Top 10 disappointments of 2014

purplerainPurple Rain wasn’t reissued.

Warner Bros. Records announced in April this year that they had signed a new agreement with Prince that, among other things, would “see the release of long-awaited, previously unheard material” including a reissue of his 1984 album Purple Rain. To be fair, it wasn’t promised for 2014 but with the announcement in the spring of the anniversary year, the implication was pretty clear. However since then, not much appears to have changed as far as the purple one is concerned. He has been pleasing himself, having fun with his Hit and Run tour and then releasing two new albums (with mixed critical response). Despite the announcement, it seems that delivering an expanded and remastered deluxe edition of Purple Rain isn’t anywhere near the top of his list of priorities.

atdWe are not amused. The wait for Waters’ solo album reissue continues.

Almost two years after being announced, the vinyl and SACD reissue of Roger Waters‘ 1992 album Amused to Death STILL hasn’t been released. In April this year we got confirmation that the SACD had changed from stereo to 5.1 (good news) and the work was apparently in the can, but eight months later the Analogue Productions’ release still has ‘Arrival date to be announced’ on the Acoustic Sounds website.

dreaming_delKate Bush fails to celebrate live triumph with reissues or compilation. 

Okay, it’s probably churlish to complain about a lack of Kate Bush reissues or a new compilation in the year that she finally followed up her 1979 Tour of Life with Before The Dawn, but sometimes you wish she’d just – for once – do what normal artists do. Timing is everything and an updated version of the now 28-year old The Whole Story hits set with a companion DVD would have been a licence to print money if released in September. Fans have long been crying out for it, but did it happen? No. With no new compilation to soak up the public demand people simply bought all the old records and all ten of her studio albums and The Whole Story were in the UK top 50 at the same time at the end of August. Only Elvis and The Beatles have surpassed that particular record. It hasn’t been officially confirmed but Before the Dawn is definitely being issued on DVD/Blu-ray and we can at least expect that at some point in 2015.

Cyndi Lauper / "She's So Unusual" 30th Anniversary CelebrationCyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual reissue.

What could have been – scrub that –  should have been, a fantastic celebration of Cyndi Lauper’s debut album turned into a large and annoying missed opportunity. This seemed to be a case of don’t-let-the-artist-take-control-of-a-reissue with Lauper apparently forgetting about her 40+ male fans with a package more in line with a Frozen pre-teen demographic. It had elaborate packaging with a “reusable sticker set”, vinyl cut-outs of Lauper’s outfits and a “3D fold-out backdrop” of the bedroom featured in the Girls Just Want To Have Fun video. That would have been forgivable if the music has been a comprehensive round up of period remixes and B-sides, but the fact that the standard twelve-inch remix of Girls Just Want To Have Fun was missing tells you all you need to know. In fact one SDE reader listed nine versions of that track that had been issued back in the 1980s and none of them appeared on the 30th Anniversary reissue. To rub salt in the wound, three ill-advised newly commissioned remixes were included. A very nice vinyl picture disc was the only thing good to come out of this fiasco.

letitbeLet It Be still not available to buy on home video.

The Beatles’ official canon was re-presented four times in 2014, first as the US Albums box, then as the Meet the Beatles Japan set. Autumn brought the mammoth Beatles in Mono vinyl box and this month saw the stereo CDs reissued as Japanese mini-LP SHM-CDs. This is all well and good but it’s ridiculous that 1970 documentary Let It Be is still not officially available almost 45 years after release. The opportunity was there in 2003 when Let It Be Naked was released but if we were to hazard a guess, Paul McCartney doesn’t want to remove his rose-tinted spectacles and promote a warts-and-all document of a band falling apart.

fortheloveofEurythmics’ 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) remains a neglected work.

