Bill Withers: The Complete Sussex and Columbia Albums box set

Bill Withers / The Complete Sussex and Columbia Albums box set

On 23 October (22 Oct for the rest of the world) Sony will release a new Bill Withers box set entitled The Complete Sussex and Columbia Albums.

This box set brings together all of the American singer-songwriter’s nine original albums, including the four recorded at the beginning of his career for Sussex Records. No track listings or packaging details have yet been released but this set can be pre-ordered for those in the US here or for the UK here.

Box contents:

  • Just As I Am
  • Still Bill
  • Live At Carnegie Hall
  • +’Justments
  • Making Music
  • Naked & Warm
  • Menagerie
  • ‘Bout Love
  • Watching You, Watching Me

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Hadleigh Ford

I already have the extra tracks outlined by RoyalScam above on a previous release. Does anyone else know if there are any other unreleased Bsides etc by Mr Withers?


Great box set. Include ‘Bout Love’ which is never released on CD. Also includes Watching You, Watching Me, + Justments, Making Music, Naked & Warm which is very hard to find on cd for reasonable price. There are some really great tracks on this 5 ‘ hard to find’ albums. In my opinion, much better than some greatest hits from Bill. Pay attention on tracks like ‘Memories Are That Way’, ‘She’s Lonely’, ‘I Love You Dawn’, ‘Heart In Your Life’, ‘Ruby Lee’, ‘You’, ‘Steppin’ Right Along’…All standout tracks. This is a must have box set.


I assume non-appearance of certain things is to do with problems around global licensing, much as the way it happens with DVDs from different Regions. Frustrating for us fans and consumers; it’s no wonder some people stray to illegal downloading, or use up all their pocket money on buying different collections.


NOT COMPLETE! None of the US bonus tracks from “Menagerie” are included (like the haunting and excellent “Rosie”), none of his contributions to the “Man and Boy” soundtrack, no “USA”, and no 12″ remixes from the era or beyond (like Ben Liebrand’s “Lovely Day”)…MAJOR FAIL! They could’ve easily included one more catch-all disc to make it truly “Complete”.


I agree with RoyalScam, Bill Withers’ output deserves better than this, and with similar sets from other artists in the series containing the bonus tracks on CDs or bonus CDs containing b-sides, remixes and soundtrack contributions, this could have benefited greatly from that treatment. Having said that, how can we be disappointed with anything from Bill?

fred smith

As someone who owns them all;they all have magical moments and are a bargain £30 from Amazon.

fred smith

The current price from Amazon is an amazing £25…the bargain of the year!


Brilliant, can’t wait for this.