a-ha return with hits & remixes 2CD set


With the band’s Cast in Steel tour about to kick off in Russia early next month, Norwegian pop legends a-ha will release a new compilation that gathers their biggest hits from all ten of their studio albums and pairs it with a bonus disc of rare and unreleased remixes.

Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha contains 35-tracks across two CDs, with disc one packed with all the usual favourites and brought right up to date with the inclusion of Cast in Steel’s Under The Makeup, a song that already sounds like a classic.

Committed fans will likely be most interested in the second CD within this set, since there’s some very interesting remixes featured, including the unheard Jellybean remix of Cry Wolf – created in 1986, but never used. Similarly, a ‘House Mix’ of Touchy is included, along with an edit of the unreleased-on-CD Justin Strauss ‘Dub Mix’ of You Are The One. The ‘Three-Time Gun Mix’ of The Blood That Moves The Body was created for the 1992 reissue of the single (to promote the Headlines and Deadlines compilation) but never issued.

The Kygo Remix of Take of Me features on CD 2 of the new compilation

A canny selection of rare remixes from the noughties rounds off CD 2, including the stunning ‘Reamped’ version of Did Anyone Approach You (a 2002 German-only single from Lifelines), and the ‘Aural Float Mix’ of Cosy Prisons, which sees its CD debut here, having been digital-only (and exclusive to Germany) in 2006.

Another single not issued in the UK, 2005’s Celice, was remixed to death at the time, with mostly tedious extended outings issued on white labels, 12-inch vinyl and CD singles, which I’m sure must have sounded great in ‘the clubs’. Thankfully, these are ignored and the brooding and rocky ‘Mauracher Remix’ (another CD debut) gets the nod for Time and Again.

The much hyped ‘Kygo Remix’ of Take On Me is also included and that’s probably very much a ‘marmite’ version of the classic 1985 single – you’ll either love it or hate it.

Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha is released on 18 March 2016. There is no one-CD variant, just the 2CD set.



Disc One: Hits

  • 1. “Take On Me”
  • 2. “The Sun Always Shines On TV”
  • 3. “Hunting High and Low”
  • 4. “I’ve Been Losing You”
  • 5. “Cry Wolf”
  • 6. “Manhattan Skyline”
  • 7. “The Living Daylights”
  • 8. “Stay On These Roads”
  • 9. “You Are The One”
  • 10. “Crying In The Rain”
  • 11. “Move to Memphis”
  • 12. “Dark Is The Night For All”
  • 13. “Summer Moved On”
  • 14. “Forever Not Yours”
  • 15. “Lifelines”
  • 16. “Celice”
  • 17. “Analogue”
  • 18. “Foot of the Mountain”
  • 19. “Under the Makeup”

Disc Two: Remixed

  • 1. “Take On Me” (Kygo Remix)
  • 2. “The Sun Always Shines on TV” (Future Funk Squad’s ‘Radiant 4K’ Remix)*
  • 3. “Cry Wolf “ (Jellybean Mix)*
  • 4. “Touchy!” (House Mix)*
  • 5. “You Are The One” (Dub Mix Edit)*
  • 6. “Blood That Moves The Body” (Three-Time Gun Mix)*
  • 7. “Summer Moved On” (Remix)
  • 8. “Minor Earth Major Sky” (Black Dog Mix)
  • 9. “Velvet” (New York Mix)
  • 10. “Lifelines” (Boogieman Remix)
  • 11. “Did Anyone Approach You” (Reamped)
  • 12. “Celice” (Mauracher Remix)
  • 13. “Analogue” (CG’s Electrosphere Edit)
  • 14. “Cozy Prisons” (Aural Float Remix)
  • 15. “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” (Steve Osborne Remix)
  • 16. “Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)” (Steve Osborne Version)

*Previously unreleased


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They were so good at the Radio Theatre, cant believe i got tickets, amazing evening from an amazing band!


