A-ha to release new album


A-ha will release a new album later this year called Cast in Steel.

In a press conference today at in Berlin, the band explained how being in a-ha was “a bit like a marriage” with keyboard player Magne Furuholmen adding “what was right in 2010 is wrong is 2015, I’m prepared to admit it”.

The album will be issued on 4 September 2015 and a ‘Cast in Steel’ tour will follow in 2016. Maybe disappointingly for fans, Morten Harket makes it clear that ‘we are not getting back to stay together. We’ve agreed to come back for a set period: one album, one tour. It’s a great opportunity and allows us to write another chapter.’

The band’s debut Hunting High and Low is being reissued as a super deluxe edition box set this year along with deluxe editions of Stay On These RoadsEast of the Sun West of the Moon, and Memorial Beach.

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darren collier

hope a-ha will make a new blue-ray or dvd cast in steel tour and new dvd of they videos hope they make more music and tour and more solo work a big fan

[…] is back together to release one album ‘Cast In Steel’ and go on one tour. Though Morten Harket clarified in one interview that it is only for a short reunion. An album and a tour should suffice […]

chantel briody

I hope there is a cast in steel dvd of the tour for those who won’t be able to see the concert


Its all about the money !!
So out of order to have duped all those fans in 2010 by saying theyre finished for good and all those fans that paid a lot of cash to travel half way around the world to see what they thought was their last chance in their life to see a-ha.
all down to a very clever management team.
To emotionaly scar their fans in 2010 and now do this to them is somewhat twisted thier management team have made them look like a right set of scammers but isnt promoting a band all about the bull to sell their concert tickets and cd’s anyway ??
I feel scammed to say the least.

[…] schedules are kept to, we will now see new music from Duran Duran and A-ha in the same […]


I don’t like artists who saying “We do now our last tour, our last album,
our last concert”
( with so much emotions of the fans like on the “Ending On A High Note” concerts ) …and then after 2 or 5 years they say: “Ooh here we are back together again – let’s make a new album and a new tour.
I’m only interesting in the first three A-ha albums. The “Sythn-Pop” years. I sadly don’t like the later album releases.
I bought “East Of The Sun…” back in 1990 without hearing any of the songs and I was so disappointing about the new rock-style.
I’m very curious about the new re-releases – especially “Stay On The Roads” – hoping to get some alternate versions of the album tracks.
The press conference was really a shame. It seems so unprofessional
for “one of the greatest bands in the world” – this is what one man said before A-ha came on this little “stage”.
Obviously for me A-ha are back together to make money with the help of their German fans. 13 concerts of 15 will be in Germany.
For many fans they do the right thing to make a new album.
For me not.
If I would say it’s the end of the band – then it will be the end.
But money makes the world go round…


Glad to have a-ha back in my life once again. Just Hoping that they do an arena concert here in The uk, preferably in the Midlands somewhere :D


I don’t care why or for how long, this is the best news all week. Foot Of The Mountain was a masterpiece, glad to get something new from them!

Luke Jackson

I know the chap who co-ordinates the reissues and he’s got some terrific unheard live recordings from the 90s to go on the forthcoming releases. I predict they will be stellar sets, as were the first two.

Yes, Lifelines was patchy to say the least, but Dragonfly is one of the loveliest songs in their entire catalogue despite being a Magne solo number that the band refurbished. There were some other crackers on that record, and Analogue is a terrific album. The best of the “first reunion” era.

As for touring further afield they had better come back to North America! I think they were blown away to sell out the 2,300-capacity Massey Hall here in Toronto on the “farewell” tour, which is our equivalent of the Albert Hall.
They don’t like leaving money on the table so I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

My Swing Of Things books has sat unopened on my shelf for over a year. I should crack it open, eh?

John B

I think all of the post 2000 comeback albums were patchy with no uniformity of sound, excepting Foot of the Mountain. I hope they decide on a ‘sound’ and stick to it, but somehow I don’t think that will be the case as they are working individually again rather than as a band alltogether in the studio.
Or maybe the right producer can bring it all together – I’m not sure how much influence the producer has not being an expert on recording music and making records!


Agree with most of the above. 1) foot of the mountain was awesome so more synth on new one please, 2) do feel a bit cheated as bournemouth 4th show from the end was ridiculously emotional, 3) ill get over it, glad theyre back!


BRAVO A-HA!!!!!!…..quedense por siempre

Todd R.

Well, there weren’t any surprises here – I mean, after all that work to wrap up a career (hiatus-famous and all) and do so in such grand (the send off tour /album/dvd did come together very well) … what other thing could they announce? Reissues were already in the pipeline (or would have been if fans had their way – way to go fans!) Rock In Rio 30 was kinda-going-to-well-surprise-everybody-we’re-not-totally-broken-up-yet announced….
I’ve never seen the band live (would have loved to – just never happened) and I’m in for the reissues/ltd ed. RSD releases (if they come my way) but having the balls now to say “it’s just for this one album, this one tour, then never again” now is just a bad idea. You in the band, or the management can know that – but don’t bait your fans (now, again) with more stories of “the last show” cause somewhere WILL be the last show, or next tour, when THAT’s the last show… it gets kinda old. Oh yeah, if they find a way to put out another HUNTING HIGH AND LOW reissue out without the (popular, most well known) 12″ remix of “Take On Me” again… there is NO excuse….


Had a little time to think about this, I was at the last gig in Oslo 4th December 2010…much expense. I would much rather a-ha here than not. There is a song on Analogue “Keeper Of The Flame” from 2006 that gave a hint that they were calling it a day in 2010…”4 more years and i’ll be out of here”. Probably a reference to the end of their record contract. Their new outing gives them freedom to do things their way, and in a few years time if they feel like they want to do it again they can because they want to….
not because they have to. Welcome back A-ha!

Paul Edwards

I think the idea of limited commitments such as one album, one tour probably suits them better these days. More chance of them keep doing it from time to time


I thought “Foot of the Mountain” was an exceptional album. It seemed timeless to me. Like it had one foot in the 80’s, and the other foot somewhere around 2021. I can’t imagine where they’ll go from there, but I”m sure it will be amazing. I just hope they find a way to play some US dates (although that’s probably wishful thinking on my part). I’ve always wanted to see them live.

John B

I agree foot of the Mountain was their best album for many years and deserved it’s success – critical and commercial.
I do not think they will re-visit that sound for this new album ‘though which is a bit of shame because they are at their best when being a pop band rather than toying with rock. Or maybe an amalgamation of the two would be good is The Sun always Shines…..
I hope and trust they will do themselves justice with Cast In Steel and that it’s not a missed opportunity. I for one can’t wait to hear it.


Big abbouncenebt and not a single word about the reissue programme ? This is so bad !


What great news this morn, to read. They were rumoured to have been getting down to Australia, for the last tour, let’s hope they might get here, but fully understand if not. Anyway, new music from these three talented guys, is ALWAYS music to my ears.


Foot Of The Mountain was on Universal so it sounds like that arrangement continues.


Well I’ll buy the new album of course but I have not been that impressed with the later material apart from Minor Earth, Major Sky which has become my favourite album by them. Lifelines, Analogue and King of the Mountain I find patchy…

After reading ‘The Swing of Things’ nothing they do comes as a surprise – the relationships between them seems to be rocky at the best of times.


Analogue is a great album :-)

Paul Edwards

It’ll depend on what’s on them won’t it? hunting and scoundrel were fantastic- so much squashed onto the CDs. Don’t want to feel short changed in comparison


The reunion is of course much more interesting with new music around. This way, it will also be easier to avoid a series of concerts that would be too similar to the 2010 farewell shows.
But I really hope the deluxe editions will get a fair treatment, too, especially East of the sun and Memorial Beach. Would be great if these reissues consisted of three discs (and not two), similar to e.g. the Suede reissues. Also, they should play the reissued albums in full at a series of small gigs, like the Manics have done with The Holy Bible.
With larger a-ha gigs, the issue is that the venues are generally seated (which kills the atmosphere) and that they tend to play a greatest hits set which sounds too much like on the albums. In 1991-1994, their live performances were much rawer and better, and longer!

Leslie Hanagan

Regarding the split, I think it was Paul who was quoted as saying something like that it was a business decision and one that he couldn’t understand. Anyway, new a-ha material is excellent news, I look forward to it.

Craig hedges

I think a lot of people will say the split was a scam, but screw them. I’m proud of them for being grown up enough to realise that at the end if the day…. It’s all about the music. If you’ve read ‘the swing of things’ you’ll have been disappointed to find they weren’t the band of brothers I thought they were, after foot of the mountain I though they were going carry on forever. Did they say which label they are working with, I always associate them with warners

Luke Jackson

I was a little conflicted when they announced Rock In Rio, having flown to London to see their last Albert Hall show and gone through the process of mourning the demise of one of my favourite bands. The Rio announcement was like a deceased friend coming back to life but neglecting to pop over for a cup of tea.

But a new album and world tour sounds alright to me. Along with all the re-issues, a-ha will likely be relieving me of more cash than ever over the next year and a half!

At the end of the day, they always were and always will be a band who are greater than the sum of their parts. They probably shouldn’t have “split up” in the first place. I think the split was genuine though, and this reunion seems genuine too. Long live a-ha!


Ditto Don’s comment above.


Never thought I’d be planning to buy a super deluxe box, three 2-disc deluxe editions, AND a brand new a-ha album in 2015. Wow!


Fantastic news, they’re far too talented a band to have given up for good. Can’t wait to hear the new album and see what direction they are taking with their music.


I agree they are so very talented and have a great way of combining powerful lyrics with moving music.