lennon, Roxy Music, Police, U2 – i.e. “at some point in the future, generally four to six weeks, these titles will be available at other retailers”. Whether that will be in the exact same format or include a future CD release remains to be seen.

Steve Masters

As usual, a first glance produced sighs, but a second look led to long handwritten list! It consists of…
Bingo Hand Job (REM)
The Delines
The Fall (Imperial Wax Solvent)
Frank Black (Teenager of the Year)
Jacobites (Robespierre’s Velvet Basement)
Lou Reed
Otis Redding live at Monterey
Get Carter soundtrack
Albert King (Born Under a Bad Sign – US only)

And maybe Captain Beefheart, Johnny Thunders, X-ray Spex…


Nice list but unfortunately, lots of these will not make it to my local stores or will disappear within 15 minutes from opening. Got disappointed more than enough.

After 10 years, the RSD formula really needs a makeover.

Andy Lindley

Hi Paul, Apart from the Bananarama 12″ RSD release I’m seeing listings for the Viva [2 Blue Vinyl LP] + Drama [2 Burgundy LP] as RSD releases. It was on the German RSD release page. Do you know is this a German only release and is it in Limited numbers? It doesn’t say limited to ???? copies, so I’m assuming this will be able to be picked up online somewhere after RSD


I’m interested on both Morrissey and U2’s releases but no CD no sale….


Regarding the Roxy Music remixes – If you’re going to commission new remixes, how did no one think to have Ladytron remix “Ladytron?” I mean, COME ON.

That said, there are about a dozen things I’m interested in, especially the Peter Gabriel thing, but I will be with family and unable to participate this year. I hope I can cajole some friends to get some items for me.

Derek Cornish

Ugh…..Just like last year with the FGTH and Tears For Fears UK-only releases, there are a few this year that will not be available in the US…..why, oh why was I born a fan of all things ZTT?

Miguel Rocha

Paddy’s acoustic Steve McQueen recording is absolutely sparkling and highly recommended if you don’t own the deluxe edition from a decade ago. I’ve no doubt lost interest in this marketing charade over the years but I’d love to get my hands on the Blood on the Tracks New York Sessions as I wasn’t interested enough to part with my cash for the box, regardless how genius the actual LP is.

Matt Ganoe

I wish that Peter Gabriel had included “Animal Nation” from the Wild Thornberrys movie soundtrack, and that this compilation was available on CD.


I’m desperate for the Bananarama release, but of course it’s not available in America. What a load of…


The “Remixed Vol 1″ 12” is listed on the US page:


Thanks! I’ll contact my local shop-it still says “regional release”, though. Wonder what that means.

Elton Johnbarleycorn

The Elton John in Moscow 1979 would be the one for me. It’s a good, energetic show and brings back poignant memories of taping it off the radio and then wearing the cassette out… those who recall the days will remember having to wait for it run out and then turning it over and just hoping it didn’t coincide with the mid point of a song.
I will take this RSD release as a cue that the 40th anniversary release WILL be on CD later in the year. Fingers crossed.


I wouldn’t put a bet on it, the 17-11-70 remaster of the full NY radio concert that was done by Bob Ludwig the other year still hasn’t!

James Lindsay

I was always under the impression that RSD was developed to support independent record stores to encourage and tempt those who enjoyed music back into buying physical products alongside any digital they may purchase, I now feel and this is solely my personal opinion (may be correct or wrong) that RSD has became a monster and is no longer what it started out to be. It all seems to be about for the collectors now and not the ordinary music loving punter, only certain amounts of pressings, coloured vinyls and prices that can be way out of league for people’s pockets. The fun has and love of music has gone from RSD it’s not about supporting the record store and buying your record and enjoying it, it’s about obtaining a piece of merchandise that is to be either an unused collectable or something to be placed on ebay to be sold at double the price if not more, like I said it’s just my personal opinion but RSD really has became an event for the elite collectors and not for the ordinary punter who enjoys music whatever genre that may be


I agree. My favourite local shop has pulled out for exactly the reasons you mentioned. However, it is what it is, i cant think of another way to ensure eBay arent the second main beneficiary and it probably still fulfils the publicising of local shops aspect. Might be me but prices seem quite high this year?

Chris Squires

I guess it was to provide a shot in the arm for local record stores. Mine was around for three years and I spent as much in one day as I did in a whole year, maybe even more in that one day. A point I have raised before with McCartney, it seems that prices are high for a reason. If companies see something like Sylvian’s Dead Bees on a Cake going for £90 on ebay and they sold it for only £35 that must get the grey ceels ticking. Why not sell it for £50, £60 in the first place. Companies seem to be aiming for “Straight to eBay prices” and want a bigger piece of that pie. I bought my Five years Vinyl box from a local-ish retailer for £199 well after Bowie’s death when copies were already changing hands for £500 – £600 on eBay and still are. Common sense would have dictated they should have removed it from store sale and sold it at a much higher price…. Now I think that is exactly what they are doing.


