Ten Deluxe Editions for a fiver

Collecting box sets and special reissues is an enjoyable, if expensive hobby. But every now and again you can pick up some great releases without breaking the bank. Here’s an SDE curated selection of some great deals available at present for around £5 or less. All are deluxe editions. 

Please note all prices are correct at the time of writing and are based on the Amazon UK price. If you are ordering outside the EU these prices will actually be cheaper! Have fun.

Deep Purple / Made in Japan 2CD – £2.99

Last year’s excellent reissue of Deep Purple‘s Made in Japan – often cited as one of the best live albums of all timecontains the 2013 remix of the original album on disc one, with all the encores on CD 2.


Kim Wilde / Close 2CD – £2.99

Excellent 2013 reissue for Kim Wilde‘s most successful album comes with a massive 21 bonus tracks including seven-inch mixes, extended versions and B-sides. Another unbelievable deal at just £2.99


Eric Clapton / Unplugged 2CD – £4.90

Clapton‘s classic Unplugged show is remastered and expanded to two-CDs with unreleased takes.


Sandy Denny / Sandy 2CD – £4.99

Sandy Denny’s second album offers a massive amount of demos and live material on the bonus disc. Great value at £4.99. Fourth album Rendez Vous is similarly cheap.


Blondie / Parallel Lines CD+DVD – £4.99

Four bonus tracks and the videos on DVD join the album proper for this 2008 deluxe of the world’s favourite Blondie album.


Gregory Porter / Liquid Spirit CD+DVD – £5

Porter’s acclaimed album isn’t even six months old, but you can pick up the CD+DVD deluxe edition for a fiver!


Whitney Houston deluxe CD+DVD – £5.25

The much missed Houston‘s debut is still stunning. This anniversary edition adds remixes and a DVD full of superb performances.


Frankie / Frankie Say 2CD – £4.99

Universal’s marketing of Frankie‘s back catalogue was a hit and miss affair but this two-CD edition of the greatest hits package boasts a few new versions of Relax and some period rarities like the Freddie Bastone Mix of Rage Hard.

Lenny Kravitz / Mama Said 2CD Deluxe Edition

Lenny Kravitz / Mama Said 2CD deluxe – £4.99

This anniversary edition includes the original 1991 album plus a 21-track bonus disc with 15 previously unreleased recordings from Kravitz’s own personal archive

• Order Lenny Kravitz / Mama Said 2CD Deluxe

Kylie Minogue / "Kiss Me Once" box

Kylie Minogue / Kiss Me Once CD+DVD – £4.65

Kylie’s album is only just a year old but you can pick up the deluxe which adds two bonus tracks and a DVD for less than a fiver.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Thanks for the heads up – got Sandy Denny’s Rendez Vous for £4.99 to add to my collection. Cheers


Just a quick thank you from me as well Paul. I was considering the Kim Wilde and Blondie ones anyway but at those prices I’d be stupid not to buy. Deal Alerts and articles such as this are always welcome in my opinion.


Does anyone know if this version of Parallel Lines (the CD/DVD “Deluxe Collectors Edition”) contains the original 3.54 album version of Heart of Glass, or is it the usual 12″ Disco Mix that’s been on all CD copies of the album for years?

I’m assuming the 7″ version mentioned is the US 7″ mix that crops up on several compilations, which is an edit of the Disco Mix. Last time I looked, the original 3.54 mix isn’t available anywhere, with it either being the 12″, the US 7″ or an edit of the Best of Blondie version.


If anyone is interested OMD’s Messages, Best Of collection, is currently £2.99 on Amazon. It is a CD/DVD set, featuring all the Virgin era video promos. Absolute bargain.


+ various Blondie (1CD) remasters £2.99
Simple Minds – Celebrate (2CD) £2.99


Please give more updates like this.
The Kim Wilde for £2.99 is excellent (just about $9 US).


Paul, please keep posts like this coming – really appreciated. Not everyone earns big bucks and can afford whatever is released.
Such nice hints for great deals are always welcome!


Love these threads, and I’ve learned to proof read my posts before pressing post!!! It would nice, if possible to have a subscribe button and email alerts for threads we attach ourselves to……

Billy Dojcak

Paul, thanks for taking the time to put these lists together. I already have the discs I want, but there are a few that would make good gifts. Haven’t bought much lately from Amazon US as they now add sales tax in my state. Amazon UK and DE have better prices.
As for Target and the bonus tracks, most are what used to be b-sides or cast off remixes. Some people collect this stuff. I don’t.