Just some thoughts I wanted to share. If I don’t this CD I might can resell it, like I always have said here before. But if record companies do a very good CD with everything the fans wanted! It will sell well, no one will resell it because people will keep it. Perhaps they have to keep reprinting to fulfill the demands. If they do a second best or even a worser CD, no one will buy it, others reselling it because no one wants to keep it. That’s not good for their business. My conclusion: record companies can better do a better CD than a bad one ;)


Hahaha, one of the longer ones I found on discogs.com was George Benson – 20/20 (Jellybean Remix) 9:41! Single was 4:05! But more appropiate was of course I’ve Been Losing You Jellybean did for A-ha 7:02 Single 4:25! The single before Cry Wolf came out :P


Did anyone know/listen to the 3:54 Cry Wolf Jellybean 7″ Mix unreleased (on youtube), legal download made available by Rhino around the release of Time And Again? If the 7″ mix is 3:54 I hardly can believe the 12″ mix is only 5;14 long!


Wooh, I didn’t know my posts would shake the world! I’m just a fan sharing info’s that others might benefit from it! I didn’t care about the ones from 2000 and over! While all others were saying not into buying another A-ha compilation even with some mixes I was going to! I wanted those 4 mixes & wanted to support A-ha/physical product/Rhino releasing some more vault-material! I have to find out about them in the ugly way!


This is not a court right? Okay, Dub Mix Edit, so I expected/accepted it as an early fade out perhaps due to the disc space but I still gave it a go & pre-ordered it! The promo only Dub Mix was out there (I found it on youtube to compare to the one on CD)! Rhino must know every fan wanted it! Why on earth would they give us the another edit of it from the vault? There still about 1-2min disc space unused! They could have faded the 2 unreleased mixes even earlier! 1 or 2 more mins shorter it doesn’t matter anymore, still they are incomplete. I wasn’t really judging the 2 mixes! I was listening to them expected the highlight of Cry Wolf! But it faded out already! I found it strange so I ripped it in wave to see that it was faded out rapidly. I listened & own many 80’s mixes! Jellybean was big! I like almost all his mixes done by himself! I don’t think Jellybean would put his name on a mix like that! Every remixer would finish a mix as (s)he thinks it’s the best at that moment! The one on CD is like a unfinished product/mix! Rhino should have labelled it as an early unfinished mix! I doubt Rhino or Warner back then would have paid Jellybean for an unfinished job! Paul Simpson’s mix sounds like a early mix prior the go-go mix! I didn’t really like the effect on the go-go mix! But there was no other official mixes of the song! So I accepted it! Now I know about this mix I believe this was probably an early mix before he had added the effect of the go-go mix! If the go-go mix clocked over the 8mins, the early mix wouldn’t be a 5mins mix! I wasn’t complaining about the 1991 gun mix! I own that CD single myself: 2x 4mins single mixes and an extended about 6mins! So the unreleased gun mix could be 5mins long! But after the edit & early fades I wasn’t 100% sure! I guess we’ll never know about whether they have done that intentionally or not! As a custumer paying for a product I guess I can have my opinion about it! I guess you can use your connection to ask Rhino whether they have something to say about it. Of course they can deny it. But in this way a physical product buying customer is discouraged to buy those unreleased mixes as no one will know whether they were like that. Common sense tells me: they were NOT! I hope Jellybean or Paul Simpson could help us out ;)

I’m not going to judge which the 80’s remixers are better! I like many of those remixers back in those days (Shep was definately one of them). I was only comparing the 2 Simpson did for the same song from the same period of time!


Well i can see why the Touchy! and Cry Wolf remixes were unissued ;)
Not classics have to say, expected better of Paul Simpson, a dull shuffly house remix, reminiscent of Shep Pettibone’s work on Janet Jackson’s 1989/90 singles.


Received my copy today. But it’s very disappointing to find out that Rhino screwed us by releasing the “previously unreleased” mixes in an early fade out or heavily edited version. #3-6 on disc2 are the ones I’m buying this CD for! Do they expect us to pay for the full length version when they somehow will release again in the future?

