10cc / Tenology / 40th Anniversary career-spanning five-disc box set

10cc / Tenology / 40th anniversary five-disc box set

To mark the 40th anniversary of their formation in Stockport in 1972, Universal will release a five-disc box set entitled Tenology by 10cc on 19 November 2012.

The box set has been compiled with the involvement of the original band members – Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart – and comprises four CDs (the singles, selected album tracks, the B-sides and rarities) and a DVD (featuring a selection of their promo videos and TV performances on Top Of The Pops, BBC In Concert, See You Sunday and Six Fifty Five Special).

Rather promisingly, the packaging for Tenology has been designed by Storm Studios, home of legendary British graphic designer Storm Thorgerson (best known for his work with Pink Floyd, although with Hipgnosis he worked extensively with 10cc in the ’70s).

The set also contains an 8500 word essay by journalist Paul Lester, and features new interviews with Crème, Godley, Gouldman and Stewart.

Full track listing

Disc One (CD):

  •  Donna 1972
  • Johnny Don’t Do It 1972
  • Rubber Bullets 1973
  • The Dean and I 1973
  • Sand in My Face 1973
  • Somewhere In Hollywood 1973
  • The Worst Band in the World 1974
  • Headline Hustler 1974
  • The Wall Street Shuffle 1974
  •  Silly Love 1974
  • Life Is a Minestrone 1975
  • I’m Not in Love 1975
  • Art for Art’s Sake 1975
  • I’m Mandy, Fly Me 1976
  • Lazy Ways 1976
  • The Things We Do For Love 1976
  • Good Morning Judge 1977
  • People in Love 1977

Disc Two (CD):

  • Dreadlock Holiday 1978
  • Reds in My Bed 1978
  • For You And I 1978
  • One Two Five 1980
  • From Rochdale to Ocho Rios 1978
  • It Doesn’t Matter At All 1980
  • Les Nouveaux Riches 1981
  • Don’t Turn Me Away 1981
  • The Power of Love 1981
  • Run Away 1981
  • 24 Hours 1983
  • Feel the Love 1983
  • Woman in Love 1992
  • Welcome To Paradise 1992

Disc Three (CD):

  • The Hospital Song 1973
  • Fresh Air for My Momma 1973
  •  Clockwork Creep 1974
  • Oh Effendi 1974
  • The Sacro-illiac 1974
  • Hotel 1974
  • Old Wild Men 1974
  • Une Nuit A Paris 1975
  •  Blackmail 1975
  • Flying Junk 1975
  • The Second Sitting for the Last Supper 1975
  • Iceberg 1976
  • I Wanna Rule the World 1976
  • Rock and Roll Lullaby 1976
  • Don’t Hang Up 1976
  • Feel the Benefit 1977
  • I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor 1977
  • Take These Chains 1978

Disc Four (CD): 

  • Bee in My Bonnet B-Side 1972
  • Hot Sun Rock B-Side 1972
  • 4% Of Something B-Side 1972
  • Waterfall B-Side 1973
  • 18 Carat Man Of Means B-Side 1974
  • Gismo My Way B-Side 1974
  • Channel Swimmer B-Side 1975
  • Good News B-Side 1975
  • Get It While You Can B-Side 1976
  • Hot To Trot B-Side 1977
  • Don’t Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste B-Side 1977
  • I’m So Laid Back, I’m Laid out B-Side 1977
  • Nothing Can Move Me B-Side 1978
  • People in Love (The Voodoo Boogie) 1976
  • The Recording of the Dean And I 1973

Disc Five ( DVD)

  • Rubber Bullets Top Of The Pops 25/12/1973
  • Life Is a Minestrone Top Of The Pops 10/04/1975
  • I’m Not in Love Top Of The Pops 25/12/1975
  • Dreadlock Holiday Top Of The Pops 17/08/1978
  • Silly Love BBC In Concert 21/08/1974
  • The Wall Street Shuffle BBC In Concert 21/08/1974
  • Baron Samendi BBC In Concert 21/08/1974
  • Old Wild Men BBC In Concert 21/08/1974
  • Oh Effendi BBC In Concert 21/08/1974
  • Fresh Air for My Momma BBC In Concert 21/08/1974
  • Rubber Bullets BBC In Concert 21/08/1974
  • Fresh Air for Momma See You Sunday 21/04/1974
  • The Wall Street Shuffle See You Sunday 21/04/1974
  • Dreadlock Holiday Six Fifty Five Special 27/07/1982
  • Run Away Six Fifty Five Special 27/07/1982

Promo Videos

  • Donna
  • I’m Not in Love
  • Art for Art’s Sake
  • I’m Mandy Fly Me
  • Good Morning Judge
  • People in Love
  • Dreadlock Holiday
  • One Two Five
  • Feel the Love
  • Woman in Love

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……………and suddenly its costing £100!!!!!!! Didn’t realise it was a limited edition!!!


Do we have any further details on remastering etc?

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Richard Harris

According to the Amazon UK listing both “Rubber Bullets” and “I’m Not In Love” are single edits. Which in the case of the latter surely amounts to nothing less than sacrilege.


For me, disappointing. I have all the albums and most of the B sides have already been released as bonus tracks on these releases. The only thing that would sway me is some decent remastering.

Mark Wardle

The edit has been issued on a few compilations such as “Steve Wrights Sunday Love Songs – Make ups and break ups”. The single released originally had the full length version – cannot imagine that they would allow their most famous song to be issued in this way – especially as the band helped compile the box set. The edited version seems to only be on cheap and cheery compilations – it’s never appeared on ANY 10cc compilation that I have ever seen.


Looks good, and at a reasonable price. Ghastly title though, ‘Tenology’. Smacks of the Alien DVD boxset name, ‘Quadrilogy’.


Dear sweet thing
Has anyone educated you yet on the pun title?
Phrenology is an antiquated theory that the human brain had specialised areas that managed specific things.
Tenology (hence the cover image) is a play on words.

Jesper Hall

Interesting. Many of these tracks on CD for the first time. Shame they didn’t put Waterfalls on it though.