Bananarama reissues on the way


Edsel Records will reissue eighties girl group Bananarama‘s first six albums on 30 September 2013.

Details are scant at present, but the albums, originally released on London Records, all look to be 2CD+DVD sets, and will likely utilise the ‘casebound book’ packaging that Edsel have adopted for their forthcoming Belinda Carlisle reissues.

The series of deluxe editions starts with their debut – 1983’s Deep Sea Skiving – and works through to the post Siobhan Fahey era, with 1991’s Pop Life (featuring Jacquie O’Sullivan) and Please Yourself from 1993 when Bananarama became a duo (Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward).

Expect the usual comprehensive array of remixes and at least all the promo videos on the DVDs.


Deep Sea Skiving 2CD+DVD
UK Pre-order: Deep Sea Skiving (Bonus DVD)


Bananarama 2CD+DVD
UK Pre-order: Bananarama (Bonus DVD)


True Confessions 2CD+DVD
UK Pre-order: True Confessions (Bonus DVD)


Wow! 2CD+DVD
UK Pre-order: Wow! (Bonus DVD)


Pop Life 2CD+DVD
UK Pre-order: Pop Life (Bonus DVD)


Please Yourself 2CD+DVD
UK Pre-order: Please Yourself (Bonus DVD)

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[…] we revealed earlier this month, Bananarama‘s first six albums are being reissued as 2CD+DVD sets at the end of September, […]


The Belinda ones are stunning, so the bar is set high, and with an artist as top drawer amazing as Bananarama, my expectations are high! Am hoping we get the track listings this week.


It is great that the albums are getting an expanded release. I really hope these will be the ultimate versions and include outtakes from the studio sessions which fans have wanted to hear for such a long long long time.

I guess the tracklistings will be out early next month after Belinda Carlisles CD’s are released. Fingers crossed for Changes and Reason For Living :)


I would love to see behind the scenes footage or extra scenes/shots from the ‘love in the first degree’ video – it’s so iconic! Do you think they would feature this or does such footage exist? Especially as Bruno tonioli was involved in their biggest videos I would have thought that any extra footage of these would have been released by now


£8.99 each on sainsburys – bit fed up with amazon’s pricing these days since HMV went.


For the ‘Deep Sea Skiving’ I would expect to see the following seventeen bonus tracks:

From the ‘Aie A Mwana’ single:
1. ‘Aie A Mwana’ [7” Version] (3:45)
2. ‘Dubwana’ (3:40)
3. ‘Aie A Mwana’ [12” Version] (5:45)

From the ‘Really Saying Something’ single:
4. ‘Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares’ [7” Version] (2:45)
5. ‘Really Saying Something’ [12” Version] (5:40)
6. ‘Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares’ [12” Version] (4:25)

From the ‘Shy Boy’ single:
7. ‘Don’t Call Us…’ [7” Version] (3:00)
8. ‘Shy Boy’ [12” Version] (5:50)
9. ‘Don’t Call Us…’ [12” Version] (4:20)

From the ‘Cheers Then’ single:
10. ‘Girl About Town’ [7” Version] (3:10)
11. ‘Cheers Then’ [12” Version] (5:20)
12. ‘Girl About Town’ [12” Version] (5:35)

From the ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ single:
13. ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ [12” Version] (4:50)
14. ‘Tell Tale Signs’ (3:00)
15. ‘Na Na Hey Hey Na (Dub) Hey’ (4:15)

From the ‘He’s Got Tact’ Japanese single:
16. ‘He’s Got Tact’ (3:00)

From the original soundtrack album ‘Party Party’:
17. ‘No Feelings’ (2:35)

Timings are approximate but indicate that the above would clock in at around 70 minutes and fit on a second disc.

If memory serves, I think that the 7″ versions of ‘Really Saying Something’, ‘Shy Boy’, ‘Cheers Then’ and ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ were the same as the album versions, whilst the 7″ versions of ‘Aie A Mwana’ and ‘Don’t Call Us…’ were different to the album versions (the latter being renamed ‘Boy Trouble’).

I do not expect the tracks from the first Fun Boy Three/Bananarama collaboration single ‘It Ain’t What You Do…’ to be included on this reissue as this was primarily a Fun Boy Three release on a different record label (Chrysalis) to Bananarama’s (Deram/London).


Just looked at the discography on http://www.bananarama.co.uk and this lists the following four US mixes of the first three ‘Deep Sea Skiving’ singles:

From the ‘Really Saying Something’ US 12″ Single:
1 ‘Aie A Mwana’ [12” US Mix] (6:45)
2 ‘Really Saying Something’ [12” US Mix] (7:50)

From the ‘Shy Boy’ US 12″ Single:
3 ‘Shy Boy’ [12” US Mix] (7:00)
4 ‘Shy Boy’ [12” US Dub] (9:20)

I was previously unaware these versions and would like to see them included on the new reissue.


It gets even more involved!

A further perusal of the discography on http://www.bananarama.co.uk has revealed the following three alternative versions of ‘Deep Sea Diving’ tracks:

From the US ‘Deep Sea Skiving’ album:
1 ‘Shy Boy’ [US Album Mix] (3:35)
2 ‘Really Saying SOmething’ [US Album Mix] (3:45)

From the 2007 re-issue of the ‘Deep Sea Skiving’ album:
3 ‘Girl About Town’ [Alternative 7″ Mix] (3:30)

That brings the total of possible bonus tracks to a mighty twenty-four!


