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Nirvana / In Utero Super Deluxe Edition reissueUniversal’s Nirvana In Utero 3CD+DVD box (due 23 September) has dropped from £108 to £96 in the UK. It remains $150 in the USA. The best deal is Amazon in Germany where you can pick this up for €86 or £74.

More details on In Utero here.

Yes / High Vibration 16 SACD box set from Warner Music JapanHigh Vibration, the 16 SACD Japanese Yes box (4 September), has dropped by around £50 in the UK but remains an eye-watering £438. It’s slightly cheaper in Germany (€488/£421) but once you factor in shipping there’s little in it. The USA get the best deal at $563 / £367, but don’t risk importing to the EU, since you’re likely to get stung with import duty.

More details on High Vibration here.

Chic / The 12" Singles Collection vinyl box setThe Chic 12-inch vinyl box set (released on 26 August) was a lesson in getting your Amazon pre-orders in early. Originally retailing at just over £30 in the UK, it went up to its current price of £43 little more than a week later. It’s even more expensive in the USA at $80 / £52. Canadian residents get the best deal at the moment at $57 or £35.

More details on The 12″ Singles box here.

The Beach Boys / Made In California 6CD box setThe Beach BoysMade In California 6CD box is due for release on 2 September. Originally just over £100 on Amazon UK, it actually dipped down to £66 for a few days early last month (something we alerted fans to on our facebook page) but has now increased to £83. For those in the UK we’d recommend ordering from Amazon Germany where it’s €76 (or £65) with standard shipping less than €4. Ordering from Germany might even be an attractive option for those in the USA where Made In California is a pricey $144.

More details on Made In California here.

clash_soundsystemSound System the mega 13-disc set from The Clash (out on 9 September) started at well over £100 before dipping to £86. The current price on Amazon UK is £94, which is still massively cheaper than in Germany where you’ll pay €155 (£133). It’s only marginally cheaper than that in the USA, at $186 (£121) so for a change Britain is the ‘winner’ for The Clash box. Those in America can currently order from the UK and with VAT deducted pick this up for around $120, saving $66 on the US price (but remember to factor in shipping costs).

More details on Sound System here

All prices are correct at the time of writing.

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Chic: back down to £29.52


The Clash’s box set went down as “low” as £64.32.


“Turning rebellion into money”…


Amazon UK’s pricing fluctuates constantly. The Smashing Pumpkins The Aeroplane Flies High set started out at £62, then went up to £86, and is now at £68! The price for the Clash box has also changed dramatically. The best option, just shop around… I had my In Utero on order from the German Amazon site, but this new price is slightly cheaper so I’ve cancelled one for the other. You also have the added bonus of the pre-pricing guarantee. I must say I prefer ordering from Amazon in general as if anything happens to the order while in transit, they accept full responsibility without a drama.


The In Utero set just got priced at Amazon Canada, it is $126.42

Paul Soper

Sainsburys Entertainment web site has the Beach Boys set for £63.99 with free delivery.


The Nirvana box set looks to have fallen to £68.10 already on Amazon UK!!!


For the Yes box set, you could try Amazon Japan (http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/switch-language/product/B00DP4M6FK/ref=dp_change_lang?ie=UTF8&language=en_JP) where it is approx GBP260. Not sure what the postage will be or import duty if you need to send it to the UK.


@ J: IIRC Amazon JP do not ship internationally.


Actually Amazon Japan do ship internationlly. I ordered a cd box millenium at last 8 cd blus spec. It was very fast delivered, I had to pay import duties. So go ahead and try. The shipping cost was approx. 20 pounds. Hello from hans Lindskog, Sweden