Basia / Time And Tide Deluxe Edition

Basia / Time And Tide 2CD Deluxe Edition

Polish-born Basia Trzetrzelewska (pronounced Basha Chechelevska) came to prominence as part of Matt Bianco in the early 1980s, and together with Mark Reilly and Danny White, contributed to the success of the band’s debut album Whose Side Are You On?

Basia and White both left Matt Bianco in 1985, and spent two years writing and recording her debut solo album Time And Tide. Released in 1987, the record was a success, especially in America where the title track was a top 30 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

In the end, six singles were released from the 10-track LP (the CD had a bonus track) across various territories. This resulted in a plethora of remixes, seven-inch edits and the odd B-side. The record became a solid foundation for a successful solo career, and only two years later in 1989, Basia had similar success, particularly in the US, with her follow-up album London Warsaw New York.

A new deluxe reissue of Time And Tide is due for release in May 2013 by Cherry Red Records, and adds 19 bonus tracks to the original album, as issued on CD. See the track listing below.

Time And Tide Deluxe Edition track listing:

CD 1

Original album

  • 1. Promises (4.02)
  • 2. Run For Cover (3.38)
  • 3. Time And Tide (4.03)
  • 4. Freeze Thaw (3.54)
  • 5. From Now On (3.47)
  • 6. New Day For You (4.27)
  • 7. Prime Time TV (5.20)
  • 8. Astrud (4.40)
  • 9. How Dare You (3.23)
  • 10. Miles Away (4.10)
  • 11. Forgive And Forget (3.16)

7” Singles and B-sides

  • 12. Prime Time TV (7” Version) (3.27)
  • 13. From Now On (Band Version) (4.05)
  • 14. New Day For You (7” Edit) (3.59)
  • 15. Time And Tide (7” Version) (3.42)
  • 16. Give Me That (4.23)

CD 2

Remixes and alternate versions

  • 1. Prime Time TV (Extended Remix) (5.39)
  • 2. Run For Cover (Extended Remix) (5.28)
  • 3. New Day For You (Extended Version) (6.12)
  • 4. Promises (French Mix) (4.02)
  • 5. Promises (Extended French Mix) (5.32)
  • 6. Promises (Justin Strauss Remix) (7.12)
  • 7. Promises (Samba House Mix) (4.02)
  • 8. Promises (Just Right Dub) (7.44)
  • 9. Promises (Deep Dub) (5.57)


  • 10. Freeze Thaw (Instrumental) (3.57)
  • 11. Run For Cover (Instrumental) (3.38)
  • 12. New Day For You (Instrumental) (4.56)
  • 13. Time And Tide (Instrumental) (4.03)
  • 14. Promises (Instrumental) (5.32)

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Come on! :) Did you hear about this?

[…] this month Time and Tide was reissued as a two-CD deluxe edition and we recently spoke to both Basia and Danny White about their memories of that period. […]

[…] twelve-inch, but what really bugs me, and this happened on Basia [Vinny is producing the reissue of Time and Tide]  is when the labels say one thing, and the sleeves say another. One will say ‘extended remix’ […]

[…] up with him recently to talk about his career in music and his most recent work on the Breathe, Basia and Julia Fordham […]


Scratch my previous comment. I see now what they’ve done. They just took track 4 of CD2 and put on CD 1 nothing else :)


Amazon UK is now listing 17 tracks on CD 1 (one more than announced before):

16. Promises (French Mix) (NOT announced before)
17. Give Me That

Is this true?
What’s different between French Mix and the Extended French Mix?

Vinny Vero

Hello, everyone. I’m blown away by the response to the deluxe edition of “Time And Tide”. It looks like you’re all looking forward to it. It’s very rewarding to read your positive comments. I hope you all enjoy the reissue. Indeed, it includes everything that was released commercially. If this does well, we’re ready to go with “London Warsaw New York”. Roll on May 27!


No “Baby You’re Mine”? Her most virtuoso track ever!


It will be release May 23, not in April as first stated.

It’s on pre-order on Amazon UK:

Only £10.28 (not bad!)


Released May 27 not 23 as I said above, to quick to reply I was ;)


Thank you for this blog. For the past 20 years, it has become my routine habit to search the internet for a new release of Basia that contains “the instrumental version of New Day for You”. Now it is finally coming out… I’m so delighted that my eyes are wet… (joking, but so thrilled that the hair of the back of the neck will stand listening to the tune!) I only had it on the 12″, and I have been wondering why this excellent instrumental version has been missing from all the catalogue releases.


Any more info about a release date or when we can pre-order this. It’s only 2 week until April.


Great Phil, if you get hold of some interesting info then post it here (if it’s allowed).


Paul I found that edit of Promises on a promo CD single released in US
It’s only 15 seconds shorter: http://www.discogs.com/Basia-Promises/release/3917129

Stephen K.

Dan, I’ll take your word on it containing every period remix and b-side. If the mastering is up to snuff, I’ll nominate it for best 80’s reissue of the year!


Sony did a 20-bit Gold CD in the early ’90’s, and that sounded pretty good.


Vinny vero to be thanked again?

Bev Larkin

HOW DO WE ORDER???? When is the release date please – thanks!

Dan Gisbourne

Very much looking forward to this reissue, just checked it with Discogs and it does indeed include every remix and b-side from the time. is this a first for a Reissue? well chuffed :-)

Stephen K.

I have not checked to see what all might be excluded from this set. Perhaps nothing. I am very surprised/pleased to see the Justin Strauss remixes on here. As far as I know, most of them were only on a U.S. promo 12″, so kudos for the reissue. I don’t think the mixes have aged so well from when I first heard them, but it was thrilling to hear Basia’s samba/jazz sound over an acidey-house beat. Especially a 4/4 beat, since the song was not originally in 4/4 time. Justin Strauss had a way with making house music legitimate expression for alternative acts (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Book of Love…) back in the day!