Belinda Carlisle / The Anthology 3CD+2DVD deluxe book set


If the forthcoming CD+DVD Belinda Carlisle Collection isn’t enough for you, Demon Music have today announced a limited edition five disc release titled The Anthology.

This 3CD+2DVD set will be altogether a more comprehensive affair, with a greatest hits selection spanning the first two CDs and the third containing rarities (we are assured these selections won’t repeat what was on the Edsel reissues) and a brand new Live in Tokyo 2013 performance. The two DVDs will cover all the promo videos and many BBC TV performances.

Like the recently announced T Rex set Demon are packaging this in a 12″ x 12″ hardback book with photos and notes by Justin Kantor. Additionally, if you’re amongst the first 500 pre-orders you get a ‘bundle’ with a Tote bag and a certificate of authenticity signed by Belinda Carlisle. There is also an opportunity to get your name in the book for anyone who orders before 20th January.

The track listing is being worked on at present and Demon will be hoping to round up all the rarities that fans have been clamouring for over the years (In My Wildest Dreams from the Mannequin soundtrack being high fans’ want-lists). We hope to bring you the final running order soon.

The Anthology can be ordered below or by clicking here. It’s not available to North American or Canadian fans at present. The deluxe set will be shipped ‘on or before’ 17 March 2014.

The Belinda Carlisle Anthology can be pre-ordered here.

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So, all sold out, but why not go for a budget packaged reissue???

Still kicking myself for not having enough money on me to buy it at the Manchester gig!!!


Someone did come across a studio version of “In My Wildest Dreams”. Apparently they sent it to Demon Music, so we’ll see what happens. I was able to convert it to an MP3 and it is probably not the best quality, but better than nothing. And it sounds pretty good to me. :)



I cannot find this anywhere now is it deleted already !

[…] tackled deluxe editions of the four Virgin/MCA albums earlier this year (and the Anthology and Collection sets), Edsel Records have turned their attentions to Belinda Carlisle‘s other […]

[…] next week’s five-disc Anthology is more Belinda Carlisle than you need, then perhaps this smart CD+DVD Collection package will fit […]

[…] writing this is £48 on amazon, a price which compares favourably with Demon’s £60 five-disc Belinda Carlisle Anthology, for instance. Of course, if you were canny enough to place an Amazon pre-order in June last year […]


Of course there was a soundtrack of MANNEQUIN, and there are a lot of ideas in my mind:
-THE SCIENTIST -live cover
to not mention all the others songs that -i think- ihave all of them. Of course, ineither have IN MY WILDEST DREAMS, but one edition was released for sure. As someone said, what about a new recording, Belinda? As patient fans, don’t we deserve it? GOODBYE DON’T GO!!!

DJ MichaelAngelo

@Steve “Of course there was a soundtrack of MANNEQUIN” ummmmm actually there was not – I’ve researched this up & down years ago, and the closest thing to a “soundtrack” for the movie was a couple 12″ and 7″ singles with the Starship song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” and that’s it. Of course, if you have hard evidence to the contrary, please supply it and I’ll happily eat my words :)

If anyone knows who Michael Jay is (songwriter/producer for Martika, Alisha, etc) he’s now doing reissue and compilation type work for some record label (or at least he was a few years ago) and I think he actually tracked down a studio version of “In My Wildest Dreams” but I can’t remember who owned the rights – probably 20th Century Fox, the movie studio that put out “Mannequin” right?


Is single edit version of “Dancing In The City” included? And I hope this box contents 2 remix version of “Remember September”. Anyway, shipping fee is too expensive… I don’t believe it.


Anyway to purchase this if you live in the U.S of A.?!


I note from Facebook that despite starship having one of their biggest ever hits from the Mannequin soundtrack, In My Wildest Dreams will not be included as the claim is that no-one knows where to source a high quality version of the track. This I find hard to believe. Contact the label who released that single as a starter for ten. There was also a video to I Feel The Magic. Let’s hope this is enclosed but I’d like to see a complete track listing before I buy……..


40 euros to France just for postage, to add to the 74 euros that costs this edition, making a total of 115 euros, sorry guys, but even if I would really love this, this price is totally insane !
I really would like to see the 40 euros stamp on the package by the way.


Bwaaahh! I’m from the U.S. and want to order it in time to get my name in it! Now it won’t happen! I’m pissed off! Why is this?! How sad! I wanted her to be my wife but now I don’t care about her! Pst!


Considering that “Mad About You” (from Belinda) and “In Too Deep” (from A Woman & A Man) have been included on the standard set, let’s hope the single mixes of “I Feel The Magic” and “Band Of Gold” are included on the deluxe version, plus their respective videos. Videos for “California”, “Always Breaking My Heart”, “Love In The Key Of C” and anything from the Viola album would also be much appreciated.
I wonder if Belinda might be clearing the decks of all the Rick Nowels recordings she made in the late 1990’s that currently remain unreleased?

Ricky Jeonney

Can’t wait for this!!! But please include the whole Tokyo show!!! This is what I’m looking forward too most!!! If u don’t could we download the rest possibly off iTunes ??


I agree with Glenn. It’s not fair that US and Canadian fans cannot order this. I don’t mind paying a bit more for shipping but it’s very disappointing, nonetheless. Hopefully Amazon will carry it.


Certainly not parting with anything till we know whats on it, who runs these sites!!

Michael Pendlebury

Thanks for the heads up! My copy ordered!!!


74 Euros plus shipping no thanks. I have all deluxe cds and recently also bought the first cd for some euros. This is enough even if the DVDs sound interesting

Glenn Roger

I love Belinda Carlisle, but, as usual, the US fans get the shaft. I went to her website and it is not even being offered to US or Canadian fans. I don’t know if this is intentional or just a marketing ploy. But when something like this happens, the artists neglect to remember where they get their start. If it was not for the US and then Canadian fans raving, the rest of the world would never of heard of the GOGOS or Belinda Carlisle. Belinda, take note, your fans in North America are annoyed and pissed for the exclusion.


Don’t be pissed at Belinda–it’s the US/Canadian record labels that are the problem. They won’t release the rights to the reissuing company to do the anthology in NA, despite repeated requests. It’s a corporate issue, not Belinda’s doing. Rally her labels to either release the rights or purchase the rights to do their own issue of the release.


Damn MCA Records!

Phil Wilson

Personally I have not had any problems with the website, I received a signed CD where the signatures were a bit smudged (I’m picky), I emailed them and they just sent me another, with no need to return the original one. I have not looked for reviews on the website, but have used them a number of times, and have found them to be ok. I know they have sometimes cancelled multiple orders of signed CDs, which is fair enough, but other than than they have seemed ok.

Mark Wilson

Agree with you, Karen. I was very tempted to order from that site but glad I didn’t after reading what you said.

Hopefully this will be listed with amazon.co.uk very soon. Hope they manage to get the rights to include the singles from ‘Belinda’ and ‘A Woman And A Man’ on the boxset. An anthology without them would be a bit pointless…


I would go for for this, but have you read customers reviews of this website you are pre-ordering with. Bad is an understatement!!! No customer service, money taken on orders and not being not shipped, refunds not being processed, need I go on. For £60.00 I want a better online site to order from.

I think I will wait and see for the full track listing and agree with the above, see if Amazon get it, hopefully at a better price.

I bought the deluxe editions of the albums last year, so I presume there maybe some overlapping.

I would liked to see a deluxe edition of Woman and man album personally myself anyone agree.


Karen, I’ve been ordering from Myplay and Pop Market for years and although I’ve had issues with some orders, they always resolve to my satisfaction. I am not affiliated with this company in any way.


shipping to the Netherlands is a whopping €30 euro – here’s to hoping it will be available on amazon too


Belinda already said In My Wildest Dreams would not feature. I hope she’s wrong!


…will amazonuk sell it or not?

Douglaqs Belardi

are the DVDs Region free?


Announcement via Belinda’s Facebook page a couple days ago is YES.


Wow, those 2CD+DVD sets were pretty full of b-sides and remixes. Will there really be enough left over to fill a CD with stuff that didn’t appear on those sets?

Howard Trigg

This is from her facebook:

We honestly have no idea where to source a high audio quality version of ‘In My Wildest Dreams’ from and we really have looked. More importantly we don’t even know who owns this recording, not us and not Belinda that’s for sure so we think probably the film company but the contracts are goodness knows where and no-one involved in Belinda’s career now was working with her back then. That one may have to remain a lost gem we’re afraid.

We are trying to licence the track ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ from Disney for inclusion in the box set.

Please bear in mind that although neither of these records are a completely ‘new’ release they will both contain Belinda’s 2013 single ‘Sun’ and her forthcoming single ‘Goodbye Just Go’.

Lastly we are still waiting on various third parties to grant our licensing requests so we can make these releases as comprehensive as possible but please bear in mind we cannot force people to licence us their recordings, we can only ask politely and hope they say yes.

Nick Johnson

It’s a damn shame that In My Wildest Dreams will not get a re-mastering. It would have been nice to have a pristine version of it. All we have had to put up with over the years is a rip from the DVD which unfortunately contains the silly sound effects from the animated title sequence to Mannequin. It’s painful to listen to it with these on it as it’s such a great song and is one of the best on the soundtrack along with Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now and Alisha’s Do you Dream About Me. I am in tears we are not getting it. :(