Up there with 1987’s Savage as the Eurythmics‘ finest work (yes, really), 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) is best known for the hit single Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-four). The album was issued on Virgin Records and as such was omitted from the 2005 reissues of the RCA material. 2014 would have been a perfect anniversary year to reissue the moody, atmospheric soundtrack to Michael Radford’s film, but whether there is still a sour taste in the mouths of Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox (unbeknownst to them, it turned out that Radford wanted an orchestral score and there was internal wrangling) or the music is just mired in legal issues, a deluxe reissue hasn’t emerged. Even though the extended Ministry Of Love (B-side to Julia 12-inch) is the only commercially released track not-on-CD, one suspects that there’s plenty of unreleased outtakes sitting in a vault somewhere.

diamondNo Diamond Life deluxe.

Sade‘s Diamond Life is an iconic release from 1984 and launched the career of a certain Helen Folasade Adu. Despite this, no red carpet was rolled out in 2014 and no 30th anniversary celebrations ensued. B-sides like Love Affair With Life, Spirit and Should I Love You are still unreleased on CD along with tracks like the extended Smooth Operator/Red Eye. One suspects Sony would put this out in a heartbeat, so we are left to draw our own conclusions.

storytoneNeil Young vinyl pricing.

If you want to pick up the two-CD version of Neil Young‘s latest album Storytone you can expect to pay around £13 on Amazon UK. If you’d prefer the two-LP vinyl edition you are being asked to part with £75. That’s simply absurd. Amazon UK haven’t just picked that figure at random, the double vinyl must have a very high dealer price and Warner Bros. Records should hang their head in shame – it’s pure exploitation. Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes – also released in 2014 – was a double vinyl set too, which unlike Storytone also came with a CD, and that can easily be bought for less than £20.

makeitbigWham! Does George Michael give a damn?

George Michael‘s 1984 was STUNNING. He wrote and produced two transatlantic number one singles (Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, and Careless Whisper), had another UK number one (Freedom) and a US number one (Everything She Wants) and then finished the year with a UK number two (Last Christmas) that was such a big hit it perversely outsold all of the previous number ones. Not only is that track the bestselling British number two of all time, only five UK singles in the 30 years since its release have outsold Last Christmas. The Make It Big album also reached number one in the UK and the US – never has an album title been more appropriate. Despite all this, the only release to even acknowledge these arguably unsurpassed achievements in the last 12 months was a US-only Black Friday coloured vinyl reissue of Last Christmas. Who knows what is going on, but someone needs to give George a shake and point out that he should be really proud of that immense 12-month period. He really needs to authorise a expansive archival reissue of Make It Big that takes in all the remixes and variants and perhaps delves even further into the archive.

Oasis / Definitely Maybe chasing the sun reissue and deluxe box setOasis Definitely Maybe super deluxe box

Oasis’ 1994 debut was reissued as a decent three-CD deluxe edition in 2014, but the super deluxe set was a complete insult. It failed to include rare tracks featured on the cheaper Japanese edition and in addition to the vinyl and triple CD version came with what we succinctly described as a ‘load of crap’ – including ‘tote’ bag, badges, key-ring, postcards etc. It was also priced at £100 or over. Can’t wait for Be Here Now next year…

What were YOUR biggest disappointments of 2014. Leave a comment and let us know…

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One good thing though, the three disc set for the Cure’s “Wish” was stellar. The punky take on “Friday, I’m in Love” (a la early cure) was a real romping fun time. The two remix s of the big hand show that it really would have been a great standalone single. And the DVD with the cure play out was a great surprise…

Missing prince reissues sucked.


CNSY 1974 500$(+shipping!) vinyl box set

laslo tempus

my big (continuing) disappointment was that most re-issues still sound worse than good copies of the originals.


So. My take a bit late, and I am never annoyed,if things do not happen, just disappointed – but guess we cannot have everything. Would love to have endless funds, to get all the reissues, for sure, like others – but on my wishlist, would be the long anticipated and promised {at one stage by Siobhan}, deluxe versions of both Shakepsears Sister albums, Hormonally Yours and Sacred Heart. Another couple of albums I would love to see surface as reissues, are both from the first incarnation of Kissing The Pink. “Naked”, which did get a release with an added e.p. awhile back, but missed the wonderful b side to Mr Blunt – “Water in My Eye” and not sure if it ever had a CD release, but “What Noise” from 1984. Yes I agree Paul, that SAVAGE is my fav Euyrthmics album, love the video album, which would be wonderful to get released on DVD and I also agree about 1984 {For the Love of Big Brother}, deserve a deluxe treatment, and I was disappointed it did not get a look-in, in the Box set, from a few years back, but yeah different labels!!!!