As James points out the point of RSD is to drive people back into shops to buy physical product. It’s an opportunity for stores to strike up a relationship with new customers too. One Direction had an RSD release in 2014 and in the early morning queue at my local there was a bunch on teenagers (and one very tired-looking parent) waiting in line for it. It was probably the first time those kids had been to an independent record shop and it was a great opportunity for the shop to reach a new demographic. I don’t think this year’s list, particularly the pricing, is keeping with this ethos; it is becoming an opportunity for (mostly) major record labels to turn a quick buck. Sure collectors with big wallets will pay these prices, but speaking as someone who’s supported RSD from the start and has regularly spent around £300 on the day, even I feel like I’ve been priced out of it. I’m pretty sure that group have teenagers wouldn’t have queued up if the One Direction single was £16 (it was £9) and I think 2019’s inflated prices will put a lot of other potential customers off too. Which is pretty much the opposite of the events’ original intentions.


I’m not convinced it gets people to regularly shop in their local record store anyway. I’m sure that once those teenagers have bought their “One Direction” singles they’ll be back on Spotify or whatever they stream on and will likely never set foot in the shop again.


Each year I desperately hope none of the bands I like release items on RSD!

Yet alas there are five items I need this year so I shall be back queuing at 5am for the Police, Yazoo, A-ha and Prince (x2).

I really hate the thought of RSD but the crowd is always really nice and it ends up being a fun time – and an early breakfast out somewhere once the purchases have been made.


The Ragman

Is this the proper “test pressing” mix of Blood On The Tracks instead of the garbage remix from last year where Sony ballsed up releasing the greatest Dylan outtake ever (the test pressing mix of Idiot Wind) by using the wrong organ overdub? Will the track length go back to the proper test pressing mix which also had some reverb added?

Daniel from Adelaide

Waiting patiently for the next U2 release, ‘Flogging A Dead Horse’.

Oh, hang about, looks like they’re issuing it for this years RSD.

Mark H.

Even a couple of years ago when there was one CD for RSD (“Y Kant Tori Read”), I couldn’t find any local store that planned to carry it. But I could get it next day from ebay, so that was fine.

As a CD-only person, RSD is dead to me. Just as well – I don’t care to stand in early morning queues anyway. And it saves money.


Why do people moan about eBay sellers each year? The simple answer is not to buy off eBay. If you wait most RSD releases appear on Discogs at around the original RSD price. A bit of patience can save you a lot of money. From what I can see this year there is little to get excited about outside the reggae albums. The Ramones and Billy Joel are tempting but I am sure they have been readily available as radioshow broadcasts to download for years. Pity the Iggy live album from 1977 is not available in the UK.

Steven Roberts

The Billy Joel was released on CD as an extra disc in The Stranger 30th SDE. This is the first (only?) time it will get a vinyl release.

Fingers crossed they’ll do the same for the Sigma Sound concert (released as part of the Piano Man Deluxe) at some point.


Last year I bought everything on my RSD list (Bowie, Sylvian, Mansun, Richter) from in my local shop the week after. They even had some items in their January sale, which was a bit gutting! The only way to shut down the eBay scalpers is to not buy from them. A lot of shops work together to make sure they have stock in the weeks following RSD and will do their best to get you what you want if they don’t have it in.

Peter Muscutt

What, nothing on the Baby Shark 7” single? Shocking (!!!) As a dad if a ten-month old I hear that more times than is healthy as it is…The Mansun EP looks cool but I doubt I’ll see it and not prepared to pay scalper prices. I have most of their 7” singles however. Looking forward to the Twin Peaks Season 2 soundtrack vinyl to go with my others… the Wendy Carlos 7” looks cool too. Nice sleeve!


There is quite a few missing from the list and it figures the two I’m looking at are in that batch:
Rush’s Hemispheres vinyl picture disc
U2 – Europa 12″ [may be live]
I think there is a second Rolling Bones vinyl. The other compilation that compliments Big hits.
Personally, the vinyl stuff tends to be overpriced for RSD. They are trying to give the indies a break but because the prices are so high, only those who can afford them [or real fanatics] will grab them.


Regarding the absence of CDs, I would like to see cheap some label samplers make an appearance on RSD – things that would actually help to promote further sales.

Sub-Pop used to put out some great compilations of their roster.

David Bly

Don’t know if you are in the US or elsewhere.

If in the US, Sub Pop still does put out samplers – and they’re free – and my local store gets them – they tend to do one for every season. Merge also does some.
The store just leaves them at the counter where you just pick them up.

If you are in the US, ask your local store(s), at least the cool one(s)…

Joe Mac Pherson

Hello David,
I think you’re replying to my comment? I’m in North Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California. I go to Hollywood all the time. There, on Sunset Boulevard, near Vine, is the largest record store in the world: Amoeba Music. I appreciate your input! I plan on going to Amoeba again, and when I do, I’ll inquire about Sub Pop music samplers!

Joe Mac Pherson

So much music, and I won’t purchase any of it. I gave up my record player in the 1980’s, switched completely to CD and never looked back. Now, with more than 2,500 CD releases in my still growing collection, I see no reason to buy LP’s. It won’t happen. Their loss, and I’ll continue to support artists who release music on the CD format. I so regret, the Propaganda set isn’t on CD!!

Paul Taylor

The artists releasing stuff on CD that you vow to support are pretty certain to be releasing their albums on vinyl at the same time…….
You also said “their loss”. I can assure you the only ones to lose are the punters with nothing to feed their families after they’ve been to the till! One or two folk ‘making a stand’ will have no affect whatsoever


The Roxy Music remixes do seem somewhat scary. I just can’t imagine early Roxy Music being remixed. Especially with a remix title including the word “flange!”