Alison Moyet / 2CD deluxe editions and vinyl reissues announced


Alison Moyet has recently announced two-CD deluxe reissues and vinyl pressings of her post-Sony ‘noughties’ albums: Hometime, Voice and The Turn.

The bonus tracks across the three albums comprise B-sides, remixes, live tracks and some demos, including unheard songs Sea Child and How Long (from Hometime). If you buy the vinyl reissues the bonus tracks will be available via a download card.

Moyet diehards will clearly welcome this news but pop fans in general might wonder what is happening with her first four Sony albums: Alf (now 31 years old!) Raindancing, Hoodoo and Essex? None of these releases have ever received the deluxe treatment.

It seems that ‘Team Moyet’ must have received many messages along these lines and felt compelled to respond on Facebook last Saturday. This is was what was posted about the possibility of Sony reissues:

“There is no firm news on that at the time of writing. These albums are owned by Sony. What is promising is that work has been done on curating these albums and their associated tracks.

Does that mean it will happen? Who knows. It might and it might not. Definitely don’t want to raise your hopes at this stage. We will keep you posted if there are further developments.”

So room for cautious optimism, it seems! While we wait patiently…. the reissues of Hometime, Voice and The Turn are released on 2 October 2015.



Hometime 2CD

Hometime VINYL


Voice 2CD



The Turn 2CD

The Turn VINYL



Hometime deluxe

Disc 1 – The album

  • 1 Yesterday’s Flame
  • 2 Should I Feel That It’s Over
  • 3 More
  • 4 Hometime
  • 5 Mary, Don’t Keep Me Waiting
  • 6 Say It
  • 7 Ski
  • 8 If You Don’t Come Back to Me
  • 9 Do You Ever Wonder
  • 10 The Train I Ride
  • 11 You Don’t Have To Go

Disc 2 – Live Performances / B-sides / Bonus Tracks

  • 1. Tongue Tied (B-side to Should I Feel That It’s Over)
  • 2. Nobody’s Darling (B-side to Should I Feel That It’s Over)
  • 3. Yesterday’s Flame (Insects Remix / B-side to Do You Ever Wonder)
  • 4. Bilan (B-side to Do You Ever Wonder)
  • 5. If You Don’t Come Back To Me (Live October 2002 / B-side to More)
  • 6. Should I Feel That It’s Over (Live October 2002 / B-side to More)
  • 7. Si Tu Ne Me Reviens Pas (Additional track to the expanded Hometime album)
  • 8. Skipping Stones (King Britt presents Sylk130) (Taken from the album: Re-Member’s Only)
  • 9. The Train I Ride (Demo) *
  • 10. More (Demo) *
  • 11. Sea Child (Demo) *
  • 12. How Long (Demo) *



Disc 1 – Album

  • 1 Windmills Of Your Mind
  • 2 The Man I Love
  • 3 Almost Blue
  • 4 Je Crois Entendre Encore
  • 5 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
  • 6 God Give Me Strength
  • 7 The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies-O!
  • 8 Dido’s Lament: When I Am Laid In Earth
  • 9 La Chanson Des Vieux Amants
  • 10 Cry Me A River
  • 11 Bye Bye Blackbird
  • 12. Alfie (Bonus track)

Disc 2 – One Blue Voice Live (standalone audio – taken from the DVD – previously unavailable.)

  • 1. Satellite
  • 2. Mary, Don’t Keep Me Waiting
  • 3. Windmills of Your Mind
  • 4. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
  • 5. La Chanson Des Vieux Amants
  • 6. Almost Blue
  • 7. If You Don’t Come Back To Me
  • 8. Cry Me A River
  • 9. The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies-O!
  • 10. God Give Me Strength
  • 11. Dido’s Lament: When I Am Laid In Earth
  • 12. Momma Momma
  • 13. Ski
  • 14. This House
  • 15. You Don’t Have To Go
  • 16. Alfie (Bonus track)
  • 17. Only You (Bonus track)
  • 18. That Ole Devil Called Love (Bonus track)
  • 19. Should I Feel That It’s Over (Bonus track)