David Camilleri

Echoing previous comments, no Tango and Mirage reissues :(

Was very annoyed to hear that the King Crimson 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A reissues of Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair have been delayed yet again! Let’s just hope they will be released in 2015!

Also disappointed with no Sade, Alison Moyet, General Public or Passions reissues.


Has anyone mentioned the previously-mentioned and never-released Alison Moyet deluxe reissues? I am still hoping for them.

Michael Gribben

What about the re-issues and expanded editions of Shakespears Sister “Sacred Heart” and or Hormonally Yours??


So glad to hear that Kate’s ‘before the dawn’ is being mixed. Hearing the ninth wave in surround at Hammersmith was mind blowing. Best sound ever at a live concert. Will there ever be a 5.1 of never forever (probably not) or the dreaming (I’ll keep dreaming)

Disappointed that the 3rd Wendy and Lisa album hasn’t been remastered and released by cherry like the first two.

Also biggest eternal disappointment is that the shelved W&L/ Trevor Horn collaboration has and probably will never be completed. Such a fine collection of songs.With all the desire for hires audio etc it’s ironic that the album I love and listen to the most is a 2nd generation rip from a dodgy cassette with bad eq. Always reminds me that at the end of the day it’s the music that matters.
Does anyone else have a favourite album that’s majorly compromised on sound quality?

DJ Salinger

Biggest disappointment: the deluxe edition of The Blue Nile’s ‘Peace At Last’ ruined by the remastering cock-up on Family Life – of all tracks to be blighted by ”clip” it had to be this one, where it’s most painfully obvious. File Under: First world problems, eh?

Does anyone know if this issue was corrected and new stock issued, or do we have to wait another span of geological time? (No change there, then; to love the BN is to know the meaning of ‘patience’.) Maybe next time their catalogue gets the reissue treatment we’ll finally get the other lost tracks and extravagances such as liner notes…?


DJ, yes it was eventually corrected. Universal did a whole new pressing of CD1, which sounds perfect..as it ought to have done in the first placem of course. You just need to get in touch with the customer service team at Universal Music, and they’ll mail you one out (just the disc in a plain sleeve/case) for free.

DJ Salinger

Thanks Eric, that’s great news. Will contact Universal pronto.


Same issue here, Eric. I’d love to receive a corrected CD1.
Which is the exact e-mail address to ask Universal a replacement? Do I need to send them the receipt (I bought it from Amazon)?
Thank you very much!


MK Customer Services: mk.customerservices@umusic.com

Or you can contact them by post at…

Universal Music Operations, Chippenham Drive, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0AT

I enclosed a scan of my HMV receipt, but I don’t know if it was necessary!


You’re welcome…in case direct e-mail addresses don’t show up, anyone who needs a correct CD1 can e-mail them at “mk (dot) customerservices (at) umusic (dot) com”.


Thank you again for your precious help!
I wrote to the address you mentioned and they’ve already answered me, telling me that “they will arrange for a replacement to be sent as requested”.

Christopher Todd

She’s spent most of the year in Vegas, but we still haven’t got any of the classic album releases from Olivia Newton-John. Many of her multi-million selling albums from the 70s & 80s are decades out-of-print, and I’m quite sure there are tons of tracks from the era that have never been released. Her fans have been expecting a box-set now for nearly 20 years, and we have nothing. It’s truly a crime that these albums have not been re-issued.


I love the early Innocence Mission records. However, I’d be surprised if there was enough interest from any record company to do any sort of deluxe reissues. I’d love to be proven wrong. The first album will always be my favorite.

Markwin Meeuws

I don’t know if this one has been mentioned, but for me the biggest disappointment was no King Crimson – Beat, or Three Of A Perfect Pair 40th anniversary by Steven Wilson. As for “Beat”, that one WAS announced, and it’s been ready for years now. Heard all kinds of rumours for the delay, but the frustration remains.

– Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile 5.1 (done years ago, too)
– The Cure – Wish Deluxe

On a side-note, I’ve send Don and Karen Paris an e-mail about a 20th anniversary Deluxe for The Innocence Mission’s “Glow” (1995). See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glow_(The_Innocence_Mission_album). Produced by Dennis Herring, this one will I think with the right kind of promotion sell a lot better than executives might expect. Not zillions, though. Who’s with me?

Jason G.

We need an anniversary edition of “Make It Big” and also Culture Club’s Waking Up With The House On Fire. Celebrate the 80’s in a big way. Keep smiling and grooving.

Philip Cohen

And my biggest musical disappointment is that 2014 was the first year since “Experience Hendrix” took over the Jimi Hendrix catalog, that EH didn’t release one note of unreleased music, though it was hinted that an expanded audio & video reissue of the Atlanta Pop 1970 show would be released. And also, Sony Music(present-day licensee for EH) isn’t keen on letting EH continue the “Dagger” label official bootleg series.(the existing titles remain in print, but only one new title has been released since the license to Sony began.)


There is a slight skipping at 2:45 in Magneto and Titanium Man (“to gather our force and run” / between “out” and “Force”) on disc 1 that manufactured in China bought from Amazon Canada. You will not notice it, unless it hears it carefully, because it is a very trifling instant. There is the same faulty point also as Japanese pressing SHM-CD. Downloded High-Res,i-Tunes and Vinyl have no faulty point. I contributed comparison of the faulty point to You Tube. If you watch this video,You will notice the gap of sound.

Joe Ellis

For me, it has to be my wish, nay need, for The Division Bell on blu ray, only to have the price-gouging bastards at EMI bundling it with vinyl (ugh!) And CDs that I neither want nor need then rendering it devoid of any alternative demos, in progress variants (which the other box sets had) and putting it out at a stupidly expensive price in comparison to DSOTM, WYWH and The Wall.

Marco S

Got a horrible feeling that this time next year I’ll be disappointed (but not surprised) that the powers that be didn’t capitalise on Dead Or Alive’s 30th anniversary of ‘You Spin Me Round’, by reissuing ‘Youthquake’, with all the extra goodness that came out at the time. Just to have all of the mixes (even just official) in one place would be worth the dosh alone.

As it stands, there’s probably more chance of me sailing into the sunset on Pete Burns’s lips… :/


los lobos : how will the wolf survive? (1984) deserved a re-release.

peter m

Would love to see 30th anniversary edition of david grant
‘Hopes & dreams’ which has never been released on cd.
I was a big linx fan, but wasn’t keen on his debut solo album.


Just remembered that we still did not get a release of the concert film / CD audio that Ultravox recorded in Europe on the Brilliant tour a couple of years ago. Last time I heard it was fears of cost v recoup delaying it.


My biggest disappointment is yet again not having sufficient funds to buy all the rereleases I want as well as keeping up with any worthwhile new releases


Can I just say what a great site you run her, Paul!

Anyway, the Wishbone Ash back catalogue still remains a bit of a muddle in terms of remasters / reissues and…

REM…surely there must be loads of rare tracks in the vaults, when all we get are live versions and DVDs?

Dave Jakubowski

One more disappointment I’ve yet to see here: no Tom Petty Wildflowers reissue. When Hypnotic Eye was first announced, a Wildflowers deluxe release was promised before the end of the year, perhaps along side a new live album, also MIA.


Predicted Biggest Disappointment of 2015:
No Kate Bush Hounds of Love 30th anniversary superdeluxe box with at least two CDs of b-sides and rarities (like both versions of Be Kind,) a Blu-ray of all the videos, various concert and tv appearances and a making-of, and a book.
Of course, maybe Before the Dawn will be out before the end of 2015…


…I’m also getting excited about Kevin Shields considering an “everything” box set version of My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 epic ‘Loveless’ to celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2016 – which will include (but not be limited to):-

2 x CD versions (including all remasters)
2 x Vinyl LP
7 x 7″ Single
DVD Audio
Blu-Ray Audio
Memory Stick
Cassette Tape
Reel-to-Reel Tape
24-Bit Digital Download
Edison Cylinder Record
Photo Album
Lock of Bilinda Butcher’s hair
“The Making of Loveless” Blu-Ray
Piece of Kevin Shields’ smashed electric guitar
Autographed “Autonific” Vacuum-Sealed Box
Numbered Edition of 1000



Lol… DCC, wow that is probably the worst received format ever.


Well, as a Cure-Fan you get used getting disappointed by Robert Smith and his announced “soon-to-be-come”-releases.
Nonetheless it hurts every year getting no DVDs of (the filmed) Sydney-Trilogy, the (filmed) Paris-Show or reissues of the old VHS-goodies.
And, of course, the stop of the deleuxe-series (wish etc.) is a pain in the arse as well. Not to mention the missing BBC-Boxset (like Siouxsie got years ago).
Also, the Siouxsie & The Banshees-remasters have been a disappointment this year.


I keep quietly hoping that Talk Talk will see fit to release ‘Spirit Of Eden’ as a 3 x 12″ box set – preferably including random ‘golden tickets’ in 50 of the boxes which offer the chance to see the band perform the album live at a one-off performance in London.

I’ve tentatively pencilled it in for 2043…



Paul –

Regarding TT. I’ve heard from pretty reliable sources that Steven asked Mark Hollis directly if he could remix the TT albums for 5.1, and MH simply said “no” – he doesn’t want the material touched. So, there’s that.


Not Really complaining about what could/should have been. More of a wishlist for 2015.

Prince – Purple Rain (As said many times before)
Fleetwood Mac – Tango In The Night (Also on many peoples minds)
Matt Bianco – Who’s side are you on?
Matt Bianco – Matt Bianco
Matt Bianco – Indigo (More into the 2 above, but would be nice also)
Genesis – Invisible touch (With all 12” mixes)
Madonna – You Can Dance (Unmixed with all 7”edits and dubs) if only
Wham! of course but I don’t hold my breath
OMD – Crush
OMD – Pacific The Age
OMD – Sugar Tax (on top of my wishlist)
Pet Shop Boys – Futher listening

If They all happen I think I get in trouble with my wife, but wouldnt it be good?

Paul Kent

Oh, and another highlight was the second superb CD/BR combo from XTC. Roll on Oranges & Lemons!

Adrian Slatcher

Well curated career spanning boxsets have gone out of fashion it seems, but theres two artists I’d love to see given the love and attention: Jonathan Richman and Iggy Pop. Richman’s catalogue is all over the place and it would be just brilliant to see someone pull it together at some point – whilst Iggy’s eighties and nineties material is much better than you’d think by how hard it is to find – some kind of boxset or reissue series would be very welcome.


I can see mp3 making a big comeback in 2015. Played directly from your watch.

Kaj Sandholm

The big question for 2015 is, what format will be dropped? If any.
Let us see what we have here. Well, there is still vinyl, cd, sacd, 2 different blu-ray audio,, streaming, download, and some dvd audio. So how about bringing back minidisc? I can still play them.



No releasing of Cure deluxe editions for Wish.

No releasing of Pavement deluxe editions for classic albums : Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

No releasing of Hole deluxe editions for Live through this,which i hope can include MTV unplugged live BD-Ray.


The Crooked Rain deluxe has been out for years. Do you mean Terror Twilight?


Oh,I’ve not noticed that album had already released deluxe edition. Thx for reminding

Paul Kent

Disappointed by no Purple Rain. Queen Forever was a damp squib: yet another compilation with 3, frankly, not very good new tracks tacked on. And Inside The Pleasuredome not getting a CD release.

Positives: The Clash Sound System (thanks for the deal advice, Paul!), The Endless River (I actually like it!) and, on Christmas morning, the TFF Big Chair box (thank you, mum!)

Craig J

Disappointing the two Yaz albums remasters are not available anymore. Only in a limited run overpriced box set?
And the Alison Moyet solo albums need to be redone.
And the three Berlin albums (Pleasure Victim, Love Life, and Count Three and Pray)
And a big Wham box with all the remixes, singles, and megamixes.