As for the reissues featured on the site, you do an outstanding job keeping us updated and educated on the releases.
Not everybody from the U.S. is arrogant and self-centered, but it’s funny to watch them make an arse of themselves.


Pay no attention to the critics. This is a great feature and I hope it will return! Plus, it will encourage some readers to try and “one up” you by posting bigger and better deals in the comments section, which is also good for everyone.

Martin Lee

I will be picking up the Kim Wilde album. Thanks SDE it’s a superb price and I would not have seen it id not for your article.


sorry, just to add, the truth is – and many here might identify with this – the wife sees another cd drop on the mat and starts the inquisition what’s this for, havent you got enough etc. so that’s mainly why i wouldnt buy something i already have 2 versions of and save the aggro for something i really want!


Haha. That’s really funny.

You not only made me laugh out loud, you also made me appreciate how lucky I am to have a partner who doesn’t mind my CD addiction. So, thanks for that.


haha thanks for exposing me as the tight arse that i am! if it was £2.99 and free postage i probably would have, but at approx £4.50 i will stick with the versions i already have. yes i know that looks/sounds bad!


The Deep Purple cd looks a terrific buy, all I would say is that as a prospective punter who already has more than one version (the cd with the black cover and the triple cd box) I would like to know what this version sounds like and if and why it is superior to previous versions.


madmickeyt, why not splash out the £2.99 and find out? It won’t break the bank and if you don’t like it you could always sell it on or give it away.

Chunky Chips

Overstocks perhaps? Goods on consignment? Those are ridiculous prices for (OK, OLD) Deluxe items. And in the end, OK a lot of people have no option other than to use Amazon, because they are exactly why they no longer have a local record shop.
Read this and it doesn’t take too much of a leap of imagination to realise that it’ll be happening to record companies too. The mighty A have them by the balls and the companies are in a precarious position:


peter crisp

Darren & Daran Perfectly well said as far as i am concerned Paul has done
an amazing job keeping everyone updated on a regular basis hats off to Paul, you have to remember he is doing his utmost to help and please
everyone, and i guess in some instances you cannot do that all the time,
with so many different types of music as you can tell by the right hand corner enjoy what he has to offer whether it’s a deluxe super deluxe
a best of, an sacd/shmcd/bluray or what ever format is available, if it’s one of your fave artists go for it, Paul keep up the great work!!


What a debate.

The thing is, for many of us there are the top-tier reissues that we will jump on soon after the release date. Others, not so much and when they show up for amazing deals, we pounce. This “deal alert” was a perfect example. I wanted four (Kim Wilde, Kylie, Deep Purple, Frankie) but edited out the Frankie comp to keep my grand total a little lower. So for what I bought for about $26 USD including shipping, these would have cost over $50 on Amazon USA not including the DP album which isn’t even available for some reason.

Keep these alerts coming.


Anthony’s views are perfectly valid and reasonable even if they don’t fall into line with what others think. I admire his effort and passion for music that drives him to shop around and do the miles to go into actual bricks and mortar shops… And therin lies the problem I feel in todays modern society – we’ve mostly become fundamentally bloody lazy sods who have become used to sitting at home on our butts internet shopping as it’s so easy ( and men hate shopping anyway to start with anyway) . This as much as price has been the downfall of record shops. I am as guilty as anyone. As a teen I loved going to the city to hunt down rarities from my fav bands . Truth be told I can’t remember the last time I even thought about going to find a record shop, never mind actually going in one. Amazon is just too damn convenient sadly.


You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. This website is great. These armchair critics are a pain in the ****. It’s very easy to criticize, but far harder to create. Homing in on the site referral links just smacks of jealousy rather than anything else. You don’t have to justify why the site is the way it is. Most intelligent people know that websites cost money to run and advertising and referral links are part of the way the websites make money.

To make ridiculous comments like “These items were available at these prices in certain offline shops 4 years ago” is no help to anyone at all. We can hardly go back in time and find these things now, so it’s totally irrelevant. It would be like saying you’re not going to buy a new David Bowie vinyl pressing for £14.99 because it was available for £2.79 in 1981.

Keep up the great work Paul and remember the golden rule of the internet; Don’t feed the trolls. They only become more and more demanding.