The Turn

Disc 1 – The Album

  • 1 One More Time
  • 2 Anytime At All
  • 3 The Man in The Wings
  • 4 Can’t Say It Like I Mean It
  • 5 It’s Not The Thing Henry
  • 6 Fire
  • 7 The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)
  • 8 World Without End
  • 9 Home
  • 10 Smaller
  • 11 A Guy Like You
  • 12. Senses

Disc 2 – Live Performances / B-sides / Bonus Tracks

  • 1. Fool, Reconsider Me (B-side to One More Time)
  • 2. Momma Momma (B –side to One More Time)
  • 3. A Guy Like You (Jeremy Wheatley Radio Edit)
  • 4. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow) (Unreleased Single Edit) *
  • 5. One More Time (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 6. Wishing You Were Here (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 7. Dorothy (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 8. Can’t Say It Like I Mean It (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 9. Fire (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 10. The Man In The Wings (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 11. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow) (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 12. Momma Momma (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 13. Ski (live – The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 14. You Don’t Have To Go (live -The Turn Tour 2008) *
  • 15. Head (Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2010 / from the album A Concert For Kirsty MacColl)





Hometime 2CD

Hometime VINYL


Voice 2CD



The Turn 2CD

The Turn VINYL

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Alison’s first four albums will be released as deluxe edition 2-cd’s in November 2016. B-sides, 12″ remixes, extended versions, demos, non-album tracks: almost everything that was released between 1984 and 1996 has been included. About ten tracks are not included , because there was no more space on the cds.


I simply do not understand all the fuss. Alison is an amazing artist and her new stuff makes her Sony years seem dismal. Hometime and the minutes are simply the most amazing of her career and deserve to be bought by every discerning music lover on the planet…followed quickly by Hoodoo and shelved next to your Yazoo remaster box set. The Voice and The Turn are solid efforts easily more enjoyable than her biggest Sony hits. I will have Hometime on vinyl unless I find out it’s sourced from the CD master, then I’ll happily re-buy the CD for the bonus disc.

The Voice reissue is disappointing for me as I have the One Blue Voice DVD so the bonus material isn’t much of a draw as I ripped it to CD long ago, but I purchased The Voice via iTunes in the 128 Mbps days so an upgrade may be in order. The Turn’s bonus material isn’t as exciting as Hometime’s but is enough to make me want it…to vinyl or not is the question. I am disappointed the vinyl editions don’t have the bonus on vinyl but am happy they are included as a download and available in FLAC! Go Alison! Can we get hi-res files? Hometime in true hi-res (better than CD bit rate) would make my day. Ditto for the minutes!

That being said, I’d love a re-issue of Essex with a bonus disc including her original rejected album, that would have my cash faster than light. And I’d probably fork over cash for her other Sony releases as deluxe editions just to complete my b-sides collection and grab remixes that have eluded me and just out of curiosity over whether they did a decent remaster or not. However, so many remastered things these days are so brick walled and undynamic they actually hurt my ears, so methinks my original CDs will suffice…perhaps Sony can find it there hearts to just issue a remix/b-side collection with the rejected Essex sessions as a limited edition bonus? Please? Please? Please?

Actually, of all the Sony owned stuff that rejected album is the holy grail, but a b-sides collection is in order. The original CDs are mastered nicely enough.


No one has posted a deluxe wish edition of hoodoo yet???


Great! What do these albums need to be remastered for-they’re barely ten years old, two of them! Kim Wilde’s 90s ones haven’teven been touched yet, but it seems to me all to often that the critical elite seem to be the brother of God over what gets remastered and what doesn’t. If it ain’t over-lauded bores like Depeche Mode that seem to fart and get it remastered, then stuff anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I like Alison a lot, but yes, the older stuff should come first, not least did it make her, and she still sells OK today thanks to her almost Kate Bush like respect among critics.