On a positive note, got both TFF boxes this year —- WOW. Such a great job on both!


first off in the article on The Beatles, there was typo, it was mentioned that the box sets were released in 2015, also we dont all know the legal reasons and time reasons why certain things havent been reissued.
Alot goes into putting something out, plus these artists are currently working on other things as well.
Just because an artist talks bout plans to release certain deluxe sets/box sets, it still takes time to make all that happen.


The Oasis box sets were some of the worse ideas yet in deluxe releases, mostly because of the crazy suggested retail price.
If you have patience they’ll drop.
I picked up the super box of “Definitely Maybe” off of Amazon US for $50 around Christmas time. At that price I can live with the goofy tote bag, etc.


Paul Sinclair says:
December 29, 2014 at 10:25


Thanks for the good conversation and an early Happy New Year to you, Paul.


Biggest disappointment from stuff that has been released, I’ll present the award to Depeche Mode for the crap Live in Berlin package.

Disappointment: no 25th anniversary issue of Erasure’s ‘Wild’ as deluxe edition with additional DVD (Docklands Arena 89 + Milton Keynes 90).
Still no further ‘Further listening’ by Pet Shop Boys.
If it comes to The Cure, I guess one is more than used to numerous releases being announced/talked about by Robert but in the end, nothing ever happens (Trilogy Sydney Blu-ray, further deluxe editions, BBC Box,…).
Would have loved to finally see some Berlin reissues (Pleasure Victim expanded + dvd of videos + US Festival or sth similar).
Still no videocompilations on DVD of Thompson Twins, A Flock Of Seagulls, China Crisis,…
And I could surely go on and on….

Fred Smith

Great article Paul;i was baffled by Kate’s non updating of ‘The Whole Story’…would love to see the collected works of Floy Joy released one day,does anyone remember ‘Into The Hot’?
Always look forward to your posts;thanks.


I remember Floy Joy well, count me in for a reissue of their album(s), or just a compilation…something! Things already reissued in the 90s or 00s appear to be getting bunged out yet again, while never-on-CD stuff from the 80s gets overlooked.

Bob G

Albums / Expanded releases I’d like to see (eventually):

Heart – Dreamboat Annie (Deluxe / 5.1)

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks (Deluxe / 5.1?

Fleetwood Mac – Mirage (Deluxe / 5.1)

Lori Carson – Shelter (Any release on CD or Vinyl would be nice) Seems like it was deleted over 20 years ago.

Wishbone Ash – Wishbone Ash (Deluxe /5.1)

Stevie Nicks – Both of the first two Solo albums Expanded

The Call – Reconciled (in any updated format)

Jethro Tull – Stormwatch, Heavy Horses, Songs From The Wood (Expanded / 5.1)

Renaissance – Anything/All reissues in 5.1

The Sundays – Anything on vinyl

Rush – Hemispheres (Deluxe / 5.1)

Roxy Music – Avalon (Deluxe / 5.1)

Billy Joel – The Nylon Curtain (Deluxe / 5.1)

A Rhino compilation of 70’s Late Night Radio Cult hits in the vein of Circus Maximus – The Wind, A Beutiful Day – White Bird, etc. (probably just very wishful thinking)

I’m sure there anre many others I could add if I thought about for a while but these have been missing (seemingly) for ever.


Seconded on the Sundays vinyl

Tom M

Renaissance definitely. I’d be happy with SACD’s in stereo.

R. Michael Cox

Spot on with George Michael and Prince!! To think I actually got excited when I read the press release in April. Silly me, I should have known better! As for George–for you fans if not yourself!! Cheers and hope for a good 2015!


