Blur / Under The Westway CD single

Blur / Under The WestwayBlur are set to release what is likely to be their last single on Monday 6 August, a week after the massive Blur 21 box comes out.

Under The Westway will be available as a seven-inch single (R 6873) with The Puritan as the B-side, but also, perhaps surprisingly, the song gets a CD single issue (CDR 6873) with the following track listing

  • 1. Under the Westway
  • 2. Under the Westway (Acoustic)
  • 3. Under the Westway (Instrumental)
  • 4. The Puritan
  • 5. The Puritan (Instrumental)

Under The Westway does feature in the Blur 21 box – it’s the last track on the fourth of the rarities CDs – but none of the others tracks on this physical release do, so fans may be keen to pick this up.

It is available exclusively from Blur’s website (limited to 5000).

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Indeed. Got the box earlier this week and I am pleasantly surprised. The music is actually good :D ;)
The biggest difference between the early mix and the single version of UTW is during the break in the middle. God I really love this new single and the Puritan is an even better track!


@JB… is that also marked as such in the box? I.e. “Mix xxx” or “Alternate Version”? Or did they not know at that moment that they would revise this song for the single?



Yep, someone from their management has confirmed that on the official band forums. Better yet, the single version was – like ‘The Puritan’ – recorded too late to go in the boxset, so the included version is actually a different (earlier) one, which should be interesting.


Just saw the quote again, so here it is (from one of the moderators on the official Blur forum):

I can confirm, at last, that track 19 of Rarities disc 4 will be “Under The Westway”. You will be pleased to hear the version included is an earlier mix produced by the band, so there are some subtle differences – perfect for a rarities collection! It was the mix that was ready as the Boxes went into production.
The band did do a few minor changes for the final single release.

Mike Larson

Has it been officially confirmed that Under the Westway will be the as yet unnamed track at the end of the box set? I still see it listed everywhere as “track tbc.”
Anyhow, I look forward to that reading about that Stephen Street chat.

Paul Kent

Thanks for the info, Paul / Alan. I’ve just ordered mine. My lovely wife is getting me the 21 box for my birthday, too, so I’ll be all Blur’d out in a month’s time!

Alan Fenwick

Just also noticed that this is a Blur Store exclusive, it’s the only place you can buy this CD Single.



I must say that I like the b-side a lot more than the a-side!

Alan Fenwick

This is a suprise to see a CD release of this single, neverthless i’m over the moon they’ve decided to do this, it will sit very nicely alongside the vinyl release in my collection.

It also appears that this is limited to only 5,000 copies making it even more attractive as well.

Source Veikko’s Blur Page: