A-ha vinyl LPs now at sensible price

The vinyl reissues of a-ha‘s first two albums are now available on Amazon UK at competitive prices.

The 180g LP versions of Hunting High and Low (1985) and Scoundrel Days (1986) were over £30 apiece when these were announced on a-ha.com early this month but at the time of writing both are now less than £16 each.

In addition to these vinyl reissues, before the year is out fans can expect to see deluxe 2CD reissues of Stay On These Roads, East of the Sun West of the Moon, and Memorial Beach; a super deluxe box set of debut Hunting High and Low, and a brand new album called Cast In Steel!

The vinyl reissues are out on 25 May 2015.



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Larry Davis

I think the standalone vinyl is for people who do not want the deluxe box (it’s no doubt in there), OR those who buy the box and leave it sealed and want an open vinyl copy to play?? I have a friend who does this. I have an RSD TOM pic disc, nice but I hate to say this…the live version on side AA is kinda not that great, haha…I was able to play it and keep the sticker label intact. Besides the reissues, what I am REALLY anticipating is “Cast In Steel”!!! The 10th a-ha studio album, knowing that there is a new (final/not final) album among this activity, and not FOTM in 2009 is nice to know…it will be a masterpiece no question, based on how great “Butterfly Butterfly” was.


No thanks…but waiting for the East of the Sun and Memorial Beach CD deluxe editions with absolute anticipation!

Andrew Robinson

If anyone’s still after the A-ha record store day picture disc, Rise in Worcester have quite a few of them out on the shelf for £12. I popped in to see if anything was left today, and there’s a lot of unsold RSD product sitting around with daft price tags… £13 for the novelty Hawking/Python 7″ anyone?


Less than a year ago I would see multiples of these albums in thrift stores for .50-.99. Now they are going for $20. WTF? Glad I have my original Scoundrel Days still in plastic.


Will the super deluxe box set of Hunting High & Low contain the vinyl do you know? Seems a waste to purchase it and then find out the box set contains it.

Mike the Fish

Hunting High & Low is a regular charity shop album. Scoundrel Days quite a bit less so. What new can these editions bring to the (turn)table?


Will this be a version remastered in 2015 truly for the vinyl characteristics, or it is the original master just repressed on heavy vinyl?


HI Paul,

Thanks for the info, do you know if this is going to be the remaster from the delux set already released on CD (2010) re-printed on vinyl or brand new remaster?

Also would be nice to know if the anniversary delux set will have the vinyl too this year?




Couldn’t agree more Ricky. I’ve just seen 14 copies of the original pressing on eBay in the U.K. alone, some starting at 99p. How many times will a brand new repressing 30 years later priced at £16 get played?


How can there be a vinyl revival at such ridiculous initial prices?

Vinyl has several negatives over other formats and for it to have a resurgence in the marketplace it needs to be competitively priced.

For me personally, as someone who lived through the original vinyl heyday, it seems a bit gimmicky at the moment and prices in certain cases reflect big business trying it on price wise because it’s the current ‘cool’ product to own.

Record Store day does not help with anything and everything being reissued knowing people will buy it in many cases, not because they require or desire it, but because it’s there.

If I were a collector now I would only go for vinyl from the period the music was released rather than the modern reissues. Then there is a true and tangible connection to the artist.