Adamski / “Revolt” vinyl box


Revolt is a new vinyl box set from acid house/dance producer Adamski, who scored a number one hit, Killer, back in 1990 with Seal.

This is a collection of ten 10-inch vinyl records contained in what Adamski (aka Adam Tinley) describes in this interview with Q Magazine “a Viennese wooden cake box.”

He goes on to describe the music… “It’s 21st century bass music but all in waltz time… three step… there’s a very diverse collection of collaborators on there – aged between 18 and 80 years old.”

The collaborators he refers to include Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and David McAlmont. You can get a taster of the music within by listening to The Last Waltz (Engelbert Humperdinck cover) via Soundcloud below. That track has already been released digitally as part of the This Is 3-Step EP last November.

Although this hasn’t been confirmed directly to SDE, all indications are that this set is a limited edition of 300. I know we’ve been there before with Mark Knopfler… but Revolt is coming out on indie label FutureWaltz Records so it’s probably accurate.

Revolt is out on 16 February 2015. Full track listing below.


Track listing

1. ‘3STEP4EVER’ Adamski and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry feat. MC Wildflower
2. ‘BOO POPE’ Adamski and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
3. ‘ GOLDEN BROWN’ Shanki
4. ‘TRU LUV’ Shanki
5. ‘PUMP UP THE WALTZ’ Adamski presents Buck Dexter
6. ‘SPIN’ The Children of Bohemia
7. ‘NUM GENERATION’ Digitalcocaine
9. ‘THE ROOF OF THE WHIRLED Triple xxx Mystix
10. ‘LONDON DUNGEON’ Adamski and Congo Natty
11. ‘DAZED’N’CONFUZED Betty Adewole
12. ‘FUTURA DATA’ Rowdy SS and Adamski feat. Shanki
13. ‘OOM DADA’ Adamski and Asia Argento
15. ‘LEAVING U’ Bishi
16. ‘ARTIFICIAL WALTZ’ The Vortex of Chaos
17. ‘USELESS MAN (3STEP VERSION) Leigh Bowery’s Minty vs. Adamski
18. ‘ SHAKE IT 123’ Irregular Joe
19. ‘BORN 2 B A DJ’ Balearik Blitz
20. ‘THE LAST WALTZ’ Mcalmont and Adamski

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There is also going to be a digital release.


Yes, I really liked the Richard Sen collection – excellent compilation, overall of UK acid house.

I listened to the Revolt single above – it was interesting but didn’t grab me right away. I must admit to dismissing Adamski’s ZTT era material, I preferred his first two albums – classic and very innovative. However, I will check this out. The collaborators sound appealing – and Lee Scratch Perry has been on his game lately. His recent work with the Orb was very good.

Jay Pee

I haven’t found any comments on here re: Revolt so i’ll give my view. Quirky? Yes. I can’t say I immediately liked the tune (which isn’t a bad thing for me) but as the tune continued I began to ‘get it’. Thinking of buying the boxset and having a play out with it, see what happens. Still great to see people like Adamski still knocking out new music, Good musics not all about young Dj’s and Pete F’in Tong!


‘Richard Sen Presents This Ain’t Chicago’ on Strut Records is a good overview of UK House & Acid of the Baby Ford era; contains the track ‘Crashin’. Well worth getting.


Cal, I couldn’t agree more. The US Chicago acid house scene a been adequately covered with the Acid Rain and Acid Thunder boxsets – both very good sets, compiled by Terry Farley. Several Bam Bam tracks were included.

However, my personal preference was the UK acid house scene – Adamski, Baby Ford and basically everything on Rhythm King records. Frankly, I would love a Rhythm King box!

I doubt it happen though – only Bomb the Bass and s’express first albums were reissued in cherry Pop a few years ago and the bonus selection was minimal. The other artists had less chart success so it’s unlikely.

I had to create my own Baby Ford deluxe edition playlist! :)


I had the babyford cd`s etc, but recently i came to play fordtrax and it would not play, so i looked at it closely and it had little tiny pin prick holes in it, and at the moment i just could not afford replacing the disc, but it is on my wants list.


It would be nice if there was a acid house box set featuring the a`s and the b sides of the uk acid house scene ie babyford, bam bam etc.


is it pedantic of me to say that Killer was a hit in 1990, not 89? :)