1994 was a great year in music. I think these albums could have deserved a deluxe treatment and/or vinyl issue/reissue:
Adorable – Fake
Autechre – Amber
Global Communication – 76:14
David Gray – Flesh
Grant McLennan – Horsebreaker Star
Moose – Honey Bee
The Mutton Birds – Salty
Orbital – Snivilisation
Saint Etienne – Tiger Bay (I’ve read vinyl reissues of all albums are forthcoming)

Here’s the 20-year anniversary reissues I’m wishing for in 2015:
The Boo Radleys – Wake Up
The Charlatans – The Charlatans
Carl Craig – Landcruising
Kenny Larkin – Metaphor
Morrissey – Southpaw Grammar
Mouse on Mars – Iaora Tahiti
Supergrass – I Should Coco
Teenage Fanclub – Grand Prix
Tindersticks – Tindersticks II
The Verve – A Northern Soul
Paul Weller – Stanley Road


Nathan, I’m sure there was a Global Communication re-issue a few years back but I expect it’s OOP again now.

Personally I’m happy with the Saint Etienne CD re-issues, all seem reasonably comprehensive.

Cherry Red issued a 3CD version of ‘Wake Up!’ that’s still available on their website.

Tindersticks II was reissued (in 2014!) with the ‘Live at Bloomsbury Theatre’ disc as a bonus. Would like to see some kind of Tindersticks collection tidying up all the non-album stuff.

Would there be much to add to the existing ‘Stanley Road’ deluxe edition?

Agree on ‘Grand Prix’.


Ooops, Tindersticks II was reissued in 2004, not 2014!


Hey Michael, for most of those, I’m really looking for a vinyl reissue. There are a lot of 90s releases that are incredibly expensive on vinyl, or were never pressed on it.


Ah, fair enough.

Chris Brown

I know this comment is a month old now, but Tindersticks II was re-issued on vinyl in 2012. I have an original vinyl Grand Prix and it sounds bloody awful (because of the pressing of course, the music is great).

Mark Parsons

Steve Miller Band reissues: Back in 2013, Edsel was “proud to announce the continuation of its reissue programme of the legendary Capitol albums by the Steve Miller Band, following on from our successful reissues of the first five albums.” The Joker, Rock Love and Recall The Beginning … A Journey From Eden were all scheduled for re-release but release dates got put back several times (the most recent being in February 2014) before apparently disappearing altogether. Any news?

Presley Spigot

1. Bit bummed my (stupidly expensive) 2LP of Storytone, which was posted over two weeks ago, still hasn’t arrived from the U.S.

2. Still waiting for MoFi to put out John Wesley Harding on 45 speed vinyl.

3. Would like to see a Van Morrison reissue program and archive/bootleg scheme on a par with the Dylan and Neil Young programs/schemes.

4. Would likely buy a boxset of the complete Police catalogue on deluxe edition vinyl if it became available.

Quite amazed at the level of love shown here for mid-80s English pop. That was my heyday too, but I never want to hear most of it again as long as I live. Surprised no one’s been pleading for any Go West reissues. Ugh.


Disappointment ? What about Cathy Dennis reissue ?
On my 2015 wish list: Nick Kamen & Debbie Gibson ! :) at least the first 2 albums !!!


1)The non existent Prince Purple Rain release
2) Depeche Mode wasn’t released as a blu-ray??
3) The Oasis releases was well overpriced for what you actually never got?? (wtsmg has been crying out for a Knebworth dvd

Darren Briscoe

Now lets get back to the deluxe edition of Bowie’s Tonight album….can anyone remind me of the b sides to the singles…especially the 12″s.

Paul Soper

Let It Be is number 1 on my wishlist for any reissue.

Having watched the movie on youtube, there are no aspects that show The Beatles at each others throats or wallowing in misery. If anything, they seem to be enjoying playing with each other in a lot of the scenes! The only contentious scene is the ‘argument’ between George and Paul, and that clip has already been officially released as part of the Anthology! So many fans want this, they need to just get on and release it. It really would have made perfect sense to release it in 2003 along with Let It Be Naked, as was the original plan.

Laurie H

Still no SACD 5.1 releases of Elton Johns’ Greg Penny mixed Blue Moves, Dont Shoot Me, Caribou and Rock of the Westies (although at least the last was reissued on AudioFidelity Gold CD) – why oh why UMG??? – They have been mixed and are ready to go apparently.