I’m hoping for decent cd versions of the following:

1. Aie A Mwana (UK 12″ Mix)
2.Cruel Summer (Original 12″)
3.Do Not Disturb (12″)
4. Trick Of The Night (Both Tricky And Number One Mixes)
5.I Can’t Help It (Hammond Version Excursion)


£60… I will buy them all and i check each day for a tracklist. Can’t wait. Anfunny knows his stuff more than anyone and i agree the six videos that were left off the 30th anniversary DVD should be a priority. TV performances would obviously be great too but remastering and the 2CD tracklistings are the most important thing here. I too used to own the ‘… And that’s not all’ VHS and even backed it up onto DVD in 2003 along with another VHS or 2 of theirs but unfortunately they were amongst some stuff that got stolen so that would be really nice to see on DVD. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’ve heard so much stuff on forums moaning about these releases coming out it’s incredible. 2007 was six years ago people. And those releases were almost immediately around £3.99. You aren’t forced to buy them. I thank God that we are finally getting decent sets. I hope they fill up BOTH cd’s to max of 80 minutes and not leave any space, especially on disc one. That is to also say i hope that disc one aren’t just the original albums.

Tim G

I am looking forward to these, but I am a bit reluctant right now. Its too much too soon for me. I know a lot of us shout hell at Siobhan for rehashing her stuff over and over but I dont see many of us doing it about the copious amounts of VENUS AND THE GREATEST HITS compilations surfacing every year or so. With Shakespears Sister’s Sacred Heart deluxe coming soon I am going to be very very skint if I buy all these too :D


Some of us have these albums 14 times now…


Why coudnt these super deluxe versions be released alongside the 2007 reissues?then youd have had a choice which to buy then,now it means buying them for a 3rd time!

John Morton

I am so excited about these releases. I was lucky enough to be at their 20th anniversary show in London and just saw them in Atlanta… we got to meet them in the vip room and they were soooo beautiful and fun!

Dorian Grobier

Hope they include real gems! Making of VENUS, State I’m In, BBC performances… Demo tracks : “Too Much Of A Good Thing” (from True Confessions era), “Changes” (from Please Yourself)…and so on….


I’m finding the idea of BBC TV performances less and elss likely. The Belinda “Archive BC and ITV” stuff turned out to be a few interviews, no performances. All I can think of by way of “exclusives” we might end up with on these 6 [!] DVDs are the things which weren’t found on last years 30 years Of… DVD. ie;

It Aint What You Do…
The State I’m In
Trick Of The Night [B&W Version]
Love In The First Degree [Live AT BPI Awards Version]
Mr Sleaze [The Greatest Hits Collection video]
The Greatest Hits Collection Megamix [Clip Compilation]
Megarama ’89 [Different Clip Compilation]

Their stand alone VHS releases literally were just promo compilations, with the exception of And That’s Not All…, which had a few minutes worth of sketches in between the videos. There’s a little footage on The Greatest Hits Collection VHS, them running around the streets of London, introducing a few tracks and the Guinness Book Of World Records guy confirming their success record…


According to AmazonUK these are box sets instead of casebound cds. Is that true ?


Amazon tend to class anything with multiple discs as a box set, I wouldn’t read too much into that.

Minty Fresh

You have to love 80’s hair don’t you?


Looking forward to the new reissues. I have the 2007 remasters which sound great except for their lack of 12″ mixes ! Edsel is really pushing the 80s stuff aren’t they ? Which is great. I hope they can squeeze in some more stuff before the end of the year.


I’d love to see things like the “Kodak” Japanese TV advert, the Jacquie “I Heard A Rumour” ballroom video, “He’s Got Tact” TV advert… I’d love to see new interviews too, including all members past and present…


Yes, shame wow isnt 3 or more cd,s – as it would make sense to include thematically the greatest hits 3 singles (love truth, nathan and help). Hoping for lots of vinyl pwl mixes!

Phyllis Lautner

Brilliant !!! Can’t wait !!! Don’t like the cardboard sleeves though, would sooner “proper” CD plastic cases. As all the videos were released last year on the Greatest Hits package, It would be a brilliant idea to put tv performances on the DVDs, great to get them with excellent picture quality. Will be amazing to get all the 12″ mixes that were only released on vinyl back in the day.


Fantastic news. Bananarama so deserve the full, proper deluxe treatment. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to rarities / mixes never before on cd, and there’s a wealth of unreleased tracks in the vaults. I am very, very excited about these, and so hope those involved do the 80’s act, 90’s act, 00’s act and now [currently recording their 11th studio album] act Bananarama’s 30+ years justice. Can’t wait to see the tracklistings – I’ve pre-ordered all 6 already!


Promising. Most of the earlier material has all been released one place or another, but hopefully these releases will pull it all together in one place more comprehensively. And for the later (mid) material, hopefully the rarer mixes will make an appearance.


Should be interesting to see what these come out like; hopefully will make up for the disappointing 2007 re-issues.


I do agree ! I was happy to find back the first banarama’s albums back in those days, but i was disappointed by the lack of materials in only 1 Cd each !

I am usually disappointed with Cherry pop editions… (think of PWL’s Sonia , Lonnie Gordon or Big Fun, Vs the beautiful works done on Jason Donovan & Rick Astley by Edsel !)

I am waiting impatiently for the setlists!


Perhaps we’ll get the full ‘And That’s Not All…’ VHS on ‘Bananarama’? There were little sketches and extra footage in between the songs, I recall… but then it may seem odd as all the Deep Sea Skiving videos are on that, too. Hmmm.


These are only £9.99 on sainsburys.


I’m hoping the promo videos aren’t the only things on the DVD as they’ve all been released in the last year on their best of CD+DVD! BBC TV performances please!