As well as an edit button, it would be nice if people who can’t participate in a sensible discussion without being rude or offensive could be “ignored”, too.

peter crisp

I am with you Paul & everyone it’s great that some of these album releases
although they are not the super deluxe editions they are stripped down versions. As suggested by many of the readers above i am not a fan of
everything above, but the best part you can make your own selections
and pick out what’s best for you, Daran i think i know what you mean that’s a funny comment but i think you will find Paul does an amazing job
by doing a hell of a lot of homework well before he posts all of these forthcoming deluxe super deluxe editions a round of drinks should go out to Paul immediately, and the funny thing i live in Australia and i get all my
new releases via Paul’s information and it cannot get any better than that.
I’ll give you a couple of samples 2 years ago with the killer Jethro Tull Aqualung box set from the UK around $112 but in Melbourne the same copy no doubt @ $200 what a rip off!! Just received my copy of the Stone’s “Sticky Fingers” $129 from the UK, and not surprisingly $180
in Australia i am with you Dean he’s doing an incredible job keep it happening great stuff!!


Although Paul to be fair can’t know of every release unless artists or record co’s tell him. Otherwise he would have to trawl all over the internet 24/7. I guess they have not?


Well, this is my concern. SDE is so deeply affiliated with Amazon, it’s almost become a turn off. It’s like an Amazon storefront. A site so into music should be covering a wider field… who doesn’t want a bonus disc of music from an indie chain for the same price? Yet no mention of such a thing is found. I want to know all the options – even if Target in the USA has a better deal because it has 4 exclusive bonus tracks and my only option is to visit eBay, I’d like to know about it.

I do like SDE – it’s well designed and informative, but I rarely click on pre-order links and prefer to shop around because Amazon is but one option.



It’s good that you feel “almost turned off”. Hopefully in the coming weeks you will bore off somewhere else with your control freakery.


I don’t mind all the affiliate links to make Paul some money, but I have been slightly disappointed (for the first time) with SDE recently that both the deluxe editions of OMD’s Dazzle Ships concert CD / DVD on Pledgemusic and Marsheaux’s deluxe 2 disc of their excellent Depeche Mode album cover A Broken Frame have not been featured or even mentioned. I don’t know if there are paid links to Pledge, but I know the EMI Greece laberl Undo Records website was the only place to get the deluxe of Marsheaux’s record. I hope releases are not ignored just because there is no paid link – especially as these have been two of the most interesting and highly anticipated releases of the year for electronic music fans.


Whitney’s already back up to over £7 – you’re having an influence on the market Paul!!


P.S. I vote for an edit button also! A few typos there, sorry!


The irony with a few of the responses to my perfectly valid point earlier is that you’re saying you don’t have a HMV near you… why do you think that is? Amazon’s dominance! They undercut them years back with things like free shipping on orders over £5 and new release CDs for £5.99… which is something they’ve slowly reversed. Note you have to spend £20 minimum now to get free shipping. And of course, they tax dodge on a massive scale, but one really cares about that side of it.

99% of the time, Amazon is always presented as the best deal available here, but it’s often not in the United Kingdom. Aside from HMV’s cheaper prices, no postage costs and the fact they’re once again, as of January 2015 the leading seller of physical music in the UK, there are also real shops with websites like Rough Trade, who offer exclusive discs with many releases, so you’re getting a deluxe edition plus another disc on top and I don’t recall seeing them mentioned at all. The FFS bonus CD is great, for example! Same for Townsend Records, Recordstore.co.uk, Resident Music, etc. etc. who all give more content for your money on new CD and vinyl releases, be it bonus CDs, signed items, slipcases, exclusive prints… No other site currently offers a comprehensive overview of all these different offers and bonuses available, I just thought it would be a benefit to SDE to incorporate these and not be so Amazon-lead.

As for me personally, I have 4 HMV stores near me, so I’m fortunate, and one of which I’ve shopped in for 20 years. They always have the new releases, deluxe editions and even exclusives (stuff like a bonus Prodigy remix EP, Blur 7″, Oasis 12″, La Roux remix EP, Sam Smith EP or Bluray steelbooks… off the top of my head) that I want… I guess they stock what they think people want to buy. If you’re not using the shop, your tastes wont be reflected in their footfall trends I guess. Most HMV stores have their own Twitter account now and they’ll tell you about stock, exclusives, etc. They even have a loyalty scheme. I spent so much on music that I earn a £20 store credit every 3-5 months, which is nice. I guess I just enjoy using a record shop if I can and SDE is more about global mail order shopping, unless it’s coming up to RSD, of course. I shop around, I try to get the most for the least… I use Amazon, HMV, ASDA, and all of the other stores I’ve mentioned, but I have to hunt the deals down across many sites… SDE could simply compile them all together and provide a more comprehensive service. That was my thought behind the original post, anyway.



The problem with your posts is it’s all about you and what you want. “I” seems to be your favourite word, followed by “my”.

