Black Friday / Daily Deals #3


Black Friday Deals‘ week continues….. For the uninitiated, this is where Amazon offer some VERY good discounts on all sorts of products, including music box sets. The way it works is that they release time limited deals throughout the day. Items ‘go live’ at specific times and you need to be quick off the mark to get them at the discounted price. Once the item on offer is “100% Claimed” (ie all the allocation has gone) it’s no longer available to purchase at the cheap price (although the waiting lists are worth trying).

This bulletin post is to help you see what’s available TODAY that might be of interest from all the different amazon sites. We estimate what the price will be after discount.


What: David Gilmour / Live In Gdansk (2CD+2DVD)

When: 19:00 GMT/UTC

Where: Amazon.com

Expect to pay: About $22

Linkclick here at 19:00 to view discount

Bruce Springsteen / The Promise : The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story

What: Bruce Springsteen / The Promise:Darkness on the Edge of Town (3CD+3DVD)

When: 19:15 GMT/UTC

Where: Amazon.de

Expect to pay: About €45

Link: click here at 19:15 to view discount

Sex Pistols / "Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols" Super Deluxe Edition box set

What: Sex Pistols/ Never Mind The Bollocks…  Super Deluxe

When: 19:30 GMT/UTC

Where: Amazon.co.uk

Expect to pay:  Around £55

Linkclick here at 19:30 to view discount

FIRST PICTURES / Blue Oyster Cult: The Columbia Albums Collection

What: Blue Oyster Cult / The Complete Columbia Albums Collection (16CD+DVD)

When: 21:00 GMT/UTC

Where: Amazon.com

Expect to pay: Around $50

Linkclick here at 21:00 to view discount

Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness 2012 six disc reissue

What: The Smashing Pumpkins/ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (4LP vinyl box set)

When: 21:00 GMT/UTC

Expect to pay: Around $45

Where: Amazon.com

Linkclick here at 21:00 to view discount


What: The Beach Boys / Made In California (6CD box set)

When: 21:00 GMT/UTC

Expect to pay: Around $65-70

Where: Amazon.com

Linkclick here at 21:00 to view discount

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Paul, “Made in California” was offered at just over $80 and no-one touched it.

Mr Tim

many thanks for this. Finally took the plunge on the never mind the bollocks set for £58. quid , and yes its back up on amazon for £75 now. Compared to some box set packages this was reviewed positively including by yourselves i recall ? And i never would have “got round to it ” without the heads up, so many thanks. For even a casual fan these type of sets can be a eye opener,when done well, to let the buyer revell in the music yes,but also the context,history, and vibe of the era. I got the impression from reviews this set in particular will do the job on that score.
for those that missed this offer the universal music web site lists it at £65. Tenner off what the Amazonians now want…

Stevie Dal

Anyone who hasn’t got Made In California yet really needs to snap it up at that price. I aid 90 quid for mine and it was worth every penny , utterly brilliant .


Does anybody know if they fixed the glitch on the Smashing Pumpkins release? I remember reading that “Zero” was screwed up and distorted when it first came out.

James Gooch

Inevitably, Tommy [super deluxe edition] will end up on sale at Pop Market. I’m keeping an eye on that! But yeah, $65 for the Beach Boys set would be a great deal. Unfortunately, I’m trying to keep my money available for Record Store Day on Friday!

Alan Fenwick


This is this years Popmarket lineup of goodies.

All Eastern Time Zone

12 a.m. – Bob Dylan
1 a.m. – Sly Stone (8xLP Box-Set)
2 a.m. – Pink Floyd
3 a.m. – Deftones (8xLP Box-Set)
4 a.m. – The Who
5 a.m. – Johnny Cash
6 a.m.- Various Artists (Fifteen Minutes – Homage To Andy Warhol 4xLP/3CD)
7 a.m.- Peter Gabriel
8 a.m. – Weezer (Pinkerton 4xLP Box-Set)
9 a.m. – George Harrison
10 a.m. – Green Day (7″ Vinyl Box-Set)
11 a.m. – The Eagles (Studio Albums LP Box-Set)
12 p.m. – AC/DC
1 p.m. – Neil Young
2 p.m. – Soundgarden (Telephantasm 3xLP/2xCD/DVD)
3 p.m. – Kraftwerk
4 p.m. – The Smiths (Complete Vinyl Box-Set)
5 p.m. – The Rolling Stones
6 p.m. – Paul McCartney
7 p.m. – The Clash
8 p.m. – Jimi Hendrix (Winterland LP Box)
9 p.m. – Led Zeppelin (The Song Remains The Same 4xLP Box)
10 p.m. – The Beatles
11 p.m. – Nirvana


Paul, I will be heading West to Chicago but am very interested to see how they price “Made in California” . If they really offer it around $65.00 it will be time to buy this thing.

Now if amazon was really nice, they would float Tommy around the same price.

Thanks as always for the alerts, really appreciated and to all your followers in the United States, a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.