Art of Noise: At The End of a Century


 ZTT and Salvo Music will early next year issue At The End of a Century a new Art of Noise collection that includes a ‘producer’s cut’ of 1999’s The Seduction of Claude Debussy as well as a completely unreleased album.

This will be a 2CD+DVD set put out under Salvo’s Sound & Vision imprint. The DVD features two complete Art of Noise concerts from 2000. The unreleased album is called Balance For The Eye (full track listing below).

At The End of a Century is out on 2 February 2015. On the same date a repackaged and redesigned double-pack of The Value of Entertainment/Sampled will also be issued following the Japan-only version from earlier this year.


At the End of a Century (2CD+DVD)


The Value of Entertainment (CD+DVD)

Track listing


Part One
1. Intro
2. Dans Le Style D’une Sarabande Mais Sans Rigueur
3. The Falling Rocket
4. A Distant Ringing Of Horns
5. Bayonet
6. Bored On A Sunday
7. Hummingbird
8. Dans Le Style D’un Chanson Populaire

Part Two
9. Intro
10. The Food Of Love
11. Music For The I
12. Dreaming In Colour
13. Speachless Creatures
14. Middle, Index, Thumb
15. It’s All In The Ears
16. On CD

Part Three
17. Intro
18. Driving Rain Plus
19. The Case For A Complete Performance
20. Blue Murder
21. The Interrupted Serenade
22. Ce N’est Pas Fini!
23. The Reflection Of A Reflection
24. In The Balance (Across The Century)
25. Fin De Siécle
26. Un Tendre Et Triste Regret

1. Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century)
2. Born On A Sunday
3. Dreaming In Colour
4. On Being Blue
5. Rapt: In The Evening Air
6. Metaforce
7. The Holy Egoism Of Genius
8. La Flûte De Pan
9. Out Of This World (Version 138)
10. Metaphor On The Floor
11. Approximate Mood Swing No. 2
12. Pause
13. Dreaming (Colour Yellow)
14. Dreaming (Colour Green)
15. Dreaming (Colour Black)
16. Dreaming (Colour Silver)


Part One: The Image of a Group
1. Born Again
2. Born Again
3. The Art Of Debussy (short film)
4. Serenade Of The Dolls (out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
5. Rain (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
6. Blue Murder (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)

Part Two: Art Of Noise
7. A Private Audience With Art Of Noise (Live Coexistence, 01 June 2000)
8. A Public Audience With Art Of Noise (Live At The Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 22nd March 2000)
9. A Sales Device
10. Dreaming In Colour
11. Metaforce
12. Something Is Missing
13. Something Is Missing (Reprise, Coexistence, Take 4)
14. La Flute De Pan (Coexistence, Rehearsals)

The Value of Entertainment (CD+DVD

Disc: 1
1. Closing – Art of Noise
2. Disneyland – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
3. Femme fatale (The woman with the orchid) – Propaganda
4. Intermission (The gods are bored) – Anne Pigalle
5. Swamp out – Instinct
6. Egypt – Art of Noise
7. The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 1) – Andrew Poppy
8. P:Machinery (Beta) – Propaganda
9. Looking for love (Demo) – Anne Pigalle
10. A time for fear (who s afraid) (“suicide is painless…” – Art of Noise
11. Born to run (Live) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
12. The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 2) – Andrew Poppy
13. Closing (The Director’s Cut) – Art of Noise
14. Swamp out (The Director’s Cut) – Instinct
15. Born to run (The Director’s Cut) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
16. The Amusement (Edit from The Value of Entertainment, 30 May 1985) – Andrew Poppy
17. Beat Box (The Ambassador’s Reel) – Art of Noise
18. Another Time To Hear (Who’s Listening) (The Ambassador’s Reel) – Art of Noise
19. Beat Box (Extract from The Value of Entertainment, 30 May 1985) – Art of Noise
Disc: 2
1. Dream Within A Dream – Propaganda (DVD)
2. London, Summer 1700 hours (DVD)
3. Sweat To Pay – Instinct (DVD)
4. London, Summer 1930 hours (DVD)
5. Hé Stranger – Anne Pigalle (DVD)
6. Doctor Mabuse – Propaganda (DVD)
7. Beat Box, Moments in Love, and… – Art of Noise (DVD)
8. Close (to the Edit) (Full Version) – Art of Noise (DVD)
9. Duel – Propaganda (DVD)
10. Keep The Dream (Full Version) – Instinct (DVD)
11. London, Summer 2300 hours (DVD)
12. P:Machinery – Propaganda (DVD)
13. London, Summer 2315 hours (DVD)
14. Close (to the Edit) – Art of Noise (DVD)
15. Time Travel Apparatus (DVD)
16. Keep The Dream, Via Vagabond, Duel (Full Version) – Instinct, Anne Pigalle, Propaganda (DVD)
17. P:Machinery (Full Version) – Propaganda (DVD)
18. End Credits (DVD)
19. Andrew Caitlin – Gallery (DVD)


At the End of a Century (2CD+DVD)


The Value of Entertainment (CD+DVD)

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Ian Gilchrist

The China era albums are owned by Warners, not ZTT, so this was not just a question of us (USM/Salvo) requesting that the parts etc be pulled together for us by ZTT as we normally do with reissues of their content.

