Billy Joel / “A Matter Of Trust: The Bridge to Russia” deluxe edition


In May 2014, Columbia/Legacy Recordings will issue A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia, an audio-visual deluxe set which commemorates Billy Joel‘s historic 1987 Russian tour.

The 2CD+Blu-ray set (there is also a 2CD+DVD version) features remastered sound and expanded audio of the concert with 11 previously unreleased tracks. The Blu-ray has a generous amount of content boasting an expanded version of the original 1987 VHS release Live From Leningrad, as well as a 90-minute documentary (recently premiered on Showtime in the US) which makes use of period behind-the-scenes footage and features up-to-date interviews with the likes of Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, band musicians, crew, and others.

A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia is out on 19 May 2014.

2CD+Blu-ray Deluxe Edition

2CD+DVD Deluxe Edition

2CD Edition

Track listing

CD 1

  • 1. Odoya – Tomaz Eliava, Giya Chirakadze, Zurab Loladze, Nugree Gamtjebeli, Yosif Zurbauli, Timur Chkuatzeli, David Abezadze, Georgi Dylidze
  • 2. Prelude / Angry Young Man
  • 3. Honesty
  • 4. Billy the Kid
  • 5. She’s Always A Woman
  • 6. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
  • 7. Goodnight Saigon
  • 8. Stiletto
  • 9. Big Man On Mulberry Street
  • 10. Baby Grand
  • 11. What’s Your Name
  • 12. The Longest Time
  • 13. An Innocent Man

CD: 2

  • 1. Pressure
  • 2. Allentown
  • 3. A Matter of Trust
  • 4. Only the Good Die Young
  • 5. It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me
  • 6. Sometimes a Fantasy
  • 7. You May Be Right
  • 8. Uptown Girl
  • 9. Big Shot
  • 10. Back In the U.S.S.R.
  • 11. The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Tomaz Eliava, Giya Chirakadze, Zurab Loladze, Nugree Gamtjebeli, Yosif Zurbauli, Timur Chkuatzeli, David Abezadze, Georgi Dylidze
  • 12. She Loves You
  • 13. New York State of Mind
  • 14. Piano Man

Blu-ray (or DVD)

The Concert:

  1. Prelude/Angry Young Man
  2. Honesty – previously unreleased
  3. The Ballad of Billy the Kid – previously unreleased
  4. She’s Always A Woman – previously unreleased
  5. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant – previously unreleased
  6. Allentown
  7. Goodnight Saigon
  8. Stiletto – previously unreleased
  9. Big Man On Mulberry Street (includes Rhapsody In Blue)
  10. Baby Grand
  11. An Innocent Man – previously unreleased
  12. The Longest Time – previously unreleased
  13. A Matter Of Trust
  14. Only The Good Die Young
  15. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me – previously unreleased
  16. Sometimes A Fantasy – previously unreleased
  17. You May Be Right – previously unreleased
  18. Uptown Girl
  19. Tell Her About It – previously unreleased
  20. Big Shot
  21. Back In The U.S.S.R.
  22. The Times They Are A Changin’ – previously unreleased

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I was always disappointed in the limited content of Kohuept so this issue felt like a completion of it. Songs that weren’t on Kohuept sound great! Terrific decision to offer CD/DVD/Blu-ray versions. The book is very interesting and informative. Fantastic SDE!!


So what is the packaging like? Cheap digi packaging? Or a real box perhaps hardcover packaging?


I agree, angry young man is amazing on koheupt.


I always liked the ‘KOHUEPT’ original album and this era of Billy’s career, so this should be great. The versions of ‘Angry Young Man’ and ‘Stiletto’ in particular are wonderful, looking forward to hearing ‘Billy The Kid’, ‘Pressure’ and ‘Italian Restaurant’ to top it off. Hopefully time constraints is the only reason why they were unreleased all this time!

I’ll be picking up the Blu-ray version of this for sure.

Mike the Fish

I didn’t catch the bit about the documentary. Nice! That’s looking like a decent upgrade.


yes, finally to have the choice to have it on cd/dvd or cd/bu ray, and not as so often cd/dvd and stand alone blu ray, so that you have to buy it twice.
Thanks this time.


Bought ;-)

Mike the Fish

Still, as far as an expanded package goes – this is right. Expanded audio and the choice of DVD or blu-ray. Some good decisions made at the record company – thank you!

Ron Hatchell

I agree!

Mike the Fish

I find the original album quite boring/disappointing, hopefully some of the additional material would be more interesting. Maybe remixed as well as remastered? I don’t know why Songs from the Attic is much more satisfying… is it the songs? The mixing? The performances? The arrangements?