You even bitch about SDE on the Popjustice forum. If you’re so upset with this website, why do you keep coming here and upsetting yourself?


As a few of you may know I am a current HMV employee and have discussed with Paul many times about the various pros and cons of Is and Amazon. I 100% agree with Paul that we should have more sites in London but alas huge rental rates have put paid to that!
As for reissues, most HMV’s should now have a reissue display which will be updated every Monday (soon Friday!) with various different releases. The amount of stock each store receives varies on the stores size so my store got 5 copies of Act, 2 Halo James etc but I appreciate it’s frustrating when something you want is buried behind something you don’t!


Hi Joe, yeah things have definitely improved with HMV’s displaying of the latest reissues – Reading did have a lovely end-of-aisle section for several weeks, with all the stuff I read about on here, but now it’s gone….replaced with more vinyl fluff…and none of the new deluxes/reissues I mentioned were in sight. Maybe it’s just a temporary stock issue.

Ron Hatchell

I thought the point was to let us know about some great prices on some titles.

Thank you for posting this.


Lenny & Blondie now back to more realistic price :-(


Thanks Paul S.

Living in the netherlands, there are here hardly any record stores left (a few independend ones, but no major chains anymore). The biggest chain ‘the free record shop’ went broke and closed a few years ago. Despite mine collection of some 4000 cd’s amd hi-res blu rays (honest, everybody visiting me always look at the wall and say ‘ wow, I have never seen so many cd’s before. A bit like the doctor who’s tardis joke”wow, it’s bigger on the inside.

Anyways, sorry, I was rambling, aanyways, thanks to your site I keep updated and informed on either the lastest deluxe releases and, as with this entry, some deluxe releases for a low prce. In Holland I would never have found these anymore. So orderd 4/10. So thanks again and keep up the good work :-)

(I always like your second hand news, to see which ones I already have and what the backstory about that release)


Great post Paul, I picked up the W. Houston deluxe, at this price I couldn’t resist ;)



I’ve just been back in my time machine 4 years to try to find these in the shops you mentioned. I can’t find them. Can you be more specific on exactly when it was? Thanks

Paul Wren

Deep Purple to my door for £4.48 – what’s not to like? Keep them coming, Paul.


Thanks, Paul. I love these alerts. I thought about the two-CD Frankie Greatest but I have so many Frankie Goes To Hollywood comps, it’s not necessary. But I love the cover…

The Kim Wilde “Close” reissue is definitely worth it at that price.


Thanks Paul, great post.

I love a bargain. I also love to try new music (that I don’t already own something for that artist). Posts like this enable me to try such new material at a great price.

Win Win from me. Ordered 3 of these and spotted a couple more based on searching ‘deluxe edition’ adding filters CD and Under £5 :-)

Neil O

Just to let you know, HMV’s online ordering service is now up and running again (http://store.hmv.com). You can order CDs, vinyl and DVDs, etc.

The range on offer seems to largely reflect what you might find in their larger stores but is not as good as Amazon. At least it is an alternative to peruse and it might get better in time.


It seems I always have hundreds of cds on my wish list from Amazon and I wait to the price is right (picking up both Oasis box sets for $50 USD each is a good example) . Even if I wait a couple of years its no biggie. Thanks for posting this. Patience pays off in saving money.


@Paul Sinclair

Many thanks for this feature. I have a massive wants list and despite spending every spare penny I have available on CDs, I can’t buy them all. I bought Kim Wilde’s “Another Step” at the time, but “Close” was relegated to the wants list. When I saw your post saying it was only £2.99 at Amazon, I couldn’t believe it. What a bargain! I’d have missed that if it wasn’t for you.

My advice regarding the naysayers is to ignore them and not comment. You can’t please all of the people all of the time…. and some of them will NEVER be satisfied due to appallingly bad attitudes.


How about an edit button AND an ignore button. :)

Paul, you’re doing a great service with posts like these. You’re closing the gap between just reporting on announcements, and the folk who are out here spending their money on them. It’s brilliant, so well done! Even if I’m not interested, I’m mature enough to know others might be – so fair play.

Now – about that ignore button……..



You are a dream! You say that posting this deal is a waste of your precious time. Yet this splendid time of yours that apparently is a priceless commodity has enough left over to log into super deluxe TWO times and post useless drivel. Cheers mate! You win!


Hey Paul,
How about a section on hi-res downloads? After being available in the US, digital sites like 7digital and Universal are finally selling 24 bit flac reissue recordings in the UK.

The Who and Kiss have a few of their back catalogue available. The Who’s My Generation has the stereo mix with the missing overdubs added or recreated. The deluxe Live at Leeds isn’t compressed to bits like the CD version.

