Nancy Sinatra / Start Walkin’ 1965-1976

The word ‘icon’ is overused, but, in the case of Nancy Sinatra, it’s perfectly acceptable. Daughter of legendary crooner Frank Sinatra, she scored her first hit in 1966, with the Lee Hazlewood-penned, girl-power-meets-kinky-domination anthem, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, which went to number one on both sides of the Atlantic. Thanks to its twangy, descending bass riff, it has arguably one of the greatest and most recognisable intros in pop.

When she first promoted the song on TV, wearing go-go boots and a mini-skirt, Sinatra unknowingly walked straight into history. Now, 55 years later, thanks to her distinctive style, she is as much a part of ‘60s iconography as Beatles mop top haircuts, Bob Dylan’s Ray-Ban sunglasses, Sean Connery playing James Bond, or Christine Keeler sitting naked the wrong way round on a chair.

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