Alice Cooper / The Studio Albums 1969-1983 / 15CD box set


Later this month Rhino will release The Studio Albums 1969-1983 a new Alice Cooper box set that includes all of the albums  he recorded with Warner Bros. Records.

The box contains 15 CDs – one for each album – starting with 1969’s Pretties For You and ending with DaDa from 1983. This will be a clamshell box with the CDs in card sleeves with original artwork reproduced.

The Studio Albums 1969-1983 is out on 31 July 2015.


  • –          Pretties For You (1969)
  • –          Easy Action (1970)
  • –          Love It To Death (1971)
  • –          Killer (1971)
  • –          School’s Out (1972)
  • –          Billion Dollar Babies (1973)
  • –          Muscle Of Love (1973)
  • –          Welcome To My Nightmare (1975)
  • –          Alice Cooper Goes To Hell (1976)
  • –          Lace And Whiskey (1977)
  • –          From The Inside (1978)
  • –          Flush The Fusion (1980)
  • –          Special Forces (1981)
  • –          Zipper Catches Skin (1982)
  • –          DaDa (1983)

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Unfortunately the version of this I purchased was not a clam-shell box, but merely thin cardboard, which arrived slightly crushed when purchased, and has not survived the 2 household moves I’ve done in the past 3 years. Now I have 15 cardboard sleeves sliding around loose.


basic and perfect.this is how iit should be done . no live cds, no greatest hits cds, no dubs, no instrumentals,no demos.
15 cds for $6 au dollars each is what i paid. my first alice cd was the awesome 18th /1989 “trash” so this is brilliant.


No word on Remastering…no bonus tracks (Quad mixes of B$B & MOL still not out)…I bought these all when they came out on CD. No enticement here, besides it’s only the original band stuff that counts for me as most of his solo stuff has not held up very well at all.

Jimmy Agates

I’ve read on a couple of sites that these ARE using the Japanese remasters


So why not Pretties for You?

Jimmy Agates

Good question…wondered the same thing myself…I notice WTMN isn’t listed as remastered either which makes me think they’d use the one from 2002. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.
If they are sing the Japanese remasters let’s hope they fix the glitch on Woman Machine from Muscle Of Love!


Sad these are not remastered. The Japanese SHM releases on CD in 2011/2012 were remastered (in Japan). They sound amazing!

James Gooch

The Cheap Trick albums box that Sony/Legacy did a few years ago was quite good (though some masters were of a slightly older vintage as I recall, and yet great sounding), as was the Nilsson RCA albums box. Both had extra tracks either on the individual discs or (on Nilsson) on bonus discs.


Rhino seems to be on a role this summer with “complete albums” boxes from Warner classic rock artists. In addition to Alice Cooper, there are America, Doobie Brothers, and Chicago boxes out in July.


Good price, but have to wait a month as release date coincides with £300 payout for next 3 LZ super deluxe issues.

Mike Croft

Agreed! It’s annoying that the last 3 Zep studio albums are being released simultaneously, I had hoped they’d spread them over 2 or 3 months to help fans out! Best price I can find for them atm is on Base.com at £94.99 each, (though I hope the price will drop before release), includes free shipping which is faster than Amazon’s Free Super Saver delivery & Base are on Cashback websites like TopCashBack and pay our quickly so I earned £5.75 with my order.


Much as I’d love to condense my collection down by picking this up, it feels a bit pointless if they’re the same pressings as the original CD releases I already have… Or worse, if they’re the same as the masters from the Original Album Classics set of the first five, which were mastered incredibly HOT compared to the same cuts from the Life & Crimes box set (necessitating a quick dart across the room for the volume knob).

For me, the template for a metal/hard rock act getting one of these sets is the absolutely top notch Blue Oyster Cult set from a few years back – new remastering, unique bonus tracks, AND downloadable live content all at roughly the same price point. Ditto for Joe Satriani. It CAN be done, so it’s a shame they’ve been cutting corners on the new ones.

James A Gates

Also saw that those titles were remastered somewhere else while hunting around on the ‘net…would make sense although why not Pretties too? Obviously this would mean they’d use the WTMN remaster that is already available worldwide…

Guess we’ll have to wait til someone has it in their hands…


I found this here ..

All of the albums are from the 2011 Japanese remasters with the exception of Pretties For You, Welcome To My Nightmare, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin, and DaDa, who have no remastering year listed.””


I’ve emailed Dr. Rhino also and was advised there was no remastering done for this set ? Where does this guy get the info that some of these use the Japanese remasters ? This is what’s frustrating about these releases, there’s so much conjecture at times. Makes it confusing.


Dr Rhino probably assumed you meant a new remastering. There is no new remastering for this box, however they will use whatever the most recent previous remasters were.
Hope that clarifies.

Wayne Klein

while the price point for these are good I find it bizarre that, in many instances, they have eliminated bonus tracks. For example The Replacements set.


Many, if not most of these “complete albums” box sets are not newly re mastered, but most were re mastered at some point, often fairly recently. I find they usually aren’t really intended for the collector in search of unreleased material. Their purpose is mostly to provide a near complete catalogue of the artist in one shot at a cheap price, and in a format that takes up little space on their shelf. However, collectors often are interested in that as well, so they buy it. It’s kind of brilliant marketing. I am a collector, yet I for one love these handy boxes.


I seriously doubt these are going to be remastered, or have bonus tracks – not at that price.

To my knowledge the only way to get up to date masters is to get the Japanese Mini LP’s. But they only go up to From the Inside.

Love how they euphemistically use the term “original artwork reproduced”. As if the desk is going to open, or the Billion Dollar Bill will be included etc. LOL


I e-mailed Dr. Rhino at rhino records and he said this box set is not remastered.

Nigel Green

15 CDs for £50 seems very reasonable. No ‘Alice Cooper Show’.


Hence the subtitle ‘the studio albums’.

Steve Fletcher

The Coop hates that album as he was in alcohol recovery not surprised its left out, it was a contractual requirement

David Berexa

Any word on indivdual releases on the Alice Coopers ?


Is there any word on bonus tracks for these releases or if they’re new masters?

Some of the later albums represented in this set were reissued within the last year or two and a few of them had a track or two pulled from the “Life & Crimes” box set.

I already own everything on offer here, but if they got a proper remastering all around, I think this would become a must buy.

mark kondak

Typo on Flush the Fashion….

Reine Fiske

Where, and what, are the unreleased instrumentals from the U.K promo version of Pretties For You? Been trying to locate them for a while now..