Before The Dawn: Kate Bush to perform live in London in 2014

Kate Bush will play 15 dates at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014

Having surprised the world by releasing two albums in one year back in 2011 (Director’s Cut and 50 Words For Snow) Kate Bush has arguably just topped that this morning by announcing that she will play a series of 15 live dates at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in August and September 2014.

The concerts are being dubbed Before The Dawn. That title and the image (above) released to accompany the announcement, hints at a performance that will include The Ninth Wave (the seven-track suite that formed side two her 1985 masterpiece Hounds Of Love). The narrative of The Ninth Wave involves an individual forced to spend a hallucinatory night in floating in choppy sea waters before the arrival of ‘The Morning Fog’.

Kate has famously not toured for 35 years, so this really is incredible news, with generations who probably thought they’d never get to see Kate play live now afforded that opportunity.

Kate has promised to keep us updated with “further news” via her website, but in the meantime tickets go on sale on at 9.30 am (GMT) on the 28 March 2014 and will be available exclusively from the following agents:


Before The Dawn at London’s Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith


  • Tuesday, 26th August
  • Wednesday, 27th August
  • Friday, 29th August
  • Saturday, 30th August


  • Tuesday, 2nd September
  • Wednesday, 3rd September
  • Friday, 5th September
  • Saturday, 6th September
  • Tuesday, 9th September
  • Wednesday, 10th September
  • Friday, 12th September
  • Saturday, 13th September
  • Tuesday, 16th September
  • Wednesday, 17th September
  • Friday, 19th September

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[…] recently announced that she would be playing some live dates in August and September 2014. The 22 nights in Hammersmith, London are reported to have sold out in […]


Managed to secure two tickets for the front row of the circle on 30th Sept. Should be perfect for what I anticipate will be a very theatrical performance – I couldn’t be happier
For some reason I didn’t even flinch at the £300 cost (and I’m far from a rich man) – although that blows my superdeluxeboxset budget for the next month or two.

Gary C

Didn’t get a sniff…just hoping that longtime fans got their hands on a ticket or two.
Perhaps my wallet can do without the pain, but my heart really can’t


I managed to get a single back row (Y) ticket for the date I wanted through Eventim for £67.90, after about 40 minutes from the selling started. I wonder how they determine the time the tickets were sold out. From the viewpoint of a consumer, it looks like most of them were sold in the first 10 minutes and after that you had to take any seat you could get.


… looks like it’s still ongoing – odd tickets are probably coming back available from expired shopping carts …


… and even the pricey hospitality packages are now gone, in 17-18 minutes.


All normal (non-hospitality) tickets went in about 10-12 minutes.

Gary C

Good luck trying to get tickets today everyone…unless you were a fan club member, then it’s congrats.
Can everyone please just buy 2 tickets instead of four.? Actually, just buy one ticket if you don’t know any fans/have a loved one you’d drag along to a £50 gig. In all sincerity, I’ve already told my GF that if she wants to come, and I manage to get thru from Cyprus this morning, she will need to pay her way. She’s not a huge fan and there’s kind of an unwritten rule on inflated ticket prices/actual interest in artist.
Good luck!!!!

Steven O'Connor

Two days ago, Ticketek in Australia included a waitlist subscription with their general email newsletter. Here’s hoping for a world tour that includes down under! I’ve cut and pasted it below, in case anyone’s interested …

Let’s party like it’s 1979!
After a 35 year hiatus, legendary singer/song writer Kate Bush surprised the music world by announcing a 15-night residency at the Hammersmith Apollo, London – the same venue at which she performed the final shows of her 1979 tour. With suggestions she might perform a world-wide tour, waitlist here to be the first to know.

Paul Kent

Just to let you all know, she’s announced a further seven shows at the same venue.


Here’s hoping Kate doesn’t come down with a case of the Laupers.

Joey d'Entremont

Is anyone out there as excited about this news as I am? Being a life-long Kate Bush fan, I really find this unbelievable. I woke up yesterday thinking I had indeed dreamt the whole thing up… The Dreaming indeed. I have my code and the opportunity to purchase 4 tickets in the pre-sale. My beautiful and gracious wife who unfortunately cannot accompany me, understands how much I love Kate Bush and has urged me to go. I don’t relish the thought of going to a place I have never been to attend such an event alone, therefore I am Reaching Out to anybody out there who may want to join me, or especially anyone in the London area who may want to host for a day or two. My preference, given the choice, would be the very last show on September 19, the day before my birthday. I need to make a decision soon… Any interested individuals are welcomed to message me on FB.


For all those who want a prersale code from someone else ..

This is what this email also said !!!!



Alan Fenwick


I think the solution to that would be to forward the whole e-mail on to someone rather than just pass on the code, then that way you’ve got the code and correct link to click.


dont now if that will work, but its a possibility… now find someone who doesnt use his/hers code.. ;-)


Of course, the big question is whether there is a new album on the way and is the tour in support of it? If not a new studio album called ‘Before the Dawn’, perhaps the tour will preface a rebooted greatest hits affair in time for Christmas? I haven’t forgotten that on this very sight a year or more ago there was talk of ‘The Whole Story Revisited’…… It really is about time that Kate Bush released a definitive collection of singles, b-sides and remixes, not to mention all of the wonderful videos.

Lest I forget to mention it – the announcement of this 2014 tour? Probably one of the best things ever!!!

Just one wish – at least one track from ‘The Dreaming’ – still by far the best Bush album in my opinion.

Joey d'Entremont

OMG OMG OMG I got an email today… Being a member of the Kate Bush fan club I was awarded an opportunity to purchase advance tickets. I am seriously considering getting a passport and flying from Nova Scotia to see this once in a lifetime event! Problem is my wife cannot accompany me and visiting London alone doesn’t sound like all that much fun… Any KB fanatics care to join me??



I might be interested in joining you if you manage to grab a couple of extra tickets. But we’d have to agree on a date and placement.

Alternatively, if someone has a presale code they don’t plan to use, I’d be very grateful to have it.


“Alternatively, if someone has a presale code they don’t plan to use, I’d be very grateful to have it.”



Chris Maynard

I will gladly join you with my fiancee… we are trying to get rooms at a B&B just a few doors down Queen Caroline Street. We could organise the accommodation for you and sort out a meal, etc.

What do you think?
I can’t offer to pay for flights or anything, but I’m really worried that I won’t be able to get tickets on Friday morning!!!


I’m so ready to hop on a plane and go see this. Kate has been on the top of my concert wish list for decades. I stood on a sidewalk in NYC for four hours one cold December day back in 1993 at a record store signing waiting for the opportunity to meet her. The copy of Hounds of Love that she autographed for me that day is one of my most prized possessions.

For some reason I didn’t get a pre-sale code either and I am a member of her web site. Maybe they’re not giving codes to people in the USA? Paul, if you find yourself being offered more than one, I’d be eternally grateful if you could pass along an extra :-)

Paul Kent

Got my pre-sale access code in my inbox today. Now I just have to work on the logistics to see if I can actually do it before the tickets go on sale on Wednesday (2 days early). Already got my tickets sorted for Monty Python in July. If I get tickets for Kate that will be me attending two shows by legends in their respective fields that I hitherto had a snowball’s chance in hell of ever seeing… in the same year!!!

Mikko Suhonen

I have to agree with Dean, for some reason I’ve never gotten into Aerial, Director’s cut and 50 words of snow. She is still a fantastic singer and piano player, but for me it seems that she isn’t anymore writing the same kind of songs that she used to. Many people like her new style which is fine, but I prefer her work before the hiatus.

Enrico G.

Kate live? Am I dreaming? Waiting for a gig since 1979… A good reason to get back to London.
Cheers from Bologna, Italy.

Scott Bennett

Wow, wow, wow! I suppose there is no hope for us lowly Kate fans in the US… At the very least, I hope this will be professionally filmed and that Kate releases a concert video. Great news!

gary c

I will have to cancel many of my pre-orders on Burning Shed, Amazon etc if I manage to snag a ticket or two for one of these gigs. Maybe not the Big Country Steeltown vinyl though. Now there’s a Kate Bush connection!
As far as product is concerned, if she never released anything else I wouldn’t be too upset. Kate’s back catalogue is easily the envy of many other musicians.
I can imagine quite an eclectic, esoteric evening of music and theatre.


After 35 years – I hope that SDE chums share if they are lucky enough to pull tickets on Monday. I think we should anticipate the “Before the Dawn” Blu Ray, CD, vinyl, 5.1, scarf and marbles package just in time for Christmas.
Now, do I fly home from Detroit for this one ?


I thought Ariel was a brilliant album after such a long break away. I am completely gutted about these dates. I leave the country the day before the residency starts and return the day after they finish! Given how hard it will be to get tickets maybe it is for the best. I would so love to see this show.


Seeing that the Apollo schedule doesn’t list anything for September, extra dates could already be planned. Show could be extended until early October.

Full seated capacity is approx 3,500, so it means a little more than 52,000 tickets will be on sale for this first batch.


Sadly, this is 20 years too late for me. Loved what she’d done up to Red Shoes (I have fond memories of that first album, and playing it over and over) – but nothing in the modern era has been remotely interesting to my ears.

It’s a shame, but my interest in seeing her live would have been in full-on mode – as her one and only tour was. That’s way beyond her now.

Justin (UK)

I completely agree with your comments about those albums- Dreaming, Hounds of Love and Aerial are superb! You also make a great point about her range. I must admit I checked that the date wasn’t April 1 when I saw your article!!!!

Alan Fenwick


You’re a little bit behind the times :) you can’t sell concert tickets on Ebay anymore, it’s been like that for over a year now. Ebay partnered up with Stubhub and re-directed all sales through them.

However I still suspect we’ll see a high proportion of tickets on Stub Hub, Viagogo, Seatwave etc. These sort of things don’t deter the ticket re-sellers.


Never knew that, but seems the problem is just moved on elsewhere with eBay still part of the dirty practice.

Alan Fenwick

Ticket details are:

Tickets are limited to 4 per booking and photo ID will be required to be presented by the lead booker upon arrival at the venue on the night of the show.

Ticket prices are: £49 , £59, £75, £95, £135 and are subject to a booking fee.


Good. Should stop the tickets being immediately sold out then flooding eBay for ten times their face value.


Heard this on the news this morning. Thought it was a joke at first.

Listened to a Radio 6 Music interview with her earlier this week talking through each track on the Hounds of Love.
Made me really pine for those days when artists put that amount of effort and thought into their work…

I’m going to try to get tickets but I suspect it will be as impossible as trying to get Kraftwerk Tate Modern tickets :-(


Thing is, once you’ve put a band together and rehearsed a show, it usually makes sense cost-wise to tour at least major cities in Europe.

But then again, it’s Kate Bush, so normal logic doesn’t apply… :-)

The thing is ticket price (which will be probably very high) + travel and loging expenses will make for a significant budget. :-/ And we can expect to see tickets fly in a matter of minutes, it will be a riot. What’s the venue capacity?


This is crazy news…

Real question is: is there any hope she will tour Europe after that, or shall I break the piggy bank to go and see her in London?

Anyway, I fear getting tickets will be almost impossible… :-(

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