Bill Nelson: Noise Candy 6CD box


Yorkshire guitarist and songwriter Bill Nelson‘s 2002 box set Noise Candy will reissued by Esoteric imprint Cocteau Discs next month.

This six-CD set was available for only a short period twelve years ago and has become much sought after (and very expensive!). This new limited edition reissue restores the album artwork and is presented in the same box format as the original 2002 release.

Noise Candy is released on 8 December 2014.

Track listing

Disc: 1
1. Humming In The Void / Girl With The Thousand Watt Smile
2. Vista – Dome
3. Behold Dumb Wonders
4. Dreamland Avenue
5. Jet Town
6. Atom Blasted Cadillac
7. Rocket Science Ranch Boy
8. No Meaning
9. Whatever I Do
10. Emerald City
11. One Way Track
12. Nowhere Fast
13. Real Thing This Time
14. Buddha’s Eyes Are Everywhere
15. Rockarolla
16. Swing Song
17. Edge Of Recall
18. My Paranioa
19. Tomorrow’s World
20. Blowin’ The Dust Off The Book Of The Future

Disc: 2
1. Great Plains
2. Big Yellow Moon
3. Hot – Rod Racer
4. That Was Then
5. Space – Ranch
6. Monorail
7. Ghost Train
8. All This And A Girl Like You
9. More Rain
10. The Lonesome Cowboy Radio Show
11. Sleepy Snakes
12. Wild Lilac
13. Perdita Rose
14. World Of Dreams
15. Real Gone
16. Time Today
17. The Cowboy Club
18. High And Mighty

Disc: 3
1. Baby Ruth’s Big Special
2. First Boy On The Moon
3. Down Comes The Rain
4. Don’t Cry, Space Guy
5. Peppermint Forever
6. Magic Hill
7. The World Wakes Up
8. Dumb – World
9. Lay – Zee Boy Recliner
10. Nervertheless
11. Bright N’ Breezy
12. The Hipster Gimmick
13. Dreamgirl
14. Soakin’ In The Bathtub
15. Star Sugar Sky
16. Dreamboat Situation
17. God’s Own Neighbourhood
18. Looking For A Lantern
19. Existentialism
20. Stars Will Shine

Disc: 4
1. Planet Of Guitars
2. Half – Man Half
3. Monster Over The Fence
4. Buddha Smoked My Cigarettes
5. The Invisible Venus Of New York City
6. Sunny Bungalows
7. Glittering Star
8. Elevated Railway
9. Luminous Intelligent Sexy Adults
10. Sweet Little Dreamer
11. My Luminous Planet
12. Zip, Boom Bang
13. Reality Check
14. Somewhere, Nowhere, Anywhere
15. The Flower Thief
16. Art For Art’s Sake
17. A Hat Like This
18. Blink Of An Eye
19. When Accident Became My Bride
20. Horse Eats Hat
21. King Frankenstein

Disc: 5
1. Quietly Now (Manipulating The Phonograph No.2)
2. Hello Children
3. Ethel’s Attic (No.3, Marriot’s Building, 1948)
4. Clouds Above The Corn
5. Wonderful Weather In Woodgates Lane
6. Filligree
7. Memo Recorder Dream Narrative No.1
8. Pink Poodle Parade (Piano Version)
9. The Clock That Time Forgot
10. Holiday Express
11. No Bee In His Bonnet
12. Dust And Sunbeams And The Ticking Of The Clock
13. Adventure Annual
14. Dreamstate Usa (Memo Recorder Dream Narrative No.2)
15. Boy With Bubblepipe
16. American Moderne
17. Fuzzy Dux
18. Rain On A Caravan Roof (St.Leonard’s 1951)
19. A Short History Of The Future
20. Ectoplasm Turbine
21. Painted Boats On Still Waters

Disc: 6
1. Futura
2. Bakelite (50th Birthday Song)
3. Lucky Sometimes
4. Life Is Like This
5. The Astral Tramways Of England
6. Be Here Now
7. Aloha Niagra
8. My Elevated Sweetheart9. Ladders Leading Nowhwere
9. The Now That Never Was
10. Enigmatron
11. Bamboozled
12. Hieronymous Bosch Beyond
13. Being And Nothingness Land
14. Lights Of Kingdom Come
15. Before We Fall
16. World Still Turns
17. Dreaming Of A Girl
18. What We Wish For
19. Big Empty Sky
20. Endless Autumn


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I’ve got the original of this. Preordered at the time and then had to wait for what seemed like centuries for it to be delivered. I seem to recall there was some controversy about it due to a dispute between Bill and the original release label (Lenin?).
In all the years I have owned it I have probably played it fully less than a handful of times – the amount of stuff on it is overwhelming and it’s not exactly top-quality Bill (give me ten of these for one Chimera any day. Having said that Bill at his worst (and this is far from that) is better than many others at their best so if you are a fan then its worth picking up but if you really want to hear him at his (solo) best then any of these would be a better starting point:
– Bill Nelson’s Red Noise : Sound on Sound (maybe not strictly a solo album as such)
– Quit Dreaming (and get on the Beam)/Sounding the Ritual Echo (excellent album with free instrumental album that shows off Bill’s more experimental side)
– The Love that Whirls (Diary of a Thinking Heart) – (which also originally came with a free instrumental soundtrack album but to me its less essential than Sounding the Ritual Echo)
– Chimera (mini-album that only contains six tracks, in its original form – short but perfectly formed)
– Getting the Holt Ghost Across
– After the Satellite Sings (much more recent but a real return to form – possibly due to having some record label funding behind it?)

Anyway as usual I’ve rambled on and strayed from the original point – sorry :-)

Mark A.

Echoing what others have said regarding price: it’s overpriced for what it is, notwithstanding both its history and the fact that I would like to own it. A set of 6 discs should be priced lower. I purchased Trial by Intimacy at the equivalent of about $30, so each CD in that set was less than half of what is being asked for the CDs in this set.

Mic Smith

As I recall I paid £60 for Noise Candy about a year after it was released and it went out of print shortly after and then prices went ballistic with it often fetching £200 or more second hand. For Nelson supporters it’s great that this and many other long out of print albums are available again. There’s little on here I would call ‘classic Bill’ but it’s a varied collection for sure with some brilliant moments. It’s a lot to take in though and I prefer Bill in shorter doses myself. Plenty of his fans would disagree though.

Simon Curtiss

There was also a companion CD to this set called ‘Whistling whilst the world turns’ and I would say that is a great intro to his music for anyone.

Simon Curtiss

I have the original of this (and funnily enough don’t remember it being that expensive at the time especially as I was having to convert from NZ dollars which normally made things worse) and it’s a great package. The booklet has remained attached which doesn’t always happen (hello XTC’s Coat of many Cupboards).
The man is so prolific it’s extraordinary. The first CD of the is the one I play the most. His new(ish) album Clocks and Dials is really very good.


I’ve been wanting this box forever. I couldn’t pull the trigger with the prices on the original release. Now I can.

Esoteric really need a huge pat on the back for the work they’re doing on Nelson’s works. They’re not simply pushing out reissues, they’ve all been lovingly made, and they constantly go the extra mile. it’s very much appreciated.


Definitely a set I’d love to snap up, but I’d need the price to go down a bit before I could pull the trigger on it.

I picked up the Trial by Intimacy four disc box reissue on release, but I don’t think that one ran much more than $50 or so. With just an extra two discs and a larger box, it’s hard to justify double the price.

Perhaps I will get lucky with an SDE deal alert. ;-)