Big Country / The Seer, Peace In Our Time and No Place Like Home: 2CDs

Universal Music will issue a trio of Big Country deluxe editions next month.

The Seer, Peace In Our Time and No Place Like Home are all two-CD sets packed with bonus material that includes B-sides, demos, twelve-inch remixes, seven-inch edits and even some unreleased songs. Full track listings below.

The third, fourth and fifth Big Country albums respectively, these reissues jump ahead of second album Steeltown in the reissue schedules. That album was due to be re-released this past spring, but appears to have been delayed and now looks to be coming out after the current batch, with the end of September the current release date on Amazon.

The Seer was released in 1986 and features the band’s biggest UK hit Look Away (two remixes are on the bonus disc). It is also notable for a rare instance of Kate Bush performing on another act’s album with her vocal contribution to the title track.

Peace In Our Time followed two years later, while 1991’s No Place Like Home was the band’s first long-player not to yield a UK top 20 hit.

All three albums are reissued on 4 August 2014.


The Seer


Peace In Our Time


No Place Like Home

Track listings


CD 1

  • 1. Look Away 4:24
  • 2. The Seer [feat. Kate Bush] 5:19
  • 3. The Teacher 4:06
  • 4. I Walk The Hill 3:30
  •  5. Eiledon 5:36
  • 6. One Great Thing 4:03
  • 7. Hold The Heart 6:07
  • 8. Rememberance Day 4:29
  • 9. Red Fox 4:12
  • 10. Sailor 4:57
  • 11. Restless Natives (Extended Version) 4:05
  • 12. Margo’s Theme 3:44
  • 13. Highland Scenery 4:11
  • 14. Home Came The Angels 2:08
  • 15. Song Of The South (7″ Version) 3:48
  • 16. Honky Tonk Woman (Live At The Pier, New York / 1986) 3:54
  • 17. Hold The Heart (Instrumental) 6:05

CD 2

  • 1. Restless Natives (Pt. 1 / Long Version) 16:44
  • 2. Restless Natives (Pt. 2 / Long Version) 18:11
  • 3. I Will Run For You (Complete Film Version) 4:23
  • 4. Look Away (12″ Mix) 6:32
  • 5. The Teacher (Mystery Mix) 5:32
  • 6. One Great Thing (Boston Mix) 5:36
  • 7. Song Of The South 5:04
  • 8. Look Away (Outlaw Mix) 6:56
  • 9. One Great Thing (Big Baad Country Mix)


CD 1

  • 1. King Of Emotion
  • 2. Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
  • 3. Thousand Yard Stare
  • 4. From Here To Eternity
  • 5. Everything I Need
  • 6. Peace In Our Time
  • 7. Time For Leaving
  • 8. River Of Hope
  • 9. In This Place
  • 10. I Could Be Happy Here
  • 11. The Travellers
  • 12. On The Shore
  • 13. Soapy Soutar Strikes Back
  • 14. Peace In Our Time
  • 15. Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
  • 16. When A Drum Beats
  • 17. Ages Of Man
  • 18. Cuts Like a Spoon

CD 2

Disc: 2

  • 1. You Lose Your Dreams
  • 2. In Your Homeland
  • 3. Thousand Yard Stare
  • 4. Over The Border
  • 5. Everything I Need
  • 6. The Longest Day
  • 7. Mary
  • 8. Time For Leaving
  • 9. Starred & Crossed
  • 10. Not Waving But Drowning
  • 11. Promised Land
  • 12. Peace In Our Time
  • 13. Made In Heaven
  • 14. I Could Be Happy Here
  • 15. Christmas Island


CD 1

  • 1. We’re Not In Kansas 6:11
  • 2. Republican Party Reptile 4:01
  • 3. Dynamite Lady 5:32
  • 4. Keep On Dreaming 4:04
  • 5. Beautiful People 5:33
  • 6. The Hostage Speaks 5:52
  •  7. Beat The Devil 4:03
  • 8. Leap Of Faith 5:44
  • 9. Ships 4:01
  • 10. Into The Fire 6:00
  • 11. Save Me (Radio Edit) 4:30
  • 12. Pass Me By 4:01
  • 13. Dead On Arrival 3:30
  •  14. World On Fire 3:51
  •  15. Heart Of The World 3:46
  • 16. Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys 3:23
  • 17. Troubled Man

CD 2

  • 1. Comes A Time 3:54
  • 2. You, Me And The Truth 5:18
  • 3. Freedom Song 4:30
  • 4. Kiss The Girl Goodbye 5:11
  • 5. I’m Only Waiting 4:38
  • 6. Return Of The Two Headed King 4:29
  • 7. Fly Like An Eagle 4:23
  • 8. Soul On Fire (Demo) 5:13
  • 9. Gypsy Girl (Demo) 3:55
  • 10. Freedom Song (Demo) 4:02
  • 11. Keep On Dreaming (Ca Va Studios Version) 5:04
  • 12. We’re Not In Kansas (Demo) 5:29
  • 13. Leap Of Faith (Demo) 4:41
  •  14. The Hostage Speaks (Demo) 5:11
  • 15. Beautiful People (Demo) 5:33
  • 16. Celtic Dreams (Demo)


The Seer


Peace In Our Time


No Place Like Home

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I wonder if they will ever release the full Robin Millar mix, there doesnt particularly sound a reason why they wouldnt and it would certainly shift a few copies. These reissues are now quite rare too.


what tracks are still missing neg1?

mine arrived today, glad to say they are in jewel cases, I can’t stand digipaks.

I’m not too fussed about the 12″ mixes, I’d rather unreleased tracks and demos. However, not sure why there is no demos on The Seer though, but good reissues all round.


good to see these are out.

you can get them for under $20 each on amazon in the US.

will be getting all 3 soon. looking forward to steeltown later on.

there are still missing tracks on all of them, but that’s more due
to space restrictions.


Mark Wilson

I don’t remember how the vinyl was, but I was thinking of the 1996 cd version where The Teacher started during The Seer, so if you just played The Teacher you would miss the start.

Mark Wilson

The Seer/The Teacher don’t overlap.

Rich Kamerman

Mark, those two tracks overlap on my 2-CD edition. Not sure if you’re familiar with the original LP, but the fade-out at the end of “The Seer” ended in silence before “The Teacher” started, but now (as on the ’90s remaster) “The Teacher” begins during that fade-out. Are you sure you’re not hearing that? I can’t imagine there are multiple versions of the new 2-CD edition.

Gary C

Somehow I got the auto rip for NPLH but not Seer or PIOT. How strange. I can’t get to the physical versions yet as I’m not back in the UK till tomorrow. Shame, I was looking forward to listening to all three expanded versions on the 12 hr flight home.
NPLH sounds very bright tho, very happy with that


I can’t see them amending the track listing for Steeltown and remember they never put the 12 inch mixes on The Crossing either i’m just glad i have Greatest 12″ Hits as it’s going for crazy prices now. Amazon have pissed me off by reducing the price of the current 3 remasters which were £11.99 when i preordered them then on the release date they put them down to £9.99 and i also never got the Autorip either.

Neil Hunt

I received my copies of these CDs today and so far they sound great. They are also packaged well. The contents outshine the forthcoming Steeltown Deluxe Edition. I’m hoping the Steeltown Deluxe Edition is expanded to include the missing 12″ mixes as there is loads of space at the end of CD 1. Maybe superdeluxeedition could campaign and ask Universal for a better more complete tracklisting?


Neil Hunt, I agree. The “Steeltown” deluxe edition needs to be amended to include the missing 12″ mixes since they are now hard to find on CD. I would love to have them in my collection since I missed out on them the first time around. “The Seer” includes the 12″ mixes/versions, so there is no reason why Universal cannot be consistent across the board. Then again, it is a record company that we are talking about. :/


They do come in jewel cases and I Will Run For You is the original film version of Restless Natives.

[…] Big Country / The Seer, Peace In Our Time and No Place Like Home: 2CDs […]


these aren’t labelled as Deluxe Editions on Amazon, so maybe they’re not in digipaks. just jewel cases?


really looking forward to these. i pre ordered from amazon a few months ago for around £9.50 each .
i hope they are released in jewal cases this time tho. dont like digipack cds as the cases wear out over time !!!!
would have prefered the seer cd to have the robin millar mixes of the album as cd2 aswell. most of the extras have allready been released in the past through trackrecords


I would imagine john that these will be in those silly digipack cds again with the sticker around them.


Big Country have 9 volumes in the rarities series so finding more ‘rare’ stuff is quite amazing.

4 box sets of singles on CD were released previously. The only items missing from these sets is the live material from Austin, Texas 84.
Rather than releasing all the b-sides again, a bonus live CD of the Texas tapes is more appealing to someone who already owns the singles box sets.

The original Robin Millar mix of ‘The Seer’ has never been released only the single version of ‘Look Away’. There is a petition by Big Country fans to have this version released. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/millar-mix-seer

Gareth Greenwood

Judging by the track times it looks like the tracks “The Seer” & “The Teacher” overlap again which is a carry over from the 1996 remaster. I never knew why that happened because it doesn’t happen on the the original pressings of the album.

Also in reply to Neil’s post think the reason they’re putting the 12″ mixes on this remaster is because there just were’nt many b-sides tracks during this period. The only missing stuff would be the “Live Texas Tape” tracks which were used as bonus tracks on “One Great Thing” formats. These were recorded a year or so before so not relly part of the period (and alo the right might be owned by a US radio broadcaster).

The only track I know nothing about is “I Will Run For You” which I’m curious to hear.

Rich Kamerman

I’m listening to The Seer 2-CD edition as I type this and the overlap between “The Seer” and “The Teacher” is, unfortunately, included here. Someone dropped the ball on this, unless that’s the way it was originally intended and the original LP (and original CD pressing) was wrong…but I doubt that’s the case.

Otherwise, packaging & bonus material on these reissues are very nice, even though I already owned just about every song.


The Seer looks especially good.


I find it strange they decided to put the 12 inch mixes on The Seer yet there was none on the recent remaster of The Crossing and i also noticed there aren’t any on the upcoming remaster of Steeltown. Anyway i’m looking forward to these if the sound quality is the same as The Crossing they should be superb.

Lee Carson

They are currently £11.99 each on UK Amazon


I read on the website back in March that these were going to be released and did a pre-0rder with Amazon. I have managed to get all 3 for £9.96 each. Worth the 5 month wait.


I hope the price on these 3 cds comes way down. Close to $40 on Amazon for each 2 cd set? That’s crazy. I love Big Country but I’ll wait until the price is better.


These look great!

Lee Carson

Looking forward to the release of these. The Crossing 2CD was excellent

I think that Steeltown was delayed to tie in with the 30thnAnniversary


Thanks for the info.
Really looking forward to the Seer.
I’ve never heard the 35 minute version of Restless Natives before – the compilation it was on – Restless Natives and Rarities regularly went for £30+ last time I looked.