Bob Dylan / The Complete Album Collection Volume One: 47 CD box

Complete Album Collection: Click to enlarge

Columbia / Legacy Recordings will release the ‘the entire official discography’ of Bob Dylan on 4 November 2013 in an enormous 47 CD box set, titled Bob Dylan The Complete Album Collection Vol. One.

All 35 studio albums are present and correct, including 1973’s Dylan, (which is issued on CD in North America for the first time) as well as six live albums, and a special two-CD compilation, Side Tracks, which brings together previously released non-album singles, tracks from compilations, and songs from films.

The packaging looks similar to the Johnny Cash Complete Columbia Album Collection although the hinged lid on the rectangular box on that set, looks to have been replaced with a lift off lid for this Dylan collection. Also, this features a hardcover book with new album-by-album liner notes, whereas the Cash box had a softcover book.

CDs packaged in card vinyl replica wallets

Of interest to collectors, will be the fact that 11 studio titles and three live releases have been newly remastered for this collection, including Self Portrait, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Hard Rain, and Bob Dylan at Budokan.

If you don’t like the idea of a massive bulky box set sitting on your shelf and you’ve been looking for something to complement that Beatles apple-shaped USB stick that you bought a few years back, then you’re in luck, since The Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One will also be available as a limited-edition harmonica-shaped USB stick containing all the music, in both MP3 and FLAC lossless formats. It comes with a digital version of the hardcover booklet, and is housed in a deluxe numbered box. For photos and more details on that set, click here.

You can Pre-Order via the official Dylan online store > CLICK HERE

CD Box set

Harmonica USB Stick (Amazon.com exclusive)

CAC closed box
How the CD box set looks when closed

Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One includes:

Studio Albums

  1. Bob Dylan (1962)
  2. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963)
  3. The Times They Are a-Changin’ (1964)
  4. Another Side of Bob Dylan (1964)
  5. Bringing It All Back Home (1965)
  6. Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
  7. Blonde on Blonde (1966)
  8. John Wesley Harding (1967)
  9. Nashville Skyline (1969)
  10. *Self Portrait (1970) – newly remastered for this collection
  11. New Morning (1970)
  12. *Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) – newly remastered for this collection
  13. *Dylan (1973) – newly remastered for this collection
  14. Planet Waves (1974)
  15. Blood on the Tracks (1975)
  16. The Basement Tapes (1975)
  17. Desire (1976)
  18. *Street Legal (1978) – newly remastered for this collection
  19. Slow Train Coming (1979)
  20. *Saved (1980) – newly remastered for this collection
  21. Shot of Love (1981)
  22. Infidels (1983)
  23. *Empire Burlesque (1985) – newly remastered for this collection
  24. *Knocked Out Loaded (1986) – newly remastered for this collection
  25. *Down in the Groove (1988) – newly remastered for this collection
  26. Oh Mercy (1989)
  27. *Under the Red Sky (1990) – newly remastered for this collection
  28. *Good as I Been to You (1992) – newly remastered for this collection
  29. *World Gone Wrong (1993) – newly remastered for this collection
  30. Time Out of Mind (1997)
  31. Love and Theft (2001)
  32. Modern Times (2006)
  33. Together Through Life (2009)
  34. Christmas in the Heart (2009)
  35. Tempest (2012)

Live Albums

  1. Before the Flood (1972)
  2. *Hard Rain (1976) – newly remastered for this collection
  3. *Bob Dylan at Budokan (1979) – newly remastered for this collection
  4. *Real Live (1984) – newly remastered for this collection
  5. Dylan & the Dead (1989)
  6. MTV Unplugged (1995)

Side Tracks (bonus 2CD compilation of previously released non-album tracks)

  1. Baby, I’m in the Mood for You
  2. Mixed-Up Confusion
  3. Tomorrow Is a Long Time (live)
  4. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
  5. Percy’s Song
  6. I’ll Keep It with Mine
  7. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
  8. Positively 4th Street
  9. Jet Pilot
  10. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  11. I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) (live)
  12. Visions of Johanna (live)
  13. Quinn the Eskimo
  14. Watching the River Flow
  15. When I Paint My Masterpiece
  16. Down in the Flood
  17. I Shall Be Released
  18. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
  19. George Jackson (acoustic version)
  20. Forever Young
  21. You’re a Big Girl Now
  22. Up to Me
  23. Abandoned Love
  24. Isis (live)
  25. Romance in Durango (live)
  26. Caribbean Wind
  27. Heart of Mine (live)
  28. Series of Dreams
  29. Dignity
  30. Things Have Changed

CD Box set

Harmonica USB Stick (Amazon.com exclusive)

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I hope they do this for label mate Barbra Streisand


I’ve got a large collection of Dylan on CD, the mono box , some of the early 2000’s SACD/Hybrids, the Audio Fidelity releases and some of the MOFI SACD/Hybrids including “The Basement Tapes” so doubt I will purchase this set. I still have some MOFI preordered and will probably start collecting the releases I don’t already have. This is a nice set for Dylan completists, to fill holes in collection, and also possibly younger Dylan fans.