3. “Cry Wolf “ (Jellybean Mix)* sounds pretty straight like the original, I believe Jellybean had much in his sleeves after the vocal part, unfortunately I couldn’t listen to it as they had it faded out early ;(

4. “Touchy!” (House Mix)* I quite like this one, it different than the Go-Go Mix (I had always found it’s a weak mix compared to other A-ha remixes)! But bad it was faded out early as well ;(

5. “You Are The One” (Dub Mix Edit)* this is actually to same as the 7:20 Dub Mix except they edited the intro & middle part!
Dub mix:
0:01-2:55 (=2:54)
You are the one, that is the state I’m in…
2:55-6:39 (3:44)
You are the one…
6:39-7:20 (=0:41)

Dub edit:
0:00-1:19 (=1:19)
You are the one, that is the state I’m in…
1:19-4:43 (=3:24)
You are the one…

6. “Blood That Moves The Body” (Three-Time Gun Mix)* this one I’m not 100% sure, cold beginning & ending, no reference. It could be that they edited in the middle or trimmed off the intro! I guess we’ll never know.

*Previously unreleased

Too bad Rhino still don’t know we want QUALITY (unreleased mixes in their full length as they supposed to be) and not Quantity (a number of mixes on disc 2)! They could have ditched some already released & perhaps 2000 or newer mixes to have these 4 unreleased mixes in their full glory. Perhaps they can put those full length versions out for the people who bought the CD!


I thought they were all suspiciously the same length, but think youve confirmed the hatchet job. Given most people would have bought it for those four mixes, leaving modern ones untouched is strange.


FFS Remix of TSASOT.V.
YES PLEASE. Can’t wait for that one.

[…] Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha will be released on 25 March 2016. You can read more details about this release here. […]


@Neil: What exactly is your definition a ‘remix’? The ’88 extended version of TBTMTB does not meet mine. Neither does e.g. the so-called “extended remix” of SOTR. The “Gun” mixes do.


The Mauracher Remix is not labeled as previously unreleased, but I never heard of that one before! Where was it released? I know only Paul van Dykes, Thomas Schumachers and Boris Dlugosch’s mixes.


@Stephen: The 3″ from 88 features the extended version oft TBTMTB which is only an edit not a remix. In 1992 there was a remix 5″ CD ft. 3 remixes: “the gun mix”, “two-time gun mix” (also found in “25”) and “second gun around mix”.

Stephen E. Cohen

Thanks for the information. I will have to find and listen to the versions I have been missing for the last 25-30 years!


The version of The Blood That Moves The Body (Extended Version) which is on the CD single is not an edit and is a remix.

Stephen E. Cohen

I have a question regarding “The Blood That Moves The Body”… I have a 12” version from a very dusty 3 inch CD single that is simply called The Blood That Moves The Body [Extended Version], and it clocks in at 5.26. Is the “Three-Time Gun Mix” the same or different as this “Extended Version”?


Well, they’ve just re-recorded “Cast In Steel” with Steve Osborne and released it as a single without any intention to include this new version on the forthcoming compilation? Ridiculously strange.
Regarding the disc 2 – what about excellent “Foot Of The Mountain” remixes? None are to be included… :/


I’ve noticed there are two track listings going around for the second disc of this set. Track 15 is either Nothing Is Keeping You Here (Steve Osborne Remix) as listed on a-ha website or its Foot Of The Mountain (Erik Llungren Remix) as listed on Amazon UK and on Warner Music Switzerland site.

Richard Z

Does anyone know if the version of “Under the Make-Up” is the album version as included on the cd/lp, or the download (teaser/single) version with the orchestration mixed up higher.
I agree it’s a missed opportunity that the new single version of “Cast In Steel” isn’t includded. It’s near impossible to get and I would have liked a good version, not just an mp3 which you can’t download outside Norway.

I’m on the fence about this release. I have enough compiliation albums and ofcourse the studio albums, however the second disc looks more then interesting to me. Indeed if it’s cheap enough I can pretend to just buy one a-ha cd with remixes instead of again another compilation album.


@Andyboy: ‘Foot of the Mountain’ is out now on vinyl in Norway.



Great news. Thanks Paul ;)
I will buy this just for the 80’s remixes (unreleased/in the vault)! I hope more of these will be released and the ones left out/off from the recent remastered & expanded deluxe editions), perhaps a 2~3CD’s Remixes compilation :D


As I stated above, I’m looking forward to this for Disc 2. One thing that would have made Disc 1 more interesting: apparently tomorrow a-ha is releasing a new video for the song “Cast in Steel,” and the song itself has been significantly remixed. It would have been cool to include this new single mix on Disc 1, rather than the (presumably) album version of “Under the Makeup.” It would have made for good promo, too.

[…] biggest hits and other singles by a-ha will be compiled alongside a selection of rare remixes on Time & Again, a 2xCD anthology set out on March 18th. [via Super Deluxe […]


What does the * behind some of the mixes on CD mean? That these are original era mixes?


thanks, paul.

so the following mixes are original, unreleased era mixes:
3. “Cry Wolf “ (Jellybean Mix)*
4. “Touchy!” (House Mix)*
5. “You Are The One” (Dub Mix Edit)*
6. “Blood That Moves The Body” (Three-Time Gun Mix)*

and the following are mixes which are not era but later produced mixes, right?
1. “Take On Me” (Kygo Remix)
2. “The Sun Always Shines on TV” (Future Funk Squad’s ‘Radiant 4K’ Remix)*


Excellent! I have been on a A-ha high after the rather fantastic “Cast In Steel” album. I really like the Kygo mix and I’m looking forward to the rest of the remixes. I already have every A-ha album and compilation but the bonus disc here makes it a very worthy purchase. However I wish the single version of “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” was included here. If memory serves it was supposed to be on “25” (and even listed as a single version) but it was in fact the album version. I don’t have the CD with me at the moment, can anyone clear this up?


I strongly disagree i think it’s a great remix have a listen again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLs7rUU6v-A


The Apoptygma Berzerk Remix of Lifelines should be on the Remixed disc as well as being excellent it’s very hard to track down only existing on a promo CD.


Was vaguely interested in this until I listened to the remix of Take on Me.
Based on that I will give it a miss I think.

Remixes are a hit and miss affair at the next of times and I don’t think I could put up with a whole disc of misses like that.


Not overly fussed about another compilation.
It will be aimed at the casual listener who will be going to see a-ha on the new tour.
I’m more hoping WB continue with the vinyl re-releases, especially the albums that were never out on vinyl 1st time around, Minor Earth, Lifelines, Analogue, Foot Of The Mountain
or better still…complete a-ha studio albums on vinyl box set with a rarities vinyl and book
like the fantastic David Bowie Five Years. Now that would be an amazing set.


I can give 5.99 UKP for cd2. So I’ll wait for price to drop.


This is apparently an Ultimate collection (meaning the best) and yet it has some of their best songs missing. For instance, it includes “Crying In The Rain” which was simpy a cover version of an older song and yet it does not include some of their own songs, such as “Train A Thought, “Blood That Moves The Body”, “Touchy”, “Summer Moved On” or “Butterfly, Butterly”.


The Go-Go Mix of Touchy! is one of the worst remixes they have done so i dread to think what this unreleased House Mix will sound like. I certainly won’t be buying this compilation as i cannot see the point in the first disc at all.


The Go-Go mix is of its’ time, Go-Go was big for 15 minutes in London in spring 88 and was odd genre to choose for a pop remix but fashion dictated – Paul Simpson was really a better house mixer (see his work for Karyn White, Cathy Dennis) – it probably doesnt suit Touchy’s song structure either but it will be worth a listen. Still waiting for the Acid House mix of You Are The One :)


Also, the title is misleading. What exactly is “Ultimate” about this release?

Kevin K

When or if at all will the September 2005 A-ha at Irving Plaza NYC concert be released? The show was setup to be filmed but where is all the footage?



Yes, I was at that concert and remember them filming it; I also wish it would get released. I was also on the street earlier that day in Times Square when they started playing “Take On Me” with a street band. There’s some very blurry video on YouTube covering it. Got to meet them after that performance and they were all very nice. What’s funny is that I walked past them before the performance on my way to the bank machine. I wasn’t really paying attention to their faces; I just saw them in their “rock star clothes” and thought, “Who are these douches on the street?” After I got my cash, I started crossing the street on my way to the Virgin Megastore (RIP) but when the song started, I took a few seconds to figure out what it was, quickly pieced everything together (“it’s ‘Take On Me’! That was a-ha I just passed on the street, because they are in town tonight for the concert!”) and ran back to catch the rest of the song.


