Amazon exclusive adds DVD to Kirsty MacColl hits collection

A New England: The Very Best Of Kirsty MacColl amazon.co.uk exclusive with DVD
Amazon.co.uk exclusive offer the new hits collection with DVD & postcards

Salvo Music’s forthcoming Kirsty MacColl collection, A New England: The Very Best Of Kirsty MacColl is available at amazon UK with an exclusive bonus disc that features 10 promo videos, plus five art cards with photographs and lyrics.

The 21-track hits collection is released on 25 February, and features some of Kirsty’s most popular songs, including tracks from her last album Tropical Brainstorm.

At the time of writing, there is no excuse not to go for the ‘deluxe’ amazon exclusive because at £12.99 it is currently cheaper more than £1 cheaper than the standard one-CD edition!

Track listing:


      • 1. In These Shoes?
      • 2. Walking Down Madison
      • 3. A New England
      • 4. My Affair
      • 5. Days
      • 6. They Don’t Know
      • 7. Don’t Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim!
      • 8. England 2 Colombia 0
      • 9. Terry
      • 10. He’s On The Beach
      • 11. Miss Otis Regrets
      • 12. Caroline
      • 13. You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby
      • 14. Celestine
      • 15. Soho Square
      • 16. Free World
      • 17. Bad
      • 18. Innocence
      • 19. Angel (Floating Round This House)
      • 20. There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis
      • 21. Fairytale Of New York


      • 1. Terry (DVD)
      • 2. A New England (DVD)
      • 3. He s On The Beach (DVD)
      • 4. Free World (DVD)
      • 5. Days (DVD)
      • 6. Innocence (DVD)
      • 7. Don t Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim! (DVD)
      • 8. Walking Down Madison (DVD)
      • 9. My Affair (DVD)
      • 10. All I Ever Wanted (DVD)


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Stephen K.

Thank goodness for Amazon UK! Let’s get Amazon making exclusives for ALL reissues!! Not that I like exclusives, but I can think of at least ten reissues of the last year that would have benefited from some extra content chosen by a third party, as most reissue content seemed poorly chosen by the labels!


Pre-ordered, thanks for the heads up Paul.