Alan Parsons and Universal prepping new box set of APP debut


Alan Parsons has confirmed on that Universal Music will, this summer, reissue the Alan Parsons Project debut, Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe, as a 40th anniversary multi-disc box set.

Parsons posted the following message about the 1976 album on his Facebook page:

Who would have thought I’d be talking about anything I worked on 40 years after it happened? OK. So the Beatles were a part of everyone’s history, but in 2013, when Dark Side Of The Moon had its 40th birthday, I was reminded how important that record would be to my future. It was 3 short years after Dark Side was released that Eric Woolfson (also my manager at the time) and I assembled an album on which the star was intended to be Edgar Allan Poe – I thought I would be a line of small print as producer and co-writer but that changed as the APP identity was born upon the release of Tales. I am proud to be still flying the flag supporting this album in the live arena along with the many more albums that ensued under the banner of The Alan Parsons Project.

It’s a great thrill to tell you that this summer, Universal will be releasing the album in a 40th anniversary multi-disc box set including a 4-sided vinyl set at 45rpm (amazing quality), 3 CDs – one of which is all-new bonus material and a 5.1 surround mix on Blu-ray . The surround version will be a totally new mix which I hope to complete within the next few weeks.

So reading between the lines, their will be a deluxe 2LP 45 RPM vinyl set as a separate product, and a four-disc box set which comprises 3CD+blu-ray audio (featuring the surround sound mix). A standard 33RPM vinyl LP, a two-CD deluxe and perhaps standalone blu-ray audio are also quite likely formats.

More news on this when we have it.

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Ordered on Pledge @ £76, on 7th July, notice today it’s now £146 ?.


Oops, didn’t notice that my settings on Pledge, changed whilst I was on holiday, problem solved, back to original price. doh


More details and stuff to buy at pledgemusic.

Julian H


Julian H

This is exactly what I had expected (though I really hope they keep the vinyl out of this set). AP did a new remaster of “Turn of a Friendly Card” for the 2CD edition last year so I hope the same goes for this. As others have said the 2007 deluxe was much too compressed (oddly enough the rest of the reissues had better dynamics). As for the bonus tracks, I think they sometimes didn’t choose the right things because of the time constraints. Some of the new bonus tracks on TOFC were better than the ones released 2008.


I have “On Air” and “A Valid Path” in 5.1 and they both sound great. On air is a DTS-CD. A Valid Path is a double disc. Alan Parsons can make some of the best 5.1 mixes. I hope they will do all APP in 5.1. :)

Andre Denis

The 1994 MFSL is identical to the original release and sounds fantastic.
I am curious about a surround release on blu-ray but I am getting tired about all the vinyl releases. I grew up with cassettes and vinyl but I am more happy with digital releases :)


Hoping for a separate 3CD and BR releases.

joe colone

FINALLY! I truly hope this is the beginning of all the APP albums coming out in deluxe sets. Or at least with 5.1 mixes!


there will be a deluxe 2LP

Michel D.

The APP remasters from a few years ago were rather thin on bonus tracks, only fillers as far as I’m concern with guide vocals and alternate versions, nothing really exciting, I hope for some truly new/unreleased tracks for this re-re-releaase.


Well, isn’t it the 3rd time that this album will be reissue in less than 10 years ???
I already bought the 2007 reissue, so i’ll wait and see if there is really an interest in this…


crossfingers the Bluray standalone or plus CDs
(After The Division Bell of PF, I don’t want more useless vinyl just to get a Bluray)

eric slangen

the superbox for me please.


I would go for a CD/Bluray box but won’t be buying a multi-disc set that includes vinyl. That is how it reads unfortunately. If that is the case, a standalone Bluray for the 5.1 will do.

Boaz Halachmi

Paul… it says the box will include the 2LP (45rpm) + 3CD + Bluray all together.
“…box set including a 4-sided vinyl set at 45rpm (amazing quality), 3 CDs – one of which is all-new bonus material and a 5.1 surround mix on Blu-ray . “


Are you sure these companies do have a habbit of making totally irrational box sets (Paul McCartny’s recent greatest hits announcement with nothing new and plenty of nothing hitty), the original release of Aqualung by Jethro Tull, the rather stupid Tusk Box.

I hope you are wrong becuase I am not buying if i have to stiff for overexpensive Vinyl which should have a separate box, extras from the CD box should be placed on separate vinyl discs.

I dont like Vinyl but people do and they shoudl get teh same material on vinyl as teh digital brigade. personally i hope the 5.1 disc is a separate release, thats teh important bit for me.

Julian H

Unfortunately you are wrong. I won’t be buying this box set then. Stupid that Universal don’t get they are hurting sales by making it so expensive.


The previous Deluxe Edition had both mixes, so I assume this one will, as well. It’s unlikely it will sound as good as the MFSL gold disc, however.

Wayne Klein

The remaster with both versions by Paraons sounded like crap. Hopefully this isn’t just a repackage of those discs with the new stuff.

CJ Feeney

The 1987 version was remastereed for the box set in 2013. It sounds fine to me but I only had the 1976 lp to compare it to, which is obviously very different.

The 1976 version is much neglected in CD reissues so I hope they mix/master a decent version for this set. The 1987 version, as far as I know, has not been issued on LP. I hope they don’t make it the LP in this set.

As for a 2 LP 45 RPM version, the fall of the house of usher takes up 16 mins approx. of side 2 leaving 4.38 mins for the last track – will this be reflected on disc 2 of the 2 LP set?


not at all surprised, most remasters sound like crap.

Julian H

The new remaster of TOFC sounds wonderful, and most of the 2007/2008 remasters were good. It’s strange why TOMAI was so compressed.


With or without the complete narration of Orson Welles?


I would really like it if this set included BOTH album mixes. I have the complete albums set that came out a few years back, which has the ’87 remix of this album. Knowing that this included the original would definitely make it a must-have.

I’m also assuming (perhaps foolishly) that the dynamics of this record will be fully maintained by Parsons.