Anthony Phillips / The Geese & the Ghost / three disc deluxe


Genesis founding member Anthony Phillips has his 1977 debut album The Geese and the Ghost reissued as a deluxe 2CD+DVD set in March.

The album has been newly re-mastered (from the original tapes) by Simon Heyworth and comes with a bonus CD of demos and early versions of the tracks from the album, as well as two previously unreleased songs from 1973 (Silver Song and Only Your Love) that feature Phil Collins as a vocalist.

Even better, the DVD includes a new 5.1 surround sound mix of the album (by Andy Myles and Simon Heyworth) and everything is packaged in a smart clamshell box, which also finds room for an illustrated booklet with new essay by Jonathan Dann.

This three-disc ‘definitive edition’ of The Geese & the Ghost will be released on 9 March 2015 via Esoteric Recordings.

Track listing

Disc: 1 (CD)
1. Wind -Tales
2. Which Way the Wind Blows
3. Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times
4. God If I Saw Her Now
5. Chinese Mushroom Cloud
6. The Geese and the Ghost
7. Collections
8. Sleepfall: the Geese Fly West

Disc: 2 (CD)
1. Master of Time (Demo)
2. Title Inspiration
3. The Geese and the Ghost Part One (Basic Track)
4. Collections Link
5. Which Way the Wind Blows (Basic Track)
6. Silver Song (Geese Sessions Version)
7. Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times (Basic Track)
8. Collections (Demo)
9. The Geese and the Ghost Part Two (Basic Track)
10. God If I Saw Her Now (Basic Track)
11. Sleepfall (Basic Track)
12. Silver Song (1973 Unreleased Single Version)
13. Only Your Love (1973)

Disc: 3 (DVD featuring 5.1 mix)
1. Wind -Tales
2. Which Way the Wind Blows
3. Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times
4. God If I Saw Her Now
5. Chinese Mushroom Cloud
6. The Geese and the Ghost Parts One and Two
7. Collections
8. Sleppfall: the Geese Fly West

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Now i understand why Only Your Love was kept off the 2008 Voiceprint edition.
They needed to hold back something to justify yet another ‘remaster’.
I’m not gonna buy it.


Strictly speaking, the Phil Collins vocal version of Silver Song is not previously unreleased as it appeared on the previous remastered edition by Voiceprint in 2008. Disc 2 of the new release is almost identical to the Voiceprint Disc 2 but, as you say, has the new track ‘Only Your Love’. Not sure whether many people who have the Voiceprint edition will splash out for the new edition unless they especially want the 5.1 mix.

CJ Feeney

I bought the two disc version recently. An excellent album. Originally intended as a two hander with Mike Rutherford who co-wrote a lot of it, this does feel like a lost Genesis album. Clearly the members of Genesis got on well with AP after his departure. Tony Banks even loaned AP his mellotron for the album and Steve Hackett’s brother and collaborator John also contributes.


I love this album. One of my favourites from the Genesis family of releases. Really looking forward to this release. You can also order it directly from Chery Red Records for £17.99. I ordered Ant’s “Harvest of the Heart” Anthology directly from them.