Any ‘announcement’ of their release was in fact premature. Ian Peel assures me that all ever said online was that he had assembled potential track listings for expanded editions, which he posted about just once, but he did not say they would definitely be coming 0ut on Salvo, or any other label for that matter (although I understand why people would make this obvious assumption).

We have not been granted a sub-licence from Warners, and with all that is going on in our company at present (we were recently acquired by BMG, and are in the process of fully merging with them), we decided not to pursue a licence for the China titles at the present time.

Also, to clarify Ian Peel’s status: it is correct that he is no longer employed by ZTT, but we are continuing to employ Ian on a freelance basis to oversee aspects of the ZTT reissues moving forward.

And ‘The Value of Entertainment’ and ‘At The End Of A Century’ are out today (2nd February).

Ian Gilchrist

All good Paul.

I’ve kept my oar in the boat until now, because getting drawn into a defensive posture is not something I particularly relish, but in this instance I felt the somewhat unfounded vitriol that has been directed at us needed to be addressed.

You know what they say: opinions are like…. :)


If I understand this correctly, somebody needs to start asking Warner about re-releasing the AoN China Records albums. Does anybody have an idea of how this can be approached sensibly?

Ian Gilchrist

I would start with the Rhino FB page perhaps, and check the web for a WEA UK site, and start posting on the Rhino web site …rally your troops and best of luck.

[…] Art Of Noise / At The End Of A Century […]


Excellent news!
Very much looking forward to listening to ‘BALANCE – MUSIC FOR THE EYE’. We have been teased on ‘INFLUENCE’ a few years ago with a short extract… Can’t wait!

Matt Eastwood

Man. If there’s one album I WANT in 5.1, it’s The Seduction of Claude Debussy. Brilliant album. Love it.

For some reason, I could never warm up to their other stuff. I respect it and understand why it’s got so many fans, it’s just not my thing.

Producer’s Cut looks intriguing, though! This set might be worth checking out.

Stephen K.

The Art of Noise release looks great. I loved the outtakes on Influence. I look forward to the Dreaming mixes. We’re looking at 1 1/2 discs of unheard mixes! I have no complaints! (Well, the Way Out West mixes could use a commercial CD release, but this content looks more exciting).

The deluxe Into Battle should’ve been spread across 2 CD’s.

What, still no China-era deluxe releases?


I too hate it when they announce reissue programs like this and then abandon them or delay them for years. The China ones imo are their best work and really deserve to be treated that way.


I also want to know what’s up with the China reissues. I wish someone would come forward to explain what is going on. The way this has been handled makes absolutely no sense at all.


Why were the China reissues scuttled? Was SO waiting for those… Where does it say this?


Because Ian Peel who announced them and was presumably working on them as well has left ZTT.

Steve Marine

As much as I love, love, love, love, love Art of Noise, I just don’t really like the Claude Debussy album that much. To me, that album is like a drum-and-bass version of Louis Clark & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s 1989 acid house mix of “Beethoven’s 5th.”
http://www.discogs.com/Louis-Clark-Royal-Philharmonic-Orchestra-Beethovens-Fifth/release/209347 (Although the video posted on this page is not the correct acid house mix that’s on the record.)

Anyway, I’d kill to get deluxe versions of the China Records era albums though.


Very disappointing to hear the China reissues are no longer happening. I was excited about those as that was my favorite Art of Noise era! The chances of us hearing those unreleased recovered mixes/demos from those China-era cassettes sounds pretty slim. Does anyone know if there is a place to hear those mixes??


The Value of Entertainment [CD + DVD] Collector’s Edition coming as well in February 2015 http://tinyurl.com/nhpckx5


Any change this will be available (in the near future) in HD-downloads (like the FGTH re-issue).?
I would like to be a big advocate for this.


Sadly, I can confirm that there are no (longer) plans to release the group’s biggest selling album “In Visible Silence” and the follow ups “In No Sense? Nonsense!” and “Below The Waste” via Salvo/USM in the foreseeable future. From the The Art of Noise Online


I thought SOCD was quite good too. More keen to hear the unreleased album though. Still waiting patiently on those China Records reissues. Why doesn’t someone like Edsel or Cherry Red get involved?


Oh man, if Edsel got involved they’d be fantastic, especially if they do it the same as their recent career-spanning reissue sets (Lisa Stansfield, Wedding Present) and include everything they can.

Cherry Red wouldn’t be too bad either, but they seem to avoid including DVDs.


Well the Seduction of Claude Debussy is the only ART of Noise album I actually play these days – much as I like some of their earlier work the novelty seems to have worn off a bit for me. Seduction though I find continues to entertain.
Not really interested in the concerts but the new material might be of interest – would like to preview some of it first though…


huge AON fan, but in going back and listening to the single “Metaforce” the other day.. it was just embarrassingly bad. Sigh, I am sure there is interesting stuff on this set but it really strikes me as barrel scrapping. Carry on!