Art of Noise / In Visible Silence / deluxe 2LP blue vinyl with bonus tracks

Music On Vinyl will issue a double vinyl deluxe edition of the Art of Noise‘s 1986 album In Visible Silence that includes bonus tracks and is available on limited edition blue vinyl.

This edition follows last year’s two CD deluxe package and impressively 17 of that set’s 24 bonus tracks feature on this gatefold vinyl package, which also comes with a four-page booklet and is numbered.

All tracks have been sourced from the original master tapes and the remastering sessions were overseen by Anne Dudley, JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan.

Pre-order the 2LP blue vinyl of In Visible Silence from the SDE Shop


  1. Opus 4
  2. Paranoimia
  3. Eye Of A Needle
  4. Legs
  5. Slip Of The Tongue
  6. Backbeat


  1. Instruments Of Darkness
  2. Peter Gunn ( Featuring Duane Eddy)
  3. Camilla – The Old, Old Story
  4. Chameleon‘s Dish
  5. Beatback


  1. Hoops And Mallets
  2. Something Always Happens
  3. Why Me ?
  4. A Nation Regrets
  5. Backbeat (Reprise)
  6. World War II
  7. The First Leg
  8. Happy Harry’s High Club
  9. Chameleon 4
  10. Beddoo-Bedoo


  1. Panic
  2. Second Legs
  3. Trumpton Boogie
  4. Chameleon 1
  5. A Nation Rejects
  6. Peter Gunn (Extended Version, Featuring Duane Eddy)
  7. Paranoimia (Extended Version, Featuring Max Headroom)

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Andy Haines

There is definitely a quality control issue with the blue vinyl issue from Music on Vinyl! I had two copies from one seller. Both sealed, unopened copies, both scratched on side two. The first copy was so bad the stylus stuck on the track. Both have been returned and I purchased from a different seller. Again side two has scratches over a track. The same type of scratch that looks like something has dangled over the surface and caught it! This one plays with a couple of pops, so I’m keeping this one, but it’s a poor do when seller and end buyer are let down by poor quality control at the factory! Anyone else had issues with this? Or the black vinyl copy?

Tom of FIN

Wow, cheers Paul. The first real deluxe vinyl edition re-issue for a long time to actually purchase!

Because does include bonuses! At least former B-sides or else. Not only remixes, demos, live etc. fillers.

chris miah

YES at last, a vinyl album with extra tracks, not just the CD edition ,
We need more reissues like this.
I’ve already pre-ordered this yesterday , can’t wait to hear this album again.
Lets hope MOV have got this right.

Tom of FIN

Chris, spot on!

David Carter

no brainer, ordered




HA YES YES YES!!! Just got my copy today! Feel lucky to be part of the 1500 with a copy. It’s like a littl village of us from around the world!

Steady State

I was going to say… the “Legs/Slip of the Tongue” coupling is practically its own thing, and was always there. I love it because “Slip of the Tongue” is one of AoN’s creepier songs, and here it is appended to the (admittedly weird) single off the album.


Actually, Legs always moved seamlessly into Slip of the Tongue on the original release, and most people don’t realize the horrendous way in which Legs ends when you place a gap between the two songs.


Are ‘In No Sense Nonsense’ and ‘Below The Waste’ deluxe reissues still on the horizon?

Brian Would

I hope so pink vinyl on in.no sense and hmmmm purple or grey for below the waste ??


That looks lovely….

Martyn Alner

SOLD! :)

Philip Cohen

More disappointing is that while the 2-CD set’s liner notes said it was the first of a series, the series ended up never happening. Were further 2-CD sets vetoed by Warner Music?


Is it not a wee bit early to assume that? Or have you read somewhere that the other China albums aren’t forthcoming?

Bob Johns

do we know for a fact that the follow ups aren’t happening? There was a long gap between the announcement of In Visible Silence and it’s actual release (appreciating that that magazine article said it would be out August 2017)

Chris Squires

At last, someone gets it. What wouldn’t I give for Diva (Annie Lennox) to be presented like this.
Easiest order of the year so far….


Last year’s CD reissue has a really bad edit on ‘Legs’ – the track cuts out early and moves to the next track. It’s evident on all copies I’ve heard.

Adrian Brown

That’s not a bad edit, it’s how they made it on the original release.