For this collector and anyone else who is concerned about scratching or damaging discs, inner sleeves are a must. They work for digipack, deluxe, super deluxe or even the compact box sets that record companies are releasing today such as Deep Purple “The Complete Albums 1970-1976”, Rush “The Studio Albums 1989-2007”, Van Morrison “Moondance Deluxe Edition”. I even use them for all 3 Pink Floyd Immersion sets.. I can usually find these sleeves which are imported from Japan in packs of 100 for $20 USD or less. They can be bought from Amazon.com, AmazonUK, Ebay, or use your favorite search.


There are no inner sleeves, the discs go right into the covers.


Got em all already, been a HUGE fan of BD since age 13, am 62 now and seen him live about five times. Wouldn’t mind having the box to put cd collection in and also the booklet. Seems a waste of money to buy this set when I have them all anyway.

arne schiøtt

Are the CD´s in a kind of innerslevees, or directly in the cover ?

[…] already had the Another Self Portrait set, and the recent announcement of the Complete Album Collection, but audiophile specialists Mobile Fidelity are giving us more Bob Dylan this autumn by taking his […]


Hey Dan – yes the Ziggy wasn’t so over-priced, but I just don’t want the Vinyl at all. Why make me buy a slab of Vinyl just to get the 5.1 mix? I gladly bought the remastered stereo version – but to be honest feel cheated.

Station to Station, as you say, was horribly priced. I’m a bit foolish, and admit I like all the bits and pieces of these sets (yes, even marbles in Floyd sets), it’s just fun stuff. But for what they were asking for Station to Station it’s ridiculous.

And don’t get me started on the Elvis Costello Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook when it came out. –lol–


Hey all – the Amazon.UK price has dropped to £128. I cancelled my German pre-order and grabbed it from the UK.


The Ziggy set was nicely priced though and I got the vinyl and 5.1 DVD plus the CD for £20.

That is the price I want to pay for those three formats as anniversary releases of classic albums. I did buy the Station To Station box too and while it is nicely presented I would have preferred that the contents were available in the same way Ziggy was marketed.

If I want a book or ‘genuine’ souvenirs related to the artist I can source those separately so the majority of these deluxe sets, for me, are over-priced and over-packaged.

Holding us to ransom with these high priced boxes to get either a 5.1 mix or exclusive tracks is not a nice way to do business.


Hey Bob – you’re not alone in passing up on box sets because of the inclusion of unnecessary Vinyl that jacked up the price. I had to pass on two Bowie sets (Ziggy and Station to Station) and a Tull (Aqualung).

It’s a shame, they ought to have “complete” CD versions, and a Vinyl set if people want that. But you know how record companies are……


Although I will not be purchasing this box set as not really a Dylan fan, I think these mega box sets are brilliant. They are a great way of having everything in one nice shelf friendly box, especially if the artist has a huge back catalogue and your collection is all over the place. The price is good as well.
I am waiting for the day when Marc Bolan’s back catalogue gets the same treatment. Unfortunately I think I will be waiting a for long time.

I think this just shows that sometimes record companies can get it right, when compared to the hideous Glam boxset that no real Glam fan will buy due to its appalling content (50% non glam tracks no matter how they try to sell it to us/fob us off) and the T.rex The Slider 40th anniversary edition full of expensive vinyl that nobody wants and is willing to pay for. I wonder how many of the 2000 limited edition they actually managed to sell? Not many given that its still available everywhere I imagine.
Loving this website more and more Paul.


Return to me ?

Dougie Adam

Disappointed with Side Tracks compilation.I had thought if they were going to remaster the whole back catalogue that they would include some of the tracks which were on the imported Masterpieces 3CD set (Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – live 1966; Rita Mae) both versions of George Jackson, and some of the vinyl only b-sides, eg Trouble in Mind; Dead Man, Dead Man (live 1981) and the live b-sides from the CD singles from TOOM onwards. It also looks like the original Dignity single from Greatest Hits 3 is missing. Also not sure why some albums which haven’t been remastered ever,have been left untouched: The Basement Tapes, Shot of Love, MTV Unplugged etc.