For God’s sake OMD’s 1985 masterpiece “Crush” isn’t out yet, nor are any of the 90s albums from Duran Duran-A-ha’s have pipped them to the post, but then A-ha are more respected now (finally). People are such hypocrites. London Records or whoever have Siobhan’s first 2 albums should be shot-both are cool albums-“Sacred Heart” could remain her masterpiece perhaps, but they should leave them to her. They’re her works (with Marcella) after all, and I’m glad to think those two might finbally be speaking. A far more important act than Bananarama ever could be-and what’s with all THEIR bleeding releases. Says it all about this bloody country that they respect candyfloss girlgroups over a serious singer like Kim Wilde, who is also pretty dreadful to her own stuff, not least when she spends so much time banging on about everyone else’s (God knows why, they don’t do the same and they’re nowhere as good as her).

But what’s WORSE is the boring prejudice against Germany regarding remasters. The wonderful Sandra and Alphaville are two of the best acts ever, right up there with Kim, Duran, A-ha, OMD, and Bangles, and yet not ONE of their albums has been remastered or seen even one release. The following a normal world should have received by now is:

*The Long Play (1985)
*Mirrors (1986)
*Into A Secret Land (1988)
*Paintings In Yellow (1990)
*Fading Shades (1995)
*The Wheel Of Time (2002)
*The Art Of Love (2007)
*Back To Life (2009)
latest masterpiece *STAY IN TOUCH was out in 2012, and they can put that out again too. All these should come with their mixes and any/all b-sides, non-album singles, demos and unreleased tracks!

*Forever Young (1984)
*Afternoons In Utopia (1986) MASTERPIECE.
*The Breathtaking Blue (1989)
*So Long Celeste (1992) billed as just Marian Gold, not Alphaville.
*Prostitute (1994)
*United (1996) billed as just Marian Gold, not Alphaville.
*Salvation (1997) MASTERPIECE.
*Catching Rays On Giant (2010) MASTERPIECE.

A box set of sorts containing all the 1980s b-sides of released singles, including anything on 12″s (APART from early song/demo ‘Into The Dark’ annoyingly, which only exists on youtube) was released last year, but so what? This is a decade or more after all these albums should have been out with bonus stuff anyway.

I’d also add there’s tonnes of demos and downloads linked to the Alphaville name or released via their website that are not on physical releases, and if not on extremely expensive almost impossible-to-source limited release boxsets like the “Dreamscapes” one of which there are 8 different parts and one called “Crazyshow” I believe, then these things just hover in space, an indignity A-ha have never had to put up with.

I can’t help but feel it’s that outdated German hate thing-nevermind the music from these 2 acts completely outclasses and outdoes most artists and matches the best. Of course when Sandra is vocalising as a tiny part of an Enigma album pre-2003, THEN she’s available to buy “new”. Screw Virgin/EMI and Warner and Universal for putting them and US through this!

And for the many Duran songs floating about as demos because no one bothered to put them on record, EMI and the rest! And get on with those Kim Wilde releases, not that I expect MCA/Universal to bother finding anything new in the vault, like the leaked and very cool ‘Time To Live Your Life’ from 1990-only available from her KimWildeTV old website and now not anywhere again, even though in a slightly flat year for her then, it was one of th best things she did, yet had the complete lack of sense and insight to not even b-side it but just shelve where it remains to this day. And don’t even get me STARTED ON THE COMPLETED BUT LOCKED AWAY 1998 ALBUM RECORDED FOR MCA IN 1998!

paul griffiths

WOT!!!! no Alf………weak

[…] Moyet this week announced some deluxe reissues. I was going to be cheeky and title the post “Alison Moyet reissues – just not the ones […]


Nope, I’m not interested in these! Just give me her older stuff with 12″ Remixes (deluxe/expanded)! If they release her older stuff (remastered/deluxe/expanded) & I like them a lot I may want to try out her newer stuff. If they wait long enough I’ll be gone/passed away with my CD’s collection & the 80’s memory. Then Sony can keep those stuff for nothing (no one will know about those or buying those)! And of course Alison will be an artist without fan(s), after my passing or perhaps others!


