Billy Joel / The Bridge: 30th anniversary audiophile blue vinyl edition


Friday Music are to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Billy Joel‘s album The Bridge with a limited edition coloured vinyl edition.

This 180g pressing of the Phil Ramone produced album has been mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Mastering and is pressed on translucent blue vinyl (at R.T.I.) Also ‘for a very limited time’, this new edition comes as a gatefold featuring all the lyrics.

This vinyl edition of The Bridge will reissued on 25 March 2016.



Side One
1-Running On Ice
2-This Is The Time
3-A Matter Of Trust
4-Modern Woman
5-Baby Grand w/ Ray Charles

Side Two
1-Big Man On Mulberry Street
3-Code Of Silence
4-Getting Closer

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Andrew Mogford

I eventually kept my preorder. Yes I’m a mug, but it’s my birthday this week, and since the original post I lost my job and found another better one so thought I’d treat myself.

Will report back on how it sounds and looks when it arrives next week.


Surprising how expensive this is considering original copies can be had, easily, for under $5. When they price new vinyl re-issues they should consider how much the originals go for. If its the Beatles, Love, Velvet Underground the originals may be price prohibitive for most so I can see them charging $25 or so but not for a Billy Joel record.


@Ian Ward
I’d be very cautious about ordering from Scott Nangle Audio

Andrew Mogford

I assume that comment is referring to me? If so, don’t get me wrong. I still love the album. I don’t think Billy has done a weak one. I just prefer Nylon Curtain, Glass Houses, and River of Dreams personally. I would rate The Bridge higher than the overrated The Stranger personally.

But I don’t see why comparing albums would lesser your enjoyment of one or the other. As I said, I don’t think Billy made a bad album and considering how many he made that’s quite an achievement!


Surprised the album isnt rated, i think its one of his best personally.

Ron Hatchell

Not into vinyl anymore, but I “did” like several songs on this album.

I don’t compare albums to other albums, so I feel if this had been his first album, it would have been received in a more positive light. I was actually a strong album.

For those that “do” compare, please keep in mind that it can lessen your enjoyment of great songs.


What about his Greatest Hits I & II on SACD?
A Mobile Fidelity release was announced a few years ago, but it’s never materialized so far.

Ian Ward

Try Scott Nagle Audio – £10 cheaper than Amazon with p&p.


Shockingly overpriced for an average album…even at half that price is still way too much…stick to the CD and make the most of his recordings as he will not make any new ones…he still tours and even Elton John can’t persuade him to make any new music…shame really because I’m sure he could still knock out some cracking songs if he put his mind to it.

elliott buckingham

Friday music pressings are well overpriced

Andrew Mogford

I’ve preordered just in case it drops – but it is shocking isn’t it?


Bit weird as the USA Amazon is only $29 !


Wow, that’s quite a laugh and the most unnecessary Billy Joel rerelease imaginable. His reissues, although they have been indivially good, have been all over the place. The My Lifes box, the Stranger box, the stand-alone Piano Man reissue, the Russian concert. Nothing for Glass Houses, The Nylon Curtain or An Innocent Man. There must be leftover recordings from Songs In The Attic somewhere.

I do like The Bridge and still have my vinyl copy which I would have bought when I was very young and copied straight to tape for the Walkman, filing the record away. I have a double 7 inch Modern Woman single too. Look after your vinyl everyone, it’ll be good after 30 years!!

Andrew Mogford

Jason it might be too late for you to read this, but having done some research this “The Bridge” is part of a series of anniversary releases and you can still pick up The Nylon Curtain and Glass Houses. I just ordered The Nylon Curtain pressed on 180g vinyl, Ltd Edition 45 RPM double vinyl gatefold sleeve. It’s meant to sound superb.

It, like this, is not cheap though!


hey vinyl at these prices anyone give me a grand for my tull aqualung 4 x 12 clarity box set ! it is of course sealed ha .


Can’t imagine there will be much demand for this at such a high price point! The Bridge is one of Billy’s worst albums and can be found on vinyl for next to nothing.


Total joke of a price unless you are an obsessive – Would consider if a massive price drop

Andrew Mogford

£42.99? For one record? Are they having a giraffe? I LOVE Billy Joel, and have none of his albums on vinyl.

But compare this with the recent Chilli Peppers Ltd Edition!

This is ridiculous and no way I can justify it :(