Aw man. I was so looking forward to finally replacing the “Headlines and Deadlines” set with an updated Best Of, but again, “I call your Name” is missing.

What did that song do to keep getting overlooked? :-/

Perhaps I’ll just get the album it’s from and spring for this set in addition. The remix disc looks really tantalizing.

Larry Davis

Updated Best Of?? Get “25” from 2010…a 2CD set…or 2CD/1DVD (which has a funny error), and that has “I Call Your Name” on it…as for this set, I love the cover, CD1 is meh because “25” is the definitive hits collection and I have “Under The Makeup” on “Cast In Steel”…why is it the band reunites and releases a new album, then ANOTHER collection?? Kinda pointless if not for CD2 with that interesting selection of remixes…I’ll buy it but only for cheap…I hope it’s in a cardboard softpack with 3 pockets, or a slimline double jewelcase and slipcase around it…


It was on the 2010 25 best-of set.


I love the sleeve. It’s got that Vettriano vibe that Glasgow’s finest The Blue Nile would be proud of.

The release itself? I don’t know. I’ll probably get it at under a tenner.

Sven Maertens

Hi all, please do not complain too much. I think CD2 is interesting, and it will sell better if a best of CD1 is added. You have to see the positive side: at least there are people in Rhino dealing with a-ha, trying to find obscure mixes etc.. And if such releases sell well they might want to (re-)release more.
Highest on my wishlist are:
– eventually a full live concert on CD and/or DVD/BR (It’s a shame they exist for 30 years and have yet to release a full concert)
– an unplugged show and CD would be great, too
– vinyl (re)-issues of Memorial Beach, ME/MS, Lifelines and OF COURSE Analogue
– SUPER DELUXE EDITIONS of EOTS and MB (incl. vinyl, CDs, live CDs etc)
– ME/MS early mix/demos


That atrocious ‘revisioning’ of Take On Me made me recall how much better Cyndi Laupers broadly similar white reggae light re-do of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was.


I´m also very curious about the Jellybean remix of Cry Wolf!! That kind of unreleased gems from the 80’s always make people happy… :)


Great news but would have preferred a 2cd remix version. We already know where to get the singles from the past 35 years and they have all been remastered. Unbelievable, after all this time, a 2cd deluxe version of Scoundrel days and this particular remix disc, the Dub Version of “I’ve Been Losing You” remains unreleased on CD. What a horrible shame!! One of A-ha’s best songs ever. So yes I have something to complain but at the end of the day I’m happy with this release as it includes many unreleased remixes. I for one will be getting this album.
Paul, as always, many thanks for your amazing site!!


Isn’t the dub of “I’ve been losing you” on “Scoundrel Club” – a Japanese EP from 1987?


The Dub Version of “I’ve Been Losing You” has been released on CD before on the Japanese E.P Scoundrel Club which you can still pick up easily enough.


Yes that is correct, thanks for reminding me. In fact I own it. I shouldn’t have said “unreleased on CD”. I shoulda said it wasn’t released worldwide. The Club Scoundrel cd is old and not remastered. Really need this Dub Version remastered. I’m still hoping for a SDE release of Scoundrel days. It’s an outstanding album.


Although I love A-Ha’s music and always have done since “Take On ME” had me rushing to the record shop to buy it, I will not be purchasing this 2CD compilation of hits just to get the 2nd disc of remixes. It is a pity the remixes are not being released sperately as there have been so many hits albums, of which all the hits are also on their various albums. :o(

Neil Kelly

£11.99. Stop crying!


How many Best Ofs do we need? Why not just release the remixes disc as a stand-alone? The double CD, 25, was out in 2010 and was the definitive collection. Since then, there´s been one album of new material. Talk about milking it to death. Bad! bad! bad!