Well yes we all want the Sony4… but in the meantime i will happily take these 3. Crying shame her 1980s b-sides and mixes are not remastered.

HOMETIME is her masterpiece to me and one of the best albums of the 2000s. I would have loved the French track with The Insects included too from this period from the soundtrack album for XX: XY… Le Soleil Est Revenu Written by Tim Norfolk, Bob Locke and Alison Moyet Performed by The Insects and Alison Moyet.

For Essex I would like to see all 1993-1995 material brought together personally..



THE ALBUM (1994)
01 Falling
02 And I Know
03 Whispering Your Name
04 Getting Into Something
05 So Am I
06 Satellite
07 Ode To Boy
08 Dorothy
09 Another Living Day
10 Boys Own
11 Take Of Me

BONUS SONGS (1995.1996)
12 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
13 Solid Wood
14 Blue (Alternate Recording, new lyrics)
15 Our Colander Eyes

16 Whispering Your Name (Single Mix)
17 Getting Into Something (Single Mix)
18 Ode To Boy II
19 First Time (Are You Sure It’s Your….) [Remix]


1 F.O.S
2 Life In A Hole
3 Sunderland Glynn
4 Blue (Original Version)

5 Dorothy [Acoustic]
6 Ne Me Quitte Pas [Acoustic]
7 There Are Worse Things I Could Do

8 Falling [Infinite Dub] 8:07
9 Whispering Your Name [Extended Mix]
10 Whispering Your Name [Dub]
11 Whispering Your Name [Vince Clarke Remix]
12 Whispering Your Name [The Whispers In The Morning Mix]
13 Getting Into Something [Midnight Mix]
14 Ode To Boy [N.Y.- L.A. Mix]
15 Ode To Boy [N.Y.- L.A. Dub]
16 Ode To Boy [Factory Mix]
17 Ode To Boy [Factory Dub 1]
18 Ode To Boy [Factory Dub 2]
19 First Time [Attica Blues Mix]
20 First Time [Attica Blues Dub]


Yes yes yes… this sounds amazing. Sony, are you reading this?!!




Well AlexKx, we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.

Derek T.

Wait. Ordinary Girl PWL 7″ mix? I have the PWL 12″ mix. Where did the PWL 7″ mix appear?


‘Hometime’ is a bit of a masterpiece. ‘Voice’ is competent enough, and ‘The Turn’ is the sound of someone giving up to mediocrity (thankfully completely reversed and then some by the very brilliant ‘the minutes’).

I’ll save my money for the Moyet albums I’ve longed for as Deluxe reissues (commonly known as the ‘Sony4’), as these offer little to entice – I’ve got the B-sides coz I bought the singles. The one amazing mix of ‘A Guy Like You’ isn’t actually included, and as incredible as Moyet is live, I’ll never listen to the live tracks.

I want digital remasters of ‘For You Only (Single Mix)’; ‘Ordinary Girl (PWL 7” Mix); ‘This House’; ‘Back Where I Belong (Polite Mix)’; ‘Stay’; ‘Palm Of Your Hand’; ‘Hitch Hike’; ‘Invisible (Transparent Mix); ‘You Got Me Wrong’; ‘Come Back Home’; ‘Where Hides Sleep (Album Version)’; ‘Hoodoo (Single Mix)’; ‘Love Resurrection (Love Injected Mix)’; ‘Baby I Do’ etc, etc, etc and on and on.

Such an amazing body of work deserves the best treatment. I hope one day those involved reach agreement on making it happen.


Uuuhhhh, what?! Who are these people you all speak of?! Was/is this Allison girl the lead singer of Dead Weather?! Has she ever sold more than one copy of an album before?!

Saar Freedman

I can only Echo the disappointment of the remixes not being included, “A Guy Like You” had 6 remixes released on promo cds (Soul Avengerz Main Mix/Soul Avengerz Long Instrumenal/Almighty Anthem Club/Anthem Radio/Anthem Dub/Anthem Instrumental) Which would have made this a complete package…


I know people are completist but I honestly cannot think of anything more pointless than an instrumental of an Alison Moyet track, the ENTIRE reason I listen to her is for the voice! Remove it and there is zero interest for me.


Totally agree…it is the voice we love


Ditto for dubs. Why dub? Just leave the entire vocal intact people! 99% of dubs are pointless wastes that need the proper vocal track back on top!


Good point, let’s be completists if we’re doing a reissue.


Well I’m happy, Hometime and The Turn are my favourites, I do have most of the stuff on them but I am still happy. I am sure the others will come along and as someone else said, we are not entitled to them just becuase we’re fans, although I can see the logic of people thinking Sony is missing out on making even more money from Alison by re-releasing. I must be the only person who agrees with Alison that Raindancing is pretty poor, the singles excepted.


I personally think her first to solo efforts are just ok. There are some tracks other than singles that are cool, but they are literally the last things by her I listen to. The minutes, Hometime, Hoodoo…those are the essentials…oh, and the 2 Yazoo albums!


Very very sad. I dream edition deluxe 2cd the album Alf + Raindancing.

ALISON MOYET ‎– Alf – deluxe edition 2CD – remastered 2015
Love Resurrection
Honey For The Bees
For You Only
Steal Me Blind
All Cried Out
Money Mile
Twisting The Knife
Where Hides Sleep
Bonus tracks:
Don’t Burn Down The Bridge (Extended Version) 6:35
Twisting The Knife 6:25
Love Resurrection (Long Version) 6:08
Invisible (12″ Extended Mix) 6:00
All Cried Out (Extended Version) 6:51
For You Only (Extended New Version) 6:14
Invisible (Transparent Mix) 6:25
Love Resurrection (Injected Mix) 9:29
All Cried Out (The Remix) 7:56
….instrumentals, dub, remixes….

Alison Moyet ‎– Raindancing – deluxe edition 2CD – remastered 2015
Weak In The Presence Of Beauty
Ordinary Girl
You Got Me Wrong
Without You
Sleep Like Breathing
Is This Love?
Blow Wind Blow
Glorious Love
When I Say (No Giveaway)
Bonus tracks:
To Work On You 4;12
Palm Of Your Hand (Cloak And Dagger) 3:52
Love Letters (Extended Version) 3:32
This House 5:50
Sleep Like Breathing 4:20
Is This Love? (L.A. Mix) (Extended Version) 5:22
Blow Wind Blow (Long Version) 6:40
Weak In The Presence Of Beauty (Extended Remix) 6:04
Ordinary Girl (Remix) 5:34
Love Letter (Extended Version) 6:41
Is This Love (L.A. Mix) 8:30
Ordinary Girl (Dance Mix) 5:45
….instrumentals, dub, remixes….


Artists owe us nothing. The idea that because we purchased an album in 1985 means an artist somehow owes us for their success for all time and should give us whatever we want is insane. We got an album we like and they got paid for it, which sounds like a fair deal to me.

I would love great reissues of the Sony albums but I’m entitled to them.


…not entitled, obviously.


Artists like Alison Moyet should never forget when they
had their greatest success. And I think for Alison Moyet
this was “Alf” and “Raindancing”. So for me it’s not so interesting to have later “serious” albums of her – especially if they have no remixes / promo 12″ remixes ( “Do You Ever Wonder” and “A Guy Like You” for example ) on the tracklist of two CD’s
– with possible space of 160 minutes. A real shame!
After hearing yesterday the “Love Injected” remix of “Love Resurrection” by Jolley&Swain again – i hope they did also
more mixes of “Alf” tracks and somebody will find them in the archives
of Sony in the future. The remix is so “Night Dubbing”-like
( the famous “Imagination Remix” album ). Very experimental.
BTW: What about a Deluxe Edition of “Upstairs At Eric’s” ?
With album tracks / 12″ mixes / U.S..12″ remixes / demo’s /
unreleased instrumentals like “Chinese Detectives” ,
the wonderful BBC tracks and the “Tour Version” of “Situation”.
Anybody knows more about the offical unreleased
12″ mix of “Goodbye 70’s” ?


Sony I guess has no qualms about reissuing the Paul Young stuff over the years. Both him and Alf were labelled as “blue-eyed soul” around the same time and both were enormously successful in terms of sales. I wonder why they’re holding back on her stuff?? On the other hand labels like Edsel and Cherry Red were able to get hold of Paul’s back catalogue easily, maybe they could’ve done the same for Alison?

Steve Marine

HOMETIME is a masterpiece. And the selection of songs on the bonus disc is a dream come true. I seriously couldn’t be happier.
The other two albums’ bonus material is a bit disappointing, as live tracks are my least favorite thing when it comes to bonus material. But if that’s all she’s got, that’s all she’s got.
Nevertheless, I already bought my copy of HOMETIME and I am counting down the days until it arrives!


Although like most people I am waiting and will continue to wait for the Sony4…I was very excited by the re-issues…especially because of all the live content…Alison live gets me all PUFFY and I enjoy the differences between the live and the studio…I don’t normally care much for remixes/dance mixes, unless they are something new and wonderful…not just typical edm, so I am not at all bothered by the lack o mixes or edits


I, for one, am very pleased with these re-issues. Sure, I would have loved the first four albums to have been done, but having these three is a start. Perhaps the interest shown in these reissues will spark something in Sony to get the first four done. Getting these on 2CD & vinyl will be fantastic and, coupled with the original vinyls of the ‘Sony 4’, a collector would have all of Alison’s studio albums on vinyl (her last album, The Minutes, was released on red vinyl in 2013). Few artists from the 80s would be able to boast this!

My understanding is that the ‘Sony 4’ are out of Alison’s hands as she does not own them anymore. Yes, she wasn’t happy with their final output and was subject to record company wishes, but I do not think that Alison has disowned them in any way. She still performs the career-defining songs from these albums in her live concerts. Perhaps Hometime, Voice and The Turn are not her best albums in her canon, but there are some superb gems on them and they highlight the musical genres that she wanted to explore and pursue as every decent artist should be allowed to do at some point in his/her career. Alison’s back catalogue has been sorely neglected, so, as a fan, I am grateful to Cherry Records for delving into the vaults for what will be some wonderful and most welcome SDEs & vinyls of one of pop’s finest voices!

Carlton Fisher

I was much more excited about this when i read the headline than when i found out what we were actually getting. I still like her music, but the most recent albums lack the spark that the first four had. Perhaps she doesn’t think those four are as good, but there was something much more palpable in terms of the sense of “life” in those recordings than in her more recent work, which is pleasant, but seems more “mannered” in some ways (if that makes sense).

On the tangents: I’ve been on a massive Siobhan Fahey spree lately, and I wish she would follow through on some of the things she’s promised. There were supposed to be deluxe editions coming of Sacred Heart and Hormonally Yours, and there was supposed to be a new album. I wonder sometimes if perhaps she’s reluctant to draw attention to the Marcella years–I know she’s not particularly happy with the dynamic of that time. Personally, I think her post-Marcella material is far better, but I’d still like some quality, comprehensive reissues of the first two albums.

I don’t think we’ll ever see Y Kant Tori Read. Every once in awhile, when I here that Tori is doing a few of the songs in concert, I start thinking that she might be re-thinking her position on it, but I think she’s too set against it as an era, and thinks of it as a completely different entity than her own work. Unless she loses control of the masters at some point, I don’t see it ever coming out unless it’s as some sort of “very special release” inside of a larger career retrospective or something. Then again, I doubt even that, because that would involve acknowledging it as a part of “her” career, and I think she’s been pretty clear that she doesn’t feel there’s any investment of her actual art in that album: “I can clone myself like that blonde chick who sings Bette David Eyes.”


On the Siobhan Fahey point: I believe she has been entangled in ‘debates’ with Warner as to whether she can release those first two SS albums on her own SF label. I don’t think she disses the Marcella years at all, and I did read somewhere that bridges had been rebuilt between the two of them in recent times. It certainly would be superb to get proper deluxe treatments of those albums (both have an a huge amount of associated remixes, demos, live tracks and b-sides), and to get some new material from Fahey, who remains a very potent talent. Her live shows a few years ago were terrific.

Can’t finish without bemoaning the fact that there is STILL no sign of a deluxe edition of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tango in the Night’ (or ‘Mirage’) – I mean, what?????????!!!!!!!


Totally AGREE about your Fleetwood Mac wish list , Tango In the Night and Mirage …it really is unbelievable they have not had the Deluxe treatment ?????


Deluxe Editions of “Alf” and “Raindancing” would have got my attention more!


I would rather they released her early 1980s albums with all the extended 12inch versions added as I only have them on vinyl.


I’ve been waiting patiently for the Sony CD deluxe issues for years. To hear those old Alf besides without the vinyl crackle and pop would be amazing. Whether Alison is unhappy with the finished product or not, those old releases have historical value as well. They should be admired for what they are and when they were. This also goes for the Y Tori Kant Read CD reissue refusal. It’s a shame the ego gets in the way. The fans are truly wanting these items. Without the fans …. good luck paying the rent!


I think your comment about Siobhan Fahey is quite mild for the internet!


True Mike, but I like to think I’m better than that. Otherwise I’d be embroiled in a slanging match on YouTube :)


Thanks for that offer Paul. It’s OK. I don’t think Siobhan will see it and even if she did, my opinion really counts for nothing.

It has made me realise something though. I get really annoyed that a lot of the 7″ and 12″ mixes that I bought on vinyl back in the day aren’t on CD. As time goes on, it gets increasingly frustrating. This prompts me to attack either the artist or the record label. On hindsight that is rather childish.

There is no way of knowing why these things don’t materialise. But for whatever reason, my throwing an internal tantrum that occasionally spills out into a pernickety comment isn’t going to change anything, except cause myself grief.

I simply need to accept that some of what I want on CD just isn’t available and to be grateful for the fact that most of it is. Also, be grateful for the amazing reissues that have come out over the last 5 years which have seen so many of the 7″ and 12″ mixes finally making an appearance, thanks to companies like Cherry Pop, Big Break Records, Edsel, Funkytowngrooves etc. and the stellar work of people like Tom Parker and Vinnie Vero making sure nothing is missed.


I have never been so excited to read a headline, and so disappointed to read the contents. Seriously, heartbreaking.

It is impossible for me to put into words how badly I want the deluxe/remastered treatment for Alf, Raindancing, Hoodoo, and Essex. Surely someone in the Moyet camp can apply a little pressure on Sony….


With you one hundred percent-and even on these she isn’t releasing the remixes. Shame.


I don’t blame Alison for not being too bothered about the earlier stuff being re-released. I’ve said it before, but I don’t reckon AM thinks her first few albums are very good these days and has bad memories of working for CBS/Sony who just wanted a hit machine like Yazoo. Alison wanted to be a serious recording artist, Sony wanted record sales and that caused clashes. It must be a hard position to be in. If I’d fallen out with a company I’d previously worked for, I’d not be wanting to help make them more profit, but if I was a musician I’d also be wanting to give my fans something they’re yearning for. Between a rock and a hard place…


The problem with artists is that all too often their popularity strengthens their Ego and they lose sight of the fact that their popularity was as a result of pleasing the public not as a result of pleasing themselves. There is a balancing act to be achieved. But when they care more about pleasing themselves then their popularity evaporates and all that remains are the hardcore fans. Putting your Ego and pride aside isn’t easy though and if you’re an artists that doesn’t really need the money, then you’re perfectly free to sit in your ivory tower. It’s a familiar story. (*Waves to Siobhan Fahey*)


I regret the Siobhan Fahey comment but can’t edit it now. It was a joke, but in hindsight I shouldn’t have put that.


well unfortunately you are right about Siobhan Fahey tho…very funny and apt


So Alison is blaming Sony for not releasing deluxe editions of the first 4 albums….