BIG price drop for all the Crowded House two-CD deluxe edition reissues

Crowded House / 2CD deluxe editions

The forthcoming Crowded House reissues have dropped in price dramatically on Amazon UK this weekend.

All of the deluxe two-CD album reissues, including Crowded House, Woodface and Together Alone are now just £14.99 each – a drop of £10 per album. The exception is Time On Earth which having been the cheapest at £18.95 remains a that price and is now the most expensive.

If you’ve already pre-ordered (from Am UK) then no action needed, you will get the lower price anyway. But if not, these are now priced well and links are below. You can read much more detail about each set via this post.

These will all be released on 4 November 2016. An interview with Crowded House reissue producer Jeremy Ansell is coming to SDE very soon.


Crowded House 2CD deluxe edition
Crowded House 2CD Deluxe – UK Pre-order

Crowded House / Temple of Low Men 2CD deluxe edition

Temple of Low Men / 2CD Deluxe – UK Pre-order

Crowded House / Woodface 2CD deluxe edition

Woodface / 2CD Deluxe – UK Pre-order

Crowded House / Together Alone 2CD deluxe edition

Together Alone / 2CD Deluxe – UK Pre-order

Crowded House / Afterglow 2CD deluxe edition

Afterglow / 2CD Deluxe – UK Pre-order

Crowded House / Time On Earth 2CD deluxe edition

Time On Earth / 2CD Deluxe – UK Pre-order

Crowded House / Intriguer 2CD deluxe edition

Intriguer / 2CD Deluxe – UK Pre-order

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According to the FRENZ e-mail this morning, those buying the vinyl will be able to get a digital download of the bonus/rarities disc as well.


Any word on these releases coming in a hi-def format, either physical or someplace like HDTracks.com?

Scott T.

I bought both the vinyl and Compact Discs together from Universal Music Australia on September 20th. The CD boxset collection ran me 145.45 AUD, the vinyl collection (with the exception of Time on Earth since it’s being re-remastered, for 154.54 AUD. And shipping? Yup, very expensive and well worth it at 101.65 AUD.

Total AUD was 401.64 for everything. Which is 306.28 USD for everything. Which converts to = 250.34 GBP. To purchase the 7 CD’s at 14.99 GPB would run $18.34 USD each for a total of $128.38 and to purchase six of the LP’s from AmazonUK would run (excluding Time on Earth) 20.99 GBP a piece, or 125.94 GBP for the six. I paid $154 USD for those six LP’s. And if I waited for AmazonUK to start a presales event, I would have locked on to what I consider the best bang from my buck. Had I waiting for AmazonUK it would just have been ugly. Plus my orders shipped to me last Tuesday, October 18th. And on AmazonUS, the prices are ridiculous, though I wouldn’t have to to pay for shipping. Small price, considering.


The only one of these that half interests me is Intriguer because I never bought it after the borefest that was Time On Earth. Even then I’d be more likely to search for a copy of the original deluxe edition that included a DVD, rather than this new one with awkward-shaped packaging…

Tony Gubba

Agree. The experimentation in Together Alone was as far as it got before retreating to safe waters. Looking forward to the releases and thanks to SDE for their work and energy in updating us all


That’s roughly 2 squid less than the dealer price with VAT on . . why sell things at a loss???


I live in Australia and I’m after all seven titles, so I didn’t bother – even with the discount and removal of VAT, it’s cheaper (for Australians) to buy the ‘bundle’ directly from the Crowdies’ store.

Scott T.

Well, actually, it would be cheaper to buy it all from Universal Music Australia, given your circumstances!


The price is coming down because they aren’t getting the pre-orders they estimated. And they reasons they aren’t getting the pre-orders is all the material they didn’t include. These could have been done so well!

Todd R.


Wayne Klein

So….for some titles so they don’t get in a price war with some of the other online retailers they price high and offer a discounted price later. It’s Amazon’s latest strategy but you also end up losing buyers.

In a way it’s good these aren’t remastered because Don Bartley worked on the second discs. Bartley does lousy work –or is told to–and I’ve never heard a remaster of his I’ve liked.


So what’s up with the US release of these? Amazon USA has the imports for pre-order at $31.99. Is there plans to release them in the US?


I’d always prefer to pay a little more to support the band, but it’s not gonna happen when the cheapest shipping to the U.S. is $42 from the CH website. Even with the exchange rate, that makes a direct order pricey compared to other options.


I agree with Richie…I’d rather support the band even if it’s a dollar more on their web site. In the fyture it could pay off in spades when they have exclusives offered to their fans.


After subtraction of VAT, total cost including shipping to buy all 7 shipped to the U.S. is less ordering from Amazon UK than from Canada. $127 from UK, $139 from Canada. It’s also much cheaper to buy all individually than to buy the bundle from the uDiscover store. Unless you really want that tote for an extra $23 (not including whatever shipping they charge), you aren’t getting a deal on the bundle anymore.


If you order form a foreign Amazon site, I assume currency fluctuations can mean the price you pay isn’t actually locked in at the pre-order price and will change based on currency rates.

Mark Phillips

Fifteen pounds still seems a lot for a double album nowadays. Blame Brexit?

John Bommarito

I found that with the currency conversion, buying them from Amazon in Canada and shipping to the US ended up being $16.52 USD per set (before shipping) as opposed to $18.33USD per set from Amazon UK

Billy Dojcak

Wait a few weeks and the sellers on Amazon will have it for less. I’m in no hurry. I’ll be listening to the Dead or Alive box.


Excellent tip, Paul. Thank you very much. I’ve ordered them all.
But I wonder why there’s a difference in the price for Time On Earth (£18.95 ) compared to the 6 other deluxe issues (£14.99). I believe they are on different labels in the US, but all European issues are on Universal, or …….?
Any possible explanation?


Amazon and their silly pricing that’s probably the best explanation you will get it. After hearing these won’t be remastered i won’t be buying these.


If they all drop to £14.99 they will be £1 cheaper (£105) than the band`s site (£106) where I have ordered the CDs (and LPs) from. That way (I hope) the band get the profit.


They were £14.99 at HMV too as of yesterday, which may be helpful to anyone who only wants one (and so would be hit by Amazon’s postage charge for purchases under £20).

Dave H

No Surprise there, Udiscover has been advertising pre-release at £14.99 since it’s been online. In fact they have a discount if you buy all seven releases in one bundle.

Dave H

Slight error with the statement above, it’s the bundle that makes the whole set work out to be £15 per CD plus a tote bag thrown in.