The rest of the package looks reasonable priced and packaged and with 14 new remasters in the set makes it just about worth forking out for all the albums all over again.

Killian Scott

There’s not ALLOT of second vinyl copies of Time Out Of Mind.


Nice looking set, and a good price, but since I’m looking at replacing my CD copies with LPs it’s a bit redundant to me. Hopefully this will force a few more unwanted vinyl copies of Time Out Of Mind onto the second-hand market and bring the price down a bit.

On the other hand, seeing how much the Miles Davis equivalent is going for these days, it might be a nifty investment…

Seth Hollander

Gee…. At first glance, the Sidetracks discs look to mostly be collected from Biograph and Greatest Hits Volume Two (with “Positively…” from GH1).
George Jackson and the final pair of tracks are from elsewhere, but what other tracks aren’t from Bio or GH2?
The only album that makes me go “oooooh” in this set is the Hard Rain remaster. Guess I will wait.


I have to confess that I do not own a single Dylan recording.

Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to finally fill this gaping hole in my music collection?


There’s a press release which mentions Vol. 2 for next year collecting the Bootleg Series and an additional Side Tracks. Gathering together the b sides, soundtrack tunes and rarities would fill 10 discs or more so we’ll never all be totally happy. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re planning on ending the BS any time soon, I know there are planned releases for Blood On The Tracks and The Basement Tapes, guess we’ll see next year, and have more time to save.

Luke W

Hopefully those newly remastered albums are going to be made available separately, much like how the current remasters were made available after the SACD Collector’s Box. I’ve deliberately avoided buying a lot of non-remastered 80s era specifically because I’ve been waiting for these to show up. Certainly not forking out £131.67 let alone the near £300 currently asked for on Amazon UK for half a dozen newly remastered albums (and so called poor ones at that) and a rarities compilation, a lot of which were already featured in various forms on the Biography set and the Bootleg Series.

Mike Cooper

Why in the hell is the USB version over $100 MORE than the physical set?

My Jelly

Good value Dyl Box Set buy it from Amazon Germany £131.67p inc P & P to the UK what price tomorrow? There was never going to be everything squeezed into this mammoth set with a artist like Bob the fans have the tracks anyway if they’re talking about them. It’s been talked about for years so open your purse and but it before the price rockets even higher.

Steve Thorpe

Are you sure that this is a UK version and not a German one?


Note – it does say: “Volume 1”.

Which is ominous.

Josh Summers

I am really looking forward to this set, although gosh I was really hoping they would included more of the original single b-sides on the Side Tracks set!

I mean where are the B-sides:
Corrina Corrina (B-side 1962)
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (B-side live)
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (B-side solo piano)
George Jackson (B-side big band version)
Rita May (B-side Desire-era single)

And what about ‘Let It Be Me’, ‘Angels Flying Too Close’ and ‘Band Of The Hand’ from the 80’s? (And ‘Dead Man’ live).

I was really looking forward to having all these B-side singles in one place with the same quality mastering…..I mean they are all official releases, not obscure out-takes or something and should be included on something called “The Complete Album Collection”.


Wow, nice. Those look like Mini LP type sleeves, which will keep the package compact and light. And at roughly £7 a disc not too bad price wise.

The main reason I’m not jumping on this though is the familiarity of it all. I’m a Dylan fan, but I’ve bought these titles so many times – my most recent the Mono box. I’m just not sure I can face buying them again.

On the other hand these boxes quickly become pricey – the Miles Davis one (which I also own) can go quite high. Dylan’s music is certainly important enough to warrant this set. In the end though I think it might be better to get the individual discs, which can be had cheaply. That way you can avoid any periods you don’t like (for me the overtly religious works, any of his last three albums, and any of his first seven which are better in Mono).

Chris Logan

re. the high cost of quality recorded music. Most people consider Dylan the best American singer/songwriter/musician of the past half century but both John Lennon and Paul McCartney disagreed. They both picked Harry Nilsson. Compared to this Dylan collection, the “Harry Nilsson Anthololgy” has four dozens songs, most of which many people have never even hear of. And, another bonus: it costs about the same as the sales tax on this (volume one?!) Dylan set.