a-ha / Cast in Steel box in the UK


The metal ‘fanbox’ edition of a-ha‘s forthcoming album Cast in Steel is now available to pre-order outside of Germany.

The ‘collector’s edition’ set features the standard 2CD deluxe and adds a ‘Chromo cardboard printed photo’ of the band and an A2 poster. Apparently, unlike the version available from Amazon Germany, the UK version doesn’t include the the ‘fanpass’ which gives you earlier access to a a German Tour concert in 2016 (you need to have a ticket in the first place). That is effectively the lanyard, so if that’s a deal breaker, order via Germany. On the upside, it’s a few quid cheaper in the UK and in fact cheaper at the moment than the normal 2CD deluxe – go figure.

More information on the various editions of Cast in Steel here. The album is released on 4 September 2015.





Standard CD

Track listing


01. Cast In Steel
02. Under The Makeup
03. The Wake
04. Forest Fire
05. Objects In The Mirror
06. Door Ajar
07. Living At The End Of The World
08. Mythomania
09. She’s Humming A Tune
10. Shadow Endeavors
11. Giving Up The Ghost
12. Goodbye Thompson

CD 2 (deluxe edition only)

01. The End Of The Affair
02. Mother Nature Goes To Heaven (Original Version)
03. Nothing Is Keeping You Here (Original Version)
04. Shadowside (Demo Version)
05. Start The Simulator (Stereophonic Mix)
06. Foot Of The Mountain (Mark Saunders Remix)

Vinyl Album

Side A:

Cast In Steel
Under The Makeup
The Wake
Forest Fire
Objects In The Mirror

Side B:

Door Ajar
Living At The End Of The World
Shadow Endeavors
Goodbye Thompson

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Got my copy delivered from HMV today :)


HMV prices same as Amazon (who give you a free mp3 Rip of all tracks too!)


Amazon = FREE Delivery in the UK on orders over £20 HMV = Free UK delivery on orders over £10 plus every new release i have ordered from HMV i have got on the release date or the day before which has never happened with Amazon ever.

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The Steelbox Fanbox is no longer available at Amazon as of 14 August 2015. have they sold out?


The picture on Amazon.co.uk includes the lanyard. In fact, it’s the same photo as on the Amazon.de. Is that just an error?


I am sure Amazon prices will drop before release.
Maybe pre-order the 2CD deluxe version and then if the price drops before release, free delivery will be honoured as the item was originally higher than £20!


I bought the 2cd version from HMV for £12.99. Amazon are a total joke with their pricing of lots of things and since HMV came back online i have got every new release i have ordered either on the release day which is a Friday now or the day after.


I agree with you Neil. Now Amazon have got their hooks into everyone, they’ve jacked up a lot of the prices across the board. It is now much less frequent that I buy anything from Amazon themselves (although I used to buy from them all the time), because the marketplace sellers are usually much cheaper now. But who can compete with Amazon Prime where deliveries come the next day (in theory, although that isn’t always the case).


I don’t understand what is happening with the recent a-ha releases. The album prices on Amazon are priced as though they are imports. They are about half the price on the HMV online store. I loved Under The Makeup as a single but it looks like it is only available for streaming in the UK. The German release was cancelled and replaced with a second single later in the month. Maybe the UK will be the same but they share no information about what is happening. I was waiting for an Under The Makeup video weeks ago but then nothing happened. What does a record company do these days? They may as well sell their stuff on their own at this rate. They could have at least made the single available with iTunes preorders or something.


The second single will be released on 28 August, “Cast In Steel”. Again released in Germany.