What could have been “just another compilation” is redeemed by the awesome bonus disc. The selection of rare and unheard remixes is truly astonishing! There are at least four tracks on here that were remixed in the 1980s and yet remained in the vaults until now. And the newer remixes are quality, too. This will likely be priced like a single disc anyway, so if you’re cranky about all the hits again on Disc 1, just buy it for the remixes and use the first disc as a coaster.


I cannot believe after all this time, the fabulous You Are The One (Justin Strauss Remix) has not been released digitally on any A-ha compilations or various artists compilation. smh…..


Gilbert, actually the full Justin Strauss remix is on the Stay On This Roads deluxe edition! The Dub is the only version only available as a very rare promo vinyl..so bad that just an edit will be included here :/…


They could honestly put whatever they want on the first disc and I wouldn’t care–I can always make my own mix if I don’t like what they include or leave off. Disc two is the reason I will have this on pre-order immediately.

I hope the inclusion of noughties material meas they are making progress on the rumored reissues of the post reunion albums.


This looks entirely miss-able. 25 came out only six years ago. It did a better job than this of gathering together essential cuts for the casual fan (39 tracks) and had the added bonus of including the brilliant “swansong” Butterfly, Butterfly. I know there are people on here who get excited about remixes but they leave me cold 99% of the time and even the ones that are done well require no more than a cursory listen. There’s some serious barrel-scraping going on over at Warners.

For a beloved band who made such a fuss of their break-up and executed it with great panache, I would almost have rather they’d stayed broken-up. Cast In Steel was underwhelming overall and really left me wondering what the whole break-up/reformation thing was really about. I got on a plane to see the last Albert Hall show which was absolutely sublime, and watched the whole show with a lump in my throat. Didn’t we grieve this band in our own ways, and really buy into the break-up? Not be melodramatic but for a long time I couldn’t watch the Butterfly, Butterfly video without tearing up a little at the end. Now it’s just another music video.

Craig Hedges

Really…. Another compilation.

As a fan I don’t need another compilation and I already have most of the remixes, annoyed that the unreleased ones were put on the deluxe editions, Thanks Warners!
For casual buyers they will only play the 1st disc, perhaps the 2nd disc once. They are better off picking up the ’25’ compilation.
I’d like a blu-Ray of there videos and a decent documentary of their story and the rest of the albums on vinyl.
As for the remix of ‘Take on me’….. I laughed my head off when I heard it. For a good remix check out Matt Pop’s mash up with Alphavilles Big in Japan on you tube

Anthony C

Sadly a blu-ray of music videos would be impossible (other than currently produced videos).

Even though their early videos would have been shot on S16mm film, they would have been edited on u-matic and even digi-beta.

In any case, they would be nowhere near HD quality for blu-ray.

In a dream world it would be cool to re-telecine the S16mm footage, retrieve the EDL and re-comform the videos, but that is what dreams are made of :-)


Mark N

Missing off Touchy and Train Of Thought from CD1 is a travesty! Won’t be buying this.

Paul Edwards

I love aha and really think their last album was a return to form after a couple of comparatively disappointing efforts. ‘She’s Humming a tune’ is up there with their best songs for me.

This sort of package leaves me cold- I don’t mind extended mixes or versions but I fear these are all just a mess. The linked song is dreadful to these ears!

Neil Kelly

You don’t rate the Kygo remix of ‘TOM’ or the album ‘Foot of the mountain’? Laughable!

Anthony C

This CD is great news and already anticipated. I’m glad it finally has a release date.

I would have preferred this to be a 2CD remix album, but I suppose the label is expecting the hits collection to appeal to the casual purchaser.

Either way, this is great!



Time and Again seems an apt name for an A-Ha hits compilation…. Great news on the remixes though, looking forward to a 1988 house mix of Touchy (assuming its Paul Simpson who remixed the Go-Go mix), except why only an edit of the dub of You Are The One – are they saving the full version for A-Ha ’35’, ’40’ or ’50’? :)


HI Paul,

This is great news, however do you have any news about the vinyl reissues following the 1st 2 albums already released on vinyl? It was said will be released this year all of them, right?



Anthony C

These are still happening, but not necessarily reported on here. The latest vinyl release is Foot of the Mountain: