Alan Parsons Project / “I Robot” two-disc Legacy Edition


A 35th Anniversary ‘Legacy’ edition of the Alan Parsons Project 1977 concept album I Robot, will be issued on 17 September 2013.

The set will feature a remastered version of the album on disc one, with a bonus disc containing 14 additional tracks, nine of which are previously unreleased.

Alan Parsons has personally overseen this project with Sally Woolfson (daughter of Eric Woolfson, manager, sometimes singer, and co-founder of the Alan Parsons Project).

2CD version


2LP Gatefold Vinyl

Disc: 1

  • 1. I Robot
  • 2. I Wouldn t Want To Be Like You
  • 3. Some Other Time
  • 4. Breakdown
  • 5. Don’t Let It Show
  • 6. The Voice
  • 7. Nucleus
  • 8. Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
  • 9. Total Eclipse
  • 10. Genesis Ch1 v32

Disc: 2

  • 1. U.S Radio Commercial for I Robot
  • 2. Boules (I Robot Experiment)
  • 3. Hilary Western Soprano Vocal Rehearsal
  • 4. Extract 1 from The Alan Parsons Project Audio Guide
  • 5. Extract 2 from The Alan Parsons Project Audio Guide
  • 6. I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You (Backing Track Rough)
  • 7. Some Other Time – Complete vocal by Jaki Whitren
  • 8. Breakdown (Early demo of backing riff)
  • 9. Extract 3 from The Alan Parsons Project Audio Guide
  • 10. Breakdown – The Choir
  • 11. Don’t Let It Show Demo
  • 12. Day After Day (Early Stage Rough Mix)
  • 13. Genesis Ch. 1 V. 32 – Choir Session
  • 14. The Naked Robot

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From Alan Parsons own webpage about the I Robot Legacy Edition:

“The arrival of I Robot: Legacy Edition (35th Anniversary) is also a prelude to the early 2014 release of The Alan Parsons Project Complete Album Collection. This 11-CD box set will mark the first time that all 10 of the original albums by the APP have been issued together in a box set, including the 1976 debut, Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allan Poe (from 20th Century/Mercury/Universal). The 11th CD, The Sicilian Defence, was originally intended as the fourth Arista LP, circa 1979-80, but went unreleased (and unheard) until this box set appearance.”

So looks like all albums come in one box in single CD’s (of course there’s a chance that they include the two versions of TOMAI in same box) but no idea if there will be any extra instead of famous TSD álbum.

Being clear, for someone who got the original compacts as well as the previous remasters if there’s not something else that can add another value seems a bit bad thing, sure not will be the same of the ¿five? years ago editions but didn’t seem quit enough specially for someone that ain’t got any chances to own a good compact player for hear very clear and find the differences between both new sagas.

If at least like Rush is goin to do or as well Pink Floyd on their ¿latest? Edition series TSD or even all albums could be sold one by one this could be a nice way to go or at least is how i see it at least right now without no more much further info.

So let’s see how goes and wait for more news as they keep tellinf something else.

Goodbye and Greetings to all people around here, this is one of those places that music collectors will have to keep an eye for sure…

Mark Williams

NO 5.1 …then no way.

Bruce Campbell

Steven Wilson used Alan Parsons on his latest solo album. There is no-one better to do the 5.1 remix on the whole A.P.P. catalogue. Wilson has done brilliant work remastering and remixing King Crimson, Jethro Tull and E.L.P.. He`s perfect for the job. I`d love to hear a S.W. Led Zep 4.


Steven Wilson has said that he only does albums that he actually loves, so I’m not quite sure if we’ll see him remixing all (or any) of the Project albums.

Steven Roberts

Still no 5.1?

Say it ain’t so!


You can pre-order this @ spincds.com. No need to wait for a UK amazon link!


I’ll get this. I have the 2007 remaster – which is great. But it also has the extra tracks tacked on the end. This one has the album proper on one disc, and the extras (of which there are a lot more) on a separate disc. Add in better packaging and you have a winner.


Someone commented to me on this – How could anyone “steal” something he signed off and got paid for the first time? He is sore because music is a tough business, he never liked the business aspect of his chosen career. He’s worth an estimated $60 million and his recent track record of new releases is lacklustre at best – which means he’s not scoring the gold and platinum he did earlier in his career. Which means Warner Bros will make many times what he earns per year with this one complilations (selling it at $75 per each) His fannbase shells out $300-$1500 per ticket to see him perform live. But he’s tired and he is not playing the 100 city road shows like he used to. So he is not earning the bug bucks any more… neither is Boston of Bob Dylan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Van fan… but he needs to stop crying and think about retiring.


Whatever happened with the complete albums box that was mentioned several months back, no word for ages and then this…


Meh. The 2007 remaster is just fine.

And yeah, if there’s any music out there that should be mixed into 5.1, it’s the APP albums. Shame it’s not happening. :-(


A Deluxe release of “Pyramid” with a 5.1 mix will do me nicely, thanks Alan.