My only gripe is the price. £15 for material that most of us will already have in our collection is a bit steep imo.

Worth taking a look and seeing what’s available.


“the box set and reissue music blog for collectors and fans who love HOLDING THE MUSIC IN THEIR HANDS”


Yes, I agree I prefer to have a physical product to hold and cherish.

Unfortunately, there’s some items which are unavailable to purchase unless you want to spend an arm and a leg so you’ll have to turn to a digital format.

I also would like to hear the best possible quality on my equipment which brings the point that these recordings haven’t been given a physical release.

At least with the McCartney and Led Zeppelin box sets, there’s an option to download hi-rez versions.


Lenny has been £3 in HMV for about 3 years or more, Whitney I got in the Edinburgh branch of Fopp 4 years ago for £3, too. Blondie is another in Fopp for £3. The big Dylan box set elsewhere on the site was £99 in HMV 2 years ago as well! People forget that real shops have discounts and bargains all the time too, without any postage to pay on top and you can inspect the condition right there in the shop. Why does SDE never feature HMV at all? I suppose there’s no referral link income from pointing people in the direction of HMV or supermarkets like ASDA (2 for £9 on loads of multi-disc 80s and 12″ compilations from release day). I think the site could use a “high street bargain” style feed, and I don’t mean charity shop finds, instead of it always being Amazon driven. HMV have some exclusive Morrissey gold vinyl LPs out on Saturday, for example…

Paul Wren

HMV’s website has just re-opened for the first time since they closed it down a few years ago. difficult to say whether their prices will be competitive at this stage.



Not everyone is able to get to these shops. For me the closest shop like that would probably be 25 miles away and I don’t drive, so it would be an expensive journey. It’s far better for people like me to order from Amazon and with Prime I get my items the next day without having to go anywhere.

Regarding the referral links, does it even remotely occur to you that SDE has to make some money from somewhere? It’s a business not a charity. They don’t exist purely to serve you. This is why websites have advertising and referral links.


As mentioned, Paul gave the relaunch of HMV’s webstore a big plug in the newsletter over the weekend, and I’m sure as fans of physical music we all hope that it might provide a genuine alternative to amazon again.

Back in the good old days(!), HMV had sites all over the globe, in Canada and Australia…but right now we’ll have to settle for a very much smaller scale of coverage, and range of products, from them I suppose.

Amazon’s domination is depressing for a number of reasons, but even if you do live near an actual HMV store, they don’t seem to stock many reissues (perhaps they’ve been burned in the past). This week in Reading HMV, not a single Eddi Reader, no Act, one damaged Anne Pigalle, one Halo James buried in the racks so you could only find it if you looked hard inbetween the divders.

Carlton Fisher

Considering “popping into an HMV shop” would mean getting on a plane and crossing an ocean for some of us, the heads-up on Amazon bargains is actually rather good to know.


Thanks for this post! I didn’t even know some of these existed! You should definitely do more like this.

Richard, NYC

To Lennie and the great elephant. Just arrange to meet some where and kill each other. You would both be doing America and Great Britain a huge favor.


Very useful…I’ve ordered 3 out of the ten too. Could this be a regular or semi-regular spot, like the ‘second hand’ section?

Stan Butler

Paid £12.56 for Made in Japan last year. Sad thing is I’ve only listened to the autorip mp3s. The CD is still shrink-wrapped.


Lol happens to me all the time. Paid almost £20 for the bloody Madonna deluxe. The o2 Arena codes were a waste of time and the CD is… still shrink-wrapped as i’ve only ever bothered playing a ‘dodgy’ download version of the deluxe from way before it was even released.


I am interested in 3 out of 10 – and I already bought them. I have huge wishlist of some other reissues but nothing happens with them :(


I wonder if ultra-low prices are a sign of low sales on that release or a kind of promo?


Ten for a fiver? Doesn’t that work out at 50p each? Tsk, misleading advertising there, Paul ;)

I think a lot of people will appreciate this kind of feature. 2.99 for the 2CD Close in particular is just insane (dodgy YouTube rips notwithstanding).


Lol what about 10 or ea. or 4 a fiver!!

Matt Eastwood

Great post, Paul! I very much appreciated this, even though I’m not living in the UK. It inspires me to look where the prices for some of these are right now here in Canada.

You picked out some great deals – I’d love to see more of these kinds of posts in the future, if you have the time and energy to keep digging :-)


Without a doubt – not everyone is a hardcore fan of every artist to buy at full price/first day release.